My Wife 1

My Wife 1

To my Surprise or
This is what I get for coming home early.

I met Cindy, my wife, through the girl I was dating, one of the classical stories. My friends were telling I was going to marry her even before I knew. Well that’s another story.

Corporate moves had relocated us a number of times around the states, so twelve years later and two children later, we find ourselves in the Deep South.

I had my number of extra martial encounters, which put our marriage on the rocks. Note that Cindy is an extremely attractive woman, with an excellent body, and having modeled and appeared in Vogue. My friends were telling me I was crazy. Hell the girls I was going out with thought I was crazy.

I have always enjoyed sex with Cindy. But she had no adventure in experimenting. Getting a blowjob to the end was non-exsistant, having her savour my juices almost never. And multiple orgasms while for her are common, are never for me. Finger fucking is out of the question, as well as anal sex. I needed some adventure, variety, thus I have maintained the same lover for the last 8 eight years, if you call twice a year a lover.

With every thing quite in our relationship, while not fully contented, I love her, and she’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

I travel two to three days a week across the southeast. Cindy became friends with Julie, a girl she worked with. A few years younger, her husband Tom, also travels, have gone out to dinner a few times. Cindy and Julie, both working at different locations now, go to lunch often.

Julie is tall, thin and blonde had what I would call a tight body. I had never seen her with a bra, but she always heavy clothing too hide her nipples, intentionally or not. I have often thought how would be to have her, taste her juices, have her taste mine. We never spent enough time together to learn her attitudes let alone light a fire.

Her husband-looked average to me, heavy built, I never thought of him as fat, but Julie insisted he watch his weight.

Looking back on it: things that appeared to be funny or odd I took no notice of. Cindy was screening her phone calls. Messages I left she said she never got, or called back really late.
She would tell me Tom stopped by her office. After all he was a salesman the industry she worked.
What little sex drive she had was really drying up. Yet she still wore the sexy stuff, her daytime clothing bill went up.

I know what you’re thinking; She’s doing Tom. I should have seen it, having been there and done that.

About three months ago while out of town, I had a number a meetings canceled and one moved from the afternoon to the first thing in the morning. This allowed me to catch a mid-morning flight back home.

I pulled up to the house about noon. Julie’s car was in the driveway, blocking my side of the garage, so I parked behind Cindy’s car. Unlocking the front door, I went in and the house appeared to be empty. I then heard noise in the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is L shaped, with sort of a sitting room. You walk into the room about ten feet before turning left and facing the side of the bed about 15 feet away.

The Noise was diffidently coming from the bedroom, thinking the girls where chatting about something, I’d have my little game and scare them.

Well I’m the one who got the surprise.

There was Julie at the head of the bed, legs spread wide, holding the head board with one hand and the other on the back of Cindy’s head, running her fingers through Cindy’s while holding her head. My wife’s face buried into Julie’s pussy and she was heavy into eating her and they were both loving it. Julie was grinding her hips, lifting her butt off the bed. Her head thrown back, heavy breathing mixed with whimpers and moans you could tell she was going to cum any second.

Cindy was eating Julie feverishly; I could hear the licking and sucking across the room. You could tell she was running her tongue up and down the length of Julie’s slit. Julie spazmed each time Cindy’s tongue touched her clit. She had a hand on one of Julie’s breasts and was rolling Julie’s hardened nipples between her fingertips.

What really shocked me was Cindy taking Tom’s shaft from behind. Everytime he pumped forward, it drove Cindy’s face into Julie’s pussy. What I could see of Tom’s shaft, it was thick. Only later would I see it was almost 9 inches dwarfing my 6 inches. He was thrusting it in an out of her pussy, holding her cheeks apart to get maximum depth, drawing it out at least 6 inches before plunging it back deep into her pussy, saying “Oh your so hot and tight! It fits so good. I’m going to fill you with my cum”

Cindy was rubbing her clit while holding Tom’s balls. When Tom draw out her hand would hold and follow his balls. She was rocking on her knee’s accepting all of his cock as stroked her.

As I watched, my cocked got harder as their tempo increased. I thought I was going to explode when they cam. Tom cam first. With one last plunge, holding her cheeks as wide as he could, he filled Cindy’s pussy. The last full thrust drove Cindy’s mouth into Julie’s pussy. Julie gasp for breath arched her back, she lifted her pussy off the bed and her hips rutted in a short pulsing movements as she cam.

Cindy was the last to cum. Feeling Tom cum in her pussy and Julie cum in her mouth was enough to take her over the edge. She pushed her ass to Tom as her body shuddered when she cam. I could see his cum and her juice running down her thighs.

