My first taste of dick

My first taste of dick

I was a 6 year old boy sitting in a car be driven to my friend's house. Tyler was also 6 and we rode the same bus. My parents were going to some party that night so I had to stay at a friend’s house. Tyler's brother, Eric, was also gonna be with us because someone needed to watch us. After his parents sent us to be in the basement we started watching a movie but none of us were tired.

"Im bored" Tyler said "We should play a game"
"What kind of game" I replied
"I dont know? A fun one" He said and we laughed
"I know of a really fun game,” said Eric
"What?" Tyler and I asked jointly
"Simon says,” he said

Tyler and I agreed and we start to play with Eric being Simon. We each followed to commands perfectly for a while. I hadn’t really realized why until later that night. Eric had never not said, "Simon says" all game. So he makes us do the "normal" Simon says stuff then it got a little weird. He stopped us

"Ok, now im gonna give each of you your own task to try and make it harder, but I wont say "Simon says" said Eric
"How exactly will this be harder" I thought to myself but figured whatever

"Tyler, take off his shirt and Jason, take off Tyler shirt" he told us. Tyler removed mine and II removed his.
"Ok, now take off each other’s pants" I reached towards him and slid his down, he then after, removed mine
"Now, each of you take off your underwear" Tyler and Me exchanged weird looks "Its ok" Eric said, "You guys will like this

Tyler slowly pulled his off first and I watched him and his soft dick flopped out. It couldn’t of been bigger than 2 inches. Then it was my turn, which I was embarrassed to do because mine was only about 1 and half inches. But I did.

"Now touch yourselves until you’re fully hard" he said

I noticed a bulge developing in Eric’s pants and got a little scared but nevertheless starting stroking my dick back and forth. I was near full hard when I looked over and saw Tyler's now hard 4-inch dick. I was again ashamed when my dick got hard but was only 3 inches.

"Now stand next to each other and face one another" We followed the command given.
"Now Jason, open your mouth" I did "and get on your knees" I dropped to my knees and was face to face with his dick and I could see a small drop of pre-cum coming out of his peehole. "Now suck his dick" I wasn’t sure if I could. I just stared at it. "Tyler, help him. Put your hand on his head and push him towards your dick" He nodded with a grin

I now had no choice I open wide as his head poked into my mouth and I started moving my head up and down. I took my head of and lick his head and the sides then his balls then covered his dick with my mouth again. Eric stopped us and told us to switch. I stood up as Tyler knelt. He didn’t hesitate; he opened wide and slammed my dick in his mouth quickly moving up and down. It felt so good I started breathing heavily. He then started licking by balls and I started moaning even bigger now.

"Stop" Eric intruded "Tyler, stay on your knees but put your hands on the ground in front of you like a dog, and Jason get behind him" We did as told "Jason, see his butt hole? Fuck it! Stick your dick in it"

I hunched over Tyler and placed my head against his hole. Then I slowly inserted, I could hear Tyler wince in pain. The feel of his ass was so good. Nice and warm and tight. I could feel his ass try to fight back but I just pushed deeper. Eric told me to move my dick in and out and I complied. As I humped him every time I pushed in I heard him moan. I went faster and faster until my body tense up and I shot my boy cum in his ass. Without being told we quickly switched positions and Tyler, I could tell, wanted to repay me. He slammed his 4-inch cock into my ass hard and like I did to him started humping me. The repetitiveness made my ass throb in pleasure. Tyler stopped for a second

"Eric, I need to go pody,” He said
"Then go,” replied Eric. Tyler began to get up but Eric stopped him. "What are you doing”?
"Going pody,” he replied
"You don’t have to go in the bathroom, go in his ass"

So Tyler go back over me and continued to hump and just after he restarted I felt his warm pee flow into my ass filling it up till there was no room and it overflowed out of my ass and down my legs. The combination of piss and ass must of pleased Tyler as shortly there after squirted his boy cum into my rectum.

"Sorry Tyler, but I never told you to ass fuck Jason so you lose, come over and get your prize Jason"

I crawled over there and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his 6-inch dick and placed the head in my mouth and grabbed my head with one hand so I couldn’t move. He jacked off with the other hand untill I heard him moan real loud and he shot his tremendous load into my mouth. He looked me in the eye and told me to swallow, I loved the salty taste.

"Now you too are all dirty, get in the shower."

It wasn’t that late so his parent probably figured it was Eric taking the shower. He threw us in and turned on the water. He demanded Tyler to stand next to time wall facing the wall. Eric stood outside watching us

"Lick his ass Jason,” he said. I bent down and stuck out my tongue and slowly licked his asshole up and down. I could taste the remainder of my boy cum as I pleasured him.

"Stick your tongue in his ass" he said. Without hesitation I shoved my tongue up there and Tyler let out a big moan. The taste of my cum was even stronger and I loved it combined with his ass. I stoop up.

"I have to pee,” I said. Eric told us to get out of the shower. He roughly dried off Tyler's stomach and made him lay on his back.

"There, pee. Pee on his stomach" I quickly did. "Now, clean him up, lick it all up" He forced my down and made me lick, slurp and swallow and the pee. It was a good warm taste.

"You love the taste don’t you?" he questioned. I nodded. "Tyler, fuck his ass again" Tyler quickly inserted in my again but after only humping me for a minute Eric told him to stop and pull out. "Get back in the shower and suck that" I opened my mouth and took in his dick. It was a fantastic combination on dick, ass, piss and cum. After I sucked his dick clean he informed me to stand up and for Tyler to sit under

"Stick a finger up his ass" Tyler followed "now another, and another" Tyler followed again. "Now shove your fist up his ass far as you can and fist fuck him" Tyler's fist was bigger than his dick and it hurt twice as much but also was twice as orgasmic. Eric noticed I was near cumming when he told Tyler to finish me off. He moved his head around and started sucking again. In seconds I orgasm and let my smallish load flow into Tyler’s mouth. Eric instructed him to swallow and he did.

"That wasn’t nearly enough you swallowed, turn around Jason and get on your knees" I thought I expected what would happen next but I didn’t. I thought I would feel a 4-inch dick ram up my hard ass, but it was twice as big. Eric worked my ass and I almost cried it pain but his dick felt so good up my tight ass. After a minute he took everything out but the head and like he did earlier jacked off but this time into my ass. Then he told me to stand up and spread my ass cheeks and for Tyler to sit under my with his mouth open.

"Now fart my cum into his ass" I pushed out with my ass and Eric’s loaded exploded into Tyler’s mouth. Eric made him swallow it all. So did I. I stuck my fingers up my own ass and lick off the cummy remains.

We went to bed that night exhausted from the night and I wondered where my sexual adventures would take me. Little did I know that I would have many more unforgettable nights to "cum"

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