My Sexy Officemate

My Sexy Officemate

Both Vathsala and I joined the company on the same day. We were both equally qualified. I’m a very friendly person in general and not competitive. This is quite in contrary to Vathsala, who has a friendly nature outward, but shrewd, competitive, and quite a back-stabber –so I have heard my friends who had worked with her in her previous workplace say. I didn’t bother, as it was not my intention to climb along the ladder by back-stabbing or competition. I never had to compete ever as all the good things in my life came so easy to me from the childhood- not that I was too keen on any thing. I had a feeling that Vathsala regarded me as a competitor right from the beginning, but I wanted to let her have the full field and keep to a side – until such time that I learned that I’m so strongly attracted to her nature. Just like a moth gets attracted to the flame, her dangerous nature was a magnet that attracted me to her.

As every day passed by, I began to notice the good things about her – not of the character but of the body and figure. To complement her dangerous character, she possessed this dangerous kind of beauty too. She would not be called ‘beautiful’ but she was definitely attractive. She usually wore a saree, and occasionally a dress. She had a well-kept figure, well –groomed skin, fingers, feet, and toes. Her lips had this peculiar way of twitching involuntarily that would generate heat in any sexy male. Her blouses were low-cut and she wore the saree very low, and her dresses usually have a lengthy slit. All in all she is the typical female working partner that any male would dream of.

She started to compete with me to finish every job well ahead right from the beginning. I didn’t bother – I finished them all well in time too. Instead I began to finish early and admire her dangerously attractive figure. It was not infrequent for her to glance at me and catch me watching in to the deep cleft in her blouse or her flat tummy daringly displayed above the low hung saree. I though I noticed every now and then a wicked smile crossing her face when she noticed my obsession. I occasionally let her know how great she looks and all, expecting to get in to her defences but she wasn’t keen at all.

After about two months I decided that I’m not going to have any chance with her and changed my attention to a friendlier girl in the next department. She was so friendly that I for once forgot Vathsala. I was spending so much time with this girl whenever we were free. And after just two weeks, I noticed that Vathsala was wearing more daring dresses and her sarees have ridden further down [I wondered whether she shaved her pubes – otherwise I’m sure I could’ve seen them above the level of the saree]. She also became more talkative with me, and began to comment on my looks [I don’t consider me handsome, but I knew that I was appreciated by females from my experiences]. Definitely I have promoted the other girl as a competitor for Vathsala and she has taken this poor girl head-on.

One Friday I was working late and everyone had left except for myself, Vathsala, my boss, and two other executives who were junior to us. I was working on a analytical software in which I’m no good at all and asked for Vathsala’s help. She came over to my room, came around my table, and stood beside my chair on the right side looking at the monitor which was on the left side of the table probably thinking what an idiot I am. I looked up at her from my seated position and gasped – her breasts were at the level of my head and I felt my mouth opening involuntarily as to take them in. They were full, and I swear I could see the nipples through the soft blouse material she was wearing. Her tummy brushed against my shoulder as she moved closer to the monitor, and I felt a tight knot developing under my pants.

‘Oh, this is where the problem is’ she said bending across my chair for a closer look at the monitor. She was virtually leaning on to me and I felt my heart jumping right up to my throat – I swallowed hard and she bent further forward, perusing the monitor. Her breasts brushed against my face and I could smell her subtle perfume mixed with her skin odours. By this time I had had a massive erection and I feared that she’ll see it – it was bulging through my trousers.

“See, you have to move these values over to this column” Vathsala said and got hold of the mouse. I had my hand on the mouse from the beginning and now she had her hand on top of mine. I didn’t bother to remove mine, and she didn’t bother about it either. Instead she began to operate the mouse – roll and click it – while I was holding it, and her touch was sending shivers through my spine. “You got to modify this entire section Cham’, she said using my pet name for the first time in her life. I couldn’t believe this, and her breasts pressed more on to my face as she leaned forward more. “Er…rr yeah.. I guess so” I said, my mouth now dry. She was leaning too much forward and was about to lose balance. To steady herself, she put her left arm along the back of my chair. Now we are in a pretty compromising position – me seated, she bent forwards across me in the front, with her left arm around my shoulders along the back of chair, with her right hand on my hand and the mouse. What if the boss comes in? My heart sank at the thought. I wanted to tell her to sit down. The next moment her breast pressed further on to my face and the thought died. I didn’t know that I did this, but my mouth opened involuntarily and the next thing I knew was it nibbled at her full breasts. Vathsala didn’t take her eyes off the screen but continued to work on the problem. I thought that I felt a slight stroke on my hand and nibbled at her breast again. She pressed on to me more but didn’t bother to take her eyes off the problem. I became bolder now. I slid my left hand through between her skirt top and blouse, and slowly caressed her soft but flat tummy. I heard her sigh and her tummy muscles twitched. I felt my pre-cum leaking drop by drop. My cock was about to burst out of the pants.

