No Time For Modesty

No Time For Modesty

My parents had divorced, and my father (who is a chemical
engineer) was going out with a lady named Barbara who had a
daughter named Donna. Donna and I, who were both 15 at the
time, had a little crush on each other, but never did
anything about it.

One day, we were hiking together in the woods and came
across a clearing with a pool of standing water and mushy
ground all around. Donna tripped and got wet and when
trying to pull her to her feet, I fell down too.

We went back to the house and Dad was with Barbara. "What
happened to you kids?" he asked.

"Oh, we got wet by that little pond back in the woods," I

"Little POND? Oh, no! That's a contaminated pool!
Barbara…come here!" my dad yelled.

Barbara came over, and Dad said, "You keep an eye on these
two, I'll be right back."

He soon returned with what I guess was some kind of
radiation detector. He ran it over Donna and I. Then,
looking at the readout on the unit, he said, "You kids have
got to get your outer layer of clothes off RIGHT NOW!
Barbara…help Donna. I'll help Ricky."

Before I knew it, I was standing in my briefs, t-shirt and
socks, and Donna was in bra, socks and panties. While Barbara and
Dad were in the other room disposing of our clothes, Donna
and I kept looking at each other and giggling. "Well–ah–
nice undies, Donna," I stammered. Donna looked me over and
said, "Yours are nice, too." We both chuckled like idiots to hide our

Then Dad and Barbara came back. "OK, kids, hang on," he
said, and ran the device over us again. He looked at the readout and scowled. "Sorry kids, we’re going to have to get rid of more stuff". Our socks were rapidly stripped off, and my t-shirt was pulled over my head and thrown in the corner. Barbara started to unclasp Donna's bra.

"Wait a minute!" Donna exclaimed, as it was yanked off. She
quickly crossed her arms across her little breasts, looked over to me
and shrugged her shoulders.

Now in just briefs and panties, Dad ran the device up and
down our bodies again. "I got no choice, Barb. Get ‘em down to their birthday suits" he said, as Barbara nodded and reached toward
Donna's panties. "Hey, leave THOSE on!" Donna
protested, but Barbara ignored her and off they came.

Donna quickly covered her private area with her hand, looked at me sheepishly and blushed. Dad whipped off my briefs in one fast motion, revealing my now erect cock sticking straight out!
As fast as I could, I quickly put my hands over it. Donna, watching the whole thing, was smirking.

"Come on you two, hands behind your back! This is no time for modesty! I’ve got to get a clear reading!" Dad said.

"But…" I started.

"No buts! Just do it!" Dad commanded.

Donna and I complied, while Dad ran the device up and down
our bodies again. Donna’s face was beet red with embarrassment.
Her tits and bush were in full view as she wiggled her little
pink toes uncomfortably.

My completely erect dick was sticking right out for all to see, and Donna kept glancing over for an eyeful. I was getting a pretty
good view myself!

Then Dad looked at his device and said, "I'm still getting
a little reading. Hurry up…both of you into the shower

Donna and I ran to the bathroom, jumped into the shower
stall together, and turned on the water. In the privacy of
the shower stall, we both caught our breath and looked at
each other in the buff.

Donna looked down at my fully erect cock. "Hubba Hubba!
Look at YOU!" she laughed. Her nipples were hard and
pointed straight out.

"Nice bush, Donna”, I observed and gave a wolf whistle.

Donna smirked, "Cut it out, wise guy."

Suddenly, Barbara yelled through the closed bathroom door:
"Come on you kids…wash up. Let's go!"

"You heard your Mom," I said, as I worked up some lather
with the soap and reached out toward Donna.

"Hey, what are you doing?" she giggled. “What do you think I’m doing? I’m going to help you wash” I replied.

“But I never showered with a guy before” Donna replied.

“Don’t make a big deal out of it. Here, I’ll start” I said as I washed her underarms, then her chest. As I soaped up her little boobs, she whispered “naughty naughty!”.

I washed her legs, bending each one, working my way to her feet. "Pee-yew, sneaker feet! Boy, do they smell!” I teased.

"How rude! Stop IT!" she laughed.

I washed her feet, soaping between her little toes. "Hey,
that tickles!" she chuckled.

"I don’t care if it tickles or not, we’ve got to get you clean” I answered. “Donna, for Pete’s sake, when was the last time you cut your toenails? Look at this big toe. It looks like you're going to stab somebody or open up a can or something!" I teased again.

"Will you STOP making fun of my BODY!" Donna said through
the laughter.

"OK, spread 'em," I said.

"What? NO!" she exclaimed.

