My Mother And Her Huge Chest

My Mother And Her Huge Chest

I has always had sexual fantasies about my dear old mum. I am 20, and ever since I hit puberty my hormones forced me to notice how attractive she really was.

She’s 42, but looks a couple of years younger, with curly dark brown hair she always wore tied back, and lovely big brown eyes matched by a perfect white smile. She was a medium height but quite plump and chubby, but the most fascinating thing about her was her amazing chest.

Since I was about 10, I always glared at her fabulous fleshy creations, I used to stare as she bent over or wore tight tops, and to this day I still do.

It was my ultimate fantasy and life ambition to at least touch her bare breasts with my bare hands, but I knew that day would never come because it simply wouldn’t or shouldn’t, although deep down I lusted for her and craved for her every second of every day.
For ten years I have been masturbating over her, around three times a day on average. I sit in my room on the third floor, with my door locked whilst I imagine she would walk in topless and maybe do a lap dance for me, shaking her tits profusely as I jerked off whilst I watched. But it was nothing more than pure fantasy-the raging hormones of a young boy on the road to becoming a man. Or was it a genuine life-long-to-be obsession?

I knew it was some form of obsession. At every opportunity I would go into her room and sniff through her bras and wank into them. Her size was a 44FF, looking at the tab alone aroused me intensely, knowing how large her soft breasts were, and how wonderful it would be to have one of them between my teeth and the nipple tickling my tonsils.

I was 20, living at home looking for a decent job once again. My mum had been single for years, and as far as I knew, was never with men because she was always at home doing the housework. She was also a very shy and socially-nervous person with little self-esteem and generally no interest in men after her previous screw-up boyfriends. Our relationship had always been normal, well as normal as anyone else. We got on really well but like every mother and son, even we had our own ups and downs…

It was around midday and I was on my way home from the gym. The heat was intense and beads of sweat rolled down my back as I walked up the hill towards my house. I went to the gym everyday, to keep in shape my relatively toned body as I was quite slim and wanted to stay that way. I don’t know who I was trying to impress seeing as I was currently single. The only female who ever got to see my upper-torso was my mother as I would strut around the house in shorts whenever it was hot. Its just a shame the heat didn’t bother her in the same way, that one day she would feel compelled to go topless in front of her own son. The thought of it made me tremble with excitement, but it would never happen. She was my mum and reasonably normal, but now and again I often wondered if a mum would fantasize over her own son as opposed to what I was doing? I had to inherit it from somewhere. But then my mum did once tell me my father used to ‘play’ with his sister, I could have inherited this incestuous craving from him, plus his great taste in women-my mum, but that’s another story.

I approached my house and the sunlight hit me with great intensity. I desperately needed a shower. I was soaked right through and my muscles ached after the weight-lifting.
I entered my house, and I didn’t think there was anyone in. my mother told me she was going shopping so I had the whole house to myself…

I kicked my shoes off at the door and retired to the living room where I collapsed to the sofa, just to catch my breath after the walk. But my rest was brief as I hear a noise coming from upstairs. At first it sounded like shaking, like a rattling of some kind, but as I listened it was clearly a thumping, a heavy banging noise. I thought at first it may have been the neighbours doing some housework but I knew it was coming from my house, so I went to the bottom of the stairs to listen more closely out of curiosity. And that’s when I heard more. The banging sound soon faded behind another sound, the sound of a woman screaming…the screams were more like short-bursts, like heavy panting. It sounded a lot like my mother, and I was completely confused as to why she was making such a noise. With each bang, she would scream deeply…as if she was having sex…but who with? I was too shocked to wonder. Too shocked by the fact that my mother could have been getting fucked by someone, and I was listening to it. I never heard my mother, or saw her in such action ever before, so this was all new to me, not to mention exciting.

I began to quietly make my way upstairs, and when I got to the landing at the top, it was confirmed. It was coming from her room, and the door was ajar…

I slowly walked towards the door, my hands trembling, but I did not want to be heard. But with all the noise, I don’t think I could have been heard easily. I peered through the large gap through the half-open door and to my shock and total disbelief, there I saw it…

I felt my eyes open wider automatically, my mouth dropped open and my brain begin to stir.

I actually saw my mum lying flat out and naked on her bed! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I must have died on the way home and gone to heaven, to see this beautiful angel in all her glory. I could see her wonderful breasts for the first time in my life. I felt a lump in my throat as well as my pants. My hands shook nervously and I could not feel my knees.

