my hot cousin_(2)

my hot cousin_(2)

My Hot Cousin

Dear Friends,

I am 25 year old and living at Delhi with my parents. My cousin Kamal is 5'-3", slim, 20 years old and doing MA. She is also residing at Delhi with her parents. Her house is at about a KMts. distance from my house. She is a very sexy and westernised girl. Her buldging boobs, round thighs and hips can turn any person mad for her. We often meet each other but never went so far. But I have to admit that I always wanted her. We used to talk frankly but so intimately. Whenever I got a chance to sit with her I always felt a pressure on my manhood.

In spite of the fact that the parents of my Cousin permitted her to wear western style dress they apparently are not in favour of the girls taking liqour or other kinds of intoxicants. Till the good day I was also of the opinion that although Kamal is very frank and talked to me openly she is not taking liqour. One day at about 2 PM I went to a Beer Bar along with my friend. We were taking beer. My back was towards the entrance and the lights were dim in the Bar, as usual. A few minutes later my friend drawn my attention towards a table lying in the corner. I was surprised to see that my cousin was sitting there with a boy of her age, may be her boy friend, and was taking Beer. As I looked towards her she also noticed my presence but at that we both were not in a position to talk to each other. She got preturbed but now it was too late for her to leave. Anyway, I finished my Beer and went out with my friend by giving a smile to her.

We could not get a chance to meet for a few days. After some days, I purposedly went to her house in the evening. Looking at me she she got preturbed. Perhaps she might be thinking that I will disclose about her to her parents. But why should I? Anyway, I managed to talk to her alone. She was pleading for mercy, "Plz, Arun…Plz, don't tell anybody".

"Why should't, after all you know….", I played a card.

"Plz….since now you know, I can't tell a lie…….I like Beer…..that is my weakness. Plz. don't tell anybody for my sake", Kamal was repeatedly requesting me not to tell anybody about her.

"We have shared so much, but you never told me that you like Beer", I asked her.

"um…I was afraid that you may tell…….", She expressed her apprehension.

"Oh no, how do you think so. If you have told me than you would not have expreinced this situation, rather I would have had Beer with you………..Anyhow, when will you invite me for Beer…or should I invite you", I started palnning to shape my dreams.

"I can't say….If somebody come to know then…." Kamal was little hesitant but not negative. She was having any idea about my plans.

"Don't worry, nobody would, provided either you invite me or accept my invitation", I assured her with mixture of a kind of threat.

"Arun you know it is difficult for me to do so…you can arrange", Kamal agreed finally.

"Ok, next week my parents are going to our village for 3 days, I will be alone at home. It will be safe at home. You can come there on some pretext like finishing your work on Computer", I suggested her a wayout and she agreed.

Finally, on the appointed day Kamal came to my house at about 12' O Clock noon. She was wearing a tight light pink top and knee length skirt. She was looking very sexy. Her white legs seemed to be waxed. As she came in we shook hands and asked sarcastically, after all you have come, you longing for Beer. She got red on her face with her eyes down.

"Hey, Kamal! what's the matter. Are you shying? You herself told that Beer is your weakness." I asked.

"No, Arun, but I……..", Kamal cut her words in between.

"What but?", I asked.

"Nothing………Ok, have made an arrangement", Finally, Kamal, recovering herself asked me.

Then I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and took her to lobby and we sat ther on a sofa. Thereafter, I brought a bottle of child Beer and two glasses. Looking at bottle she asked, "Just one bottle?"

"Don't worry I have a full case", I told and further requested her to pour Beer for both of us.

Now she poured Beer and we cheered each other and started taking drinks. After finishing one glass I asked her if she had ever taken whisky. She said no. I asked her if she wants to taste but she was hesitant. I persuaded to experience a taste of whisky. While pouring another Beer I added one peg in each glass of Beer. For intial sips she felt it quite bitter but later on started enjoying.

This was the right time to do the needful. I engaged her in her personal talks. I talked her about the guy she was taking Beer that day. I also told her made up stories about my girl friends. After some time she was involved in such type of talks and started enjoying. From our talks she got a little excited and was time and again adjusting her on the sofa. This showed that she was excited now. My cock was also hard and making a buldge on my lose Pajama. I can guess that she might have noticed that.

Coming close to the point I ultimately asked her, "do you have any serious relation with that guy or just…?"

"What serious!!", She asked in astonishment.

"I mean…….I mean physical", I dared to say.

"Oh Arun! you are my brother, you should not…..", she was puzzled as to what should she say.

