My night with Carrie

My night with Carrie

Kathy was sitting at her desk filing papers when I first walked into her office to service her system. She was 13 years older, had long blonde hair, pale skin, emerald green eyes, a wide catching smile, and was over six feet tall. We quickly became friends and eventually started dating. Kathy had an 8 year old daughter named Carrie, which kept our dating progress slow and sporadic. I dated other women and spent time with Kathy when I could. It went on like that for a few months….Kathy and I share some deep passionate kisses and feels before the end of the nights we were together. Our dates being few and far between, I started joining Kathy at her daughter’s soccer games so we could spend more time together.

I was seeing two other women at this time; Amy, a 21 year-old short-haired brunette who only wanted to drink as much as she could every time we went out. Amy and I might have been the same age but had almost nothing in common, except that when she got drunk she wanted to fuck. We would go out three or four times a week, I would be annoyed or bored for a couple hours, she’d get drunk and we would have sex. She would tell me early in the night what she wanted done to her…if she would sit on my lap in our booth at the back of the bar guiding my dick into her pussy, on the hood of a car in the parking lot, against the wall in the men’s room, the list went on and on the more she would drink. I got to where nothing she said would surprise me, till the night came when she said she was going to drink until she passed-out and wanted be fucked and told about it later. This became her favorite activity and I started looking forward to those nights.

The other one was a 17 year-old high school girl named Lisa (who I later found out was only 16). Lisa was fun, bubbly, and drop-dead gorgeous. She had long strawberry red hair that came down to the top of her full heart-shaped ass, deep blue eyes and a smile that would make you say yes before you knew what the question was. Lisa would do anything except let me slide my dick between her legs. So we masturbate and go down on each other…she had a tasty pussy and I was willing to wait as long as it took to get inside it.

It was around 2:30 in the morning when I pulled my cum covered dick from Amy’s pussy for the third time that night and collapsed beside her. I had been consumed with thoughts of Lisa all night and Amy’s passed-out body was the perfect sex toy. I was looking over her body when my cell phone rang, it was Lisa crying. She said that she couldn’t see me anymore, that she was going across the country to live with her grandparents. Turns out that she was caught giving a blowjob to a boy after school by her dad, who got furious and started listing the punishments when they got home. She lost her car, six months of strict grounding, no phone, no computer, and a bare-bottom belt spanking. Apparently she said she would do anything to get out of her punishments, and her dad took her up on it by fucking her four days straight, reportedly no less than twenty times when his wife caught him. He’s now in jail and Lisa lives out west with his son (her brother).

Kathy started having me come over to her place late, at about 11’oclock to give us more time alone. We would watch shows, talk for hours, and always end the night with lots of kissing and rubbing. A couple weeks of these late night visits, we were tangled in each others arms kissing heavily when my hand found its way to her crotch. She gasped the moment I touched her…I could feel the heat radiating from her. I started rubbing back and forth when she suddenly pulled her head up and said “if you don’t stop now, I won’t be able to” with a deep look in her eyes. I said “stop?” and pressed firmly into her pussy, I could feel that her jeans had become damp and in a flash she stood up, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her bedroom. I could barely keep up, she was walking so fast. As soon as we were in the room, she locked the door, pushed me back against the edge of the bed and slid her tongue into my mouth as deep as it would go. While she was kissing me, she undid my pants, dropping them to the floor. She took off her jeans and as I started to lie back on the bed, she pulled me to her, straddled my rock hard dick and lowered herself onto me. She had the hottest, wettest pussy I had ever been in, and my head started to spin from the feeling. She wrapped her arms around me tight and kept rocking that juicy pussy on me…I could feel her wetness running down my balls and was loving every second of it. I firmly grabbed her ass with both hands and match her rhythm, pulling her in on me with each stroke. My orgasm grew quickly and I pulled her in as far as I could by her ass as I dumped squirt after squirt of cum deep in her hot pussy. At the same time, she was digging her nails into my back, and when it was all said and done, I noticed that her legs were shaking and I was actually holding her there. We fell back on the bed in each others arms and my dick still in her pussy. She was flushed, sweaty, and beautiful. Looking up into my eyes she asked “did you cum?” I said “yes”, without another word, she laid her head on my chest and we both fell asleep.

