My First Sex Part 3

My First Sex Part 3

Part III
(In part one and two I describe how I lost my virginity to a very young and pretty brunette. What I described was based on actual fact from notes in a journal I had written down years ago. I never thought I would find an outlet for them, because of their nature. I do take artistic license with some descriptions, and order of events as they actually happened over the course of a week and a half. They have been compiled into a smaller time frame to make the story less boring. Some of the details Wendy describes about her brother are made up in Part II. I contemplated putting some in here, but as this will be the last segment, I felt I needed to just stick with the facts and embellish if need be. Thanks for all the comments good or bad. Except for those of you whining about it being too long since you were properly warned.

I have again embellished some details, and adjusted order of events. All of it is based on the experiences I had with this young woman, who was very experienced in the art of sex, so way beyond her years.

Another warning that this is much longer than all the first two. I though about making it into two parts but my better half convinced me other wise. If this is to long for you then…..well don’t read it, and if you do then don’t whine about the length. Everybody’s a critic. But that doesn’t make you a good critic. I do make a few errors in grammar and spelling, and guess you will have to live with it.

Now on to Part III
I was dreaming I was in a very warm place, I could feel the warmth come over me as feelings of pleasure seemed to wash me from head to toe. As I thought this I suddenly came to the realization that I wasn’t dreaming and that something warm was wrapped around my penis. I could feel an arm across my hips and a hand on my bottom. My next sensation was that of smell, I could smell something warm and moist almost in front of my nose. I wanted to open my eyes to see but sank back trying to hold onto my half awake condition and enjoy the pleasure that were washing over me. I knew Wendy was sucking on my cock. She was doing it very gently, and working it slowly. My erection was extreme but comforting and from the glow I felt in my body I knew I was very close to cumming. I felt more movement in front of my face and slowly began to open my eyes. As I did the sight in front of me came into focus. It was Wendy’s beautiful pussy right in front of me. One thumb was working on her very red and swollen clit and she had two of her fingers up inside her. Like a dog on a hydrant, she had one knee and leg pointing up into the air, helping to hold her sweet lips open. Staring at this wonderful sight before me caused my cock to jump and I knew I was going to squirt my cum into her warmth any minute. Wendy sensed it too and must have realized I was no longer asleep. She moved her finger towards my mouth. I opened it quickly and took two of them inside and started sucking them and licking her fluids from her soft hand. That started me over the edge. I quickly moved my hand up and over her bottom and pulled her so that her pussy was now on my mouth and I started sucking and tonguing her for all that I was worth. She moaned and bucked into my face as she gushed almost instantly. I glimpsed a vision of her liquids flowing out and down the side of her thighs. Her lower body was jerking as she shook from her climax. At the same moment I had reached the edge and was starting to shoot my cum. I was aware that Wendy had backed off her mouth and held just the head of my cock just inside her mouth. Her tongue rapidly worked my hole and massaged the underside of the head as my hot cum flowed into her. Her hand was now pumping on me as she was trying to time it with the jerks my cock made in her hand. I could tell she was letting it fill her mouth and not swallowing. I shot several more spurts into her mouth, as my load finished its hot journey into her oral warmth.
“mmmmm’ she moaned as I heard her swallow it all at once “mmmmm how was that for a wakeup call?” She then put her mouth around my softening cock and started to slowly and gently suck it until I no traces were left from my intense flow of cum.
“Oh.. god Wendy, your are so good. I feel like I could lay here and suck you forever” I then moved in and started to slowly lick her clean of all the moisture that had ran out of her. Her hips began to move again and reached out with both my hands and wrapped them around her bottom and pulled her pussy in to my face and started to finger her insides as I licked upon on her red swollen clit. It looked so much like very small penis. I moved in and rolled my tongue up the sides of my mouth forming a small hole and started to gently suck her clit back and forth and in and out of the tip of my rolled tongue. Her reaction was almost immediate as she suddenly dropped my cock out of her mouth and let out a long loud moan. I held her tight against me so that I would not lose contact and continued to suck her clit and work her pussy with my fingers. With her hips jerking again and shaking, her moans were turning into screams.
“oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” Over and over again she yelled. “I’m cumming…I’m cumming” And she did. She held me in tight and buried her face next to my cock. I was aware that she had squirted more fluid out of her, but I tried to keep up the contact of my mouth and tongue on her clit the best I could. It was very hard to do. Considering that we both were holding onto each other so tight. Her thrashing was throwing us both back and forth on the bed. Her pussy liquids were running down my face and neck and soaking the bed under us. Thank god for rubber pads. The intensity of her orgasm and the passion I felt as I sucked her during our wild ride had once again caused my cock to inflate and become very hard. Slowing down, I felt her go limp. I slowly stopped my work as she became very still and quiet in the after glow of her cum. I gently licked her remaining juices from in and around her pussy and started to thrust my erect penis along side her head.
“mmmm need me to suck you again, huh” as she moved her mouth over my cock and licked me, then sucking me inside her warmth.
“Man your intense, Wendy.” I was amazed at the orgasms she was having as well as my own. They all seemed better than the last, yet they were all equal. She worked on me for several minutes as I lay there enjoying the soft sounds of her sucking and my own moans of pleasure. I looked up, it was still very early in the morning. I wondered if it would rain again today, I don’t think I really cared.
She pulled off of me and rose up. “Brian hand me three rubbers. Hurry, please.” Not thinking too much about it, I reached over got three and handed them to her. She quickly put them all on me one after another. They felt tighter than just having one on. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, until she asked me to hand her the Vaseline from her night stand drawer. I opened it up and there next to the Vaseline was a very large fake cock.
“This is so cool.” I said reaching out picking it up. I had never seen one for real, just pictures of one. It was about 8 inches in length and almost two inches wide. Wendy had moved around on the bed so that we were now head to head. She laughed.
“Ooops found my toy.” She giggled. “I almost forgot about Mr. Dick. Do you mind if he comes out and to play with us?” She pushed him into my face. I jerked back scowling at her.
“ahhh no, as long as he stays away from my ass.” I laughed. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind but from the experiences I had in the last day or so I just knew it was going to be some thing special.
“Cool, he always is fun.” Wendy grabbed the pillows and stacked them in the middle of the bed. Looking up at me she smiled and turned around with her butt facing me and bent over the pillows. This pushed her bottom into the air of course and exposed her still shining pussy. She giggled as she said, “How much for a lube, mister?” she smiled sweetly back at me. My erection had started to subside just a bit but I felt my cock jerk in anticipation from knowing that I was going to take a ride in her butt hole. I quickly smeared Vaseline onto her hole and pushed more inside of her as well.
“Why are we using this stuff now, we never needed it before?” I questioned.
“Oh Silly, because you’re going to fuck my ass very slow and for a very long time. I don’t want to be raw. The extra rubbers will also help keep you from cumming so quick. Grease up your cock, and put a little on Mr, Dick there.” She laughed and looked at me over her shoulder as I did as she instructed.
“OK, Now push Mr. Dick into my pussy as far as you can. Then finger my butt until I get a bit looser.” I could see her legs quiver from the anticipation of what she was about to do. I started thinking about all the sex that had occurred between us during the time I was with her and it became apparent to me that I had a real nymphomaniac on my hands, or at least what I assumed a nympho was. I had heard about them but thought that was just crap sex talk that guys spread around. She really had a capacity for enjoying herself in her sexual endeavors, at least so far as I was concerned.
I slowly began to work Mr.Dick into her pussy as far as I could push him. The width of Mr.Dick was almost a half inch wider than my own dick. I watched as it spread her open and her lips pulled back and forth around the shaft as I worked it in and out, with each stroke going into her a little deeper. She took almost his entire length inside her. She moaned softly as he hit the end of her pussy canal. Once he was in place, Wendy reached under to hold onto him and started to work Mr. Dick back and forth and around. I moved over Wendy and with some twisting and turning began working my finger slowly into her butt hole. Needless to say she took it easily and moaned as I started pushing my finger further into her. After she seemed good and loose I positioned my self over her and pressed the head of my cock against her butt hole and moved it slowly in and out until I was buried all the way into her. As soon as I bottomed out. Pun intended. I held myself tight into her and let myself capture the feelings of this moment in memory. Then as I started to slowly move in and out, I could tell that the sensations I felt from being inside her were very subdued and it hardly felt like my penis was getting massaged other than the pressure of her butt hole clamping tight around my cock. She would loosen up as I pushed in and tighten up on me as I pulled back. This must be what ecstasy was, I felt I was being milked but yet it was so subdued.
Fuck me slow, take your time and lay on me and just slowly fuck into my ass.” She moaned. “If you think your losing your hard on, let me know. If you get close just stop where you are and let me help you get back into control. Ohhhhh god this feels so good…fuck me slow Brian.”
I gently lowered my self down along her back and put my elbows on either side of her chest. Her legs were spread out wide and I was lying between them. She had both arms tucked under her and down between her legs working Mr Dick back and forth in time with my motions. I humped into her butt hole slow and steady. I kissed the back of her neck and on occasion I would suck on her ear lobes, especially as she started cumming. It wasn’t long before she began to have her orgasms. They started out and seemed to occur about every 5 or ten minutes. I really didn’t keep track of time but it must have been almost two hours as we did this. I could always tell when she would start to cum. Her butt would push up into mine. Her hands would work Mr. Dick a bit faster. I could feel the movements of him against my own cock as our heads would bump into one another. Then her butt’s sphincter would start to pulsate around my cock as her orgasms coursed through her body. This was the most exiting part for me. I would think I was going numb, and couldn’t feel much. I then would start to slowly deflate. Then she would cum, and shake from the pleasures working into her holes. In moments I was rock hard again. My ball sack was constantly tight and I could feel her once in a while reach up and tickle it or scratch it lightly. My balls were aching for release, but the sensations were just enough to keep my cock firm, but not bring me too close. Several times when I thought I was about to unload, Wendy was able to tell and would reach up grab my balls and pull on them to halt my movements. We would lie there real quite for several minutes. I would be buried deep in her butt hole and Mr. Dick up tight into her pussy, catching our breath and feeling the intense connection that was bonding us as one.
