My First Time_(37)

My First Time_(37)

My first time,I remember it like it was yesterday.I was 13 years old…Seeing many porn and walking in on my parents,and older brother before i was curious.Sometimes i would have urges and would satisfy them by masterbating.but soon that wasnt enough…..

Me and my friend Lawrence decided to go over to my Girlfriends house.Planning to just go swimming a little,maybe chill,and watch some movies.not knowing it would be the last day of my virginity….We got her mother to pick us up and we all decided to go to the beach.seeing as we were all kids we all went into the water right away not worrying much about what other thought.but soon i found my self grouping her butt or pinching her nipples under the water…i couldnt help was instints….now this is were the REAL story begains.

"Hey Erin i got your butt!" i called out laughing seeing my friend lawrence do the same.I felt a hand smack me lightly and heard erin say "stop that!" before i went under water again but this time to touch her other side.Now im a nice looking boy….kinda tall about 5,6 nice 6 pack coming up,black hair,brown eyes,and over all good looking face.but what girls really liked was im the all star basketball player.that fact helped me get along with everyone fine."Yo lawrence i called over erin yelling at me for grabbing her butt again.want some?" i asked.laughing lawrence came behing her and grouped her nipples…just playing around i though.but soon we were all pruny so we decided to go back to her house,dry of,and go in her jacuzzi.perfect ending for today i thought.seeing as it WAS a saterday.

it was around 5 or so we all were ready to go into the jacuzzi,but this time with her older sister.but only 5 minutes in i felt someone touching my inner though slowly stroking my leg.i looked over and erin to see if it was her…she was busy talking.shocked i thought about it and looked at her sister (who was 19 and very attractive).noticing a small glint in her eyes i could tell it was her.i slowly ran my hand across her stomach.just as i thought she did nothing.i slid out if the jacuzzi and turned up the pressure…making bubbles fill up around us so we couldnt see under the water.i slowly slid back into the water,closer to her sister.cassy (erins sister) could you rub my back it hurts i asked smiling.i could tell erin was getting mad at this moment but i didnt care.i was to interested in her sister to care.slowly she took my now swollen dick out of my pants and rubbed it gently.i shuddered for a moment then settled myself getting used to it.i slid my hand under her binkini and started to rub around her quick as lighting i slid my hand in and fingered her as best i could.i was not very experianced so i didnt think i did a good job untill i saw her maoning lighty.her sister took notice and thought it was time to seperate us.she decided we all go back up to her house and watch a movie.

"look what i got her sister said holding up a movie proudly".it was the exercist."scariest movie i could find cassy said grinning".but it was already 6:30 aND I was supposed to be home by 7.i decided to call my mother and plead her to let me stay the night.cassy was watching us and said it was alright with her (i knew it would be).my mother said no but with many promises of cleaning the house she lawrence and erin laid down on the floor with one big blanket.erin in the middle.dont squish me now she called out trying to make us laugh.just shut up and watch the movie grolwed lawrence who was pissed that cassy didnt do anything with him when he found out what happened.20 minutes in the movies i felt a hand running up my thigh.this time i t couldnt be cassys.i slowly showed it to my swollen dick which it genly squezzed,fondled,and touched untill i felt i was about to burt.i whispered her to stop and slid my hand up her skirt which i found out she was wearing a thing under.i told her to take off her thing.she went to the bathroom and came out i noticed with no thong.taking my time and not wanted to ruin the moment i gently slid my hand up and rested it on the crack of her hot wet pussy.i could feel heat and wetness just from the top..i couldnt help it anymore and i old her to face me and readyed myself for what was about to happen.i asked her if she was ready and got a quick nod which told me to hurry up.i gently put the head into her took me about a mitute to pop it through but what i got after that was the most winderfull felt like i was in heaven.before i knew it or anyine else she started rolling her hips.getting it deeper and deeper ever time.soon i was halfway and went over to kiss her.after our toungues and lips spertated i wispered "i want to eat you out" later she told me through gritted teeth.soon i just coiuldnt take it and pressed my dick all the way in.she let out a scear and her sister jumped up and asked what happened.luckly for us a scary part of the movie just happened so she didnt have to think any.being more carefull i told her to suck my dick.again i got "later.

Later that night…..

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