My Wife Anna – Adventure #2

My Wife Anna – Adventure #2

This is my ongoing journal of the adventures of my wife Anna. Up until the end of 2003 (a little more than three years after we were married), she had been a quiet and shy girl from Indonesia. Although her flawless mocha complexion, perfectly round 36C tits with upturned nipples, and tight, petite little ass gained her much attention from men everywhere, she always ignored them and kept to herself. Then, one day that all changed and the exhibitionist slut that she really is came out. Since then, she has become more and more daring with each passing week.

Last week, Anna discovered that she could use her body to get things she wants. She has essentially become a prostitute – although she trades sexual acts for goods and services instead of cash. We were having a dinner party and wanted to get a new sofa since our old one was pretty worn out. Anna wore her usual low cut top with no bra and mini skirt with no panties to the furniture store. A salesman named Lenny helped us pick one out. Lenny was in his early fifties, balding, and slightly overweight. He couldn’t take his eyes off Anna as we walked around the store. After we decided on a sofa, Lenny told us that it would be delivered in about 3 weeks. Anna looked very disappointed and said pouting that we needed it for a party this weekend. When Lenny said that couldn’t be done, Anna told him to let us talk for a moment to decide what we wanted to do. When he walked away, she gave me that sexy smile of hers and said “don’t worry, we’ll get it delivered tomorrow.” Then she called Lenny back over and sat down on the sofa. When he walked over and stood in front of her, she casually lifted her leg and draped it over the arm of the sofa. I could see from my vantage point that her little bald pussy was now completely exposed and better yet, because she was already wet with anticipation her little pussy lips had parted, exposing her glistening pink hole. I thought Lenny’s eyes were going to pop out as he stared inside of my wife’s cunt! At that, Anna seductively said “are you sure we can’t get it delivered this week?” Lenny stammered and stuttered, but could not get out any words. Sensing that he needed a little help, Anna slid her hand down and pulled her cunt lips apart even further and said “if you deliver it tomorrow you can stick your face in this.” Lenny just nodded and suddenly walked away. In seconds he was back with the order marked for next day delivery for us to sign. Anna brushed her ripe tits against him as we walked past to leave.

On the way home, we were both horny with anticipation. After we got home, I wasted no time in bending her over a chair, flipping up her little skirt, and burying my cock in her already soaking cunt. Of course, she was loving every minute of it, arching her back and sticking her lovely ass up at me so I could penetrate her to the balls with each stroke. Then, I started calling her a little whore and telling her that she was a shameless little fuck slut selling her pussy to strangers. Hearing this, Anna had a violent orgasm, pushing her ass back against me and squeezing my cock with her convulsing pussy. That was all I needed as I unloaded deep inside her, feeling my cum squirt directly into the opening of her womb.

The next day, the furniture trucked pulled up at our house as expected. In preparation for the day’s work, Anna had worn only her silk bathrobe loosely tied in the front. She was a little surprised thought, when she saw that Lenny had brought a worker to help him carry the sofa – a tall young black man with muscular arms. After they carried the sofa in and put it down, Lenny winked at Anna and said “I did my part, now it’s time for you to do yours.” Anna just turned around, gave him a “follow me” look, and walked upstairs towards the guest room (apparently she didn’t want to do him in our own bed). Lenny’s helper, Darren, looked a little confused as Lenny followed my wife upstairs but just shrugged his shoulders and went back out to the truck. By the time I got upstairs, Anna was already laid back on the bed with her ass at the edge and her knees pulled up and spread wide. Lenny was just kneeling down in front of her and didn’t even acknowledge me as I walked into the room. Without hesitation, he buried his face in my wife’s sweet little pussy and began tonguing it madly. Anna caught her breath and propped up on her elbows, surprised at the sudden onslaught. Within a moment, though, she looked at me with lustful eyes and softly moaned “oh fuck yes.” Lenny worked at her pussy like a starving man. He was lapping and sucking at her with such force that her nice round tits gently jiggled and bobbled. Anna grabbed his head and told him to cover her mound with his mouth and gently flick her clit with the end of his tongue. Lenny did exactly as he was told, and after a few moments I could tell that my wife was about to cum on his face. Suddenly she clutched her tits, arched her back and let go – coating his face with so much juice that it dripped off his chin. After her convulsing subsided, Lenny stood up, quickly pulled his hard cock out and started stroking it. Anna quickly pulled her legs together and turned on her side, knowing that he would surely try to mount her if she kept her wet pussy open to him. She watched intently as he stroked his smallish cock. I could see that given Lenny’s age it was going to take him a while to get off. I was just about to tell her to help him out, when I got an idea. I hurried downstairs and out to the truck where Darren had been waiting for the last half an hour. I opened the truck door and told him that his boss needed his help inside. As we started towards the house, Darren muttered something about “what the hell had Lenny been doing all this time?” I grinned, thinking that Darren was about to find out! When we walked in the room, Lenny was still stroking but Anna was trying to help out by cupping his balls and letting him squeeze her firm young tits.