“God, isn’t this fun? You make me feel so good in my pussy and bottom. God I love to fuck so much. I think I’m addicted to sex.” She giggled and moaned looking back up at me. We took those moments to kiss each other as best we could, considering the position we were in. “How’s your cock holding out. Are your balls getting sore? Keep it up, silly, you can fuck me forever this way.” She giggled again.
“I think I am past sore. They feel very tight and I have a big ache in my groin. My back is killing me and I am so thirsty, but never mind me, how are you doing?” As I slowly came back from the cotton clouds I was enveloped in.
“Boy you’re just a big whiner. Look at yourself; here we are having the best fuck of our lives at the moment, and nothing but complaints.” She giggled. I reached down and slapped her ass for it.
“mmmm…. Do it again.” She moaned. I then smacked her a bit harder a few more times. Her butt pulsated around my cock as she hit another orgasm. The intensity of this one almost pushed me out of her.
“God, how many times can you cum. I can’t believe you still want to go on.” I exclaimed to her.
“Rob and I once did this for almost nine hours. I came about 5-6 times an hour. He came almost every two hours. But then we had to stop and he replaced himself with Mr. Dick after 4hrs. We were both sore for the next week that neither of us had the slightest desire to fuck the other.” She said it like she was reciting baseball scores. “Are you still thirsty? We can get up if you want to take a break.”
“Yes, I am feeling cramped, and I think my arm is going to sleep.” I whined it out. I stated to pull out but Wendy reached under her and grabbed my ball sack and I couldn’t move an inch.
“Ohh poor baby… No breaking contact. OK now carefully move, I don’t want you to fall out. We are going to roll over. I will be on top, and then we will work over to the edge of the bed and get up. Stay as tight as you can against me, it is up to you to hold onto me. OK?” I nodded. We then rolled together onto our sides I moved my arms down and hugged her hips into me. Wendy let go of Mr.Dick as I then held her very tight into me and rolled her up on top. My cock had started to soften slightly from the distractions. Wendy took the opportunity to rock back and forth on me while she was on top. In a few moments of watching her in this position I became hard again, and the ache in my groin went up a small notch. I carefully scooted us to the edge of the bed. Wendy put her legs down on the floor, I did as well and we both carefully stood up. I had to stoop and keep my knees bent slightly so my cock was level with her butt hole. She bent over to help me stay connected into her. At that moment, Mr. Dick decided he had enough of this shit and with a rather loud sucking and wet slurping sound, dropped out of Wendy’s pussy and onto the floor. We both laughed so hard at the gross noise it made we almost lost connection.
“OK, now down the stairs and into the kitchen. Forward march.” She laughed and giggled some more. “I love this.” We carefully made our way out into the hall, and to the stairs. I began to see some physic laws about to be broken if we were to stay connected or injured body parts if we had a mis-step. There was no way she was going to be able to take the first step down with me having to remain tight into her butt. As we stopped I took the opportunity to hump into her butt a few times just to keep myself hard.
“mmmm that’s nice, Ok silly, not to worry, done this before.” She giggled again. “Turn around and back yourself downstairs. It will be much easier” I realized then that of course she had done this before. I felt a bit jealous, as I should have thought of it. The sight we made would have been hilarious to anyone watching. Both of use were carefully stepping backwards down the stairs, my cock deep in her ass. Arms around her hips and gripping her with my hands clenched together to hold her in tight. She had one arm around my back gripping my butt cheek very hard in her hand. Her other hand was holding onto the rail to help steady us. Our feet would move together, left then right, causing us both to sway back and forth. At one point I thought we were going to bust out laughing so hard that we would break apart. We had to stop about two thirds of the way down. Wendy bent over some more and allowed me to hump into her for a few minutes. I watched my cock work its way in and out as the skin of her butt rolled up and down my shaft. Continuing on we held tight to each other and made it to the kitchen. I walked us over to the table and we took a few moments while she rested across the table and I slowly humped into her some more. As I did this I began to daydream about going into each room and doing a quick hump before moving on. Wendy started moving her hips as she reached down with her fingers and worked herself quickly into another cum. She wasn’t putting out as much liquid with this orgasm. She grunted and wiggled under me, and the feeling of her butt working on my cock in combination of watching her cum flow out was getting to be too much. Again I felt I was going to unload at any moment.
“Wendy, I’m sorry but if I don’t cum soon I am going to explode.” I said. “You’re too much for me. I am not sure how much longer I can last.”
She reached around and smacked my butt so hard that it really stung. I thought my penis was going to shrivel up right then and there. Laughing she said. “There that should help you out; let me know when you need another one of those.” That helped, it really did, I really did not want another one.
We then moved over to the fridge and grabbed some juice, got glasses, and I drank two in a row and quickly filled a third. We worked ourselves over to the snacks her mother had left out for me and munched down while drinking our juice. In later years as I recalled the event, I likened it to a marathon rest stop. Only the event I was entered in was a sex-athon. How long can a person fuck and not cum. I think I was finding out my current limitations in that department. Once refreshed we headed back up the stairs, stopping once for Wendy to lean over and brace herself, as she reached down and worked her self once again into another cum. As soon as she had recovered, I reached around and started working on her tits and clit, and quickly brought her to another one in a matter of a few minutes. My rock hard penis was really starting to ach as she came and I pumped into her a bit faster.
“God Wendy, I need to cum…please let me cum.” I think she felt sorry for me. She started moving a bit quicker and we went up the stairs and down the hall falling onto her bed. She gasped as she hit the enormous wet spot left from her previous orgasms. By now it had cooled and was rather chilly. It hit her full into her chest and she almost screamed from the shock. This set off another orgasm as her body quickly jerked back into me while I pumped back into her. I was rapidly getting over the edge again. I needed to get relieved for my aching balls and the load of cum that had built up in me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I think I felt my bladder screaming out as well.
“Ok get ready Brian…we have to do this quickly. When I say ‘now’ you need to do this. OK? She carefully ran through the procedure that was going to occur. “It’s all in the timing.” She panted as I pumped into her listening to what was about to happen, dazed and not really caring, I think I grasped what was going to happen. This was going to be totally cool.
With out breaking our connection we worked around until I was humping into her slowly in a doggie position again. She was on her hands and knees. She leaned forward off the bed and retrieved poor Mr. Dick and worked him against her sopping wet pussy until he was firmly back where he belonged. Wendy then began to work him faster and faster until she hit another climax. As I watched her hands, a small amount of juice ran from her pussy and down her legs. I kept up a steady hump into her like she wanted. She did one more orgasm and then we both fell over onto our sides as before. I rolled her on top, while she continued to work on herself with Mr. Dick. She turned and spun slowly on my cock until she had come 180 degrees around and was now facing me. I looked down and could now see her upper pussy and clit, both were engorged and swollen from all the orgasms she had endured. She started to do all the humping and worked the dildo into her as she started to quickly bounce on my rigid cock. Her tits were bouncing up and down so fast that they were almost a blur.
“oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh god fuck oh fuck, I’m cumming again.” This time she squirted a lot more juice from around Mr.Dick which ran down her thigh and onto me. My erection was getting extreme but I was feeling numbed out with the pain that had built in my groin. I am sure my prostrate was about ready to explode from the store of sperm it was holding onto. “fuck my pussy dickey.. fuck my pussy, dickey likes my pussy, fuck it dickey, fuck my pussy” She moaned as her hands speeded up and she worked him into her faster and faster. She then hit another cum…at which point she stopped moving and took the experience full on. Her butt shook and again pulsated around my cock, almost milking it. “Now Brian Now…. Fuck my ass, fuck my ass good…fuck it fuck it fuck it…shoot your cum up into my butt… let me feel your hot cum shoot, shoot it shoot into me…..Now now. Fucking cum in me. Cum please cum…. Shoot that cum in me…..hurry hurry…oh god cum in me squirt me baby squirt your cum..…”
She gave her signal; she quickly rolled backwards down between my legs, bending my cock with her until it popped out of her butt. At that point I moved up to get myself in position over her as she grasped her legs behind her knees and pulled them up around her head till her pussy and butt hole were pointing straight up at me. As I looked down at her I had a tremendous desire to fall over and bury my face and nose deep into her pussy and lick her butt hole. It was extremely open and large. By this time she is screaming to me to stick my cock in her butt and fuck her ass, over and over. Her hand was now down and began to work on Mr. Dick at a very extremely fast motion. I thought for sure she was going to hurt herself with the speed and force she was pushing him into her, or maybe Mr Dick would fly apart from all the abuse he was under.
Reaching down I quickly popped the first two rubbers off me. The last one held a lot of pre-cum that had filled the bottom of the rubber like I had just cum. As I pulled the last one off I groaned from a flurry of many sharp pains. In my haste I had also taken a few pubic hairs along with it. My cock was as enlarged as I had ever seen it. Soaking from the tip to the base with pre-cum, I leaned over and guided it to her ass hole and plunged into her. Wendy gasped and continued working with Mr. Dick which by now was forcing more juices from yet another orgasm out her swollen pussy. Her hand was now hitting my pubic bone hard as I slammed into her again and again, humping as fast as I could. The sensation was totally unlike anything I had felt before with her. The freedom I felt around my bare cock riding into her butt extended my pleasure. Her butt had clamped on me and was milking me with the combinations of her work and the spasms from her orgasms. The pain in my groin was starting to subside, and I could feel my self getting closer to going over the edge. I knew I was going to unload any minute. As I leaned forward to fall over her, I grasped her legs to hold onto. This raised her up more and I felt my cock going deeper into her ass. Wendy was cumming again and screaming at me. “Fuck me fuck me…fuck my ass….cock in my ass cock in my ass…cock in my pussy…hot cock in my ass.. cum cum cum cum in my ass… cum shoot your cum shoot it, shoot it, squirt it out cum, squirt it in me.. oh yesssssssss” Over and over yelling and screaming.. Wendy was insane with the lust I saw in her eyes, and as she yelled she was literally frothing at the mouth, her spit was flying in all directions… stopping only to grunt and pant as she reached several orgasms one right after another… My balls were getting ready to explode and I realized I still had the rubber with it’s load of pre-cum clenched in my hand….Wendy’s head was back and her mouth was open in another grunting session as she came again. With out thinking about it, I reached over and turned the condom over her mouth, dropping its entire load of pre-cum into her mouth and some onto her chin. Her eyes flew open, not knowing what was happening, but then seeing the rubber dripping over she understood and that sent her into another orgasm. As another spasm shot through her mouth her mouth snapped shut and spurted my cock juice up and out. Some landed on my face and fell back on hers. I dropped the rubber and pressed my face over her mouth; we licked and sucked at each others faces now covered with my cock spit and her spit. This momentary distraction did slow me down slightly. As we got deeper into sucking each others face, her hand was trapped between us. Poor Mr. Dick wasn’t able to work as fast or as far in and out. Wendy was doing her best to keep up the movements. As we sucked face, she started cumming once again. And I finally fell over the edge as I reached my cum. I grunted only once with “I’m cumming.” Very short and to the point as the intensity cut off my voice. The feeling was almost like I had been stooping down for a long time and then got up rather quickly, I felt like I was going to pass out and was floating in the air at the same time. But the intensity and feelings that shot through every nerve in my body kept me aware of the intense connection we were sharing.
