My sixteenth year

My sixteenth year

It was one month before my sixteenth birthday. I decided to go to the early movie at the old Culver Theater. My buddies who usually go with me to the movies were tied up and it was the last day before the movie I wanted to see left the theater. The movies always changed on Friday. Being a school night I didn’t want to stay out to late because we had a big game cumming up Friday. I played center and forward on the junior basketball team.

I took the bus and got to the theater in time for the six o’clock movie. In those days you always got a double feature, a news reel, and usually a cartoon. The theater was about 2/3rds full and I had an isle seat. I couldn’t see who sat next to me but I new it was a woman because she had a faint scent of jasmine. When intermission came I turned in my seat and asked the lady if she would save my seat as I wanted to have a cigarette. She said “I was just going to ask you the same thing.” We both laughed, and I said I think there are enough empty seats so why don’t we both go up and have one. We sat in the lounge and had our cigarettes.

I began to notice how attractive a woman she was, maybe thirty or so. She had brown hair down to her shoulders and dressed in a business jacket and skirt. As she sat across from me I could not help but notice how nice her long legs were. We talked about my school and the basketball team. She told me her husband was a diplomat and was in Europe for the next six months. I didn’t think anything about it at the time. I got up to go back to our seats and she asked me if I was really interested in the next movie. I said “not really” it was one of those mushy love stories. She said, “Would like to come up to my house for a cup of coffee?” I was flabbergasted, “Sure I stammered that would be nice.” I looked at her trying to figure her out. She gave me a big smile as we walked to her car. I opened her door for her and as she got in her tight dress slid up her thighs. I couldn’t help myself my cock started to twitch.

We arrived at her house which was in the Culver Hills, a semi wealthy area. She parked in the garage and we went into the house thru the kitchen. It was a big kitchen with a large butcher block in the center. She led me into the den and said “Have a seat, would you like to have coffee or maybe a beer. I said I’d love a beer.” She wet into the kitchen and got a beer out of the fridge. “Here sip on this while I go get into something more comfortable.”

I sucked in my breath and let out a little moan as she walked in wearing a black see though negligee. She didn’t have a thing under it and her tits stood straight out.
My cock got instantly hard. She fixed herself a scotch on the rocks and tuned on her phonograph. She played blue moon and asked me if I liked to dance. It was right then that I was so thankful to my Mom for teaching me how to dance. My mind was racing, how could I stand up without her seeing my hard on. I said “Sure, I love to dance” and kind of rolled off the couch sideways. I took her in my arms and started to dance holding her away from my body and hard on.

We danced like that for about a minuet before she pulled me to her and my hard on that was sticking straight up in my jeans came into her abdomen just above her crotch. I was shaking I was so excited, and I almost came in my pants. She laid her head on my shoulder and began to hum. She seemed to rub up and down on my dick as we danced.
I said what the hell, and reached down with both hands and grabbed her ass and pulled her tighter to my crotch. She looked up at me and smiled, so I bent down and kissed her full on the mouth. Her lips parted and I inserted my tongue, exploring every inch of the inside of her mouth. I ran my tongue over the roof of her mouth and she moaned and shoved her lower body hard into mine. She began to french kiss me back. I had learned to French kiss playing spend the bottle at a party. Two of the girls there showed me how you were suppose to kiss. Two things I learned over my early years was that girls from Venice could really kiss & dance.

We just stood there not moving just kissing. I reached up and put my hand on her breast squeezing gently. She moaned and pressed herself even tighter to me. I was shaking so badly I thought my legs were going to collapse. I began to knead her breast she was a firm 34C (I learned later). I took my thumb and forefinger and rubbed and pinched he nipple. She moaned ever so softly and reached down and began to rub my cock thru my jeans. I felt myself close to cumming so I picked her up and carried her to the couch. I laid her down and took my hand and ran it up between her legs. She instantly parted her legs and let my fingers inter her vagina. I had only started to run my two fingers in and out of her and I felt her body begin to shake and she shoved her pussy lips down on my fingers and she whisper Ohhhh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh my god, and I felt her pussy secrete a large amount of liquid over my hand and down my wrist. I had never seen a pussy so wet. Of course this was only the second one I had ever seen. I kept on running my finger in and out of her pussy until she came again. I then parted her legs and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my underwear down to my ankles. I started to insert the head of my cock between her pussy lips but when I got about one inch of the head into her I came. “Oh shit, I said, I’m so sorry.” “That’s Ok I understand she said” I felt like such a fool. “Hand me a Kleenex and lets go upstairs to my bedroom.” We got up and she reached over and took a hold of my dick as we went up the stairs. I was still semi hard but I was still so embarrassed.

I kept looking at her nice round bottom with a perfect crack down the middle. When we reached her bedroom she had me sit on her huge bed. I had never seen a bed that big before. She got down on her knees between my legs and began to stroke my cock. She asked me, “Is this your first time?” I said “well no, I did make love to a girl when I was fourteen. I began to remember my first time when I was fourteen.

