my mom and me_(2)

my mom and me_(2)

I grew up on a farm and my father was usually in the field and out of the house so mom and I were in the house together all the time. My mother had to know I was jacking off because she had a red bedspread on my bed and when I did it there, I just wiped my cum on the red bedspread. There would always be several white spots on it when she washed it.

I must have been about 14 and was home from school one day because I didn’t feel good. It was afternoon and I was lying on the living room floor watching TV in my pajamas when she came in and squatted down right beside my head. She reached out and felt my head to see if I had a fever. I looked over and could see right up her dress and could see her white thighs and her panties and the mound of her pussy. See said something like “you shouldn’t see that until you are married”. I kept starring and had my right hand down by the fly in my pajamas. They had a button to close the fly, but it wasn’t hooked. I had my finger inside rubbing my hard on when she moved her had down and brushed my had aside and touched the cloth of the fly and my cock stood straight up. She put her hand around it and I didn’t know what was going to happen. She pumped my cock just a little and stood up and said “come with me”. I didn’t know what was going to happen and got up and followed her into her bedroom trying to get my bulging cock back in the pajamas.

She started by reaching under her sun dress and pulling down her panties and sliding them down, stepped out of them and her shoes. Next she undid the buttons on the front of her dress and slipped it down and stepped out of it. Then she reached back and unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. She was standing there naked and I was starring with all my might. I had never seen a naked woman, let alone my mom. She walked over and stood right in front of me and took my cock and slowly jacked me off and I reached and felt her tits and squeezed them and pinched her nipples. She walked to the bed and took a pillow and then lay down and worked the pillow under her butt. She told me to come over and when I did, she spread her legs and I could see her pussy. She had a mound of black hair and her pussy looked wet. I started up between her legs and started to lie down and she reached down and rubbed my cock on her pussy and found the hole and put it in. I had never felt anything so wet, warm and soft. I could feel her hair around my cock and started to hump. I was up on my hands and could see her tits and watched them bounce as I tried to put my cock deep into her. It was so wet and I dumped a load of my cum inside her but didn’t loose my hard on. Now it was really wet.

She told me to come up to her so I took it out and walked around and sat by her. She grabbed my slippery cock and jacked me off and I came on her hand. I was spent and wanted to lie down, but didn’t because I wanted to look at her tits and pussy. I could see my cum running out of her pussy. She got up and just stood there in front of me and massaged my cock and I played with her tits and put my hand between her leg and felt her wet pussy and my cum running down her leg.

She went into the bathroom and I just stood there hoping she would come out naked. She came out all cleaned up and had a wash cloth and washed off my cock and hand. She told me to take off my pajamas and she would wash them and began putting her clothes back on. I stripped down and watched her dress. She said we couldn’t tell dad and that we probably shouldn’t do this again.

After that, I jacked off anytime I wanted and especially if she was around. I would watch her dress or undress any chance I got and she didn’t seem to mind. I would come in from outside and be either hot from the summer or cold from the winter and would come into the utility room in the back of the house and she would be in there at the sink or at the cloth washer. I would take all my clothes off and put them in a pile and then sit down and jack off. She would keep on working and watch me some and then would always bring something to wipe my cum.

We had a young German Shepard dog and he would hunch my leg occasionally. I would reach down and jack him off and make him cum. My mom had seen me do that. One day I was in the barn and the dog was there and started humping my leg. I stepped out of my shorts and under ware and got down on all fours and tried to coax the dog over. My mom came in about then and came over and helped the dog up on my back and kept it from scratching me or ripping my shirt. The dog was hitting my ass with his dick and mom reached down and guided the dog’s cock into my asshole. He started humping and his cock got longer and thicker as he continued. He was wet and spurting out stuff all along and kept it wet. He came inside me and it was warm and filled my ass. He stopped and mom helped him off me so he didn’t scratch me. As I stood up she asked me how it felt. I stood up and had a raging hard on and she was right beside me and took my cock in her had and pumped it until I came. The cum spurted out about a foot and she laughed and said come to the house and she would clean me up. She picked up my shorts and under ware and we waked to the house, dog cum running out my butt and down my legs. In the utility room, she got a wash cloth and cleaned my legs and ass. By then I was getting a hard on again and started jacking off. She was standing there and I was feeling her tits thru her dress and she unbuttoned some buttons and let me get my hand inside. I came again and she cleaned it up.

It wasn’t long until I was old enough to drive and had a car and was always gone.

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