The rush of cum came roaring out of me, squirt after squirt. I thought it would never end. My hips shook, my whole body shook as I collapsed on top of Wendy, I stopped humping and was pushing myself into her as deep as I could go, squirming my ass into hers, jerking and rotating myself. My cock was leaping up with each squirt and Wendy was jerking at the same time to the rhythm of the jets pouring from my cock The cum poured out of me pulsing, splashing and coating the insider of her bottom.
Wendy had slowed down as she felt me pour into her and was moaning softly. “Sweet cum..sweet cum baby, shoot your cum.. Squirt it into me, baby, let me feel it run from your cock. Ohhh sweet cum.”
I thought the squirting would never end. Each jerk of my cock seemed to be shooting more of my sole from me to her. My hips were in spasm and then I was suddenly drained, sore, and totally exhausted from the past few hours. I collapsed half on her and half to the side. Wendy was now holding her legs back with her hands behind her knees. She was smiling over at me as I lay facing her, her eyes were almost closed and the look of contentment said it all. We had fucked our brains out literally, I couldn’t’ even think, I just zoned and felt every sensation as it occurred. My eyes half closed and my cock slowing going down inside her bottom. I was so relaxed, and comfortable. I lay there on the edge of passing out, and thought how nice if felt to be still deep inside her. I could feel the intense warmth of her bottom and the gooey stickiness of my cum. Her bottom muscles where pulsing slowly around my cock, almost milking it. I then realized that I needed to do some thing and now. I had to pee, and I had to pee really bad. The screams from my bladder were being heard and I had to go. I started to pull away from her. But she quickly pulled me back down to her.
“No, no, don’t get up…”Wendy moaned. “Let’s just lay here for awhile longer.”
“Sorry, lover I really have to pee and I have to go really bad.” I moaned into her ear.
“You can pee in me if you want, or even on me.or…both…. I really don’t care. It won’t matter were already lying in such a huge fuck mess, we really can’t make it much worse.”. She looked me in the eyes, through her half open eyes, I could see that she really did want me to unload into her bottom.
“In you? Are you sure, it’s OK? It’s a little gross Wendy.” I replied looking at her softly and kissing her mouth and sucking on the tip of her nose.
“It’s a lot gross, so is butt fucking, and sucking my own pussy juice off your sweet cock. Just piss in my ass. It’s nasty and gross and I like to be nasty ok?…please. I never had it happen before, but I have thought about it, now please pee in me I want to try it, … please?” She moaned again.
My cock seemed to have stopped its slow travel to softness. Just listening to her I thought I was going to get hard again. But my bladder was now taking full control and wasn’t to be denied. I tried to relax myself, to feel the warmth of her butt surrounding me. Her sphincter still had not gotten back to its normal tightness, but still had a small grip. She started to work it and that felt even warmer as it milked on my cock. I couldn’t hold my piss any longer and I started letting it out in small spurts almost like I was cumming. It started rather slow, but as it came out it picked up a bit and started a very steady and strong flow. Wendy moaned under me, commenting on how warm it felt. “Just like the enema’s Rob would give me.” As my piss flowed into her, I found I could control the flow. I would let it squirt, build it up and then let it squirt again. “ohhhh it feels like you’re shooting more cum in me, I can feel it splashing inside me and feel myself getting really full.” She cooed up at me, looking deep into my eyes. “Oh… so warm… so warm..” her eyes closed and her head went back as she moaned and squirmed under me.
As I finished peeing, a small amount leaked out and flowed along my balls and down her butt. She clamped down on me with her butt muscle and this instantly forced my now limp cock out of her. Another small amount of pee and cum shot out and hit my leg before she was able to cut the flow off. My cock flopped over. I looked down at it and thought it would ever be the same again. “Oh that’s very warm. I think it is going to be hard to hold onto it. But it feels so good. I fill very full.” Wendy quickly moved her legs down and cuddled into me. We were sticky and sweaty and smelly. The room reeked of sex and sweat, and a faint smell of pee. We didn’t move for almost a half hour, softly talking about how much we enjoyed this last fuck and how we enjoyed fucking each other and how we each felt about it. When I again started to bring up the subject about being lovers, she was adamant that we would not be boy friend and girl friend. We were going to be very good friends and fuck buddies and it would be forever.
“Brian, you don’t need me all the time. We will both fuck other people. Sex is too much fun. I don’t think I can just be with one person. I know one day I want to have a cock in every hole of my body at the same time. I am looking forward to that. I have a feeling that you would mind a lot seeing that. I bet you will find some one who will give you as much pleasure as we have been getting from each other.”
“Wendy, I don’t think I will ever have as good of sex as what I have done with you.”
“Sure you will. As long as you enjoy it and live it and are never afraid to try new stuff. You will be very good at it and it will always be good for you.” She replied.
“I don’t know… I think I have been ruined for life.” I sighed closing my eyes.
“Oh I hope so… I hope every time you get your dick sucked on that you think of me. Does it feel as good as my mouth? Or when you eat a pussy, does it smell like me, or taste better than me? Opps.. uggg ahhh I think its time to go.” Wendy jumped up putting her hand on her butt and headed into the bathroom, I could swear she had her finger up her butt. She did not even bother closing the door as she plopped down on the toilet and let fly the load I had put up in her bottom. Suffice to say she sat there awhile working it all out of her. During the noises and grunts and the several flushes she nonchalantly was talking at me about sex and how much she enjoyed it, and wanted new experiences with it. Like how she wanted to have a cock in her bottom, her mouth, and her pussy all at the same time. How she really wanted to eat another woman’s pussy and have a girl eat her, while they both had a cock up their butts when they did it. She wanted to watch a cock go in and out a butt hole while she licked and sucked the pussy it was attached to, and lick the swinging balls of the cock hanging over her mouth. She really seemed to have put a lot of thought into her fantasies and had them pretty much worked out, as she described them in much detail.
“This is future stuff Brian. I could never do this with the jerk boys at school. They would tell their friends and next thing you know word would get around and I would be called a slut. A slut fucks anything, anytime anywhere, and doesn’t care who knows or what crap she may catch. I like to think of myself as a sexually free person. You know like those hippies and free love stuff… maybe I will be a hippie and enjoy sex and other people’s bodies and fuck only those that I feel deserve it. I want to have someone who is sexy and knows what they want done to them when we fuck on each other.”
“Wendy, I think you just told me that I am one of the deserving ones.” I said quietly.
“Yes, silly I think you really are. I think I can trust you not to run and brag to your buddies about the 14 year old sex fiend that fucked you all week. It really means that we can fuck and have fun, and enjoy each others tastes, smells and our bodies when we want to.” She said coming out of the bathroom. Believe me, I want to fuck you every chance we get. I really feel a need to have a baby sitter more often”
“Wendy, nobody would believe me anyway. Not for a minute. I want to fuck you to.” I sighed.
“Hey let’s get in the shower, then eat and rest up. I think we will cum all over each others bodies next time. I love cumming so much; I love to watch and feel your cum squirt out. I want to see how far I can squirt when I cum. I love to ….” She started crying as she sat down next to me and hugged me into her. I wasn’t sure where this was coming from. This sudden change in her emotional state really took me by surprise. I was getting excited hearing her talk about what we were going to do. My penis was getting hard when she started to sob. Thinking back on it, I realized it had to be all about her brother. He had taught her everything he knew about sex, he had told her many things, and the possibilities of sex. And he was gone forever. I wasn’t smart enough at the time to realize that she was really addicted to sex, and it was missing him and having sex with him that she was really looking for. To me at the time she just loved fucking. And fucking new people and doing new things were going to satisfy her desires. Sex was filling a void that Rob had left. I wasn’t smart enough to know that she had a problem and it was a result of losing Rob that was the cause of it. I really was not sure what I could do for her at the moment or how I could help her. Thinking back on it, she was really screwed up emotionally from her bother’s loss.
“Shhh its OK… don’t worry. I would never ruin what we have, nor would I want to hurt you.” I whispered into her ear. “Hey, cheer up. I will be happy to fuck you all night and day for as long as you can stand me. No strings. Just plain ole lust fucking fun.” I fondled her tits and played with her nipples as I talked to her. She smiled up at me and squirmed into me while hugging me to her tighter.
She pulled away and smiled at me. “I love this Brian, I love you sucking on me and I love sucking on you. Let’s take a shower. I see you could use a good suck about now.” She looked down at my slowly rising cock. She grabbed it and pulled me up and we walked into the bathroom. I continued to fondle her tits and play with them as she led me like a puppy dog down the street of her sexual desires.
In the shower we carefully scrubbed and cleaned each other. Wendy soaped up my penis and rinsed it several times. She knew where it had been and wanted to be sure it was clean, before she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking and licking for all she was worth. She knelt in front of me and sucked faster and faster. She never touched herself or seemed to want me to return the favor. I looked down at her and grinned as she continued to work and rapidly took me to my cum. As I started squirting into her hot mouth, she looked up at me and swallowed each spurt as it shot out. Her expression was that she was in heaven and that she was having the best time making me cum and tasting it while it was shooting down her throat. We stared into each others eyes as I unloaded into her warmth. As the last spurt came out, I felt I was going to collapse. Wendy jumped up and hugged me and kissed me, sucking on my tongue. I was hit with the strong taste of my own cum in her mouth and realized that she had saved some of it to share with me. This really was new stuff for me, and she was breaking me in.
