My First Sexual Experience_(5)

My First Sexual Experience_(5)

I was 14 that summer and so was she. She knew that I had always looked at her ass as she walked by…but how could you not stare at a nice, fresh, tight ass? every guy wants one. My friend and I had decided to go over to her house and see what she was doing. we were bored…and really horny from looking at porn, so we thought we would go over and see if she would let us gangbang her.

"Hi" She said as she answered the door. All of us were very good friends so we just walked rite in.

"Hey Angie, how you doin?" i said as i sat on the couch.

"Nuttin really, Evan, just chillin." I looked over at my friend James aka Jim. She bent over to pick something off the gound and my soft 5 inch dick got instantly hard to its full grown 9 inches. She looked back at me and say my hard-on through my mesh shorts. Jim sat down on one side of her and I sat down on the other.

"So Angie, tell me, what have you done with a guy?" Jim asked

"Well, I made out with one, but we never did anything…sexually" she said.

"Would you like to change that?" I asked as she smiled at me.

"Oh yes, Ive always wanted to see a guys nice big thick cock." She said…she was the whoriest girl in school and everybody knew she had seen more than one cock. So i started to take off my shorts and I reached into my boxers and pulled out my hard 9 inches of cock while Jim pulled out his hard 7 inches.

She bent over me and put the head of my dick into her sweet velvety muth as i cocked my head back. Damn she was good at this. Then she began to suck around it with her tounge as I reached up her shirt and grabbed her nice hard tittes. Jim was reaching down her pants and trying to take them off while Angie had her hand on his dick and was massaging it. She couldnt do my dick that long considering it was the longest and thickest, about 2.5 inches thick.

She stood up and started doing a lap dance for usas we jacked off to her great body. Then she took off her shirt and pants and revealed that she was only wearing a thong. I took the thong aside with my toung as she put her wet pussy in my face when she sat on my lap. I put my tounge inside her and heard her moan. Then I noticed Jim was coming up behind her and he was gonna do it in her ass. I heard her scream as his dick entered her tight ass. Then I whispered aftr i got done eating her out "Shhh, baby its okay…"

After about 7 minuets of that i told jim to stop and move. Then I put Angie on the couch moaning and wet and propped her legs on my shoulders as i inserted my huge cock into her pussy and heard her scream with pleasure and moan my name.

"You like that baby? eh?" I said as i slowly pushed it into her and as she gasped for air. Then I started to push it in and out faster and harder and deeper. I threw my head back and moaned a long groan as my huge balls slapped against our skin.

"OH GOD! OOHHHH FUCK YES HARDER BABY HARDER, DEEPER, FASTER OOO GOD YES O HOLY SHIT!!" She yelled as i did exactly what she wanted.

I pulled my dick out of her with one last moan and asked her if she wanted to lick the cum off. She said yes so I stuck my huge dick next to her sweet lips and she started sucking and pulling and massaging. I moaned as i shot cumloads and cumloads of cum into her mouth and wtched as Jim massaged her tits and sucked them.

We heard a car door slam in the driveway and we looked on in horror when Angie tld us that her mom was home. We ran out the back door with out cocks still out and hard and dripping with cum. We put them away and headed for my house.

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