Two years later Kathy and I got married, Carrie was even more into soccer, and I was officially “step-dad”. Carrie was a stocky girl, not really fat, but thick and the soccer kept her toned. She has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Life went on, and over the next two years I became the rotten, evil step-dad responsible for the blame that she never wanted to give her mother. At 17 Carrie started smoking pot and drinking. As she neared her eighteenth birthday, Carrie started to understand that I wasn’t the “bad guy” and her attitude towards me got better.

Kathy and I were in love, our sex life was great even though it had gone from several times a week to a couple times a month, we were cool with me not being able to have children, and we were building some financial security.

It’s now a few months after Carries eighteenth birthday, and Kathy just left on a four day business trip to Chicago.

I’m eating some lunch when Carrie wakes up and joins me…she tells me that she’s going out with some friends to a party tonight and that she might stay the night. I give my usual response of “be careful and don’t drink and drive”.

Startled, I wake up to Carrie banging on the door. Letting her in I ask where her key is, then I noticed she was crying. I told her that I was sorry and I must have fallen asleep watching TV. She started telling me how the guys at the party kept teasing her by comparing her to the skinny girls there…she said she couldn’t take it anymore when a guy walked up to her, held out his hand, and said “I’m sorry, I was going to grab your ass, but I don’t have a hand big enough” — and in tears she left and came right home. I hugged her and asked “do you want anything to eat?” she said “no, I’m not hungry.” “But I could use a strong drink…do we have any rum left?” I told her we did, and got up to fix her a glass.

It’s true; she does have a big ass I thought as I took a glass from the cabinet. “Do you want ice?” I asked. “No” she cried, and I continued making the drink. I had never really though much about it, but she has filled out quite a bit. She has a rather large chest, and with her ass, well, she does have an hourglass figure, even if she is bigger than the other girls.

I handed her the glass and sat back down on the couch. She quickly drank it all down and kept telling me about her night. After five minutes or so, she got up and went into the kitchen. I could hear her fixing another glass and I thought that it’s probably better here at home than where she was. She returned with her arms loaded with a two litter of Coke, the bottle of rum, and two full glasses. She handed me one and said “I’m not drinking alone”.

We drank and talked for a while and I could tell I was getting drunk. I new she was drinking faster than I was and had to be about wasted by now. “Carrie” I said. “You’ll get sick if you keep drinking like that” She said very forcibly “I don’t care” then took a big drink of straight rum. I sighed and got up to use the bathroom.

I stumbled to the bathroom, emptied the contents of my bladder and stumbled back to the couch. Carrie was lying over on her side asleep. I said “yeah, it’s late…better get in bed” but she didn’t wake up. I shook her, said her name louder, and even tried slapping her face, but she was gone. So I picked her up as best I could and drug her to her room and rolled her onto the bed. I immediately had flashbacks of Amy and my dick started to get hard. “No!” I said out-loud. Thinking to myself that this was crazy, she’s my step-daughter. I took off her shoes and socks, pulled the blanket over her and kissed her forehead. As I got up, my hand brushed across her breast and I noticed how firm they were. Shaking my head I walked to the door with my hard-on pressing against my pants.

I stopped at the doorway with the memory and visions of Amy floating through my head and looked back at my step-daughter. I closed the door, locked it, then walked back to the bed and sat down. I traced my finger across her face the way I used to do with Amy, leaned in and kissed Carrie’s full lips. She didn’t make a move which only made me want to do more. I traced her face, down her neck across the top of her chest till my hand lightly rested on her breast and gave it a little squeeze. I squeezed a bit more, and more, till I was just rubbing and fondling her large full tit. She’s firm and has a 38D chest where her mom has a 36C. I kissed her again, this time slipping a little bit of tongue between her lips. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. “I have a good marriage and I love my wife and step-daughter” I said to myself. Then I remembered Amy and I pulled the covers off Carrie, tossing them to the floor.

