My First_(6)

My First_(6)

Not so long ago I was strapped for cash… when I say strapped for cash I mean seriously in dept. I was living in a dingy house in Nottingham and I had missed several months’ rent and the guy I shared a house with (not the most pleasant of characters) had threatened to break my legs if I didn’t pay him back. I was jobless, soon to be homeless and soon to be in a wheelchair. So desperate in fact that I was planning on stealing money, something that I thought I would never do…I was a high school drop out and moved out of home when I turned 16. When I got myself into this financial mess I was 17.

Literally the day before I had to pay up I was walking down the street on the way to see my girlfriend when I saw a huge black guy standing by an open van. He was obviously a builder or something because his van was full of tools. As I walked past he looked me up and down. It felt weird, this poof looking at me like that. In a sudden outburst of insanity (I still don’t know what made me say this – at this point in time I thought I was as straight as straight could be.) I said…
“You willing to pay for it?”
I was taken aback by my own crassness. I uttered an apology and started to back away.
“Hold up mate…I can only assume your talking about one thing, and the answer is no, but your fine so I mite make an exception.”
I stopped for a moment and considered what was being said. I was NOT going to take it in the ass, and certainly not suck on some guy’s dick. But maybe if I gave him a wank… I mean I wank all the time, it'le be weird but it can’t be that different rubbing my own cock…I thought to myself.
“£50 for a wank” I said after convincing myself.
“Step aboard” he said in a gentle voice before leading me into the back of his van. We sat down on the rug pulled across the floor of the van. He leaned over to kiss me and I pulled away…
“Whoa! Whoa! I’m not like that mate, I need the money.”
Ok he said softly as he reached down and began to unzip his flies. I remember a feeling of sheer terror as I saw his massive penis flop out onto his jeans. I just stared. I was oddly turned on by the site and felt ashamed to think in this way. I took a deep breath and reach over and took him into my hand. He was very warm to the touch. I ran my fingers up and down his long shaft and it grew in my hand. The man moaned softly as I began to pump harder and faster. I was concentrating hard so I failed to realise until a few moments later that my dick was erect and pushing against my jeans. I was getting turned on. I stopped and looked up at the man who looked flustered and incredibly horny. How bad could it be?
“£100 for a blow job, 150 you can come on me, 175 ill swallow, 200 you can do me in the…ass.” I felt so dirty saying these things. My dick was about to explode through my jeans. The young man produced £100 from his pocket and rubbed it across my face. He put his hands on my head and lowered me to the tip of his cock. I opened as wide as I could to accommodate his massive penis. His shaft still rubbed past my lips. He tasted strange. Not bad, but not good. I pretended that his dick was a lollypop. Stroking his balls as I took him deep into my mouth. Up and down and up and down. I couldn’t help myself. I started stroking my dick through the fabric of my jeans. My dick got harder and harder. The young man pulled me from his solid cock to eyelevel. He looked deep into my eyes and said…
“Ill leave you a tip if you give me a kiss…”
I looked up at him with innocent eyes. He parted my lips with his tongue and began to explore my mouth. It felt so fucking good. Id forgotten about my girlfriend completely. All I cared about at that moment was getting that money, and kissing the huge black man. I reached down and unzipped my flies releasing my now throbbing member. Without breaking the kiss the man reached down and started massaging me making me shiver in his strong arms. Within a matter of minutes we were both totally naked. I was suddenly pushed away from the man and he knelt over me stroking his penis. He reached into a satchel and produced three £50 notes. I suddenly couldn’t breathe. I felt like I had suddenly crashed back down to earth. My girlfriend is waiting for me, I’m naked and a man is offering £200 for a piece of my ass.
“I'm not sure about this Mr.,” I whispered in a frightened tone of voice.
“Don’t be afraid,” he said gently “you seem pretty turned on already, your ready for this…and don’t forget the grand prize…”
I looked at the money in his hand and thought of escaping from my financial problems minus broken legs.
“Ill take it slow” he whispered into my ear as he slips his fingers into his mouth. He pulled them out with saliva dribbling slowly from the ends. His long tongue moved over my lips and into my mouth as he forced his index finger into my anus. A sudden burst of pain ran through my body and I cried out.
“Stop!” But he didn’t stop, he continued pushing his finger in and out of my ass hole as he kissed my face. He pushed harder and harder the more I begged him to stop. As he pounded my ass the pain mixed with a new sensation that I had never felt before, kind of like having my dick rubbed but more intense, mixed with pain and the feeling of being filled. I once again began to moan with pleasure. The young man inserted a second finger and then a third, each addition almost made me cum right there.

The young man yanked all three fingers from my pulsing arse hole in one quick motion making a squelching noise. He span me round so that I was facing him. He grabbed hold of my thighs violently and put my ankles over his shoulders. His penis was resting above my hole, slapping against it quickly. I was possible the most exited I had ever been. I felt empty after the fingers were removed and could think of nothing sexier than to have this stranger pummel his dick into my shitter.
“Do it! Fuck me! Please!” I begged
The young man spat at my face and muttered obscenities, I was getting him sooo hot. He plunged deep into me and I screamed at the top of my voice…
Unadulterated pain shot into my gut and I felt sick for a moment. He rammed deeper and deeper into me. I reached round and used one hand to guide him into me and the other to dig my nails into his ass cheeks. My cock grew bigger and bigger with each cum milking thrust. He pushed harder and harder until I could hear his balls slapping violently against my asshole. I pushed back against him allowing him deeper access. His shaft penetrated my pounding hole. As he neared Orgasm his dick grew larger inside me, stretching my ring even wider.
“You like that slut!?” he yelled at me…
“oh yea! Fuck my fucking shit hole you fucking stud!!!” I screamed “Cum on me!”
He pulled his Penis from my ass suddenly leaving it wide open and gaping to the air. The sudden sensation of the sticky air rushing into my throbbing opening pushed me over the edge. I began to climax hard. The young man pushed one hand against my thigh as he shot his warm sticky load all over my open anus. The sticky goo ran down my legs and what seemed like streams of cum hit the back wall of my insides. As this was happening I was cumming myself. I never once touched my cock, it was a fantastic sensation the hot semen shot from my end, all up my chest and over my face. Electricity pulsated through my entire body and I licked my lips tasting my own semen as I looked into my client’s eyes. He stared at me convulsing with the afterglow of my orgasm…
When we were both dressed I crawled over to the door of the van.
“your money?” the man said waving a handful of cash. I thought for a moment about my newly discovered sexual possibilities. I wanted to be fucked again right there.
“keep the money, for now… same time tomorrow, same place and you can add to the cash you already owe…”
“sounds good… can I bring someone along?” this suggestion nearly made my ass explode. If this is how I felt after a session with one guy, imagine with two, or more…
“we’ll see…” I said in the sexiest voice I could manage.

As I walked home thinking of tomorrow, Cum dribbled from my loose hole, down my legs…

Part 2 soon

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