"Do you wanna get clean or not?" I asked.

She thought for a moment.

"Alright, go ahead” she replied and spread her legs. I soaped around, over, under and inside her cunt.

"Ooooo, you nasty man!" Donna cooed.

I turned her around and spread her butt cheeks. "Hey…not
there TOO!" Donna squealed as I soaped up her little
asshole. I got out the shampoo and washed her hair.

"Mmmmm, that's nice," she sighed.

I scrubbed her face, washing off her eye makeup and lipstick. She looked even cuter without it. After rinsing Donna off, I stood in front of her. “OK, get to work”, I said, handing her a bar of soap. She worked up some lather and washed my underarms. “You are so lucky you don’t have to shave your pits” she remarked. Then she washed my chest. She turned me around and scrubbed my legs, "Pretty hairy there, fella! Jeez, what big feet you have," she said as she continued washing me. She turned me around. “Look at this ass of yours” she remarked as she washed my butt. Then she spread my cheeks. “Can’t forget in here” she giggled, scrubbing my buthole. Then she turned me around again.

She pointed at my cock. “This, too?” she asked. “Yup, get going” I said. She started soaping my protruding dick. "Gawd, this
thing's hard as a rock!" she said through her nervous
giggles. She proceeded to wash my pubic hair and–lifting
my cock like a pump handle–washed my balls. “You guys certainly have weird looking equipment!” she laughed. When she let
go, she said "boing!" as my cock remained stuck straight
out. That made us both laugh.

Now that we were clean, it was time to get dirty. I just
couldn't stand it anymore. Evidently, neither could Donna
because almost simultaneously we embraced in a passionate
kiss as I bent her down on the shower floor.

I remember ramming my cock inside of her while she tilted
her head back and moaned with pleasure.

"Ohhh…that feels soooo gooood," she kept repeating. I
just kept working it in and out…in and out…in and
out…and after a while, she started shaking and I knew
that she was coming like mad. Moments later, I rammed it in
deep and came with an intensity that I had never
experienced before when masturbating. We both just lay
there with the warm water running over us.

After a while, I pulled out and gently pulled her over.
"What are you going to do now?" Donna asked breathlessly.
"Hey, wait a minute….not in the ass….I never…"

But it was too late, I had already begun to work my still
erect dick into her tiny asshole.

"Oh, you nasty, nasty, guy!" she panted.
She moaned and moaned while I did her in the butt. I shot
another load. We were both completely spent.

After a few minutes, she looked at me with a silly smile
and said, "Ooooo, you are SO BAD!" and gave me a big,
heavy-tongued kiss. Eventually, we both stood up and rinsed
off under the still running water.

Then, I bent her backwards over the side of the tub.

“Hey, not again!” she exclaimed as my knees opened her legs and I stuck my dick in. Donna closed her eyes as I started pumping her again.
She began to whisper “oh oh oh” over and over. The more I pumped the louder she got until she was practically shrieking. When I finally came for the last time, I thought that we were both going to pass out!

We both stood up and rinsed off again under the water. Donna turned to me and said “do you know that some guy just fucked the everlovin’ shit out of me just now?”

“Now, who would do a thing like that?” I asked.

Right on cue, Dad yelled through the door, "Hurry up, you
kids!" and we exited the shower. When we emerged one by one
wearing bathrobes, Barbara said, "I hope you kids got

We sure did. In a dirty kind of way!

Author's Note: This is an absolutely TRUE story. My Dad
(who passed away a couple of years after this happened) was
renting this house at the time, which was near a big
chemical company that he was consulting.

At the time this happened, the story about Love Canal
broke, and that's all that he talked about. He was
convinced the property was contaminated, and that disaster
was at every turn. I think that when Donna and I arrived
soaking wet, he just freaked out. Barbara was pretty
docile, so she just followed his lead. Thinking back, it
WAS a little weird of him to just strip us in front of each
other like that.

He just was so concerned about contamination (at least in
his mind) that I don't think that it mattered to him that
we were naked! As far as the shower goes, we only had one
shower and, again, he probably just wanted to "de-
contaminate us" as fast as possible.

Naturally, when a 15-year old boy and girl (who were
beginning to really like each other) get in a shower, what
do you think is going to happen?

I just know that I remember the episode like it was
yesterday (even though it was many years ago) because, as you can see, it was so sexually intense!

Donna, by the way, got married and remains a good friend.
Once she said to me "Your father could have at least put us
in different rooms!" then added with a wink, "But no

We did talk about how crazy we were not to wear any
protection, because she could have gotten pregnant.

Boy, were we lucky.


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