Nicole and I

Nicole and I

I should start out by describing my life.

I grew up in a upper-middle class family with a nice house and good oppurtunities. I live with my mom and dad and my sister nicole. I was a very happy kid and was quite lived by my parents.

My early childhood was a bit strange, i should explain. The children in my neighborhood when i was about 8 set up a club. we called it the "poop and pee club". We were kids so that is the reason for the immature name. there was a couple guys, a little older than me and one girl, Alli. I dont remember how it came to this, but the guys eventually started having sex with alli, who was at the time around 10. They then suggested that alli and i have sex, so we did. it felt great. of course i couldn't orgasm but it was great none the less.

Alli and i would have sex by ourselves all the time. We experimented with all sorts of things: She gave me blow jobs, i fucked her up the butt, we even fucked in the middle of the street once.

however alli moved away when i was twelve so i had to return to being sexually inactive.

Now my story jumps a few years to the present, right as i am just turning 17. I should describe my life at this point. I am not an unatractive guy. I have a good body however i am a little on the slim side. I stand 5'9" 120 pounds. I am pretty skinny but i do have a good shape. i have dirty blonde hair and a great complection. Despite my qualities, i still find it hard to get girls. i just finished my junior year in highschool and so far summer has been great. long days at the beach, chilling with friends, you know how it is.

However when i go home at night i cant help being frustrated with my lack of sexual experience. I think back to when i had Alli and how i took it for granted. If i had her right now, i would fuck the shit out of her. But i am left with only the memories of her and our sexual encounters.

This is when i started to notice my sister, nicole. She is a little older than me which gives her that older sibling power over me. But we are still close. She is pretty short but has a great body. She stands about 5' 0" and must weigh about 95 pounds. She hase dark hair and a nice complection. We go to the beach a lot together and i cant help notice how great she looks in a bikini. Her tits are about a D cup and both her tits and her ass look great in that bikini.

Sometimes i jack off thinking about her and cant help but wonder how it would go if i asked her to fool around with me.

So one day i finaly figured it out and got the courage to do something about my urge.

I decided that i would play on her sympathy towards me, while at the same time offering her pleasure.

It was a tuesday and my parents were out of town for three days:

The morning had been very quiet, i took a shower after her at about 10, and at 11, i went to her door in by bathrobe and knocked on it. She told me to come in so i did.

"Hey" she said as she looked up from her computer. She had on a white tank top and short red shorts. God, she looked great.

"Hey, watcha doin?" i asked her

"Oh im just messing around on my computer" she told me, "Whats up?"

I was getting nervous now, i wasn't sure if this was such a great idea after all. But then i thought, what the hell, and went for it.

"I have a problem nicole" i said "and this is really embarising so if you decide against it please just forget what happened here"

"whats wrong michael?" she asked with a look of sympathy on her face. " what are you talking about?"

I could tell that i had her sympathy from the look on her face and decided that it was now or never.

"Im having girl troubles" i said with mock embarasment as i looked down at the ground.

"How can that be Michael?" she asked " your great looking and well built, hell, if i wasnt your sister, i would be all over you!" This comment really boosted my confidence.

"well the thing is that i know how to approach girls, but when it comes time for foreplay i just dont know what to do" I said

She stared at my face with her eyes kind of squinted and kind of bit the inside of her lips like she was thinking. She then turned back to her computer, clicked something and turned back to me. She looked up at my face and the her eyes wandered back to my chest.
"do you want some pointers?" she said as she looked back into my eyes. " is that what you came here for?" she asked

"Well . . . um . . . yeah i guess" i said with a little smirk.

"Alright" she said as she got up from her chair, "but it is super important that this does not leave this room" she said as she walked closer to me "we wouldnt want anyone finding out about this now would we?"

"no. i will keep my lips sealed" I said as she stood right in front of me looking up at me.

"Well, for now we want them open" she said as she grabbed my hand and led me across the room towards her piano.

This was odd i thought. I wondered why we were going to her piano, the bed was on the opposite side of the room.

"Where are we going?" i asked

"Sit down" she said pointing to the piano bench. "stratle it"

I did as i was told and stratled the bench facing her. She then too stratle the bench only as she came close to me she lifet he legs up onto mine with her ass still in contact with the bench. She had to look up to see my eyes.

"Just pretend like i am one of the girls that you might get with" she said "and I'll tell you where your going wrong." And with that she lifted herself onto me so that she was stratling my body. Her pussy touching my bellybutton and her tits rubbing agains my chest, her face was right in front of mine She then closed her eyes and leaned forward, i did the same and our lips met in the middle. we started to kiss. She would suck on my lips and nibble them slightly, then she would open her mouth and we would play with eachothers toungs.

With her arms hugged around me she would move slightly up and down as she opened and closed her mouth.

We kissed passionately like this for about five minutes when i wrapped my arms around her and leaned forward into her. I then picked her up still kissing and moved her to the bed where I laid her down underneath me. We still kissed and i finaly broke it by sitting up on my knees stratling her and rached down to the bottom of her tank top. i pulled it up above her head and in doing so her bra-less tits bounced out of her shirt. they were so beutiful and i needed to have them. i bent froward and began to kiss her again, fondling her tits. i once again broke our kiss, but this time I moved my kisses to her neck and down to her chest. I finaly reached her nipples which i took into my mouth and started to toung them. she gave out soft little moans as i did this.

After playing with her tits i moved down her body kissing down the middle of her stomach till i reached her belly button. I then looked up at her and told her i was going to take off her shorts.

"Yeah, go for it." She told me, "But just promise me that you will never tell anyone about this"

"I promise Nicole" I assured her and I pulled her shorts down around her ankles where she kicked them off. Her shaved cunt looked so inviting and i needed to taste it.