I pulled her shirt up over her head and rolled her on her side, I undid the clasp of her bra. Her arm fell and brushed across my rock hard cock and I about jumped out of my skin. Her eyes were still closed, breathing as heavy as ever and I realized that she was not waking up. So I unzipped my pants, freed my dick, and placed it in her hand. I cupped my hand around hers and started jacking off with her hand. The feeling was new as I had never done that with Amy before. I started kissing her cheek, down her neck, and across her shoulders before I released her hand. I rolled her onto her back and removed her bra tossing it to the floor with her shirt as I gazed upon her massive cleavage. Her nipples were large, long and thick like a pencil eraser. They weren’t quite as big as her mothers, but just as beautiful and tempting. Taking one in my mouth I started sucking and twirling my tongue around the nub, feeling it grow and harden in my mouth just the way Amy’s used to. My mind filled with Amy and how her body responded even though she could not…I just loved that.

Standing up I took a long look at my topless step-daughter, her erect nipples standing tall on her massive breasts, her smooth flabby stomach tucked into her jeans clinging tight to her, and I just had to see her naked. Running a finger under her waistband to the button, with the butterflies in my stomach churning, I unbuttoned her pants. My heart was pounding now as I grasped the zipper and began to pull. Her pants opened up the further I pulled the zipper, pealing away from her skin with every move. Grabbing the sides of her jeans I began to pry them off of her. She must have worked a bit to pour herself into these jeans I thought. Tossing them to the floor I noticed she was wearing red g-string panties and said out-loud “naughty girl”.

In the back of my mind I knew it was wrong, but I was drunk on alcohol and desire. I placed my hand on her large, muscular thigh, slid it in between her legs, and pulled them apart revealing the tiny triangle of fabric concealing her young pussy. Covering her mound with my hand, I began to massage her in the same way that drives her mother wild. Before long I could feel the warmth between her legs rising and I knew she was almost ready. I removed all my clothes and piled them next to hers then knelt on the bed between her spread legs.

Watching intently as I pealed the g-string away, I was shocked and delighted to see that she had a shaved…completely bald pussy. I tossed away the panties, leaned in close, and took a deep breath, inhaling her fragrance. She has a thick, rich smell that intoxicated me. All thoughts of this being wrong vanished along with any care or concern for the consequences. Spreading her lips with my fingers I deeply inhaled her smell, extended my tongue and licked from the very bottom of her canal to the tip of her clit in one smooth motion. Her pussy was creamy and had a strong, slightly sweet taste.

I looked up at her peaceful, motionless face and said “your pussy tastes good Carrie” I chuckled to myself, then lowered my head back to her pussy and started licking again. I ran my tongue up and down her folds, licked and sucked her clit, and tongued as deep as I could into her slit. She was really wet and by the time I pulled up from lapping as much as I could, the room was filled with her thick smell.

Crawling over her, I kissed my way up to her resting tits, pausing to lick and suck on each one before I continued on, kissing my way up her neck before I stopped. I was completely on top of her now, my dick hovering right in front of her pussy I gazed lovingly on her face taking in every detail. The small diamond stud earrings she was wearing, the curves of her face, her slender nose, full lips, and straight brown hair. I whispered “I love you” and pressed my lips to hers as I began to slide my dick into her pussy. Her inviting pussy lips spread easily around my head drawing me in further till I was buried all the way in her.

I pumped back and forth easily in her juicy pussy, watching her large breasts move in rhythm to my thrusts then kissing her motionless lips. I could feel my orgasm building as I started going faster and faster. The sloppy slapping sound of hard, wet sex echoed in the room as I pounded Carries pussy harder and faster with each stroke. My head was spinning, dizzy from the rum, feelings, and smells of this night. The pressure in my balls kept building the more I fucked my step-daughter till I cried out and slammed my dick deep in her pussy, erupting spurt after spurt of hot cum inside her.

Covered in sweat, I fell on top of her panting and reveling in my orgasm. I laid there catching my breath as my dick softened inside her, feeling our heartbeats as I lay pressed against her. My dick slipped out of her pussy as got up dripping cum as I stood there taking it all in. I looked her over one last time, her big breasts heaving up and down in her deep slumber, her thick spread legs, her still juicy pussy leaking my cum. I grabbed the blanket and covered her. Kissed her lips again and gathered my clothes.

My head was still spinning as I went upstairs to my room, climbed in bed and fell into a deep satisfied sleep.


I was jarred awake, my cheek stinging.

“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME ASSHOLE!?!” Carrie screamed standing over me.

The only thing that entered my mind was…

…Oh, shit!

This would be a long day.

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