"See Kamal, we are now beyond this brother-sister relationship. We have shared so much. We are like friends now, I think there should be no secret between us. Moreover, I have not concealed any thing from you." I tried to persuade her.

By the time one bottle of Beer was finished and she asked for more. Since my hard cock was buldging in my pajama it was difficult for me go to bring another bottle. So I asked her to bring from the refrigerator. She stood up and went towards refrigerator. She seemed under the influence Beer mixed with alcohal. She brought a bottle and sat beside me. We again started taking Beer mixed with whisky and asked her again same question.

"No Arun not that serious but we came close number of times", She said

"What you mean by came close but not so serious!", I promted her for explanation.

"We did everything except intercourse", She told.

"What you mean by everything?", I asked.

"Everything means everything, how can I tell you", She said. At the same time her face became red with shy.

I understood that she is unable to tell in real words, so I said, "I can understand your difficulty. I know you feel shy to tell. Ok I will ask you in other words, if you don't mind". She agreed under the influence of alcohal.

"Did you kiss each other on lips?", I said

"Yes", Kamal

"Had he massaged and kissed your breasts?", I asked further.

"Yes", Kamal.

"Had he ever touched your lower part?", I asked.

"Yes", While saying yes she felt a shy.

"and have you ever touched her organ", I asked further.

"Y..Yes", Kamal

"Have you ever had oral sex?", I asked the ultimate question.

"Oh Arun! what are you asking?", Kamal said putting her bright red face on my shoulder.

"Has I asked something wrong? I just asked to know", I asked.

"Yes we did many times and like that", She said further, "Arun you have made me hot. I feel the urge." Saying so she poured another dose of Beer and whisky and started sipping while stealithly massaging her thighs.

Her skirt had risen to half of her sexy round thighs. My Cock was also getting harder and harder and the passion buiding in me was uncontrollable. While talking like that I gently placed my hand on her thigh. She did not react. Getting bold I slightly moved my fingers, keeing my palm at the same place, over her thigh. She Closed her thighs and gripped my hand in between.

"No Arun…….Plz. No…I am getting wet..Plz", Kamal pleaded.

I moved my hand further upwards.

"Plz. Arun dont' do this we are…….." She stopped saying in between and started kising on my lips.

This was the opportunity I had been waiting for since long. We held each other in each other's arms. Our tongues were now rolling in each other's mouths. I took my hand to her wet cunt and started stroking her clit. She also held my rock hard cock. Then I took her to my bedroom. There we removed each other's clothes. Nude body of my cousin was looking very sexy and commented, "Kamal you are looking like sex goddes"

"You are also not less than any god of sex", Kamal returned a comment.

I put my Cock in Kamal's hand and asked, "How does it feel"

"It is bigger than my Raj, I like it. Arun you are a perfect male", saying so she she stuck to me and started kissing on lips. I held her from buttocks and my cock was poking her stomach. Then I made her to lie on bed and started sucking her boobs while stroking her cunt. I moved downwards licking her entire body till I reached to her wet cunt. She was neatly shaved. She started moaning and that made me more excited.

Now it was her turn. I sat on the bad and she lowered on her knees on the floor. She took my cock in her mouth and started rolling her tongue and then sucking the entire dick. She is a perfect Cock Sucker. I was in heavens. Then she ordered me to turn into 69 position. Now we were sucking each other's parts. Now it was difficult for me to contain the passion. I stood up and brouth two pegs of whisky and one to Kamal. I poured some whisky on Kamal's pussy and started licking she reached to the height of ecstacy.

Then we sat side by side and startd sipping whisky while playing with each other's organs. Finally, I couraged to say her, "Kamal I want to fuck you".

"No Arun, don't do this", Kamal pleaded.

"Havn't you ever felt the need to do this?", I asked.

"I do feel so, but my virgenity?", Kamal replied.

"Oh no kamal, don't worry about virgenity. This is the real pleasure you are losing.", I tried to convince her.

After a short discussion she agreed to. After finishing our whisky we again resumed our oral sex. I made her reach to the height of excitment. Then I told her spread her legs. She diid that. I came above and slowly put my cock in her wet cunt. Although she was claiming herself virgin but my 8 inches rock hard Cock went in easily and there was not even single drop of blood oozed out. As I has fucking her from above she was responding by moving her hips upwards and was saying Arun hard, Plz. hard, fuck me hard. During the course she told the secret that she in fact had sex with Raj 3-4 times. By the time we both reached orgasm and I released my cum into her cunt. Second time she rode over me and fucked me from above.

That night she stayed with me and we enjoyed the sex two times in the night and then slept nude for another turn in the morning.

Since then about one and half year has lapsed and we are continuing our game.

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