They were still oblivious to me. Tom fell to the side almost facing me. Cindy collapsed on her side, facing Tom. Her head resting, facing away from me, on Julie’s thigh. Julie just lay there.

I could now see Tom’s, what I would call massive cock, shiny and wet from Cindy’s juice and his cum. I not in to watching cocks, but this boy was as big soft as I was hard. I could not believe what I had just seen. Cindy would complain when I took her from behind on how deep it was and that it hurt. Yet, I had just seen nine, thick inches buried to the hilt in her.

Julie was still spread wide. Her very dark brown nipples on very firm smallish breasts were still hard. Cindy had transmitted Julie’s creamy all over her thighs and up to her belly button. She was neatly trim, her lips being shaved, with just tuff of almost invisible blond hair. The only reason you could see it was because it was wet from her juices and matted with Tom’s cum.

I could see most of my wife’s pussy. She had her leg curled up, exposing her lips and clit. She had a usually large lips and clit to begin with, telling me how the girls in school use to tease her about. Saying she was growing a penis. But I had never seen it as swollen and her lips as puffy as they were now. She was fully open from Tom’s monster. His cream and her juices where running down her thighs and along the crack of her tight ass mixing with dried remains of previous orgasms. It looked good enough to eat. I always liked her taste, that is what I could get of it.

I thought Tom was going to get up. Instead he realigned himself on the bed, pushing Cindy’s face to his cock. To my surprise, Cindy graciously started licking and sucking the head of his cock. I watched it grow in her mouth. She always knew just what to do to me, now she was doing it to Tom. As she licked her juices from his cock and balls, she was finding it difficult to maneuver around it. With every lick of the underside of his shaft, it would twitch with desire. His head got redder as she run her tongue around his ridge and pressed it into his slit. She could just get her mouth over it and only take about 4 inches. With each lick and suck Tom groaned with anticipation, his hips began to rotate slowly to Cindy’s sucking as he held head to his member, trying to drive more into her mouth.

Cindy was getting aroused herself, she was being more intense on sucking his cock, while caressing his balls. Her nipples were starting to swell. Cindy had medium sized breasts. She always wore these, what I called nipple hider bras from Victory Secrets. Her nipples were very big, when hard they were 5/8” across and ¾” long, with very large areola almost 3 inches across. She had always complained they were sensitive.

Julie was watched as Tom grew in Cindy’s mouth. She reached and rolled one of Cindy’s nipples in her fingertips. Cindy moved and gave her more access, while still concentrating on Tom’s cock. Julie then dip her finger into Cindy’s pussy. Getting it wet, she licked the hot juice from her finger. First with one finger then with two, she savoured Cindy. Cindy’s hips responding to the entry of Julie’s fingers.

Suddenly Julie got up, again I thought I had been spotted. She crawled out from under Cindy. With her back facing me she rolled Cindy on her back. Tom rolled over above Cindy. With his hands on the headboard and the head of his dick in Cindy’s mouth.

“Roll on your back Cindy. I want to lick your pussy” Julie said. Cindy responded “God, YES please, I want to cum again.” That’s all it took. Julie buried her face in Cindy’s pussy. Julie spread Cindy’s labium, with her fingers allowing her full access to Cindy’s clit.

Standing at the end of the bed Julie spread Cindy’s legs. I could now see how enlarged Cindy had become. Her lips and clit were red and swollen, wide open from Tom’s cock. Her hair was matted with cum, the white cream was everywhere, covering her lips, thighs and running down the crack of her ass. I wanted to lick and suck her. They must have doing this for hours. Her clit engorged, looked like a small penis. Even Julie gasped at the site of it. Kneeling on the floor, Julie lowered her mouth to my wife’s pussy. By Cindy’s reaction Julie had gone straight to sucking on her clit.

It was about all I could stand myself. I had already stripped off and was stroking my cock.

They were all going to cum again. My wife was sucking Tom’s cock. He was slowly pumping it in and out of her mouth. She had one hand around his shaft and was pumping it wildly. She was rubbing her own breasts with other in between holding Julie’s head onto her pussy; Cindy’s hips began to rock.

I stared at Julie’s pussy. It was wet and inviting. I could only imagine she was swollen also. By her build I would guess she had thin lips. I could see her clit. She too had dried cum running half way down her thighs. Her pussy had that shrivelled look, as you might expect from all the eating that Cindy had done. Then from between her legs came her fingers. I watched as she slipped a finger deep inside her pussy. And then rapidly plunged it and out. Julie’s lips became wetter and enlarged, as I watched her finger went from flicking her clit back to plunging her finger into her pussy. First one finger then two buried up to the second join. She then had a finger on each side of clit, holding her lips apart as she was rubbing her clit hard. This was my opportunity to enter her from behind.

