My Summer Part 2: Amber

My Summer Part 2: Amber

Me and Christy had been going steady and having great sex for about a month. I was on top of the world and nothing could stop our crazy love affair. That all changed when I got a phone call from a girl named Amber. She was very straight forward and asked me if I wanted to hang out Saturday night. Christy popped into my head so I refused the offer; saying I wasn't available. I could tell that not many people had said "no" to Amber before. She said "Oh, come on. I just want to have alittle fun with you! Noone has to know." I replied "Okay, we can hang out and have fun but I don't think I want to have sex with you because I could never do that to Christy." She seemed disappointed at first but agreed to see me and have a platonic relationship.

I didn't know her very well and only had one class with her the previous school year. What I did know about her was that she was the school party animal and apparently Christy was a nun compared to Amber and her sexual conquests. I asked around and found out she had a boyfriend but cheated on him frequently because he wasn't very "big" and wasn't getting the job done. She was pretty but looked like a burnout. Her hair was blonde and long, her skin was pale, and she was very skinny. Her deep blue eyes were very attractive to me though. Not to mention she had an extreme crush on me.

Finally, when Saturday came I bit the bullet and went to meet her. She was dressed up in a pretty skirt and a small top on, revealing her pierced naval and green thong. Needless to say I knew it was going to be a long night if I was going to resist her temptations and still have a good time. We walked in the park for awhile talking about things when from out of nowhere she begged me to come to her trailer and chill for alittle while. "My parents are probably drunk and wont get home for another few hours." She gave that puppy dog look and begged some more. Being that I was a teenager and had no self control I gave in.

When we got there she kept on getting closer and closer to me on the couch. Then out of the blue, in her true random and straight forward fashion she asked "Have you ever had anal sex with a girl?" I let out a laugh of suprise and told her that I hadn't. She said "Would you ever do it?" I replied "Yeah, sure, but not alot of girls are into that." She jumped with excitement and said "Oh my god it's so intense! Me and my boyfriend do it like 3 times a week!" Then after a moment of akward silence she asked "Wanna try it?" I gulped out of nervousness and told her I wouldn't know where to begin and said it would probably get messy. She said "Relax, hun, I can teach you."

With that her hand was in my pants faster than I could even think about Christy. She unzipped my pants and exposed my throbbing dick. She gave the head a nice kiss and then made it disappear down her throat. She must have had no gag reflex because she was taking almost all of my 7 inch cock. Someone deep throating my cock was a new feeling for me and I loved it. I wanted more so I put my hand on her head and lowered it up and down until her chin was bouncing off my balls. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh. Just then I felt a finger go into my anus. It startled me to death and I looked at her in shock. She said "Relax, I think you'll like this." I was caught up in the moment so I let her continue to finger my ass while taking my cock down to the point of almost gagging. All of a sudden I felt a huge orgasm wave running through my body and my legs spazed. Then without warning my cock let out a huge stream of cum into her mouth. She didn't expect it either and gagged alittle forcing her to swallow. My body went limp and I couldn't believe that something like a finger in my ass made me cum so much more than normal. "I told you, you'd like that" she said while giggling.

It took awhile for my body to recover when she said "Now it's my turn, hun!" She went to the bathroom for alittle while and to my suprise came out totally naked. "I want you to take me! I want you to stick that in my pussy right now!" My cock sprang back to life with that. She came over to the couch. She removed my tight shirt and gave me a deep kiss. "Let me sit on that big cock!" With that she was riding my cock like a cowgirl. For being somewhat of a slut, her pussy was still tight, mostly due to her small and skinny figure. She ran her hands through my hair, and my face was deep into her tits. I couldn't take it when her pussy juices started to run down my leg. I shouted "Oh Amber, I've got to cum!" She screamed "NO! Please fuck my asshole just for alittle while?"

I pulled out and asked if we needed to lube up. She said "No, me and my boyfriend just use spit" I thought to myself that this girl was getting dirtier (and kinkier) by the minute. My dick was semi-hard and full of her pussy juices. She spat on it and rubbed the salive up and down my shaft.
She bent over on her knees with her tiny ass sticking in the air. "Now spit on that ass!" she commanded me. "Now stick it in gently" she giggled "Don't break me". I slowly tried to push the head in. Her ass was tight but not extremely tight. I could tell that her boyfriend had probably been in there recently. Once her anus was tightly wrapped around my head I went even deep, then deeper. "Oh my god, your cock is the perfect size" she let out in a sigh. I asked her if she was alright when she started to breath heavily. She told me to continue. Pretty soon my whole dick was inside her asshole. Her insides squeezed tightly around my dick was quite an experience for the both of us. I reached around her body and helped her finger her clit and pussy as my cock started to go in and out of her tight hole. After she loosened up she said "Alright, I want you to fuck my ass as deep as you can. Okay?" She didn't have to ask me twice. I slapped her butt cheeks and pumped her from behind. I couldn't believe she was enjoying every second of it as much as I was. The all of a sudden she said "Oh god, don't stop, faster, I'M CUMMING". As I increased speed her heavy breathing increased in volume. Soon she was wimpering like a puppy dog. As she came she let out a yell, winced, and clasped my hand tightly. Seeing this was all to much for me. "Yeah, shoot it into my ass baby!" she begged. I shot my hot liquid into her even hotter love hole and pulled out in exuastion. I sat on the couch tired after the abuse my body had taken and Amber did the same. I must have came alot because I could see cum seeping out of her asshole. She give me an innocent peck on the cheek and asked if I liked that.

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