She pulled away and grinned at me. “There silly, see how nasty you taste; think about that the next time some girl gags as she sucks you dry.”
“Actually it doesn’t taste all that unpleasant, just odd” I laughed at her. We got out of the shower and began to dry off. Wendy continued talking. “I really notice that the taste of cum can change from day to day. Sometimes Rob’s was bitter, and other times it was very sweet. We always wondered what connection it had to what he might have eaten days or weeks before. We never did figure it out. But there was some connection. He said one day we would research it.” She said very seriously with that hint of sadness she always had in her voice when ever she talked about her brother.
“Did you and Rob have sex every day?” I wondered, thinking she would ignore me.
“Well after that first time we were together, Rob felt very guilty and said that we really shouldn’t play anymore even though he said he wanted to in the worst way. So we didn’t do anything for several weeks. I kept trying to catch him jacking off but he wised up real quick on that, and would lock his room when he did it. Then came that night I started to tell you about. He came home and was very drunk. Mom and Dad were at one of their all night parties. Rob always timed his fun with theirs. Mrs. Albert used to watch me back then. She helped me get him get upstairs and we laid him on the bed. I made her promise not to tell my parents he was drunk. After she left I got him undressed until he was naked, I then…..”
“Did you say all night parties?” I looked at her funny, what she had mentioned had really sounded odd and got my interest. “Who has all night parties?”
“Oh, once or twice a week mom and dad will get together with a few of their friends. And drink a lot. And because they do not want to drive home they stay over night at a motel. Then they will usually come home smelling of booze and sex. That’s when my parents usually do it you know. I never hear them doing it here. But I do know what sex smells like. I guess it is an excuse to get out and have fun then go to some motel to fuck each other. They seem to be very happy afterwards, I never hear them argue over anything, and their really sweet to each other all the time.”
“Oh, where do their friends live?” I said as we walked into her bedroom with our towels.
“They live in your town; in fact Dad says they are only a few blocks away from your house.”
I thought for a moment. “Uhh Wendy… did you ever discuss this with Rob.” I asked
“Nope, I don’t think it ever came up.” She looked at me kind of funny. “Why do you ask that?”
“Well, maybe I shouldn’t say anything. But I really think you need to know that we do not have any motels in our town. And all the ones in this town are further up the highway from here.” I just looked at her.
“I don’t get it. What do you mean?” She stopped drying herself. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. The slight chill in the room had made her nipples very erect.
“God you have beautiful tits. I want to suck them for an hour. How about it?” saying as I walked towards her, staring down at her perky orbs. I really felt I needed to get off this subject.
“Tell me what you mean.” She was ignoring me. She started to sound a bit concerned.
“OK, look your parents don’t get a motel. They have sleep overs at their friend’s house.” I blurted.
“Oh??..” Long pause.. “ohhhhhhhhhh! You mean they were fucking each other, I mean their friends. Their friends, and mom and dad where all fucking each other?” She looked at me wide eyed. I couldn’t tell if she was shocked or excited from realizing what might actually be going on.
“Well they could be either wife swapping, or having an orgy. Do their friends have kids?” Wendy shook her head and just looked at me, I could tell her brain was moving a mile a minute, I assumed she was trying to reconcile it all, and coming to grips that her parents might be swinging away with friends.
“Well I know it was small parties, just them and Sam & Julie, sometimes there would be another couple there that they would talk about meeting.” She was kind of gazing off into nothing. You could see signs of that brain working overtime. “Do you suppose….’ Her voice kind of trailed off.
“Suppose what?” I replied, thinking that she was going to be upset.
“Well if they were having orgies like you say, that means it’s possible that mom and Julie were licking and sucking on each other’s cunts while Sam fucked mom in the butt or the pussy, and Dad did the same to maybe Julie’s butt hole.”
I was like she was going over a high school math problem. She was having fantasies about all the scenarios available with two couples or three couples in an orgy. I could tell she was getting a little excited as she processed this new information. I think my fears were ungrounded. She was intrigued.
“I wonder how another girl’s pussy tastes like.” She said thoughtfully. “If it tastes as good as me I think I would like to try it.” Reaching down, her finger slipped in her pussy, pulling out she put it in her mouth and started sucking on it.
“Well…” I snickerd. “You not going to turn lezbo on me are you?” I was afraid the men of her world were going to lose out on one heck of a fuck and suck machine if that happened.
“Oh, silly, of course not. I think if two girls want to suck each other off, doesn’t really make them lezbo, they are just fuck buddies, giving each other pleasure until the right cock comes along. Girls are a lot more sexually mature at my age than boys. I think it’s only natural that we take care of each other until we can get a nice fat cock in our pussy or even up our butt. Don’t you think so.”
I laughed but still felt a bit annoyed “Well don’t expect me to suck some guy off. I would rather work my meat to pictures of naked girls. But I would kind of like to see two girls go at it. Maybe fuck one while she had her pussy licked on by the other one.” I stood there thinking of the fantasy and my cock starting getting erect from my very lustful thoughts.
“Well whatever, maybe if I find the right girl I will invite you over for a feast.” Wendy laughed, taking the towel and snapping it toward my penis. I jumped back and tripped over the bed and fell back on it. I almost landed in the cold wet spot from our previous fuck session. Wendy plopped down on me and hugged me tight and started kissing me and sucking on my tongue. Her leg was between my legs and pressing rather hard against my penis. I could feel it start to awaken a bit. However, as it did I became aware of a sharp pain in it. I was sore, really sore. I swear I had sprained myself somewhere.
“uhhh I thought you were hungry?” I said between mouthfuls of tongue.
“Yep….lets go lover.” She pulled back and smiled at me.
“Thanks, I don’t think I can take much more. Food and rest, that’s what I really need.” I moaned.
Getting up, we put on our shorts and tops and headed downstairs, I followed her watching her butt sway back and forth. She turned and smiled at me a few times. She knew I was enjoying watching her and seeing her move her tight cheeks. It was getting close to noon, so we dug out the left over Chinese food, and ate quietly just talking about general things, school, people we both knew and what we thought of them. At one point Wendy mentioned a girl that we both knew from her school. Her brother had been a friend of Robs as well, and was buddies with a good friend of mines older brother. Her name was Jen and she was a very cute blond that I saw on occasion hanging with her brother when they would stop by my buddy’s house. The few times I was there, the girl would smile at me, but that was about it. We never really talked much. She was always sticking close to her brother. I began to fantasize that maybe she had a little incest thing going with her bro just like Wendy. Then Wendy popped me out of my little day dream.
“You know, Jens’ a real slut.” Wendy said as she stuffed another chunk of egg roll in her mouth.
“At least that’s what I hear. She’s on the cheerleading squad, and talk is she has done every guy on the junior varsity team. She is one of the student assistants in my dance class. Although she is really nice, but I bet she is just as much of a sex fiend as I am. Course she doesn’t know about me, like I know about her. I watched her with one of the other girls in the dance class. She was helping her work on the bar along the mirror, and holding her leg up. I saw her hand move up the girl’s leg as she held it out for her. They did this a few times. I thought it was odd at the time, but didn’t think much of it. When she was working with me I noticed she was on the edge of feeling me up as well, I just let her work and she really didn’t make any suggestive moves. But I think she was itching to scratch me. I do remember noticing after class when we all went to change that they both had very wet crotches on their dance uniforms. I think Jen tried to get a look at mine, as it was wet to, I think she was trying, now I think about it.
“I bet she is bi” Wendy said. “In fact I’m sure of it the more I think on it.” She had a rather funny smirk on her face. I could tell she was planning something. I began to think that maybe this girl had just a bit too much drive in her. I looked at Wendy and just shook my head. “No, I uhh I don’t think so… Wendy.” I’m really having a tough time keeping up with you. Are you thinking what I think your thinking? Jen’s really out of my league.”
“Oh.. silly come on this could be fun. Might not get a chance like this again, but I don’t think I can get her over here anyway. She’s sixteen, and those tits she has, I would love to suck on those. We could share them you know. In fact I won’t let her know you’re even here. I think that might do it.” Wendy jumped up and went to the phone and dialed it. I stood looking after her. She was really serious about it.
“Oh, Hi Mike, this is Wendy, uhh is Jen there?……..Thanks.” Wendy gave me thumbs up.
“Jen, Wendy. Fine….and you….hey look, I know this is short notice but my parents are gone and most of my friends are gone on vacation with their folks. I was wondering if you would like to come over this afternoon for a swim and maybe stay the night. These storms are really keeping me up and I just need some one to be with tonight. I’m so bored; it would really be nice if you could.”
“Pool” I yelled. “You never said you had a pool! Where the hell is it? Wendy slapped her hand over the phone and glared at me. “shhh Look out back idiot, I am surprised you didn’t see it from my bedroom window.”
“Sorry Jen, TV had to turn it off. Ohh.. yeah I know…. but please I am so lonely here, you’re the only one I could think of, hey we can even sun bathe naked by the pool, No one can see in, and I got some new lotion we can try out..” Long pause. “Cool, I have a few things to drink around here as well. Great see you then…you to and thanks again Jen, I promise we will have lots of fun today.”
Wendy looked at me and squealed, “She wasn’t so sure at first but when I hit her with the naked sun bathing and lotion. You know us girls always have to have somebody else rub the hard to get parts.”
“It didn’t sound like she was hard to get to me.” I quipped. “Why didn’t’ you tell me you had a pool? Show me.” Wendy grabbed my hand and we walked towards the back of the house and out a side door from the laundry room. The day had already begun to get hot, I was sure we would be in for another storm this evening and could see thunder heads building in the distance. The air was a bit humid, and the thought of lying by the pool with Wendy was sounding better and better, especially if Jen showed up. You could not see the pool from the house except from her dad’s office; no wonder I hadn’t noticed it before. I suppose if I had got around to mowing the lawn I would have. We actually had to go outside and around towards the side of the house. It wasn’t a large pool, about 30ft long and just over 15 wide. And about 6ft deep. There property was fairly large and was sheltered by trees on most of it. The pool had a high wooden fence around two sides that kept anyone getting to the pool from the front yard. You couldn’t see any of the neighbor’s houses from the pool area. I stood on the edge of the cement patio around the pool and looked up to see Wendy’s bedroom window. I recalled seeing the cement from her window but the pool was set back just far enough that it wasn’t visible. And to think I could have been working on my tan rather than my sex life. Well, maybe not.
