my first double ds

my first double ds

It was hot as a muthafucka and my dick was getting real hard from all the thick girls walking down the street I wanted to talk to them but I already fucked I wanted some new pussy.

As my normal routine I watch my porno and jerk jerk(jacking off) after I nuted all over myself I needed to take a shower about 10 minutes afterwards My house phone was ringing.

So I rushed out the shower but ass nakedand checked the caller I'd and the nuber looked very familar so I picked up the phone and in a nervous voice I said hello. I noticed that it was my ex girlfriend shatara wich had cheated on me with this bisexual named jalin(he was found at club toxic fucking this man named charlie).

I could not hang up on her cause I stilled loved her. So she asked me to meet her at Wac Arnolds (a cheap burger joint). So I grabbed my keys to my bmw745li. I went to Wac Arnolds I saw five fat chubby hoes and the love of my I went to meet her at the table I noticed that she had a tight skirt on whitch also told me she wasn't wearing panties. As I eagerly sat dow at the table i Was in a rush to finger her but was surronded by to many pepole.

Once we orderd she told me she was done with jalin and she needed someone to talk to so I then persuaded her to come back to my place for the night. We arrived at my place at around 5.00pm and the place was a mess so she went to wash up and do whatever the hell it is that takes females so long in a bathroom.

While I was cleanin the place up I noticed that steam was coming out of the bathroom door I knew she would be taking a shower but for some reason I just kept hoping the door was unlocked. When I finally had an excuse to she if the door was unlocked I peeked in and I was blew away.

Even though I had know shatara had huge tits I didn't know they were that big. When we were going together she had around a c cup and now she had double ds the best and only that I had ever seen as I quickly being jerkin off I had made a loud moan and she I knew she heard it but she didn't respond so I made my way intot he shower and she turned around and she said i have been waiting for you as we started kissing liking doing the nasty I couldn't help but lookat this 5.2 thick longed haired double d beauty I was definetly a lucky man.

As as kiss her all around her stomac and down to her clit she began moaning like a wild animal and began to climx. She the returned the favor with an intense blowjob. She started at the head while rubbing my nuts.

She was sucking my dick like she hadn't drank water in days. As we made our way into the bedroom I then layed in in the d style position and it was on from there as I fucked her asshole like a wild man.

As I fely myself began to come I knew it was to early so I quickly pulled out. She then got on top of me and rode the fuck out of me it was one of the best I've ever had.

It also gave me a chance to suck and squeeze those massive tits together. Ass I felt her tense up again I wanted to get 1 more blowjob out of this so I quickly started deepthoarting her at first she couldn't take my 9 incher then she was suckking my dick like a vaccum cleaner.

I felt my self began to come so I thrusted my dick down her thought and expoloded into her mouth nut was every where all over those big pair of tits

Shatara was exaughted and so was I we both layed there for a while while we talked about life and our problems.

When I awoke the next day I had awoken to a warm feeling I was getting yet another intense blowjob from the one and only shatara and she didn't have a shirt or a bar on which made it even more easier to get to those melons but I was in the middle of cumming so I once again exploded in her thoart. After that I was all worn out again.

When I got cleaned up we headed out to a local park and just chilled for the rest of the day but we would offten find ourselfs horny around eachother for some reason maby it was the sex or the fact we were having a sexual relation ship again or maybe it was her big ass boobs. Who knows who cares but one thing I do no is from that day on we had sex everywhere all the time.

Once we had another blowjobs enconter in a elevator in a motel. We aslo had tried a threesome with my brother q but that's another story. We tried so many things that what we relized sex was the leading role in our relationship. we were as close as every and we couldn't be happier. That is until jalin came back in the picture.

Know jalin would be your averge hater mixed in with a bum he was at one point one of the most populuar pepole in high school. But as we all knew it highschool isn't for ever.

To be continued

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