My sexy Officemate -II

My sexy Officemate -II

Two days passed without anything new after I had the first of my very erotic encounters with Vathsala. Since that day, every time I saw her, my heart took a leap, and there was no way I could suppress the rapid inflow of blood in the vessels in my crotch. She probably knew this and tried to make it worse by flashing her thighs through the slit in her dress or making a couple of suggestive gestures. I guessed that she too was getting quite turned on by doing this because every time she did those, she also had the telltale signs of getting turned on.

On the third day she was wearing this new skirt, which had a lengthy slit right at the front, right up to halfway up her thighs – it helped her to flash a good part of her thighs while she walked. I saw most of the guys in office trying their best avoid been seen while looking at her marvellously shaped thighs. She came in to my room once or twice during the day, and on one occasion managed to rub her hips against my shoulders while walking past me. I felt the knot tightening in my crotch but knew that it was not the time to flirt with her while everyone in the office was wide-awake and busy.

I heard the intercom buzz and picked it up. “You busy?” asked the voice on the other side. It was Vathsala. My heart leapt to my throat again as it used to do in similar occasions. ‘No, why?’ I asked. “Could you come over to my room? I wanna discuss some thing” She said. “Sure” I said and hung up. What on earth could she want this time? I went over to her office quite casually my dick riding up, up and up all the way in my undies. I wasn’t expecting anything right now, but reducing the distance between Vathsala and myself always increased the length of my cock.

I went in to her room and there she was seated on her table with one leg across the other, reading a file. Her skirt has fallen to a side, and with the open slit in it I could see most of her thighs – I almost gave a low moan just by seeing them. She knew the effect she had on me and gave that wicked smile of hers. ‘Still enjoying the sweet memories?’ she teased. “Mmm yeah” I winked at her. “So what’ve you got to discuss Honey?” I asked teasingly. ‘This thing’ she said pointing to the file she had in her hand. I went over and had a look at it. It was a project that we were working on together, but what drew most of my attention was not the report but what I saw below it. Her thighs. I casually placed a hand on her smooth thighs while reading the passage that she pointed at. A smile crossed her face, and she eyed me at the side of her eyes. I began to caress her thighs slowly and rub them very gently and felt my cock twitch immediately. She brought her hand up to gently squeeze and rub my bulge through the pants. We were so close to each other and the heat was building up. We looked at each other and kissed – it got deepened gradually and we were frenching in no time.

She began to writhe and then her hand knocked the vase on her table and it fell on the carpet and rolled to under the table. Although it didn’t break because of the soft carpet, it make quite a thudding noise and I drew away from her fearing that someone will come in to see what’s happened. No one came, and I bend over and went under the table to collect the vase. As soon I was under the table, I heard the door being opened and Vathsala jumped down from the table.

‘You are quite a creature’, Mrs J, Vathsala’s boss, said from the door. ‘Do you ever sit on the chair and not on the table?’. I heard Vathsala giving a nervous laugh, and she came around the table to where her chair was. The table is the type that has a wooden panel extending from tabletop to the floor in the front and I couldn’t see Mrs J, and nether could she see me. ‘Damn” I swore, when I heard she sitting down on the chair opposite Vathsala’s. “Sit down. I wanna discuss the progress of MLX project” she said. Vathsala sat down on her chair. “Oh shit, how long would it take?’ I wondered knowing that I’d not be able to get out till this business is over. They began to discuss the details of Mrs J’s pet project. I was under the table wondering when it’ll be over. It’s then that I realised that Vathsala has actually sat down before me and I was on my knees before her.

I smiled to myself and gently rolled the fallen vase to a corner. Then I placed myself in a comfortable position under the table and facing Vathsala. She was trying with one hand to adjust her skirt so that her thighs are not exposed through that nasty slit. Quite the opposite of what she did a few minutes earlier, trying to arouse me. I could see through the slit her nicely tanned shapely legs and thighs, and deep in I could also see the shadow of her white panties.

I slowly placed a hand on her legs and began to rub gently. She tried to remove her leg from where it was and I allowed her. And then I started to caress her legs again and she changed the positions of her legs again. Then it was my turn to start again, and her turn to change the position of legs. After a while she stopped manoeuvring her legs, and I could feel that she was annoyed. That amused me more and I began to caress and rub her legs slowly and gently. I gradually moved up and up, and now was caressing her thighs, and I could feel my precum leaking out of the tip of my cock.

While gently caressing her thighs with my hands I began to kiss her shapely calves. I felt Vathsala shudder at the touch of my lips on her skin. I began to come up slowly kissing her calves and knees until I face the cleft between her thighs. There I stopped and traced the back of her knee with my tongue. I shuddered and let out a quite a noisy sigh that I wondered whether Mrs J could hear.

“How long do you think that it’ll take?” asked Mrs J. “Well, I’m not sure” Vathsala said, and I could detect a tiny note in her voice and I knew she is getting turned on. “It may take some time, I guess,” she said and I slid my hand up along her thigh. “May be…may be.. “ her voice trailed off as I touched her pussy though the white panties. “How long do you think?’ asked Mrs J. “Pro…ba..bly…mmmhh.. a ..a.. month or..mmmhh t..two..” Vathsala said, opening and closing her thighs while I rubbed her pussy through the panty. “Are you okay Vathsala?’ Mrs J asked in a concerned voice. I stopped. “Oh yes” Vathsala said, her voice recovered. ‘So,..” Mrs J began her discussion and I began to rub Vathsala’s pussy.

