My Party_(0)

My Party_(0)

I am a married woman with a wonderful husband. He works hard and provides very well for us. On the weekends we usually have a few friends over and we either watch movies or play cards.

My name is Sharon and I have long blonde hair, blue eyes and I stand at five foot three inches short. I am twenty three and my husband is twenty six. My husband is David and he is six foot two inches tall with a build on him. He works out a lot at work and on his days off. He has sandy dirty blond hair and a goatee.

Now that you have an idea what we look like here is what happened to me. One weekend we had Ted and Elizabeth over the house. We had a few drinks and were up working up a thirst for more. Liz and Ted brought a game over the house. It was a game called Passes up. Passes Up is a game that no one actually can win. You go and roll the dice, then you land on a space and it tells you to pick a card. The cards say different things on them. I hadn’t a clue what was on the cards since this was my first time playing.

David rolled a six and he moves. He picked a card and it said that the person on his right should take a drink and that was me. Then it was Liz’s turn. She rolls a seven and her card said she should take a drink. I thought if we were going to drink anyway this was a fun way to do it.
We were having a blast when all of the sudden David said something about the Beatles. “Oh, I love the Beatles” Elizabeth said standing up singing and shaking. David has the biggest Beatle collection there is. He invited Liz to see the collection in the other room which left Ted and me sitting there alone. I can hear the music level blast through the house as the party kicked up to another level.

Ted just stared at me and asked if we should keep playing and I said “why not” raising my glass. I was already buzzing and slurring my speech. Ted turned his card over and it said to lift up his shirt. He stood up and did what the card said. He was well built also complete with a six pack. He sat back down and I went. My card said to drink a glass of beer without stopping so of course I did. Ted went again and this time it said he should kiss the person on his right. That would have been his wife but she wasn’t here so he reached over and kissed me on the lips. I blushed of course and he asked why. I told him that I felt embarrassed. He asked me “why, was it a bad kiss?” I said ‘No it was good but I feel weird because David is in the next room”. If David wasn’t here would you have liked it more” He asked smiling? I smiled back and said “Maybe” He then reached over and kissed me again and sat back down.

Liz and David came back into the room and joined in the game again. David told me he was getting tired but didn’t want to spoil the fun. Liz volunteered to get him to his feet and walk him to the couch. “He had a bit too much to drink” I said as they walked into the other room. Liz yelled back “We all did” as she tucked him in as I heard the music lower.

Ted reached over again but this time I told him to stop. I walked into the other room only to find Liz sleeping on the chair and David on the couch, both passed out cold. I covered them with blankets and stumbled back inside.

Shall we continue the game” Ted asked with a devilish look? I looked into his eyes and said "what game, we can't do that again Ted". He pointed to the board and I laughed out loud and rolled the dice.

It said to wiggle around in a sexy way so I did. Ted laughed, stood up and walked over to me. He then placed his hands on my hips and joined me in a wiggle dance of sorts. I said it was his turn and he pulled me closer and asked if I wanted to feel something good. I had no idea what was coming but was so drunk I just said ok.

Ted sat me in my chair and started massaging my neck and I was melting to his touch.“You like what I’m doing” he asked as his magic fingers played with my shoulders? I shook my head yes. His hands then made there way down to my nipples under my shirt. It felt so good I didn’t stop him.

My hand slid down to his hard on and I did a little playing myself. We both kissed and played as our sexual beings took over. Ted told me I had large breasts. I just blirted out. 36D and there all me".

I got up fast and dropped to my knees and pulled out his eight inches. I kissed it all over then plunged my lips over his cock. He held my head guiding me up and down his shaft. I stopped and started undressing myself as he watched. He did the same and soon we were both standing there naked. He walks over to me again but this time I had a change of heart and said “we shouldn’t be doing this”. He said “it’s too late and you should just let go, give in to it”. I grabbed his cock again and we threw off the game from the table. He then lifted my in the air and sat me on it and we started kissing hard again. He then laid me down on the table and climbed on top of me and started fucking me. I let out a slight moan as he entered me and slowly pushed my pussy into him then back.

I was in another world, like it wasn’t really me doing this. Then I felt someone’s hands fondling my tits and opened my eyes. It was Liz telling me to relax and enjoy as she tickled my nipples heightening my awareness even more. I started pumping his cock harder and moaning louder. Then David walks in and asks if it felt good and I hesitated but couldn’t stop fully. He gave me a look as if it was ok so I went nuts.

With Liz sucking my nipple and squeezing my tits and David’s cock right next to my mouth, I started sucking him as I was being fucked. Then Liz took over for me because she knew I was ready to cum. “Oh god, Oh God, Oh God” I repeated every time Ted’s cock thrust inside of me. I looked over at David and smiled and he knew I was coming and so was he. Nothing felt as good since. David and I have great sex but it just isn’t like that night was.

I know what you’re thinking. I am a hot dirty girl, right? I may be hot but it was just the passion of the night that got to me. Ill bet just reading about what happened to me made you hard or wet, am I right? I don’t mind really. Use you fingers or hand again. I know you stopped reading my story for a few rubs. It’s ok. Use me if you have to. Close your eyes and just let it go, and think of me. I’m thinking of you. That’s right faster baby, faster. Come on baby do it for me.

Are you finished? Now you know a tenth of what I felt that night. Have a great sleep tonight and we shall meet again. I am author Shadow Lynn Parker and this is just one of many stories I share with the world. There all real.

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