my ex's dirty ass

my ex's dirty ass

My ex-wife wasn’t into anal sex when we first started dating. She knew that I was into it, but she had had a bad experience with a previous boyfriend…the “OOPS, I slipped…wrong hole” routine. So when I started hinting around about it, she quickly said “NO”…end of story. I think she was really concerned with the pain that usually goes along with anal sex. Now my cock isn’t that much larger than average, but she was a 5ft tall 95 lb Filipino girl…so to her, the thought of my cock going up her butt was just beyond enjoyable. I never really pushed the idea after that, but I new it was just a matter of time before she would put my cock in her ass. I just had to show her what she was missing.

We were always naked in the early days of our relationship. Always having sex, we just couldn’t get enough. She had the nicest little pussy and ass. Very little hair, her pussy just bulged out enough to fit into my mouth, allowing my tongue complete access to get her off with very little effort. And her asshole…wow, it was slightly darker than the rest of her olive skin, and it just puckered enough to “wink” at me every time she put her butt in the air…begging to be included in our sex play. I loved to eat her out; I could spend hours with my face buried between her legs. Occasionally I would slip down and lick her butt hole. She would kind of shy away at first, but soon if I didn’t lick her butt hole, she would start to rub it…a smooth circular motion with her finger. I don’t know if she realized this, but that gave me the green light to go further.

One day I took a chance. It was Sunday morning I rolled over and saw my wife naked next to me. I put my face between her legs and began to eat her out. As she began to wake up, she started to wiggle her hips, she was really getting into it, and her pussy was so wet. Her musty juices were running down to her asshole and as she began to cum I quickly pushed my thumb into her butt. She screamed, I thought I had really hurt her, but she clamped her legs around my head to keep my tongue from leaving her clit and I felt her asshole tighten around my thumb. Her asshole was sucking my thumb like a baby. She had the most powerful orgasm…amazing.

she was hooked. She wanted my thumb up her but every time she came. I was more than happy to give her what she wanted. I began to put more than just my thumb up her butt. I would dig deep in her ass with my fingers, and it wasn’t unusual for me to feel shit up in there. It was never a problem for me; in fact I was kind of turned on by it. She never seemed embarrassed about either. My previous girlfriend would spend a lot of time in the bathroom before she would let me anywhere near her ass, and I never encountered the slighted shit streak or smell when my cock was buried in her asshole.

One evening I had my face buried between her legs, she was close to coming, and I pushed my fingers in her butt as usual…I just sank into this thick muddy shit in her ass. She came right away. My fingers were dark brown when I pulled them out…and the smell just filled the bedroom. I had never been so turned on in my like…she then demanded that I put my cock in her pussy. Damn she was wet; my dick went in with a slurping sound. Before long, she pulled my dick out of her pussy, pulled her knees up to her chest and placed the head of my dick to her puckering little butt hole. “God…” this was the moment I had been waiting for…I slid my cock right into her dirty hole. She squeezed my thighs and curled her toes as my cock went deeper inside her butt…she began to take quick breaths and slap me. “Owe, owe, owe…” she cried. I stopped pushing and gave her a moment to get used to my cock in her ass. Soon she began to relax and began to guide my hips for the right rhythm. The room was filled with the strong smell of her thick sticky shit that was covering my cock…”can you smell my shit?” she cried…”God your cock…you’re so deep in my ass babe”. She pulled her legs back behind her head and locked her toes under the headboard to get a better look at my shit covered dick sliding into her sloppy asshole. Soon her fingers were rubbing her clit, and I could feel her butt begin to tighten around my cock as she began to cum…I thrust my cock deep inside her one last time and came right in her ass as deep as my cock could reach. We held each other and said nothing…

The next morning when we woke up, we rolled over, kissed each other and just smiled. It wasn’t until we got out of bed that we saw how messy we had been. My dick and thighs were covered with dried shit, and the sheets were stained with puddles of brown goo because my cum had drained out of my wife’s ass while she was sleeping…her shit had dried and stuck her to the sheets.

So now it was off to take a shower and do a load of laundry…and lets just say that wasn’t the last time my wife took it up her ass.

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