My First Time_(82)

My First Time_(82)

I grew up in a very small town, and at age 12 I started a paper route. The papaer was only published twice each week and unlike a larger city, they did not deliver the papers, we had to pick them up at the publisher's one room office. She had a waiting area in the back yard is she was late getting back from the printer. One day she was a little late and one of the oldest boys, who was about 14, started telllling us about jerking off. He sat on one of the lawn chars and we all gathered around he opened his jeans and demonstrated how to do it.

That night I couldn't wait to try it. I was still too young to cum, but the feeling was wonderful. For the next two years I jerked off almost every night. Then when I was 14 I had my first sexual experience with another person.

Every summer my parents and my dad's brother and his family went to their father's place for a two week vacation. Grandpa has a large screened porch where my cousin and I slept on a roll-away bed. He was about six months older than me, so that summer he had just turned 15.

After we went to bed the first night we started talking about girls and what sex must feel like. I asked hime if he had ever fucked a girl, but just like me he was still a virgin. Neither of us had a clue what sex would be like, but we had an almost limitless imagination. He did tell me he had seen his sister's pussy when he walked in on her in the bathtub one day. She was 12, so her pussy was still hairless. The only glimps I had ever had was a quck peak at my aunt's crotch, and all I saw was her patch of fur. He then went on to describe what he little cunt looked like, and I got so hard I don't know why I didn't explode immediately.

I then asked him if he had ever thought about sex with another guy. He said he had, but would never admit it to anyone but me. I asked him if he would ever be willing to suck another guy's dick.

"I think I would if he wore a rubber," was his answer. "Would you ever try it?"

I said I had touhgt about it almost every day when I went ot gym class. It was only pure fear that kept me from getting a hard on every time I saw all this young teenage cocks in the shower.

We talked some more and decided that a rubber was not an essential ingredient in the blowjob recipe. He got under the covers and took my cock in his mouth. Neither of us had any idea how to give a blowjob, but when you are 14 and super horny, it doesn't take much effort to to finish the job. In less trhan a minute I was squirting my load in his mouth.

He leaned over next to the window and spit my cum out, then it was my turn. I slid down the bed and took his cock in my mouth. As I said, I had no idea how to suck a dick, so I just ran my tounge around and around on the head. He got off after only 30 to 45 seconds, and I now leaned over and spit out the window. It would be another 4 years before I swallowed a man's cum. but that is another story.

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