Darren looked on the scene in shock, and muttered “what the fuck?” I quickly told him that my wife Anna was servicing Lenny for delivering our sofa and that since Darren had helped he should get in on it. Lenny was in too much pleasure to care what happened at this stage, so he just kept squeezing my wife’s tits and jerking off. Darren took one look at Anna’s luscious tits, her wet little cunt which was gaping open as she sat on the edge of the bed, and immediately began undoing his pants. As he stepped forward towards her and pulled his pants and boxers down, an enormous black cock popped out. It was only semi-erect, but already about 8 inches and thick as a cucumber. Anna instinctively reached out and wrapped her tiny fingers around the the monster mid-shaft, enjoying the feeling of it’s girth. As she squeezed and stroked, Darren quickly reached full erection – probably 10 inches and thick as my wife’s forearm. Seeing my wife’s petite little hand stroking this black monster cock finally sent Lenny over the edge. He shot two streams of cum across her tits and the rest dribbled out onto her wrist and ran down her arm as she continued to cup and massage his balls. With Lenny finished, Anna could now use both hands to try to handle Darren’s huge cock. As she stroked him with both hands, he moved forward and thrust his hips out, pointing his weapon directly at her face. Much to my surprise, Anna took the head into her mouth! This was the first time she had done anything more than a hand job with another man, and she didn’t even look at me for approval! She just started sucking away at the big thing, alternately stroking it and trying to hold his massive black balls with her little hand. Getting more comfortable with the situation, Darren pushed her hands away from his genitals, grabbed Anna’s head with both hands and began fucking it. He looked at me and smiled as he fucked my wife’s beautiful face. She gagged as he forced his rod down her throat and she had to grab his buttocks to steady herself. I was starting to get alarmed and was going to stop him, but then I saw her slide one hand down and start rubbing her clit. This forcible face fucking was getting Anna very hot. It was getting me very hot, too. I couldn’t stand anymore – I pushed Anna off the bed and onto her hands and knees on the floor. Darren knelt down in front of her and pushed his horse cock back in her face while I slid into her creamy slit from behind. I grabbed her ass and gave her a good rough fucking while I watched her head bob up and down on Darren’s thick shaft. Lenny, who had been watching until now, laid down on the floor and sucked and licked at my wife’s swinging, bouncing tits. Anna had at least 2 obvious orgasms with one stranger fucking her face, another sucking her tits, and her loving husband plowing her cunt! Suddenly I saw Darren pull out and stroke his cock. His first load shot completely over Anna’s head and landed on her hair and back. He then aimed down a bit and gave her several big streams right in the face. Once he stopped shooting she milked the last drops out with her hand then looked back at me with a big smile and a face full of cum. Darren had creamed her good, and his goo was dripping off her chin, nose, and ears as she looked back at me, but she had kept her mouth closed tight. That sight did it for me and I quickly pulled out of her sloshing pussy and pulled her by the hair back towards my cock, which was now ready to blow. For me, she opened her mouth wide and took the first shots right in the back of her throat. I sprayed the rest on her forehead and cheeks and watched as it mixed in with the stranger’s semen. Anna laid on the floor with an exhausted, but satisfied look as the men got dressed and I showed them out.

When I came back upstairs she was getting into the shower. “I can’t believe you just did that” I said to her as she turned on the water. She looked at the floor, her face frightened and shameful, and said “I’m sorry, it was just so big and I got so horny jacking off the older guy… I thought you would be okay with me putting it in my mouth and….” I stopped her there and told her that it was fantastic. We agreed that she would be careful to never let a stranger cum in her mouth, but that it was okay for her to suck off other cocks.

Wow … this opens up all kinds of new possibilities. Reply if you like this and I’ll keep everyone posted on Anna’s new adventures.

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