My first sex with my dog Tommy

My first sex with my dog Tommy

Hi, my name's Tina,am 19 years old and i'll like to share my lovely experience i had with my pet dog Tommy. Well, before i start let me tell u all how do i look like. Well am 1m76cm tall, brown hair, brown eyes and i've got a very sexy boby. I've got 36C boobs and a perfect bottlelike body. I know that every guys just like looking at me. Thats why i like wearing sexy clothes. I like summer so that i can wear my ultra mini skirts. i like wearinf tight push-up bras so that everyone can have a perrfect look at them. I love wearing G-strings. Even at home i like wearing wearing sexy clothes. I've alittle brother aged 14 and he's fond of my me. I usually sit opposite to him at the dining table and everytime i can see him droping something on the floor so that he can see my undies. I love that and give him the opportunity to see them. Thats why i just keep my legs wide open. I think that he had ever seen me naked since i usually feel the someone's peeping in my room through the keyhole. I've started keeping my doors open slightly just to help him see more u know. I know why he got so interested in me. Once when i was having my shower i forgot to lock the bathroom. I was inside and he didn't know and just opened the door. She say my wet naked body and my boobs. I smiled at him and he went away.

Well let me tell u about my sex experience with my pet dog Tommy. Tommy is a huge white German Shepherd. i've never seen such a beautiful dog in my life. He's white with long hair. I've read many dog sex stories and also downloaded lots of pics and clips but i was a bit reluctant until the proper day came. I was on school holiday and it was on the 28th of July 2005. Just recently. My parents had an important tast and had to go to Scotland for 2 days to visit some parents. They wanted to take us with them but i refused and asked them if they can take my bro. But he was also unwilling. I think that u know the reason!!!

Everyone love love tommy in my house. Thats why he was allowed to stay in the house although it had akennel outside. I was sleeping in my room with my mini and a white tiny string. Suddenly i heard the door open. I thought that it was my brother. But to my great surprise, it was Tommy. I think he was anoyed with seeing noone at home. He can in my room and just got on my bed. I patted his back. As i was lying on my bed, he was standing an i could easily see his penis. Something passed in my mind but then changed my mind. I stayed in my bed was i could feel my nipples harden. It was so hard that it was hurting me. I took out my t-shirt and undo my bra so that i can feel more comfortable. Tommy sytarted locking my face and at the same time licked my boobs. I felt so nice when his tongue passed on my nipples. I wanted to feel his juicy tongue in my pussy. I took out my mini stirt and tood out my string. I could feel my pussy wet. I was all naked in front of Tommy. I hold its huge head and directed it gently to my pussy. I lowed his head. He sniffed my heavenly part and pushed its note inside my pussy and started licking inside. Hmmmmmmm, i've never seemed so good in my life. I laid on my bed and watched tommy licking my cunt. Tommy's tongue is rough. Everylick is a bit painfull and also soooo nice. My pussy went wetter.

One thing i noticed is that Tommy had an erection. I've already tried my two fingers and a small dildo in my pussy but not such a huge thing as Tommy's penis. I so wanted to try and feel this huge thing in my pussy. I lowered myself to the corner of my bed. Tommy god down and positioned himself between my legs. He then put his front paws on the bed and was ready to fuck me. Slowerly but gradually, he started going to and fro. The first contact of his pussy with my clit drived me crazy. i pushed myself forward and his penis was in my cunt. It was painful since it was so big. In about one minute three quarter of his penis was inside me and he was going faster and faster. after sometime i noticed a ball infront of my pussy and tommy was pushing harder to put it inside in since he was my lover and wanted to take me in full. It was really very big. i hesitated a bit but realised that my parents are away and they are returning after two days. Tommy was not in th correct position. I positioned myself slowerly in doggy style on the floor by paying particulay attention that he doesn't get disturbed and his penis stays in my pussy. He was better in doggy style and was riding me more quickly. He pushed so hard that he put the huge ball in my pussy. I shouted loudly and at the same time Tommy cummed in my pussy. The hot liquid filled my pussy anf i had an orgasm. It was the most pleasurable moment in my life. Tommy got off my back but was unable to take out his penis from my pussy. I was happy that his penis remain in my cunt. We both laid down on the floor tired but happy with this first experience.

I slept on the floor with Tommy's penis in my cunt. One thing i completely for get was that my brother was at home. Since the door was open, he watched everthing. He came in my room to see me with Tommy's penis in my cunt. I open my eyes. I asked him not to tell anyone and i'll do anything for him. He said that he won't tell anyone and was smiling. I can see his penis hard in his short. I asked him to stay in my room if he wanna see more. My brother asked me if he can touch my boobs. I said of course u can dear. He hold them and started sucking them and he said that he was waiting for that since a long time. After half an hour, Tommy managed to take out his penis. After that he licked my pussy clean and i licked his penis clean. My brother had the opportunity to see all that. Lucky guy.

That was really a very nice experience. After my parents returned i haven't tried but when i get the opportunity, i'll surely do since my brother has alreaby asked me when i'll have sex with Tommy.Whenever he's in my room, i allow him to see and touch my boobs and he usually licks my pussy. i haven't allowed him to have sex with me since am afraid of falling pregnant. I love my lucky brother.

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