She was a girl in my class. She was a redhead with lots of freckles. She even had red pussy hair. Her tits were small as she was tiny. I could put her whole tit in my mouth. We were in her garage the very first time. I had volunteered to fix her bicycle and I replaced one of her pedals. When I was finished I looked over at her and saw that she was sitting with her legs apart and I could see her pussy. She didn’t have any panties on. I couldn’t believe that I was blushing. I also couldn’t take my eyes off that small mound of red hair covering her pussy. I stood up and walked over to her and leaned over and kissed her. She responded by sticking her tongue into my mouth and frenched kissed for about ten minuets. I picked her up and carried her over to her dad’s car and we got into the back seat. I got on the floor and she laid on the seat. I ran my hand up between her legs and she parted her legs so I could insert my middle finger into her pussy. She was beginning to get wet as I shoved my finger in and out. She got even wetter when I inserted another finger. I started to really shove my fingers in and out very fast when she said “Slow down” and she took my hand and took a hold of my thumb and used it to rub the top of her vagina where there was a little nub like thing right where her pussy hole started. I got the idea real quick and as I pushed my two fingers in and out of her I rubbed that spot. I heard her moan and say “Oh yes that feels so good. Keep rubbing my little clittie because I’m going to cum. YES, that’s it, oh, yessss harder, faster” She yelled. I began to shove my fingers in and out of her and rub her clittie as she yelled Oh harder, that’s it. Suddenly she stiffened her whole body and her ass began to shake and she screamed, Ohhhhhhhh, OHHHHHHHH god I’m cummmmming. I wasn’t sure what was happening until I felt her pussy get really wet and I realized I had made her cum. I was so excited I shoved my jeans and shorts down to my ankles and pulled her legs apart and shoved my dick into her wet pussy. She was no virgin as I slid fully into her on the first thrust. As I began to shove my cock in and out of her she came again. I lasted about ten more strokes and moaned I’m going to cum. She shoved me out of her and said, “No I can’t let you cum inside me. I don’t have my diaphragm in.” She grabbed my dick and began to jack me off. It took her only about thirty seconds to make me cum. I shot my load between her legs and onto her dress. She leaned over and took me into her mouth and sucked all that was left in me.

We started dating and I fucked her four times on our first date. Her pussy was tight around my cock and I always shot my load within a minuet or two. But because I always finger fucked her and played with her clit before hand I was able to make her cum at leased once and sometimes twice before I fucked her. On our 2nd date we went to the beach and went under the pier where I took a blanket and we went way back under the pier where it was very dark. We could see the people walk by but they couldn’t see us. We fucked all morning and all afternoon. I came nine times and she must have climaxed at least twenty or more times. The next day Sunday I came over to her house and fucked her twice while her folks were in church. I left and said I’ll see you tomorrow in school.

On Monday I made the biggest mistake of my young life. I told my friend Gene, we called him chief, because he was a full blooded Indian. I bragged about my first peace of ass and who it was I had fucked. That afternoon he walked her home from school. They stopped for a coke and tried to put the make on her. When she turned him down he asked her why not, you have been fucking my friend Bob. Well the next day at school she came up to me and slapped my face and called me a no good son of a bitch and she never wanted to see me again. Boy did I learn a lesson the hard way. I vowed to never tell a living soul who I was fucking. And to this day I never have. Back to my story.

She smiled and asked me if I would like her to teach me the art of making love.
I said “Yes mam, I would like that very much. Please don’t call me mam, my name is Sue. (Not her real name since this a true story). She lowered her mouth onto my cock and began to suck. “Oh shit that feel good” I said, (I had never had a blow job before.) Her inner mouth was wet and rubbed up and down the length of my shaft. I was in heaven as I watched fascinated as her head bobbed up and down on my rock hard cock. It didn’t take her long to make me start to cum, so I said “You better take it out because I am going to cum. She just looked up at me with those brown eyes and smiled and kept right on sucking. I reached down and grabbed the sides of her head and shoved all six & three quarters inches down her throat and came for the second time. She took all I had and after words she got up and went to the kitchen and brought me another beer and a scotch for herself. We sat on her bed drinking and smoking a cigarette. (In those days just about everyone smoked.) I reached over and pulled her down to me after we had finished our cigarettes. I began to caress her breast and knead her nipple with one hand and I leaned down and took her other tit into my mouth and began to suck. She started moaning and breathing hard as I sucked and kneaded her breast and nipple. I slid down and kissed her belly button running my tongue in and out of it.

Suddenly, she reached down and began to push my head down towards her pussy. My head was bent forward and it was almost impossible to stop my downward motion. I jerked my head up and she said “I’m sorry.” I said “What was it you wanted me to do?”
“Never mind” she said. “No, you wanted something? What did you want me to do I said.” Well I wanted you to kiss me and lick me down there.” I said “shit Sue that’s where you pee.” She said “that’s Ok I got a little carried away” She pulled me to her and kissed me and she reached down and placed my cock between her legs and inserted me into her pussy. I began to fuck her. This time I was lasting a little longer because I had cum twice already. As I started to get close to cumming again she clamped down on my cock with her pussy lips and held me there. I could not believe how strong her pussy lips were. For the next hour I fucked her and every time I got close she would clamp down on me and prevent me from cumming. After she had cum about six or seven times she let me cum in her. Boy did I cum. I felt like I filled her whole cavity. As soon as I came she clamped down on me preventing the blood to leave my cock. We laid like that for the next forty five minutes or so. My cock stayed hard the whole time. She then began to massage my cock with her pussy. It felt like a moist hand wrapped around my cock moving up and down my shaft. I can’t describe the feeling, but it was wonderful. We began to fuck some more like the previous time. Each time I would get close she could tell and would clamp down on me and stop me from cumming. That wonderful hot pussy of hers would slide up and down my cock and she always came once or twice between clamp downs. We fucked like that for about two hours. I happened to look over at her clock and saw that it was almost 11:30. I said Oh shit. I have to get home. I began to fuck her hard and fast and she let me cum deep into her lovely hole.

On the way to the bus station I asked if I could see her again. She said yes, that she would love to see me again. She said it would be nice if you could stay over night and we could continue our lessons. I said I think I can stay all night tomorrow night. That I would tell my folks I was going to stay with a friend after the basketball game because we wanted to go to the beach Saturday morning. We were having an Indian summer and the weather was in the high seventies.
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