My fisrt gay encounter

My fisrt gay encounter

This memory origionates from the 22nd January 2005. My mate Sam was staying at my house because his house was damaged in the Corbridge floods. It was a Saturday so we were staying up late. My parents were out (Yes, I still live with my parents, shock horror!) and I am an only child so we had the house to ourselves. After a while of watching the television, we got bored.

It was Sam who suggested that we go on the internet. I, being innocent (yeah, right), asked him what he was going to do, because my computer had only just recovered from a virus. He said that he was going to look for porn.

I said yes, he could go onto the internet. I left the room at that point, because the dog needed letting out. When I came back, Sam was browsing XNXX's Gay Movie list. It was then that I discovered that Sam was gay.

I had often wondered whether I was gay, but living in the area that I do I have kept quiet about it. Anyway, here was Sam happily downloading a set of clips, with his left hand down his jeans. I said "I didn't know you were into that sort of thing" and he said that he'd always liked watching guys having it off with eachother.

After he had downloaded nearly every clip on the page (To those with dialup, I have this thing called Broadband. You should get it too, lol!), he gathered them all together in a file and hit play. He had downloaded about thirty minutes of 10sec clips. The screen filled with images of guys having sex, moaning and ejaculating all over the place.

I suddenly realised that I was aroused, which came as a shock since my penis is almost 8" long. I hurriedly sat down on my chair and re-arranged my boxers to hide my erection. Sam didn't seem to have noticed, since he was staring into the screen. I noticed that he was masturbating inside his jeans, and almost without realising it I started to jerk off too.

After about a minute Sam pulled down his fly, and since he wasnt wearing anything under his jeans, his erection stood proud. He has a smaller penis than me, but is a lot hairier. I was a little shocked at first, but then ignored it. After another few minutes, he swung round on the chair and asked me "can I see your dick?". I am not sure why, but something compelled me to open my fly and pull down my boxers.

Without warning he reached out with the hand he had been masturbating with, and took hold of my penis. I jumped because although he had been touching himself, his hand was cold. He stroked gently around my balls and rubbed the bit between them and my anus. He asked if I would do the same to him, and hesitently I started to jack him off. His penis was very hot, and throbbed when I touched it. He asked me if I would rub his balls, and I reached in and got the shock of my life. His testicles were enormous! They hung four inches from his body and must have weighed at least an oz and a half.

The next set of clips on the computer showed two guys giving each other blow jobs. After the first two clips, I asked spontaneousley "Would you suck my dick?", and he answered "Only if you do it to me too". I agreed and for the first time ever put a penis into my mouth. It tasted funny, like a large dirty finger, but it wasn't unpleasant. Sam was having trouble with my penis. He kept saying "its too big to fit in" and other things. Eventually he just sucked around my head while I gave him deep throat. It felt a bit strange at first, having a throbbing penis in my mouth, but within seconds I was enjoying it.

We were both getting very aroused as the clips continued. He had arranged them so that the more hardcore clips came on later. I felt as if my balls were going to explode, and my penis was as stiff as board, and longer than I'd ever seen it. Suddenly sam withdrew his penis, and stopped sucking mine. He was staring at the clips again, where three men were doing it doggy style. He was almost drooling.

Suddenly, he rushed to his bag under the bunk beds, and fumbled around in it untill he pulled out two condoms. I knew what the next question was. "Dave, I know we're good friends and all that, but can I please do this?" he asked. I was feeling dead randy, and I said yes. "Can you do me first?" he asked. I said yes again. He passed me a tub of petrolium jelly and told me where to put it. I rubbed it all around his anus, as he squirmed with pleasure. He opened a condom and sowly rolled it down my shaft. He then put a dollop of pet. jelly onto the end of my sheathed penis. He said "Go slow at first, your dick is HUGE!".

Not knowing what to expect, I walked behind him and he bent over my sofa arm. I aimed my penis at his anus and slowly pushed it in. Sam made a funny half yelp half moan. It was a funny feeling inside his arse, but it was warm and I was well lubricated so I started to shag Sam slowly. He maoned with pleasure, and told me to go faster. I picked up the pace and he stared moaning every time I rammed my penis in. After about two minutes of getting faster and harder, and both of us moaning loudly, I said that I was about to cum. He told me to stop, and remove my penis.

I heard him putting on a condom, and he told me to lie where he had been lying. I felt him put petroleum jelly on my anus, and then I felt a few seconds of intense pain when he entered my virgin hole. After the pain had faded Sam started to speed up, just as I had done. I could feel his massive balls thumping against the backs of my legs. It was very arouing. Suddenly, he withdrew, pulled his condom off, and came on my back. He reached underneath me and started to toss me off. Within thirty seconds I had filled the condom i was wearing.

After that my parents were due so we had to clean up sharpish. Me and Sam have since had other encounters, but none as active as this. Enjoy! 🙂

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