My First Experimentation…

My First Experimentation…

I'd always thought I was a little different, always being very horny all the time and thinking of both sexes in my imagination. I got through high school with all its pleasures and sites by masturbating atleast once a day, and by the time i was in grade 10.. i was a pro. Ofcourse by this time in my life I was also very fascinated by porn, needing to see atleast some everyday.

Onto the story..

Back then, I had a friend by the name of Jeremy, who also talked about sex alot. We became very close and talked alot about such things, even admitting to each other that we both wank often ( a cardinal sin in high school.) So we eventually started to watch porn together, and after a few months of that I walked in on him one nite in my room, having a good old tug. I was not fazed by this, infact I was really turned on.

The nite that i caught Jeremy wankin we had a long talk about it, and how we do it, and eventually masturbated nexto eachother on my bed, watching each others every pull until we shot our loads all over our individual chests. That nite started a chain reaction of events that have taught me alot about myself and sex in general.

A few months after the masturbating nexto each other, we had progressed and jerked each other off a few times, but nothing more than that. But on this nite, that was all to change.

I agreed to sleep over Jeremy's house on a hursday nite of the summer holidays, knowing full well that I was going to be jerking him off within hours. I was super horny that day (and it turned out so was he.)
I arrived at Jeremy's house at a quarter past five in the afternoon, and was going to stay until the next afternoon. After setting down my bad in his bedroom, he quietly showed me the new selection of porn he had grabbed from his fathers stash for us to view in the eventing.. i was excited as there was some pretty hardcore stuff in those titles, including fisting and golden showers.

So we had dinner, and after his parents went to bed we silently flicked on the porn, sitting right nexto each other with our hips touching. We we're both fully clothed, but after ten minutes of the porn, we both sat naked under his blanket. I loved his warm skin against mine.
As I was in an ultra-horny mood that nite, i started to slide my hand across Jeremy's thigh, feeling him jump slightly as I grasped his cock. He's doesnt have the biggest cock, only 18cm, but i still loved touching it. I started to pump him up and down, and felt his hand start to coress my balls. We stayed like that for a good five or 10 minutes, before we we're interupted by a noise outside his bedroom. Jeremy ofcourse silently jumped from under the covers to the TV, instantly hiding the porn and then he cracked the door to see what the noise was…. damn cat!

He walked over naked towards the bed again, closing the door behind him, and I was weirdly attracted to his cock that nite. As he was climbing into bed i told him to stop, and he did- fearing sum1 outside again i think. I dont know why i did it, but his dick was at about the height of my head, so I jumped forward on the bed and just started sucking it. He was obviously very shocked, and told me to stop, but i didnt.
I sucked his cock, him standing there naked in the dim light, and when i started to hear his orgasmic moan, I braced myself for the flow I was about to recieve. He came deep into the back of my mouth, his eyes rolling in his head as he did so, and its weird, because i loved his taste, but not my own.

He rolled into ed after me swallowing his seed, and looked really worried. We had a bit of a chat about it, and he decided that since we had taken the next step.. that we might aswell have a really good night., but NEVER speak of it to anyone.
I agreed ofcourse (still pampantly horny) and asked him if I could have a present in return for sucking his cock, to which he agreed.
I layed down on the bed and just waited, knowing i was about to experience something pretty good. Then i felt it, his hot wet mouth coverinng my rod… ohhh god, it felt so good! Within a matter of about 30 seconds, I had covered his tounge in my thick salty load… soo good!

We calmed down for a minute, and decided to take a walk to clear our heads a bit.
Theres a park near his house (about a block away) and its mostly used in the day for people walking and such, it was deserted at the time..

We sat down on some stone steps, and I told him that i was still very horny. He agreed, stating that he was as hard as an ox also.
I simply said to him "i wana try alot of new things tonight."
to which he said "then lets get started."

I thought we were going to walk back to his place, but he just took off his shorts, and I remembered that he had a thing for public places and sex. Iv gota say.. it turns me on to.

I stripped off and just waited for something to happen i guess, finally when he turned to me we looked at each other, I knew, we was in for sum funky stuff 2nite.

I took his rock solid cock in hand again, and he mine. It felt so damn good in the nite air. After a few minutes of pumpin away slowly at each other, i stopped and told him to go lay on the grass with his cock up in the air. He did so, and i followed him down, admiring his tight ass. He laid down on the cold grass, and i told him that he was going to stick his hard one into my ass. He agreed (ofcourse) and spat on his hands a few time to get a little lube up.
I lowered myself slowly towards him, knowing to keep my hole relaxed so that he could get in without hurting me to much (i anally masturbate regurly.)
As the tip of his cock touched my ass, I shivered and knew i was ready to be impaled. I then dropped a little more rapidly then i had wanted, and came down on his cock with a quick moan from Jeremy. He told me to turn around and face my cock towards his chest, and i did so very slowly. After this i started moving up and down, the spit making a suprising good lube, and after a minute of two started getting a little quicker as my ass got used to its intruder.
Jeremy's breathing was in time with my movements, and i could tell that he was really enjoying himself. I was in heaven aswell, luvving every thrust of his hard cock deep into me. After another minute his breathing quickened and i knew he was getting ready to spurt. A few seconds later i had no longer to wait, and felt a deep warm spurt directly into me. He moaned really loudly in extasy and when he was done, he looked exhausted.

He sat lay there as I got off him, and as i crouched up raising my cum filled ass above his chest, he told me to stop. I was intrigued why and what happen next shocked even me. He raised the top half of his body, his face to my crouched ass, and began licking the tricklying cum from my ass. This was a new experience as he rim jobbed me, and i loved every second of it.
Once he had cleaned and eaten as much of his cum that he could, he told me that it was my turn.

I layed down on the now warm grass from his sweating body, and watched him crouch over me. I told him to stop, as he had done to me, and thought id return the weird gift by raising my torso and licking his asshole. He cooe'd and moaned a little as I had done wen he licked mine, and told me that it would be well lubed now.
He lowered himself ontop of me, and we i felt the tip of my big dick enter his sphinctor i was in pure heaven. I thrusted upwards jamming my rod into his ass. I couldnt get enough of his boiling hot internals, and pumped harder with every one. After maybe 30 hard pumps i knew i could hold no longer, and flooded his ass with my seed.

He sat on me for a few minutes, both of us mellowing after our experimentation. Another few minutes passed and he got up off me, and walked over to his clothes. We both dressed and walked to his house once more, dropping strate to sleep once we got into his room.

We discussed that nite only once after the event itself, and decided that we shouldnt do it again.. unless we just couldnt stop it happening.

Story was 100% true, no lies or tailes involved.. just me.

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