“Do you mind if I sit here and go through this? Mrs J asked. “” Vathsala said. There was a total silence there after and I knew Mrs J was reading the report. I slid two of my fingers through between Vathsala’s panty and thigh, and hooked away the hem of her panty so her juicy pussy is partially exposed. She slid down along her chair and all her body below waist was now under the table. I ran my fingers along her pussy lips and I could hear a sigh emanating from her. I wondered whether Mrs J heard, but probably not. I ran both my hands up her hips and grabbed the upper edge of her panties. I pulled them down but she sat tight and I couldn’t pull them down – I had to be satisfied with what I’d got.

I began to caress her pussy lips slowly and very gently, and felt that my hand was by now soaked in her juices. Her pussy juices were flowing like from a fountain. Fountain, That’s it. ‘Good to drink’ I told myself. I pried open her thighs but immediately she resisted by pulling them together. I forced them harder and she brought them together again. I knew she doesn’t want to make any noise while Mrs J is there reading, and I forced them apart again. Her knee hit the table, and she gave up. I pulled her knees wide apart opening her thighs wide. But not wide enough. My cock was pulsating with such anticipation. I began to trace her knee cap with my tongue again, and slowly moved in to her inner thighs. I kissed the soft velvety skin of her thighs. It felt like burning iron – so hot. As I teased her with my tongue and nibbled at her thigh, she began to open up her thighs, slowly at first. The more intensely I kissed and licked and caressed her inner thighs, wider she opened them up. Now I could feel the hotness of her pussy, it was almost fuming. The aroma of her juices flowing from that love canal made me crazy. With her panty pulled away, her entire pussy was mine. I snaked my head up between her thighs and shot my tongue out. I heard her giving a low moan as soon as it touched her clit. “What’s the matter?’ I heard Mrs J asking. “This will take more than I imagined’ said Vathsala. “You think so?’ Mrs J sounded concerned. “I….I…. hope not” Vathsala’s voice was shaky. My tongue played with her clit for a while and I felt it enlarging like a small penis – she gasped once or twice. My tongue traced her pussy lips back towards her ass and I felt her twitch as soon as it touched that sensitive area between her pussy and the ass. I traced her pussy lips forward again, this time drinking whatever that flowed out of it. It tasted very much feminine – all salty and mixed with her nice but heady smell. I darted my tongue through her pubic hair, gently snaking through them. I heard her sigh, but this time there was no response from Mrs J. I slid my tongue in to her drenched love canal and she opened her thighs as wide as she could.

Gently my tongue passed through the outer lips of her pussy and teased the inner lips. She thrust forward her pussy at me and immediately my tongue slid in. I felt her pussy muscles gripping my tongue – it was an amazing feeling. I have never had my tongue gripped in that way by the pussy muscles ever. I gently circled my tongue inside her pussy, exerting pressure close to her G point. She shuddered and began to hump my tongue in a very gentle and subtle way. She moved her pussy forward with each thrust of my tongue. Her juices were flowing like hell, and my lips and chin was dripping wet. All this time my cock pulsating uncontrollably in my pants and drenching it with the steady flow of precum.

I made the small finger of my right hand wet with her juices and gently moistened her butt hole with the same. Her ass twitched, and I felt her butt hole tighten. I rubbed around it very gently while still darting my tongue in and out of her sweet pussy and snaking inside it. With a steady but gentle pressure on her but hole, she relaxed and it opened up. My wet little finger went in her butt hole and immediately the tight muscles of her anus gripped it. I began to move in and out very gently and I could feel that she was enjoying it. After a while I began to rotate it too and her juices began to flow more rapidly.

With the thumb and index finger of my left hand I took her enlarged clit. She jumped at the touch and immediately my small finger in her butt and my tongue in her pussy went inside an inch more. I began to slowly rub her clit between my fingers.

Vathsala was now breathing so heavily that it was almost audible. She also began to hump my tongue in her pussy and my finger in her ass, gyrating her hips in rhythmic but very slow motions. This went on for about two minutes and my cock was aching, as it had no more space to accommodate its still growing length. Then she began to open and close her thighs so rapidly as they were caught in a storm. The muscles in her pussy was pulsating more frequently and I felt her tummy muscles tightening – sure signs that she was about to explode.

“Okay, this is good. I’ll see you later’ said Mrs J and I heard her leave and the door closed behind her. Next moment I heard Vathsala moan ‘Oooooohhh… gooooooooooodddddd….it’s……….. happening..ghhhh..…..mmmhhhh……ohmygawd.. ..yesss… ….Chammmmhhh… ….yes…s..s.. ….”. It was almost a scream and it reverberated in my head. And my cock hurt within my tight undies. Her thighs crashed on to the sides of my head so hard that it almost crushed my head. Her juices flowed like a stream and I drank as much as I could. ‘Cham…ohhhhh…mmmmmmm…don’t stopppphhhh…don’tttt..stopppphhhh…..cham.mmhhhh.hh…….hhhhhh…please…yesss… it’s hapenninghhh…. yessssss…mmm.mhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ with that her entire body went taut and she came as hard as she could drenching my face with her juices. I was glad for the perfect timing of Mrs J’s leaving. I came out from under the table, pulled my handkerchief out but before I could wipe my face, Vathsala dragged me close to her and kissed me deep, tasting her own juices from me. I kissed her back, I felt a sudden longing for this dangerous but sexy little creature. I kept her in a tight hug until her exhaustion is over, then moved away, wiped my face, and went out of the room. Then it was my turn to pop my head in again. ‘This time, you owe me one’ I said. She gave me that lovely smile and nodded.

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