My "girl"friend and I

My "girl"friend and I

Me and my girlfriend, Megan, were going out for only a short while and hadn’t done more than just make out when one day she called me up and told me her parents had left for a party and her younger sister was sleeping at a friends.

Megan was 16, one year older than I was. She was about my height at 5' 6" and she couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. She had nicely sized B-Cups and a nice little ass I could wait to get at. However, I figured she was going to be hesitant to do most things considering the most she had done was give a guy a handy

For the first hour we didn’t do much; sat around, talked, made out…etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then she got this weird look on her face and asked if I wanted to play strip poker. I agreed. We didn’t want it to last for 5 minutes so we agreed that once you lose 3 hands, you have to take something off.

We split the first 6 hands 3-3 and we each had to take something off. I remove my hoodie, and she removed her sweatshirt. Then I lost three of the nest for and removed my pants. I saw her smiling while she was looking at my dick but pretend how to notice to make her work for it. I was able to win the next 2 hands so she had to strip. She slowly then removed her shirt. And revealed a black bra. I won the next 3 outta 4, and once again she was forced to strip.

She stood up, took off her belt, and started to slowly unzip her jeans. However, she stopped and grabbed me

"Lets continue in my room" she said and took my hand and dragged me upstairs to her room. She locked the door behind her and turned the lights out leaving the perfect amount of light left, which came through the closed binds. I realized she left the cards downstairs, but that was a good thing. She ran over and shoved her tongue down my throat throwing us onto her bed together.

She quickly removed me of my shirt and reached down my boxers and grabbed my 6 and a half-inch dick. Then she moved down and started massaging my balls while I removed her bra, letting her breasts fall out. Then I reached down and removed her pants. She slowly removed my boxers and I soon as she did, sucked the first dick she ever sucked. She had it down pretty well. She slowly moved up and all the way down engulfed my entire dick as it oozed pre-cum.

Then I slowly reached down her panties. At first, I felt her nice pubic hair then I went to grab her pussy and realized…. there was no pussy, there was a sizeable dick. She gave me a scared look like I she was scared I would leave but I didn’t. I reached and grabbed it hard which pleased her. I then fully removed her panties and her and I made out completely naked for at least 10 minutes then I moved my head down lower and lower till I was face to face with her dick. Which I then realized with almost 9 inches! Right before I opened my mouth to pleasure her, she interrupted.

"How will I know when I am ready to cum" she said
"You mean you’ve never came before" I replied, she nodded her head, no
"I’ve gotten a boner and touched my self" she said "but I have never came"
Trust Me," I answered with a grin "You’ll know when you’re ready"

With that I opened up as wide as I could and put it over her incredible dick. I went father and farther down until her head touch the bottom of my throat my I only had 8 inches in. She moaned in pleasure, holding my head in place to make sure I didn’t stop. Then I reached behind her, and found her nice tight asshole and slowly fingered it. First one, then two then finally three fingers going in and out of her ass. She lifted my head and gave me a big kiss on the lips.

"Fuck me!" she demanded as she grabbed my fingers sucking off her ass juices.

She lifted her legs high in the air giving me access to her ass. I pushed the head of my dick in slowly, and then slammed the rest in. She moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain as I punished her ass. As I moved in and out I could she her arching back enjoying every second of this, I saw he breasts flopping around uncontrollably. And I could feel her warm, tight ass squeeze my cock making sure it didn’t leave as I reached don’t with my hand and placed it on her huge cock. Then I removed my dick and rolled her over and grabbed her ass checks spreading them apart high in the air. I moved my head in and slowly licked her asshole. She continued moaning in pleasure. Then she sat up and inserted my ass-flavored dick in her mouth, sucking me till she was able to recover all the ass juices that were on my dick.

"Ready?" she asked as she throw me on the bed face down and got over me
"Yeah, go slow to start" I replied

She slowly stuck her head in my ass and inch-by-inch inserted all 9 inches. I could feel her touching the end of my ass. She slowly started humping me, moving her cock in and out over and over again until so went as fast as she could. It felt so good I almost came. But she pulled out. Then she stood over me, placed her dick right in front of my face. I knew what to do, and opened my mouth and tasted my ass all over her dick.

"I want you to cum first" she stated. Taking her dick out of my mouth and getting on her knees as I stood up and inserted my dick in her mouth.

"YES! HERE IT COMES BABE!!! OOOO" I exploded my load into her mouth and she continued to suck me dry before she stood up, and opened her mouth revealed all my cum and she swallow it all down.

"My turn" she said as she started to push my head down and she slammed her dick in.

It didn’t take long as she exploded in my mouth, and I could contain it all. Some dripped onto the bed, which she scooped up and swallow. Then she held me by the jaw and watched my swallow the whole thing.

We got up, took a shower and put on some clean clothes and when sleep in each other’s arm in love with one another

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