The pool had the standard table with an umbrella. There were some lounge chairs on both sides. And a low diving board. I reached down and felt the water. It felt really good, against the warm air and hot cement of the patio around the pool.
“This is so cool, but uhh I just remembered, I don’t have any trunks..” I frowned at Wendy.
“Rob had plenty, and I know just the pair. Hurry, Jen should be here in less than half an hour.” She replied. She ran back into the house and I just stood there looking at her butt as she ran through the door. I thought to myself that this was really too good to be true. I was going to spend the afternoon, and possibly the night with two gorgeous girls, one of which was now a cheerleader on the varsity squad. I was afraid that she wouldn’t be interested, we were not in the same school, but she always seemed a bit stuck up to me. I sighed and reached down to feel my penis. It was still a bit sore and tender from the workout it had been receiving in the last few days. I wasn’t sure I was up for this. But I guess I could at least give it the old collage try.
I followed Wendy in the house and headed up the stairs. She came out of Rob’s room with a set of trunks that were called European at the time; they were more like my jockeys than trunks. She smiled as she handed them to me. “Ok, get in these, takes some towels, there is a beach bag in my closet, take that. Get out to the pool, jump in. Make it look like you’ve been hanging there awhile. Wet a towel or two down. Put one on my chair. I want Jen to think that we have been out here for most of the day. Hurry, silly she doesn’t live that far away.”
I ran to the guest room and changed into the briefs. They fit very well and were just snug, but they really showed off my goods so to speak, I would not wear these in public. My balls were bigger than most guys, and that with my average size penis, filled the briefs with a rather impressive lump. I looked at myself in the mirror, not that much muscle but I wasn’t a stick either, a hint of a 6 pack but no real pecks. I got all the stuff together, brought it out to the pool and jumped in. The water felt great. I splashed some water around and on the sides around the pool and got out. I opened up Wendy’s beach bag and laid some of the items like lotion and tanning oil around the chairs. I took the end chair and put Wendy’s stuff in the middle chair.
“How’s it going, out here?” I turned to see Wendy. She looked fantastic. She was in a sharp pink bikini that complemented every curve of her luscious body. One that I had become very intimate with over the last couple of days. God, she was more sexy and beautiful with this on, than when she was totally naked. “Here I brought you these.” Smiling at my open mouth she handed me a pair of rather nice sun glasses. “And, I got these as well. She had a paper sack with some empty beer cans in it. She took them out and put them on the table, 5 in all. She stood back looking at her staged setting and nodded her head. Well looks like you have become a bit drunk, Brian. To bad you’re passed out and are going to miss all the fun.”
“Huh… ?” I said still dazed from the vision of how she looked walking towards me.”What do you mean drunk and passed out.”
“You’re passed out, just lie there in the sun and pretend to be asleep, here let me put lotion on you. We don’t need a sunburn to mess up the evening.” See giggled, and rubbed me up with a bottle of her tan oil. I especially liked the part where her hands just had to go under the edges of the trunks. “Oh that looks pretty good now. Ok, this is the plan. When Jen shows up, you need to be lying here in the deck chair, now what ever you see or what ever goes on, you must remain as quit and still as possible. Make sure your head droops a bit and try not to have an erection. Oh, this will help, here.” She took some toilet paper out of the bag and pulled my trunks open and stuffed some in, now it looked like I had a either a large erection or a large cock take your pick. “If you’re very careful, you can wet yourself down and the paper will shrink as your cock grows, that way by the time you’re fully up, nothing will look much different.
“Uhh , sure OK, I guess. You know it’s really creepy that you think about all this stuff. Now at some point I get to fuck Jen, right?” I looked at her a bit dumb founded. I couldn’t believe she was coming up this elaborate plan. All geared towards getting into Jen’s pussy. It really looked like it might work. I still wasn’t sure how Jen would react to my presence.
“Oh, yea I hope so, remember my fantasy, I want to suck her pussy while a dick goes in and out of it, then I can lick both your cum juice as it pours out.” She closed her eyes, licking her lips, and grinning.
“I better go get some rubbers then.” I grinned back and started toward the house.
“Oh…heck don’t worry, she’s on the pill. You get to squirt in a pussy and feel it for real.” Just then the doorbell rang and Wendy jumped up. “Battle stations.” She giggled running off. I got into position and moved the chair over a bit further from the girl’s chairs. I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I did not want to be so close to the action that I had to move my head to watch what ever might be going on.
Wendy had left the back door open and I could hear faint laughing and voices coming from inside the house. I had been out here alone for almost 10mins, when the voices started to came closer. I had taken up most of that time to find a really comfortable position so that I wouldn’t get cramped.
I could hear them, and began to make out what they were saying.
“Thanks Jen, I really appreciate it. I hope you don’t’ get mad at me but I forgot to tell you that my baby sitter is here. Don’t worry, He’s a bit drunk and passed out by the pool.” Wendy said.
“Baby sitter, you have a baby sitter?” I heard a very sexy laugh and voice that I recognized as Jen.
“Yep, he’s been here for several days. I have been giving him such I bad time that I told him I would get him some of my dads beer to make up for it. Anyway, once he started drinking that was it.”
They came into my view and I could see them both very well through the dark glasses. Jen had already changed into her bikini, a bright blue one that complemented her figure as well as Wendy’s did. Her 24c’s looked to be busting through the top. I noticed that both girls had erect nipples, making me wonder if anything had gone on while they were in the house. She stood almost an inch taller than Wendy. Her deep tan was very striking against her suit. There were faint white lines that showed she had been getting some sun in the nude, but could use a bit more, to polish it off. Maybe that would be today.
“My god, it’s Brian Smith, the nerd, you got a nerd for a baby sitter? How’d that happen?” Jen was looking at Wendy who just stood and stared at me grinning. Knowing all along that I was watching them both through the dark glasses. I had my head down and had to actually look up a bit to watch them.
“Oh, our parents are good friends; Brian’s mom brought him over several nights ago, when my parents had to leave.” She smiled up at Jen. “I hope you don’t mind. He shouldn’t be any trouble.”
I had a feeling that maintaining my position was going to be harder than I thought. I felt like I was going to lose it right there. I also felt that if I kept still that I would have a very welcome reward.
“My god…” I heard Jen say again. I had been watching Wendy who was watching Jen. I looked at Jen, she was staring right at my crotch. “He is packing isn’t he?” She thought for a moment and turned to Wendy. “Have you guys been…uhh, you know, I mean he is kinda cute.”
“Yep,, fucking every day and night. I really can’t seem to get enough of him. But I think I finally wore him out.” He hasn’t been the same since this morning, I made him fuck me up my butt for over two hours, and you really wouldn’t believe what I had to do to keep him from cumming.”
“Oh god, Wendy don’t shit me, your not serious are you….are you?” Jen looked at Wendy again.
“Well a couple of times anyway, it was OK but it got me thinking about other things.” She looked up at Jen. “Something seems missing; I’m not sure what it is. But it’s starting to get boring around here. That’s why I called you. You always seem to be having fun. You know I really like you Jen, you’re such a good dance teacher, I think I could learn lots more, if you would just teach me.”
She smiled at Wendy and hugged her. “Thanks Wendy, but I really can’t believe you and the nerd are doing each other, though from the looks of him, I think you’re really doing OK. I do bet you could learn a lot of things and not just dance moves.” Jen smiled as she pulled away and spread her towel on the concrete and sat down. She had a beach bag with her, and pulled some oil and handed it to Wendy.
“Here do my back.” She said. “Is he OK. I mean.. like being out here in the sun and all.”
“Oh he will be fine, I rub him down a bit every half hour to keep him from burning.” Wendy grabbed the bottle and sat down on her towel next to Jen and proceeded to rub Jen on her back and shoulders with the oil.
As I watched there really didn’t seem like anything was going on between them. Just girls oiling each other up, nothing I hadn’t seen before, although I don’t ever remember being this close to it, or even being able to stare with out being noticed. It was getting exciting to watch them work on each others gorgeous bodies. I did notice that both of them had erect nipples. Every now and then Jen would look at me and cock her head to the side; she had a bit of a frown.
“Are you sure he’s out. I’m not so sure he’s really passed out. ” Jen said.
“Yep, here watch this.” Wendy stood up with her feet just a bit apart reached down and untied her strings causing her bikini bottoms to drop to her ankles. As she bent over to pick them up she pointed her butt directly at Jen. I watched as Jen started and looked at the view that Wendy had presented her with. Her tongue came out and she licked her lips. I could swear I heard her moan. I was starting to get turned on by it; my penis was stirring just a little. As it did I could feel a bit of pain as my overworked member complained to me, fortunately this helped to keep it under control. Wendy stood up and walked over to me. Then she proceeded to turn around, I knew I was in trouble then, I really had to force my eyes to close, else I would lose it right there. They snapped shut just as Wendy bent over and obviously gave me the same view of her behind that Jen had got. From the amount of time she was bent over, I was sure she was waving her ass in my face.
“My god, Wendy. Your to much. I can’t believe you just did that.” She giggled.
“Nothing, he hasn’t seen before if you know what I mean.” She giggled and laughed back.
“What little I saw should have raised the dead.” Jen said quietly. “You have a great body, girl.”
“Thanks Jen, yours looks really great to. Here let me have some more oil.” Wendy plopped down and took her top off as well. “Ahh.. that’s much better. I still plan on being raw here, and look I barely got a tan this year. Been to busy with other stuff. Time I took care of it. Here do me…”
Wendy laid back on her towel, and I thought Jen was going to cum in her suit. I could see her hands tremble as she poured more oil in them and started to work on Wendy from head to toe. She started on her upper body and arms, but seemed to be avoiding the breast, she would circle them but not quit actually massage into them. She just kept going around them. Wendy’s eyes were closed and there was a look of contentment all over her face. “Jen, you can rub some on my tits, its ok, I don’t mind.” Jen lit up like a kid in a candy store. She wasted no time in going over them and giving them a real workout. Wendy was moaning softly as Jen really worked her boobs, much longer than was really necessary. As I watched Jen. I noticed that a dark spot was now spreading in the crotch of her suit. She was obviously getting turned on by playing on Wendy’s body. The rumors must be true; she did have a thing for other girls. Jen would glance at me now and again, but mostly she stared directly down at Wendy’s pussy. I knew she was contemplating diving in and sucking on it the first chance she got.