Her breasts were enormous, spread apart like huge pillows. They were pink, and looked so spongy. I felt some saliva running down my chin. Then I came into clear view of the other participant. It was a lad my age, if not younger. He looked like a townie; a thug from down the street. I think he was. He had a baseball cap and had his jogging pants around his ankles as he held my mums beautiful smooth legs high up, over his shoulders. He was fucking her hard against the bed and she was screaming so loud. I had expected to see some older man, and this horrified me. This lad was a local thug, a bully. And my mum hated, or feared people like him. Why the hell was she letting him fuck her??!!! I was confused and shocked. My mind was a mess and I could not get my head around it all. I felt so sick I wanted to vomit, but at the same time it was deeply erotic to see a lad my age, inside my own mother…

I continued to watch in awe, without being noticed. that’s when I noticed that there was another boy in the room, similar to his friend, only he was undressing himself at the bedside. He then climbed on top of her and began to play with her wonderful big breasts like he had been starved for a week. He squeezed them in his hands and then pushed them together and looked like he was getting titty-fucked. He was groaning like an old man in his glory. My mums gorgeous breasts were being mauled right in front of me. But that wasn’t the only thing that upset me. The lad who was fucking her, howled as he must have finished himself off inside her. He then spread her legs far apart, giving me the perfect view of my mums hairy pussy, and her wet, pink mound sticking out. The boy stuck his two fingers in and began to masturbate her. But then he somehow managed to push his whole hand in. I was horrified. My mum must have been sleeping with these guys for a while, seeing as her vagina was prepared to be fisted…

The boy pushed his whole arm in, all the way up to his elbow. I could hear his arm moving around inside her, a sticky wet and mushy sound. I nearly collapsed with shock. This boy had his entire forearm inside my dear old mum! My pretty, housewife-mum was being fisted and molested by two thugs and I wanted to know why, but at the same time I was so incredibly horny. So much, that I needed to cum, and I wanted to cum inside her. Hell, I would even have fucked these boys to get to her. I needed those delicious breasts more than anything…

Even though I wanted to fuck them, just to get to her, I wanted to kill them at the same time, because she was my beautiful mum and she was being fucked like a slut by these young lads. It had been about three minutes since I had first saw them and luckily they were too busy to notice or hear me standing just behind the half-open door. But some developments were underway…

The boy on her chest moved aside after he came on her, and I noticed my mum was blindfolded with a black eye-mask. At this point, I began to wonder what was really going on. She was obviously awake and wasn’t screaming for help or anything , but it seemed as though she didn’t want to see who was fucking her. But then I noticed cans of beer all over the bedroom floor, and some empty bottles of cider, she must have been pissed to be doing this in the first place, maybe they got her pissed. I had to find out what was going on, so I went downstairs hoping they would eventually come down to leave

I waited by the front door, and after a couple of minutes, one of the lads came down and saw me, he was shocked and looked frightened. I grabbed him and asked,

‘’what’s going on up there?? that’s my mum!’’

‘’I’m sorry mate. Were just having a laugh. We came in because we heard she was horny, we only wanted to have a look. But things got out of hand. We got her pissed and…’’ his voice trembled.
These boys had broken into my house and got drunk with my mum ,then fucked her in each way possible. I was angry. I wanted to kill him right there, but I couldn’t. I knew I had to have my turn, my cock ached in my pants ,begging for some ripe tits to cum all over. And I knew this was my chance.

‘’why is she blind folded?’’ I asked.

‘’In case she remembers us, but she doesn’t mind it though. ‘’ he replied.

‘’ …how big are her … her breasts up close?’’ I asked, trembling.

‘’they’re fucking huge mate. My jaw is aching.’’ he smiled.

‘’lets go back upstairs, I want some.’’ I demanded.

‘’are you serious? She’s your mum!’’ he was shocked.

We both went back upstairs and I didn’t speak in case my mum heard me. I met the other guy and shook his hand.

My mum lay on the bed stark naked…

Her body was plump, but her tits looked so soft and precious. They hung over the sides like big bags of pink meat. her legs were spread apart as her vagina hung open, soaking wet with juices and cum. She looked like she was exhausted. my cock ached like a sore bruise. She seemed to just be waiting for her next fuck, but little did she know that the next person who would be on top of her would be her own son. I began to feel guilty and perverted, but I was too horny to care and the intensity and eroticness overpowered those feelings. The two lads simply moved aside for me to take my turn, they didn’t have a problem with it-they looked like it was going to be a laugh-to watch someone play with their own mother!

I knew what I was about to do was wrong, immoral and illegal but I had to relieve myself of ten years of waiting for this opportunity. I was caught in the moment of finding my mum being savaged like an animal by these boys. I felt safe in the fact that she was blindfolded and would assume it was one of these two boys and no clue it was ever me. That was my safety net. I could not do anything else but play with her tits, which would be enough. I could not fuck her because that would definitely be illegal, I wasn’t sure about playing with her breasts! Plus, I didn’t have a condom and neither did the two boys when I asked them , which worried me knowing that they may get her pregnant…

They both left the room for me to do my business after shaking my hand. I felt proud.

My entire body went numb with panic and excitement, and I couldn’t breathe properly. This was my moment. My penis tremored like it was abut to explode. I stared at her luscious body for moments, deciding what to do with it, before I climbed on to the bed, and on to her soft body.