Now I removed my right hand from under hers and slid it in through the slit in her skirt. With a side-glance I could see her pretty legs – the ones that I used to think about so many times before when I jerked myself off. Well-shaped feet, and well-groomed toes, sensually curved ankles and calves. I slowly ran my fingers over her calves, and the skin over them developed Goosebumps. Her soft skin felt like velvet. I came further up caressing her legs all the way, pass the knees and up to the thighs. She was sighing all the time but was still working with the computer. My left hand continued to caress her tight tummy while my right explored further up along the inner side of her thighs. So soft, and so hot – her skin was burning hot. I felt a pain deep under when my cock took another jerk under the pants. My hand moved further up, and I could now touch the soft material of her panties. I played with the hem of it, while caressing the roots of her thighs. I could feel the hotness fuming up there. Suddenly I felt a trickle of moisture seeping across my fingertips. I felt my cock taking another violent jump as her juices began to flow and run down along her thighs. Her breathing has become rather quick now, and her sighs had become louder, but she was still working on the computer.

I took my left hand off her tummy and began to stroke my knot from outside my trousers, while continuing to play with her panties and thighs. Suddenly I felt that her flow has increased and that is all I could do the keep me from going further. I slid my hand, now wet with her own juices, between the hem of her panties and her thighs and felt the hot, soft, and wet skin folds inside. Vathsala gave a low moan and I felt the nails of her hand that was around my shoulders digging in to my flesh through the shirt. It hurt, but I was in no mood to bother. I could visualise in my mind her lovely fingers clawing at my shoulders.

I began to explore the folds of her pussy, and then she went over. She stopped working with the computer, and clawed so hard at my shoulder that a soft moan escaped from me. That drove her crazy. She took my face in her right hand and kissed me fully on the lips. I responded and in not time we were frenching like mad. My right hand was still working on her pussy folds, and now I began to stroke her clit with slow, rhythmic motions. She took her right hand off my face and began to squeeze and stroke my cock from the outside of my trousers. Oh god, how I wished she’d take it out and stroke it the way I dreamt of. But I knew better – there was always the risk of someone coming in. Although we could hear anyone entering our section I’d not have time to get a huge erection in to my pants again if it was out of my trousers. But she made it up to that. Her strokes were so gentle yet so expert that I was peaking rapidly. So was she, if her low moans were an indication of that. Her pussy juices were spouting now and my hand was drenched in it. I took my mouth off hers and began to nibble at her nipples through the material of the blouse. I could feel them through it. “Mmmmm…hhhh ..oh..Chammmmm…hhh…yes..ssss….” Vathsala moaned. That almost made me cum – Vathsala wanting me almost made me cum. Suddenly, I felt the knot tightening in my belly and my cum began to flow in to the shaft. I bit on to her nipples and she exploded “Oooooooohhhh……….Chaaaaaaammmmmmmm…..hhhh……….hhhh”. Her entire body went taut; she drove her nails in to my shoulders, and came with a violent shudder. Her juices seeped through my fingers and I came in my pants as Vathsala continued to stroke my cock. We hanged on to each other for a couple of minutes till the wave of exhaustion passed away.

Vathsala looked in to my eyes and smiled. I returned it. She kissed me full on the lips and I saw that wicked smile creeping across her lips again. I felt I liked it now. She adjusted her blouse and skirt and went out of the room closing the door behind her. Almost immediately it opened again. Vathsala popped her head in. “You know what? If you promise me that you’ll not talk about this with anyone, ever, then I will not tell your pretty wife about this either – and also that bitch in the other department” ” she said and laughed aloud. ‘Oh shit – that is blackmailing’ I thought. I had no choice. So I promised.

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