Jen slowly worked down Wendy’s stomach, her hands were now rubbing just above Wendy’s pussy. Jen worked the oil along side of Jens hips and slowly started down each leg. She avoided coming in contact near Wendy’s crotch area. I smiled at myself thinking that at any moment, Wendy would ask her to rub her pussy as well. Jen shifted her position so that her back was to me and she was bent over Wendy finishing the bottom of her legs. Wendy turned toward me, smiled and winked. I think she was letting me know that she was going to torture Jen a little more. I could now see Jens ass, and down through her crotch. It was very dark with the amount of pussy juice that was leaking from her.
“Just a minute, Jen” I think you missed some spots. Can you get the inside of my thighs and under my butt.” With that Wendy, pulled her legs up holding her hands under her knees and spread her legs open and pulled until she was pointing her pussy almost directly up. I could swear I saw Jen tremble with a mini-orgasm. Jen just stared down at the sight before her. I couldn’t see Wendy’s pussy that clearly but I knew all the fine details from my previous explorations into that territory. Jen just stared down.
By now I was aware of the hard on that I had developed. Glancing down I could see that my bulge was a whole lot bigger now. I took the opportunity while Jen was looking into Wendy to quickly reach in and remove most of the toilet paper, and put it under my butt out of site. And get my self adjusted so that everything looked at least close to what it was before.
“God.. Wendy.” Jen gasped. “You really are something, and your really sexy looking. And your pubic hair is still very fine, and it hasn’t turned dark yet. Uhhhh can I ask you a question?
“Sure, what…” Wendy had her eyes closed, and a small smile on her face.
“When uhhh…you know you and Brian….did you get him to lick you down there.” She said.
“Ohhh …. Sure. It was his first time eating pussy, but I think I got him trained pretty well. He did a fairly decent job, I did have to give him little reminders as he worked on it, though.” She sighed.
“Not that good…huh.” Jen glanced over her shoulder at me.
“I really never had anyone else to compare it to, just between you and me; it was my first time to.” Wendy replied. “I thought my orgasm would be more intense but it was OK. Brian did enjoy himself.”
“Wendy…uhh I’m not sure how to say this but… ahhh…I uhhhh well I was wondering….” Jen stammered. I thought I could actually hear her drool.
Wendy, giggled a bit and opened her eyes and looked up at Jen. She still held her legs up and then glanced down at her pussy. “Jen are you thinking you would like to suck my pussy?” Wendy blurted out. Her tone suggested that she was shocked at what Jen might be thinking.
“Oh Wendy, I’m sorry, but looking at you and seeing how wet you looked, I thought…..that well you know…that you might like to ahhh….it would be nice.” Jen was trying to back pedal, but Wendy wasn’t letting her off the hook so fast. This was starting to get enjoyable. I had to freeze my face and keep from smiling. Jen kept glancing my way.
“JEN… I do like sex, and I have done lots of things, but I do have some rules, and some preferences about sex and about what I like and don’t like.” Wendy said sharply. “I guess the rumors at school are true. You tend to swing both ways, from what I hear.” Before Jen could reply, Wendy reached out and put her hand on the small of Jens back. “Look, Jen. It’s OK I don’t care what people say. How you live your life is up to you, and how you enjoy sex is also up to you. The same goes for me to. Besides, one of the rules I have about sex is that I don’t usually have it with anyone who is dressed when I am not.” With that Wendy moved her hand down the small of Jen’s back and over her leg and put her hand directly on Jen’s pussy and started to rub it slowly back and forth. I swear I heard squishing.
Jen gasped again and she moaned and put her head back as her body trembled from what I assumed was another small orgasm. Wendy sensed it to, and removed her hand and brought it up to her face. Looking up at Jen she smiled and sniffed her hand, the fingers were very wet. Still looking at Jen, she put her fingers in her mouth and started sucking them dry, smiling all the while.
“mmm… you taste as good as me, only different. I always wondered what another girl tasted like. I just didn’t know anybody I could try this with.” She looked intently at Jen, who just sat there staring at Wendy and trembling slightly. I think she was shocked, and began to realize that maybe Wendy had this planned out all along, she then grinned very broadly at Wendy.
“God.. Wendy, you’ve been teasing me, haven’t you? You’re really a shit. I bet you teased Brian as well when he showed up.” She giggled, and quickly looked back at me, back at Wendy and then down at Wendy’s pussy. She looked like she was going to dive in any second, and then started to move her head down toward Wendy. Wendy put her hand out.
“Sorry, but I think you have a suit to remove, remember my rules?” Wendy giggled.
Jen stopped and looked at Wendy then looked back at me. She still seemed to be uncomfortable about it. “I suppose… but what if he wakes up. I mean I’m worried about what he will think. I don’t want him blabbing about this to anyone.”
“Oh.. Brian and I have covered that already.” Wendy said grinning. Jen seemed a little shocked, looking back at me. While I had been watching them, my cock had been pulsating in the swim briefs. I had to freeze up each time Jen started to turn and look at me, this was getting good, but hard to maintain. “No…I mean about him and me. I basically told him that if I heard even the slightest rumor that mentioned how much fun he had here the past few days that I would make sure his little candy shop would be closed permanently. And I would spread rumors about sores on his penis, that would insure no one would have anything to do with him.” From Wendy’s comment, she was totally serious about making sure no one knew about her sex life, I sure wasn’t about to spoil the chance having more fun with her.
Jen gave one last glance at me then stood up and dropped her top, she bent over as she removed her bottom and took it off her feet. This caused her nice little beaver to be exposed directly to my view. What a sight. Her hair was trimmed really short and shaved almost up to her outer pussy lips. Her pink button on her butt hole was in full view. I had to freeze every muscle in my body to keep from moaning. Her pussy was open with the inner lips fully exposed; the moisture from her excitement was almost dripping from her very soaked and blond hairs, which were almost transparent as they were caught in the sunlight. By this time Wendy had released her knees and had her feet back on the ground, with her legs still wide open and her knees up. Jen repositioned her towel, sat down sideways partially in between Wendy’s legs. Her tits were now in my full view. Her areolas were almost twice the width of Wendy’s and her nipples were fully erect and looked to be sticking out almost a half inch.
I was beginning to feel like I could cum just laying there. The anticipation of what was to come was continuing to build inside of me. My cock was rock hard and I wanted so bad to jump up and shove it into Jen’s pussy, which I now had a full view as she sat looking into Wendy. Wendy put a towel under her head and leaned back with her eyes closed. Jen leaned down and starting kissing Wendy on the knees, going from one to the other. Then working her way down, Jen started sucking on Wendy’s skin between her thighs, as she worked her hands along the outside of Wendy’s legs. Jen stopped licking and raised her head up, another quick glance at me, she reached her hand in between Wendy’s legs and started to play. Wendy’s hips arched up and she let out a low moan. “God, that feels so good, Jen. Play with my pussy, make me cum. I’m very close right now, I want to cum on your hands inside my pussy.” Wendy grabbed her knees and in a position I was very familiar with pulled them back, rolling her pussy up which offered herself up to the workings of Jens hands. Jen started in massaging and pushing her fingers and thumb inside Wendy. I now had a good view of the action as Jen started to drive her hand and fingers deeper inside of Wendy. Wendy was massaging her own tits and moaning.
“You have a hot little cunt, don’t you? I dreamed about doing this but never thought that I ever would get the chance. You do have a beautiful cunt Wendy, fresh and inviting, I can’t wait to start sucking on it. Please cum for me, cum on my hands Wendy, I want you to cum on me, so I can suck your pussy juice from my fingers. Please darling cum for me, I want to suck your wet pussy.” She whispered to her. Jens other hand reached down and started fingering herself very rapidly. She was really wanting to catch up to Wendy and cum with her. Wendy started to moan a bit louder and her hips started to shake. I could tell she was really close. I didn’t think Jen was going to catch her, but she was trying very hard to get there. Just then Jen moaned and yelled she was cumming, and Wendy bucked her hips up to meet Jens thrusting fingers and echoed along with Jen . “Ohhhhh god….I’m cumming, Jen, I’m cumming so hard.. ughhhh ughhhhh.” The squishing noise coming from Wendy’s pussy as Jen worked her fingers became louder and I could see some fluid erupt from Wendy and run down her ass crack and soak the towel under her. Jen’s pussy was flowing as well as her hips bucked on her fingers and hand. Her tits were bouncing and her head was back with her eyes tightly closed. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I took my right hand and rubbed the underside of my cock through the material of my briefs with several back and forth motions. Gently scraping my sensitive area with my finger nails. That was all I needed as I suddenly shot my repressed load inside my trunks. As I began to squirt I removed my hand and continued to watch the action. If Jen had looked my way, she would have seen my cock pulsing as it unloaded inside the suit. But Jen was still shaking and slowly lowered her head resting it on Wendy’s knee. Jen had her face turned away from me looking down on Wendy’s pussy. She slowly massaged her fingers in and out as Wendy was slowing moving her hips going for another round.
Jen removed her dripping fingers from Wendy and stuck them in her mouth. She took her other hand from he own pussy, and reaching over to Wendy, put it under her nose. Wendy’s eyes popped open along with her mouth. She leaned up and started sucking on Jen’s fingers. I took a moment to look down at myself. I could just barley make out a dark spot from my cum. It was slowly spreading around my still mostly erect cock. I couldn’t believe that it hadn’t gone down, especially with the abuse it was put through in the last several days. Watching the girls was keeping me very excited.