I leaned forward again and started to kiss her abdomen, I moved my kissing to her thighs and made my way down and up her left thigh and next her right. Then I moved to the inside of her thighs and licked all around her pussy, just teasing her. After it seemed like she finally couldnt take it anymore, i licked my tounge from her hole to her clit in one long motion.

She moaned really loud as I began to toung and nibble on her clit.

"Oh god . . . Oh yeah" she moaned between breaths. "Oh god michael you dont need any practice at all!"

As I pleasured her clit, i stuck two of my fingers in her dripping hole. At this she arched her back and let out a really loud moan. I bagan to finger her pussy while I pleasured her clit with my mouth.

"Oh god! oh God! Oh my fucking god! Oh yeah . . . micheal just like that, dont stop!" she started screaming.

"Oh my god im cumming" and with that I felt a rush of liquid puor onto my already sopping fingers.

After another ten seconds of attention to her clit while she cooled down, I looked up and she looked down at me.

"I am so glad that you finally asked me for this" she told me "I have wanted you for a while, you looked so great at the beach"

"I thought the same of you" i said. "Nicole?"

"Yes" she answered

"Can i fuck you?"

"Oh, I thought youd never ask" and with that she got up, flipped over on her bed and got on her elbows and knees with her ass sticking up in the air presenting her pussy to me.

At this i stripped from my Bathrobe and got behind her with my dick only inches from her sopping wet cunt.

"Dont you care about protection?" i asked out of courtousy.

"Just fuck me michael! I take birth control." She replied

So i leanded my hips forward and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I leaned forward and glided my dick into her inch by inch, slowly.

"You dont need to go slow with me, just fuck me! I need it now!" She demanded

So I gave up my slow pace and shoved into her. It was the best feeling I had had in five years. I started to fuck her at a medium pace, shoving in and out of her tight wet cunt with my hands around her waste.

"I said fuck me! Fuck me Hard Michael!" And with that I started to rail her as hard as I could. I pumped my self in and out of my sister till she started to scream.

"Oh god yes . . .Oh Oh Oh! . . . Fuck me, fuck my tight pussy . . . yeah just like that . . . Oh I have needed this. . . . aaahhhhhh yeah nnnnnggggggg." She was arching her back and yelping and moaning, and really turning me on. So I fucked her even harder.

After another thirty seconds of this I decided it was time to switch positions, so I pulled out of her.

"What are you doing!" She asked desperately.

"Come with me" I told her and i grabbed her hand and led her to the Family room. I sat down on the couch and told her to get on me. She stood in front of me and turned her back to me. she then lowered herself onto my lap with her hands on my knees, leaning forward. She let her pussy slide down my cock in one swift motion and began to fuck me. She was lifting her ass up and down, arching her back and moaning loudly.

this was great I thought to my self. I had my sister on top of me on our couch in our family room. The thought turned me on so much that I started fucking back into her. This doubled the already fast pace that was taken and I guesse she must have liked it because her moans turned to screams.

":AAAAHHHHHEEEEEEE . . . OH . . . MY . . . GODDDDD! FUCK ME! OH OH OH YEAH" She was screaming as i drilled my cock into her. With each time I pumped myself all the way into her there was a slapping sound of skin agains skin. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

I stopped fucking into her and let her do what she wanted to my shaft. She sat all the way down on it and started to rock herself in a circle. It was so great! I could feel the inside walls of her cunt suck me into her as her muscles contracted around my rock hard cock.

"Oh god michael, im cumming!" she exclaimed and I felt warm liquid surround my dick.

After she was done with her orgasm she got up off of my dick and told me she had a surprise for me.

She told me to stay right there and ran off to her room. She came back with a bottle of KY jelly and kneeled down on the floor in front of me.

"Put some on your fingers and finger fuck my ass" she demanded. So I did what i was told and first lubed up her ass by pointing the end of the bottle into her ass hole and squeezing the liquid down her rectum. i then lubed up three of my fingers and began to finger fuck her ass whole with only one of my fingers. She told me to put more in her so I sholed all three of my finger down her tight little ass. with this she gave out a loud moan and arched her back. She looked back at me and bit her lip.

"Yeah . . . just like that . . . ooooooh" she moaned as I began to really fuck her hard with my three fingers. I pulled them out after about a minute of this and she got up and told me to sit back down on the couch like before. She leaned forward and began to lick my fingers clean of the KY and her ass.

"mmmmm . . .my ass tastes so good!" she told me, and then she turned around and lowered herself back onto me the way she had before. Only this time it was her other hole that I could feel my cock slowly penetrating. Once she had lowered herself all the way down, she lifter her feet up onto my thighs and reached around to support herself with her hands on the back of the couch.

She started to hop up and down on my dick while her tight shit hole begged me to cum in it. I reached around her front and rubbed her clit in circles with my fingers.

"Oh god . . .Oh yes . . . Oh yes . . .OH MY NNNNNGGGGGG" She screamed as she bounced up and down on me. "HOLY SHIT! . . . FUCK ME!"

I started thrusting back up at her like i did while fucking her pussy and again the SLAP SLAP SLAP was heard above her screams of pleasure.

I must have fucked her tight shitter like this for a full five minutes, during which she came three times, before I exploded in her bowels.

I drained out all my cum into her and when I had finished I flopped out of her and she got up and faced me.

"I am going to take a shower if you would like to join me" she invited.

I was more than anxiouse to see what (or who) would come in the shower. So I got up and follewed her to her room where we entered the bathroom and turned on the shower and fucked all over again.

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