My Uncle_(1)

My Uncle_(1)

It started out 1 day when I was at my uncle's house and my uncle was at work working the graveyard shift and I was staying the week with them. I was 15 and she was 21 and she owned her own business and was the nicest and most beautiful person I had ever wanted in my life. I was a virgin at this time.

Back 2 the story I went down there and played video games for like 2 hours then my uncle left for work leaving me there with his girlfriend. It was about 11pm and we were watching a scary movie and when a scary part happened 1 of 2 things happened she graped my upper leg and buried her head in my chest and held my hand or she graped my arm and put it around her and move closer.After the movie we went outside with the dogs(2 German shepherds) and she would smoke and I would talk to her. So it was about 1am and she let the dogs in and she said I'm going 2 bed you should do the same.I had pictures of her in my room so I jacked off 2 those and she let the dogs in her and my uncle's room and she turned on the TV and watched it for 30 minutes then it went off and she let the dogs out and by now I had already shot a load off.

I was already dressed and then she came in and asked "are you doing ok?" I answered yea. She walked in and by this time I had another boner because all she had on was her bra, short short pajama shorts, and a red thong which you could see through her pajamas. She sat down right next to me and asked "how are you doing really?" I answered really horny. I didn't think about what I just said and she wasn't shocked but I know why she wasn't because my 8"dick was poking out of the sheets.

She was getting closer and closer by the second and I asked finally "are we going to do anything?" but before I could finish my question her tongue was in my throat and so I reacted by putting mine done her's. While we were making out I undid her bra and she took off her see-through pajamas and she was in her thong and me in nothing at all. We stopped 4 a second and caught our breathe then I took of her thong with my teeth from behind her and by the time my face was facing her ass I stopped pulling her thong down and I kissed both of her ass cheeks and he asshole while I kissed her asshole I tongue fucked her ass and then I went back to pulling her thong off.

After fully off she graped my hard dick and started slowly rubbing it. Then she said it was time for me to stop being a virgin then she put me on my back and she positioned herself over my dick and she came down on it and it felt sooooo good.She was already getting wet and it was so warm. Then she went up, down, up, down slowly for about 5 minutes. Then she said I'll be right back while she was gone I graped her thong and I looked at it and examined it.

When she got back she had lube. she said "put it on my asshole." so I did and fingered her ass while I did. She bent over on the side of the bed and I got behind her and ramped it in her ass she let out a loud scream and I pulled out until I had 1" in and did it again over and over again for about 4 minutes. Then I sped up and not ramping it as hard as I can and then 4 minutes of that I cummed all in her ass and then she asked " are you done?" I nodded with my dick still in her ass and she said pullout and lick all your cum out of her ass so while she was still bent over I got on my knees and started licking it all up while I was doing that I started smelling her nice pussy aroma. When all my cum was all licked up I stared eating her pussy.

After eating her out for 2 hours I heard the garage door go up I said "o shit" and he were getting dressed and then my uncle walked in and we were both still butt ass naked and she was sweating profusely and so was I. And he didn't say a word but he came in, closed the door behind him, and started undressing. By the time I realized what he was doing he was already fully undressed and his dick was the same length and width as mine. He went over to me(still on my knees) and put his hard dick in my mouth and he said start blowing so I did and what I didn't understand was that my dick was becoming hard over this and then about 5 minutes of that he shot a huge loud of cum in my throat but he was still going and going and shot load after loud in my throat it felt like I was drowning because his pupic hair was clogging my nose about after 5 loads he stopped and made me swallow it all.

Then he went over to his girlfriend and picked her up and whispered something in her ear and she left. Then he came over to me and bent me over and started ramming my ass like I did to his girlfriend. She came back in and she went in front of me laid in front of me and I was crying because of the pain she said it will be over in a second after 1 minute he came and then he left and got in the shower. She stayed in there with me and she asked "are you ok?" I said yea but my ass hurts and she said well I'll spend the night in your room 2night.

So we started fucking again for another 2 hours trying different positions and using toys. Then when we were done we didn't even get dressed I sleep right behind her and my dick was in her all night. The next morning we woke up and went outside forgetting our cloths and the dogs started licking my dick and her pussy realizing we didn't have cloths we went back inside and we got dressed and I went to work with her.

Next story about when we fucked at her shop that she owns.

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