I watched as all three were building in excitement and I was no exception. I was going to join the funny. I had to wait for my moment. I knew as excited as I was, the minute I felt the heat of her pussy I was going to explode and fill her with everything I had.

I approached Julie from behind. She was just the right height for my entry into her from behind. I grabbed her hips and buried my cock fully into her in one smooth, quick motion. She was I expected, so hot I thought I was going to explode right there and then. My hips were in full rut by the time Julie turned to see who had just penetrated her. She gasped and yelled “Chris!” and then the action stopped.

Cindy opened her eyes, seeing me standing behind her. Cindy stopped sucking and stroking Tom’s cock.
I stopped rutting, thought I was going to go soft. Everyone was looking at me, frozen in time. When Tom said, “Your wife is great.” Julie smiled, “Fuck me Chris” was all she said as she reached between her legs grabbed my balls and held them against her clit. I started to rut her as hard as I could. She went back to eating my wife. I pounded her hard to drive her face into Cindy’s pussy. I wanted my wife to cum with me. Cindy started sucking and stoking Tom again.

The build up was happening again. Cindy never took her eyes off me. Even as she stroked Tom’s cock with one hand and squeezed his balls with the other. Watching her was great, and then she slipped her finger into his anus. It was all I could take.

I went wild; I wanted my cock in her mouth. I pumped Julie as hard and as fast as I could. I exploded filling Julie with my hot cream, lasting longer then I even expected. Cindy and Julie both cam together. Tom cam last of all. Pressing my softening cock into Julie’s pussy, she held my balls tight against her throbbing pussy, I could feel her tight around my cock. She and I watched Tom’s balls tighten and the spasms of his cock shoot his load into my wife’s mouth. He cam like a horse. She gaged, could not drink all his cum fast enough and it ran out the corners of her mouth.

Tom and Julie fell to the bed. Cindy licked the rest of Tom’s cream from her lips. I stood there, with my limp cock.

Cindy reached for my cock “ Honey you’ve missed half the fun. You’re not finished yet” I wondered what went on before I arrived. I asked “How long has this been going on?” She replied “Hours, Now come here I want to suck and fuck you”

She pulled me to the bed, on my back; her mouth went straight for my cock. She took my entire soft dick into her mouth. She had no idea how I like that. Stopping for a moment she looked at Julie and Tom and said “Help me” My cock started to grow. Julie said “Sure, Move over” Tom responded “God I’ve cam four times already, I can’t again, I’ll have to lick and finger fuck”

With Cindy licking my shaft and Julie my balls. As Tom, from behind flicked their clits with his fingers. I grew to erection.

Cindy slide up my stomach and then back taking all of my cock into her pussy. She was hotter and wetter then she ever had been before. As she rode me, I bucked up against her, grinding into her pussy. Julies was caressing my balls. She squeezed them as I filled my wife’s pussy. Cindy rutting me cam a few seconds later. She fell on me.

Julie rolled her off saying “My turn.” On the second go around I take a long time going soft. I could tell Julies appreciated that, she got on top of me in the 69 position. She licked and sucked Cindy’s juices from my cock while I eat her pussy. Plunging my tongue into and slipping a finger into her ass. I was enjoying her taste and we were both about to cum when she slide down my body and let me enter her from behind. She grabbed my feet as she slide her pussy up and down my shaft. It was great watching my cock slip between her lips. I reached down and slipped my finger into her ass and held it there. As she rode up and down both my cock and finger would slip in and out of her.

But suddenly, Cindy’s pussy blocked my view. Cindy was going to ride my face. My tongue reached for her clit. I licked and sucked it hard, harder then ever before. I held her clit gently between my teeth and licked the tip of it with my tongue. Cindy ground her pussy into my face. I removed my finger from Julie’s ass and placed in my wife’s. The two of them, Julie riding my cock and Cindy riding my face, made me cum first. Julie collapsed on my legs, my softening cock still inside her. Cindy finished her self by riding my tongue now pushed as far into her pussy as I could.

Getting off the bed Tom said, “You guys went wild. I thought I was going to bounce off the bed” “Honey” he said to Julie “We’ve got to get the kids.” With that they got up, dressed and just before leaving the room ask “Thursday evening?”

Simultaneously we responded “YES”.

Of course my next statement, appropriate or not, was “What the Fuck!” My mind was full of questions and didn’t know where to start. I had enjoyed this tremendously. After the normal: Do you still love me? And are you going to leave? Questions, which were all, answered to my satisfaction.

I wanted to know how this all got started.

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