Naughty Babysitting Cousin

Naughty Babysitting Cousin

There it was in all its glory and I stared in utter amazement. If Sandras’ full pubic bush wasn’t enough her pink, wet, and willing pussy was more than I had been exposed to. Sure I had seen the occasional boobs and bush in magazines but never a wet pussy inviting me in. I’d never really paid much attention to my cousins’ long brown hair or her nearly developed curvy figure before but tonight this new game of spin the bottle became my favorite game.

My cousin had babysat my sister and I before and we preferred her as she was less strict. Sandra was obviously feeling very horny when she suggested she would teach us a new game. She wasted little time in getting us all naked and I liked how she intentionally made the bottle point to me. “That means I have to do this,” stated Sandra. Leaning forward she took my throbbing little boner in her mouth and sucked it briefly. By this point my bald pussy sister was left to merely watch and even though the original
embarrassment of my own hairless nuts was long gone I tried not to stare at Sandras’ bush as she sat Indian style with her titties jiggling.

Stretching her arms behind her Sandra leaned back and spread her legs. “Now you’re supposed to put it in me,” she instructed. Time stood still and that image froze in my mind, it was the absolute best sight I had ever seen. Her sleek body laid out before me, my young life had new purpose, play this fucking game often and acquire as much wet pussy as possible! Before even sticking my dick inside her something told me how damn good this was gonna feel, perhaps the tingling sensation I got whenever I had stroked off. Inexperienced, I slid into Sandras’ wet paradise full speed, pumping like a horny dog and 15 strokes later I was done.

My sister often threatened to tell on one hand and I couldn’t wait to tell all my buddies on the other. Now with some experience under my belt in no time I was deflowering all my sisters’ friends and my own girlfriends. Girls would befriend my sister only to sneak off to my bedroom at night and my own bedroom window was a revolving window of innocent giggly neighborhood chicks that on more than one occasion woke and brought an angry parental unit pounding on my bedroom door. I often fantasized about Sandra, and as I got older it was more about thanking or repaying her.

It was a little over a decade later and suggested we might share a place until we got back on our feet. I had just moved down near Sandras’ for work and she was staying with relatives as well so it was an appealing option. Sandra still looked the same gaining little if any weight as we both felt refreshed to be in our own place. We were both adults now and the incident was never brought up although I must admit to jacking off with Sandra in the other room a couple nights and even thinking back to her sexy body. We had gone to the bar together and lived together for several weeks now and I was sure Sandra had completely forgotten about being my first. I had let her cut my hair without incident resisting her braless still perky titties in my face.

No work tomorrow I thought as I got out of the shower with my pussy starved cock swinging half hard. Half closing the bedroom door I finished drying off and sat down on the edge of the bed to pull on some socks. “Knock, knock,” Sandra said as she pushed the door open and stood in the doorway. With my cock and balls hanging down off the edge of the bed I grabbed for the towel to cover up. “What cha doing tonight,” she said. Was it just me or was she trying to sound so damn sexy? “I was gonna say we could pretend were not related and… uhm… if…if you want.” She was a little nervous asking and I knew what she meant. I thought are you shitting me, I’ve wanted to fuck her again for so long, I grew up jerking off to her pussy. Until she walked over and began massaging my shoulders I thought Sandra was just teasing. Standing up I brushed her long hair aside and buried my face in her neck. God she smelled freshly good as her hands wasted little time moving toward my growing cock. I wanted to rip her clothes off and bury my tongue in her wet pussy right then but I maintained my cool composure instead. I was a man now with a girthy and nearly 8” long cock now and couldn’t wait to show her my sexual prowess.

I think Sandra was expecting some plain missionary quickie sex from me so when I stripped her down and began tonguing both her holes with my expertise she exclaimed, “Oh you’re bad.” I tongued the entire alphabet on her slippery pussy, sucking her lips every so often before working my way to her sweet ass. I’d been with one other girl with a hairy ass but my cousins’ is by far the sexiest. Looking at her cute face I hadn’t expected this but I suppose the peachy treasure trail on her belly was clue enough. The velvety soft hair crept up both ass cheeks, moist from my repeated licking.

Lying on our sides she took my cock in her mouth continually complimenting, “Mmm, you’re so big Dave.” Hearing her say my name like we weren’t related aroused me even more. “You taste good, slurp, slurp, mmm, pretty cock,” she grunted in somewhat slurred speech and appreciation. I had all I could do to pull my face from her hairy bubble butt. I had waited years to repay her and sliding into her bushy cunt I had to distract myself to keep from cumming. To my delight she was tighter than expected, partly due to her not having been with her ex for a couple months now and as she pointed out, my cock was considerable bigger than his was. Sandra moaned as I looked around the room for distractions, reading various shit, counting things etc…to take my mind off how good she felt in order to go longer. My eventually numb cock was now ready to fuck for hours.

Whenever I thought Sandra came I stopped shortly after to lick her clean and started all over. At one point I began fingering her tight asshole while Sandra bounced up and down my shaft. With each orgasm the next became harder and Sandra a little rougher. I loved anal sex and wondered if my cousin would object. I loved the sight of her hairy ass and began sliding two fingers in as she rode me facing away with her sexy ass toward me. I was close to cumming and pushed her forward taking up position behind her. “You gonna fuck me in the ass now?” Sandra asked in a husky voice. “Uh huh,” I responded pushing the slick head of my fat cock into her furry crack. Sandra repositioned her ass even higher before spreading her cheeks with both hands. The incredible view of her voluptuous ass was breath taking and felt like a wet vice on my rock hard cock. I still jack off with the image of my cock disappearing into my cousins’ sexy ass. When Sandra began to buck and thrust her ass back on to my cock it was more than I could stand. I continued pumping as her tight hole milked squirt after squirt before finally coming to rest with my balls hanging against her pussy. I just stayed there, inside her, eventually taking small strokes. With my eyes closed and taking in the moment until my half hard cock fell from her asshole leaving a huge load of my cum streaming out.

We continued having sex regularly. Usually after I got out of the shower and Sandra would begin massaging me. There were great mornings of sex and even weekends spent mostly in bed together. Until Sandra came to me one day, she had been crying and explained we had to stop. While she expressed the sex was great, maybe too good, she confessed that she was falling madly in love with me. The temporary living arrangement had turned into much more than either of us had planned and I knew she was right. We stuck to our guns and although I occasional fantasize of sex with Sandra, maybe even just once more we both know how difficult it was to break our addiction to each other. I’ve even recently hunted down her phone number contemplating on calling just to see how she’s doing and maybe…?

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