My First Girlfriend_(1)

My First Girlfriend_(1)

My First Girlfriend
(plz note that all names have been changed…. SO DEAL WITH IT!)

Well it was 7th grade in the 2003-2004 school year. School started the same way it always does, ya walk in see all the goddamn dip shits from last year. Except this year was different, I walked in and saw that everyone had matured. Boys grew taller, girls grew boobs, and nobody could forgot that it was the year where girls wore more slutty outfits. You know, short skirts, so short that I could see all the girls underwear and they all wore wonder bra’s. I was surprised, well, not really I knew something fucked up was happening because I got this really weird vibe from talking to everybody online.

Well enough about that shit. I walked in and said hello to everybody and went to my homeroom. Sat, greeted everybody, and went to class. After all the classes I had till lunch. I had lunch and it was the same crap that they always serve. So after lunch I went upstairs and played foosball. (HELL YA WE GOT FOOSBALL TABLES IN OUR SCHOOL) During foosball I was pulled away by one of my friends, which happened to be a girl, her name was Jenny (remember all names have been changed), she was the same as always. She seemed to be drifting into the goth world, she wore a lot of black leather and had nose ring.

So she pulled me away from the foosball table and said that my other friend Kate wanted to talk to me. Jenny told me that Kate would be in the back of the locker room. So I walked over there and met Kate. Kate was quite pretty, her boobs had just begun to blossom and she had long brownish hair.

“Jack” she started, “I noticed that I think u are a total hottie!” while she was saying that I just stood there and nodded and hided the fact that I was sunned to hear what she just said. I mean TOTAL HOTTIE, damn I wasn’t expecting that. “I want to be your girlfriend Jack, will u be my boyfriend?” With out hesitation I said yes “Oh Jack thank you I love you!!” and then she came up to me and frenched me. Right there in the back of the locker room, anybody could walk by and see us. While we were frenching I, with hesitation, felt her ass. And oh man, this ass was tight!

Well I was 13 and I couldn’t control my wanker so I had a full erection going on. Well she drifted away and we went to class.

2 months later me and Kate were still getting it on, I mean we were still frenching eachother every once in a while. We were mainly frenching at bar-mitzvah parties sometimes she’d let me feel her bare ass.

Then at a house party she threw there was some major pimpage going on. My friend Ben was hitting on some girl Kate knew from somewhere else.
Well jenny told me that Kate wanted to see me in the bathroom so I walked up to the bathroom and knocked on the door and kate said that I could come in. I walked in and kate was in a bathrobe.

She said that she was ready for this but if I wasn’t ready then to deal with it. I had no idea wat the hell she was talking about, well actually I thought she was talking about something sexual. So she pushed me against the wall and undid her robe. She was wearing a pink thong and a almost see through bra. She frenched me and this time It felt different then all the other times, it felt a lot more sexual.

So I tried for the first time in my life to undo a bra. And amazingly I did it, I undid a bra slowly licked my way down to her boobs. As I mentioned she had not grown her full size boobs yet but I still sucked the hell out of them! Then she went down to my penis and unzipped my fly she searched for my penis and instantly found it. She gave me my first blowjob in my life. She licked all around and sucked and massaged my balls sack until I cummed with out warning into her mouth she spit it into the toilet and said that that was enough she and I got dressed (not like I had gotten undressed) and then we went back to the party and played spin the bottle and grinded. Until my parents came and picked me up.

To conclude this story let me just say that this did happen, then 4 months later after still doing nothing but frenching at almost every party we broke up and went on our summer break and then now its July 22, 2004 and now Im going into the 8th grade. And that’s it!

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