“Ohh Jen, that was really intense.” Wendy moaned. “Climb on me, it’s time we sucked each other off. I want your pussy in my face. Let me suck it.” Jen needed no encouragement. She got up and positioned herself in a 69 with Wendy, but instead of sucking on each others pussy’s, they moved up each other and started to suck each others tits. They did this for almost ten torturous minutes, moaning and cooing at each other, playing and sucking and fondling each other. Then Jen got up on her knees and reaching out and grabbing Wendy’s’ legs she pulled them back and leaned in and started to work her tongue deep into Wendy’s wet pussy. Jen moved her knees up and hunched down lowering her crotch directly onto Wendy’s face. I heard a muffled squeal as Wendy started sucking and licking on Jen. I had never seen anything like this before, the two girls were on each other and sucking and slurping for all they were worth. Not once since Jen had her first cum, did she look towards me. Her focus right now was the mutual orgasms that they were both working on.
I couldn’t stand it any longer; I had to get in on the action. Carefully getting up, I dropped my trunks and quietly moved toward the girls. My cock, lower stomach and pubic hairs were soaked with cum. I could feel it starting to run down around my balls. I went and got above Wendy’s head on my knees, I had a firm grasp on my cock and was pumping it back from its half erect state as quick as I could. Wendy sensed me and looked up and smiled at me. She had a look of approval. I knew from her talk earlier that she wanted me to nail Jen while she sucked on her pussy. She wanted to see cock ride in a pussy while she sucked on it. Some of my cum was now dripping onto her face and nose. Wendy quickly pushed her face further into Jens crotch and smeared it around. Then started licking at the remains.
Jen appeared to be oblivious to what was happing behind her. She didn’t seem to notice the extra licking or wetness from Wendy. Her head was buried into Wendy’s pussy and Wendy had clamped her thighs around Jens head and ears, holding her in. Wendy’s hips were moving as she humped into Jens face.
I realized that being on my knees was not going to give me access to Jens pussy. I backed out, and repositioned my self like a starter in a foot race, with my feet far enough apart that I was straddling the two of them. I moved my pelvis down and got my cock close to Jens pussy. I was almost planting my butt hole right over Wendy’s forehead, and my balls were scraping her nose. Wendy took a second to reach out and suck on them, picking up more of my cum, this of course caused my cock jerk up, I was getting close. Wendy had her hands on Jens pussy, fingering her and spreading her lips wide, prepping her for my assault.
“Cum for me Jen, cum on my face, let me suck your sweet cum, baby. Ohhh god I’m cumming to…ohhh..” Wendy moaned and her hips bucked again. Wendy buried her face into Jen and started working her clit as she fingered Jen’s insides. Jen started to shake and looked to explode any minute. I was getting close but it was a bit awkward as I pumped my self, and tried to balance on my feet. I could hear Jen’s muffled moans that she was going to cum. Wendy moved her face back and started licking Jens clit as fast as she could. She reached up and grabbed my cock from me and starting jerking it. Jen may have sensed something but was now to overcome as she started to buck and cum. I looked down as Wendy positioned my cock and I moved my hips till it was almost touching Jen’s pussy, it was just starting to spasm. Jen was moaning rather loudly now considering she was buried into Wendy crotch and held tight by her thighs.
How Wendy kept her tongue working on Jen, held my cock, and then reached up and slapped my butt, I still don’t know. But she did, when she hit me I rammed home in Jen and buried myself to the hilt in her hot wetness. At this point several things all occurred at pretty much the same time. I am still hazy on the details after all these years, as to the exact order of things. But as I slammed into Jen, who was hitting her peak, I pulled back and pushed in again. I think she thought for a moment that Wendy had a dildo, but I am sure it became clear to her that it was a real cock in her as I grunted and my hips hit her buttocks. As I came back into her, I lost any control and started jerking and pumping my hot cum into her. I had never felt a bare pussy wrapped around or rubbing my cock and the sensations of her pulsing orgasm was milking over me as I started to empty my load. I lost my balance as I came forward the second time and fell forward. I reached out and gripped Wendy’s legs behind her knees to steady my self. This had the affect of pulling Wendy’s pussy up in Jen, who at this moment realized that she was getting shafted, and the shafter’s hot cum was boiling into her. She tried to move her head up to complain, but the lock Wendy had on her head kept that from happening. Wendy’s pussy was pushed into her face and all she could do was to muffle a few loud grunts, but those subsided as she once again started bucking, from the way her pussy pulsed on me she was hitting a really good cum this time.
I had now regained my balance and continued to hump, still shooting my cum. Wendy sounded almost like she was choking on water; spitting and sputtering noises erupted out of her as Jen hit this next orgasm; from the amount of wetness that erupted around me I could see why Wendy was having difficulty. I felt Wendy’s nose and tongue working my shaft, and sucking as much of our cum as she could. The noise’s had turned into slurps and gulps as Wendy worked away cleaning us up. Jen collapsed as her tensions rolled away. I was feeling cramped and collapsed as well, falling on her with my head next to Jens. By this time Wendy’s legs had released their hold on her head and were spread out wide, but Jen never moved. She still shook and was trembling from her cum, her hips still bucking up into me and on Wendy’s face.
I took a moment to whisper into her ear. “Gosh, Jen, that was about the most incredible thing I have ever felt. Thanks so much for letting me surprise you.” I gave her a small suck on her ear lobe.
“Fuck you Brian!” She moaned. “You’re a real shit, and so is Wendy. You guys are going to pay for this. You guys planned this didn’t you?” We were both moving and squirming, as Wendy was still licking away on the both of us. My cock was still buried into Jen, but she tensed up and pushed me out with a plop, Wendy picked up her sucking as more of our love juice poured out of Jen, she sucked my failing tool into her mouth and worked on it getting all she could off me.
Jen was starting to recover some and getting her breath back. “God that was intense, that really was a surprise. You guys are still shits, though!” she giggled. “Were you awake the whole time.” She sniffed. “God you haven’t even been drinking have you? You guys are real fuckers, you know that.”
“Not a drop darling. Thanks again. Yours was the first pussy that I have ever felt without a rubber. I want to say Wendy couldn’t have picked a better person. I am glad it was you, Jen. I owe you one.” I smiled and licked her ear lobe.
“Damn, straight, you both do.” She laughed. “Wendy, I think you’ve had enough sucking on us, I would like to get up please.” Jen pushed up against me. I rolled off her to the side, hitting and laying there on the hot concrete patio. I was quickly made aware that it was fucking hot. I yelled and jumped to my feet, without thinking I dove into the pool. Instant relief and a welcome shock as the cool water washed over me. I relaxed and let my self slowly sink towards the bottom. Suddenly there were two more splashes on either side of me. I opened my eyes under water and the blurry naked figures of Jen and Wendy were before me. They came together and locked in an embrace and deeply kissed each other under the water. Breaking free they both turned and smiled at me. Jen reached out her hand as if to grab mine, but instead extended a middle finger, a wide grin across her face. We all pushed and broke surface at the same time laughing and giggling.
Jen broke up our laughter. “You guys are outrageous, you know that. What shits, what fucking outrageous shits you two are.” She took her hand and splashed water in both our faces. This left us chocking and laughing some more.
“We love you to Jen.” Wendy said. “That was really so cool, I couldn’t believe how the two of you tasted together. God, I’m still horny, I didn’t cum much at the end there. Somebody lost their concentration for a bit.”
I smiled at Jen. “I think Wendy is giving you a hint, Jen.” Splashing water back at her.
Jen, dove under the water and swam toward me. In one swift motion she took me into her mouth and started sucking me. My cock had done a turtle and shriveled up from the cold of the water. A small shock went through me as she grabbed my balls and yanked down to keep from floating up. I put my hands down on her back to help her as she worked me for almost a minute before coming up for air.
“mmmm….ready for more shit head?” she gasped panting to catch her breath. “Let’s get on the towels. You guys want to fuck, then were going to fuck until we all drop.”
We got out and shook off water onto each other. Jen started leading us in what to do. She had me sit on the towel with my knees up and sitting back supporting myself with my hands. Wendy crawled in on her hands and knees and took my half erect cock into her mouth and started getting me hard again. With her ass in the air, Jen leaned in and started fingering Wendy’s pussy and massaging her ass hole.
“So you were really serious when you said Brian fucked you in the ass all morning. God look how loose you are.” Wendy was humping and moaning from Jen’s fingers. “Ok my turn to be on the bottom.”
Jen made us get up and laid down on the towel. Wendy crawled on top in 69 with her and dove into Jen’s pussy. “Suck my cunt Wendy, suck it good if you want yours sucked back.” Jen dove into Wendy’s pussy and started working her tongue rapidly over her clit and up and down her slit. They each reached for the others tits and played, pinched and massaged them.
I felt kind of left out but was enjoying watching them while standing there slowly stroking myself. Neither of them seemed to care that I was left with nothing to do. I watched them, as they played with each others pussy, and Jen began working a finger into Wendy’s butt. As she did Wendy started to shake in the now familiar to me motion and I knew she was about to cum. I got down on my hands and knees and moved in to help Jen with Wendy. Jen and I tongued each others face for just a moment, she then started sucking on Wendy’s clit. I dove my tongue into her slit and licked and tongue fucked her pussy as fast as I could. In a few moments our work was rewarded as Wendy bucked against us both and starting gushing her sweet juice over Jens face and down my chin. Wendy must have been doing a good job on Jen because Jen also moaned and screamed out.
“God, you fuckers, fuck me, you fuckers fuck me, suck my cunt, suck it suck my fucking cunt.” Jen gasped. “Squirt that cum in my face you cunt, squirt me with your cunt juice.”
Both girls launched into spasms and started shaking and writhing on each other as their orgasms peaked. The collapsed into each other and began softly sucking and licking. After few minutes they picked up and continued on. Jen wasted no time in keeping up the pace.
“Put that cock in her butt, you fucker, do it now.” Jen gasped. “I want to see her butt fucked. Fuck it hard and fast, don’t stop until you squirt. Don’t slow down. Fuck her butt fast, you fucker.”
