My neighbor_(5)

My neighbor_(5)

I was 15 when this happened my nieighbor was an attractive italian woman she was around her early thirties, great body nice firm tits big ass and she worked out so she was looking good. I used to go there after school to walk her dog. i still do but one day she let me come in and told me to stay there for a while. i agreed knowing maybe i could explore her house a bit. i knew that she was so damn sexy i had to get a picture of her so i went into her room. and boy did she love her lingerie. thongs and all was what i seen laying around. i must have stayed to long because before i knew the door opened( you can tell because it makes a beep noise all throughout the house when a door is opened) i panicked what would she do if she found out i was upstairs. i went down as many stairs as possible before i heard her then i sat down pretending i was there for hours., she told me that hwile she was out she got some stuff for her dog and wanted me to use some of it on her next walk which was later(nothing fancy just tennis ball new leash….etc.

i walked the dog and when i came back her basement door was open i went through it knowing i could sneak in without the beep noise going off when i got in i closed the door. then i heard like a wimper i decided to go for it i went upstairs with the dog quietly and before me on her big king size bed she was with a vibrator, moaning slightly and moving it in and out of her plump mound of cunt. i saw the beautiful shaved pinkness and got hard off that and stared just before i realized it the dog barked and i grew stll.

Kristin was her name and she stopped abruptly and wrapped a blanket around her self and walked to meet me….she looked at me with a horror and angryness and told me not to sneak up on her anymore …then she loosened up and said "ahh who am i kidding jose you seen something you probably already seen before" i nodded innocently, then she gave me this long talk of how the men she meets aint any good to her or meet her sexual needs…then she turned on me asking me if i was a virgin, asking me questions about this about that…then she stared at the hard in my pants while i stared at her nipples potruding through her shirt, she moved closer and leaned for a kiss that involved lots of tongue action…i began to feel brave and feel her breats which were probably c-cups then she took off her shirt and i saw her dark pink nipples and began to feel them and suck on them as she reached to take off my pants i took off my shirt and she lay me down and began to slde her finger up and down my hard and it was a hand job i closed my eyes and enjoyed this new feeling then i felt a warm wetness and knew she was sucking my penis she did this for a while and stopped asking me to do her now i happily agreed , for having an obsession with pussy, i started slowly licking around it first then i went in and began to toy with her clit with my tongue she gave slight moans and slight thrusts.

Afterwards she came, she wanted more i moved up to her and slid my hard into her cunt as she lay i fucked her my neighbor who was ultra sexy my dream that i once knew was never going to come true had happened i started out slow and went faster and harder she was moaning loudly i heard the dog bark a few times most likely beacause of her moaning afater a while i felt the need to do it fast because i was going to cum sooni told her this and she wanted to cum at the same time and we did i let a load into her and started to slow down after wards i looked at the time and it was around 8:30 pm and told her i had to go but she got this crazy idea of wanting to do it again it felt a bit akward after that but i agreed telling my parents i was at a friends and was going to school with them the next morning. and it happened around 10:30 that same night we did it she wanted it i gave it to her with the same feeling , we still have a good friendship and a great sexual relationship but as she contiues to date she just might find her perfect man

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