My body hung over hers as I breathed against her face. She began to breathe heavily too. I studied her magnificent breasts: two delicious large lumps of ripe tit-perfectly round, wobbling like jelly even if I moved the slightest. Her nipples were sticking out like fingers, about two-inches in length, begging to be sucked. I tweaked them both with my fingers and felt them harden as I continued to play.

They became bigger and much longer. I placed my left hand over one of her breasts, and it was so soft it sunk into the skin like it was dough. My hand literally sunk into my mums tit! My mouth dripped with saliva as I advanced towards the other breast. I placed my lips over the nipple and began to suck like a newborn baby. It was an amazing feeling. I wanted to cry like a baby too.

My saliva poured all over her breast, as I began to chew the whole thing. My mouth closed over a large portion of the breast, as I chewed and sucked like never before! This process was really slow until the horniness got the better of me and I began to get a lot faster. I started to chew both of them, I licked them all over, I bit them, I kissed them and snogged them, I squeezed them and they were so soft and spongy.

My cock had never been so hard in my life, and I could feel it stabbing my mother’s soft belly. I suddenly found myself moving up towards her face, and I placed my cock between her perfect fat knockers and began to get titty-fucked. I was fucking my mother’s juicy fat knockers, her tight cleavage. I held those two enormous ‘love-handles’ and I fucked them so hard until I shot my load all over her chest and throat. The cum was so warm as it treacle over my hands and onto her delicate skin. I howled as I came. She didn’t respond much to it, she seemed too drunk.

Usually, after cumming the horniness would wear off, but here it didn’t. my cock was still hard but the guilt had started to kick in. I got off the bed and looked at her with shame. She was lying there completely out of it, with her own son’s cum all over her tits! The male in me told me to carry on, and that’s exactly what I had to do. But this time, I would have to go all the way. The tit-fuck was a sample, now I had to get inside her.

Thoughts ran through my head about the legalities and immoralities but I loved her so much and I had longed for this, yearned for it, craved for so long. I gently spread her legs apart and began to kiss her softly on her inner thais, as I proceeded farther upwards. I licked the soft wet edge of her mound and began to arouse her with my tongue, this was a thank you for the wonderful mum she had been over the years. But what I was about to do then, was a thank you for having such gorgeous breasts…

I grabbed her ankles and I climbed on to the bed, and held them high, resting them on my strong shoulders.

‘’come in guys,’’ I shouted in a deeper voice, trying not to be recognised. The two lads returned and looked in shock at what I was about to do. They quickly dropped their pants and joined in. one of them stood over her head, lowering his cock into her mouth, whilst the other climbed underneath me and placed his cock in her pussy from behind and underneath as I held her up in a wheel-barrel position. I entered my throbbing cock into my mother’s pussy for the first time, squeezing passed the other boy’s cock, which at the time felt quite gay, but quite filthy and horny at the same time. We had both of our huge hard cocks in her pussy and we started to fuck her so hard and so fast. I felt my cock scrape against the other one, but eventually he pussy opened out more like I had seen previously, thus giving us each more space to fuck her. We fucked her hard for about twenty minutes and I don’t know about them, but I honestly came inside her about four times. It was pure…it was a life-changing experience ..I had been blessed…

When we all finished, I kissed my mother on the cheek as she fell asleep on the bed. I left her how she was, and the two guys were about to leave.

‘’mate, your mum is the best shag around, but your secrets safe with us.’’ one said.

‘’yeah, no worries pal. But we’ll be back next week with a few more lads if you don’t mind aye?’’ the other added.

I shook their hands as they left, and I closed the door behind them. I took a moment to breathe and absorb what I had just been doing, it didn’t sink in, it was more like the memory of a wet dream.

That evening, my mum had been asleep since I left her in her room. I collapsed with exhaustion on to the sofa in the living room and hours passed by.

It was around midnight when my mum woke me up. She was wearing her white robe, and her tits almost hanging out. I went hard as I stared up at them. She looked awful-baggy eyes, hung over and exhausted.

‘’when did you get back?’’ she asked nervously, worried I may have caught her.

‘’not long ago.’’ I smiled. ‘’are you okay, you don’t look well.’’

‘’just all that house work.’’ she said briefly.

Suddenly, her eyes rolled back and she hit the floor like a sack of spuds. She fainted with tiredness by the looks of it. I jumped up and saw her on the floor, with her giant tits hanging out. She began to snore heavily so I knew she was okay. But to me, this looked like another opportunity…

I knew I was pushing my luck this time, but I felt so horny all over again, my cock stiffened and wanted to rip through my pants.
I moved down to her, as I lay on top of her, my head sunk in between her sift mammary glands like pillows. I put my arm across her belly, and began to chew the breast closer to me like a child. I loved this woman more than anything ,with the body of a goddess. I knew that this was pure luck. I had struck gold twice. I gently turned her over, face down into the soft carpet as I lifted up her robe, and entered her from behind…

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