Jen, was a lot more vocal in her sex demands than Wendy had been. She actually sounded mean. Getting her revenge on us no doubt. I moved up and over them and proceed to mount Wendy, Jen reached up and grabbed my cock and as I pushed it towards Wendy’s butt hole Jen pulled down and I pushed it into Wendy’s cunt. Instantly I knew she was just trying to pick up her juices, but I could feel the softness and texture of Wendy’s pussy canal. So much different than when I had the rubber on. This wasn’t cool with Wendy because she screamed at me to get it out. I pulled out, and Jen put the head of my cock against Wendy’s’ butt hole. It only took a few pushes in and out before I was able to get my cock buried all the way into her. Jen grabbed my balls and started pulling me back with them and jerking me into Wendy. It was a little painful but actually felt erotic at the same time. As my ball sack tightened she wasn’t able to keep a good grip and settled in sucking and slurping on Wendy’s sweet pussy. As I humped into Wendy’s ass hole, Jen reached up with her “Soaking with Wendy’s Cum” fingers and rubbed them all over my ass checks and worked her way to my own butt hole. I relaxed as she pushed a finger in and started to go with my rhythm as I pumped Wendy, I could feel my muscle’s complaining from the workout I had earlier this morning. Ignoring my discomfort I worked into a steady pace and reached under Wendy to fondle and play with her tits, this set Wendy off as she bucked back into me and launched into another cum. This of course set Jen to moaning that she was coming again.
Both girls were outrageous as they started cumming again. Jen and Wendy were bouncing into one another so hard I felt I was riding a bronc in a rodeo. Jen’s finger popped out of my ass and she grasped Wendy’s pussy lips and pulled them wide apart as she worked her face as deep as she could into Wendy’s pussy. I leaned back to reposition my self, and watched my cock do its work on her butt hole. As I pulled back I could see Jens face, she looked to be in heaven. Her eyes were watching my cock and would look up at me and grin, as I grinned down at her. That along with the sounds of them slurping and sucking as they came into each others faces was sending me close to my cum. I wasn’t ready yet as I wanted to catch them on their next round. I slowed down and just tried to concentrate on the feeling of my cock sliding in and out Wendy’s butt, and let the soreness help me maintain my sanity.
The girls slowed down and started working each other and cleaning each other. Jen reached up and massaged my balls with her hand. Wendy must have done something because Jen moaned again and dropped her hand back down to Wendy’s pussy. She inserted several fingers into Jen, and was working on her partners sweet spot. Jen stuck the fingers of her other hand into Wendy and started rubbing the bottom of her pussy, she was after the feel of my cock. I could feel Jens fingers as I pumped in and out Wendy’s bottom, Jen was massaging me as best she could between the thin layers of skin that separated her from my cock. Wendy was feeling it as well, as she began to buck into another cum. Like a chain reaction, Jen was moaning and working her fingers faster, causing me to get closer to my cum. I increased my speed and started humping into Wendy as fast as I could go. I rose up to better keep my balance. Grabbing a good hold on Wendy’s hips I was looking down again. I was seeing a blur of my cock pound in and out of Wendy and the glimpse of Jen below fingering, sucking and licking a very soaked pussy. I could see the lust and excitement in Jens face as she worked the pussy and my cock with her fingers.
We exploded all at once. Wendy muffled screams, buried in Jens, pussy. My grunts as I felt the first wave of cum shoot forth. Jen’s face pushing into Wendy and screaming as well. I pushed in and let the first squirt fly. I then pulled all the way out and leaned forward so that as I pushed in again my cock hit between Wendy’s pussy and butt hole. This forced my cock down and pointed it directly at Jen’s open mouth. I pumped my cock up and down along Wendy’s ass crack as I squirted my final load right into Jen’s slurping mouth. She almost choked but let it flow out of her mouth and continued to suck and lick and swallow Wendy’s and I’s combined juices, as I sprayed her down from above.
“Oh, cum baby, that’s it good sweet cum.” Jen moaned. I only grunted as I finished and had to get up before I collapsed onto them, my legs ached, my cock was aching. I stumbled in a crouching position and let myself fall into the pool. Again I just let myself float in the coolness and sank towards the bottom. I really wasn’t expecting to see the girls jump in, but was half hoping. After a few moments I pushed up to air. The sight I saw almost made me hard again. Jen was still on her back. Wendy had turned around facing Jen, she was sucking and licking the juice off Jens face. Jen was returning the favor when she could get a lick in. They each had a hand on the others tit and one in the others pussy. They were working on another cum, unbelievable. I think now they were both nymph’s. I just stood in the pool and watched as they both jerked and humped each other hands. They were grunting and moaning. They were spent vocally. A few more jerks and Wendy collapsed on top of Jen.
“You girls are really to much, you know that.” I laughed at them. “mmmm” was all that came from both of them. I swam and relaxed in the cool water while they lay in the sun hugging onto each other. After a bit, both struggled up and jumped in with me. We all got into a corner of the pool and I supported myself with my arms and elbows on each side of the pool edge. I was in the middle while they each took their legs and wrapped them around one of mine. Their heads buried into my shoulders. I was pretty much in awe at the whole thing. Two beautiful girls, and me caught in the middle. It wasn’t long before they fell asleep. Me supporting them and almost asleep myself. We had been this way about a half hour when the distant sound of the phone ringing brought me out of my slumber. I gently woke them and told Wendy the phone was ringing.
“Leave it…”Wendy moaned.
“I can’t it could be my mom, if I don’t answer she might come over. Or it could be your mom or dad.” I replied.
“ohhh… go ahead then silly.” She retorted. I slipped out from between them. As I got out and walked away I turned and paused as they both got out and went over and laid down next to each other on the towels, Wendy reached for the oil and began to work some on Jen. I wanted to stay and watch but the phone kept ringing. I got to it, and picked it up. “Hello” I said.
“Brian is that you, this is Sue, is Wendy available?” Wendy’s mom asked.
“Uhh yea, Mrs. Weston her and a friend are out swimming in the pool. I can go get her, if you want me to.” I replied.
“No, that’s Ok, I don’t want water in the house. Just let her know that we will be home in about an hour. She needs to get packed, we need to get back to her grandma’s house.” she replied.
I stood there for a moment looking down at the puddle I had made on their wood floor. The dream was over. that was all I was thinking. Sue said something but I didn’t pay much attention, I was looking forward to spending the night with those two. I finally caught on to Sue’s voice. “Brian? Are you there… Brian answer me please.” Sue was almost shouting.
“Sorry Mrs. Weston, You said you need to get going back, it sounds like her grandma passed away.” I choked out.
“Yes, Brian she did. I tried calling earlier but couldn’t get through.” She was real quit.
“Do you need me to do anything else? I won’t tell Wendy.” I replied.
“She will know, Brian. She will know when you ask her to pack. Thanks Brian, see you in a bit.” Sue hung up. I stood there with the phone in my hand for several minutes. I was numb, and then I realized that I was being very selfish. I put the phone down and went outside. Both girls were now laying on their backs with their sunglasses as the only attire. I sat down next to Wendy and reached out and took her hand. “It’s, grandma isn’t’ it.” She whispered looking over at me. I nodded.
“Your folks will be here in an hour, they want you to get packed. I suppose we best get things cleaned up and back to normal around here, huh. Jen and I will clean up out here, and get your room fixed up for you. I suppose I will need to call my mom and have her come and pick me up.”
“No, stay here. Jen do you want to stay here with Brian” Jen smiled and nodded. “OK, when my parents show up, I will tell dad that you should house sit for us until we get back, We won’t be gone for more than a few days, and I am sure Dad will say it’s OK. Jen you can hide in my room. We won’t let them know you’re here. Since your folks think your spending the night, you can spend it here with Brian.”
“Wendy you don’t have to do that.” I replied. “It’s OK really.” I looked at Jen, she had lost her smile and was giving me a very sad puppy dog look. I actually thought she was disappointed.
“No Brian the sooner you understand that we are just having fun. You and Jen have fun. I am sure she will take as good care of you as I can. Anyway, when I get back we will all work out something fun together, OK with you guys? Jen and I looked at each other and with out thinking both of us moved to Wendy and gave her a big hug. I whispered into Wendy’s ear. “Thanks, regardless of what you think and want, I will always love you, for sharing yourself with me and showing me so much. I do look forward to more adventures.” I was almost crying.
“Oh…don’t blubber on her Brian. You and I can keep each other entertained, I’m sure. Jen whispered to us both. She moved in and gave Wendy a big kiss with full tongue in the mouth. I followed with my own passionate kiss as soon as Jen released her. Wendy thanked us and turned toward the house.
We got dressed in cutoffs and then got the place cleaned up. Jen and I went upstairs and started cleaning up her room and making the bed. Jen saw the huge wet stain on the bed, and looked at me shaking her head with her mouth open. I looked at her, grinned, put out my hand towards her and flipped her off. ‘Your next, you fucker.” I said grinning.

Epilogue: Wendy’s folks showed up, her dad gave me his stern look, shook my hand and put a crisp hundred dollar bill in it, I was afraid he was going to pull inspection on me and find Jen. Anyway when they began to leave Wendy hugged me and kissed me on the check, thanked me for staying with her. I was blushing red as I glanced at her father He shook his head and smiled as they went out the door. Jen and I spent several wonderful days together, exploring each other desires. A story for another time. I gave her Wendy’s special butt fuck, which she enjoyed a great deal. Jen managed to convince her parents that she was house sitting for Wendy’s folks. Though they had no idea I was there. I split the hundred with her; after all it was only fair. Don’t you think?

I hesitated to add this last bit, but I talked it over with Jen and she thought I should. The story does have a very happy and sad ending. Jen and I pretty much hooked up. We were married after she graduated high school, we still are very happy. Jen couldn’t have kids but that really never bothered us much. Wendy was very happy for us both. In fact, prior to Jen and I getting engaged, we would all get together about once a month and fuck each other’s brains out, after that it gradually tapered off and stopped. Wendy met a real cute boy her own age. On her and her boyfriends graduation night they got into a car with another couple. The other boy had been drinking. They were all killed when he ran through a stop sign and was broadsided by a semi. Jen and I were devastated. Wendy was cremated like her brother and her ashes were scattered on the Oregon coast in the same spot Rob’s had been spread. After over 30 years it still hurts to write about it. I thank Jen for letting me do this, and I especially thank a cute little brunette that is always remembered on her birthday. Jen lets me do her bottom for hours just like Wendy liked it, she has me call her Wendy all day long. For my birthday and Jens birthday, and sometimes other birthdays, Jen manages to find an occasional pretty young brunette, to bring home for a weekend of hot sex. Thank god science came up with little blue pills, for me they were invented just in time. This is to the memory of Wendy Weston 1956-1974 we both love you “silly”.

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