Nothin To Do So I Got Drunk

Nothin To Do So I Got Drunk

I went out to the club tonight. All the guys were buying me drinks. I got so drunk I couldnt stand by myself.

One guy offered me a ride but this woman walked over and told him to get lost. She introduced herself to me as Mary and I told her who I was. She heard of my work and offered me a ride home safely.

She was a young black girl named Tamarra. She was about five nine and very slender. She wore her hair straight like mine and she had a nice set of tits on her, almost as nice as mine.

We arrived back to my place and she invited herself up. I said I didn't care if she came in or not. She said she always reads my books and finds them very sexually stimulating. I smiled and sat on the couch.

She started taking my shoes off I asked her what she thought she was doing and she said "Im just getting you confey and cozy" I said "Oh thats nice". She asked me to sit at my computer and write something. She wanted to see me in action. I didn't dare tell her I get off on my own writing. She insisted so I sat and turned my computer on.

Im here now sitting here and cant think of one damn thing to write about. She is telling me to think hard but nothing is comming to me. She is telling me to relax while she is rubbing my neck. That feels nice. My god she is touching my boob playfully and is laughing. "Write aboutthat" she just said as she is doing her little massage.

Let me see, I am sitting here getting felt up by some woman that drove me home and I must say I don't totally hate it. In fact I am feeling nice right now. " How about this" she says as she moves her hands down to my pussy. I start to look at her but she says "Just keep writing" She is fingering my pussy and she knows just how I like it. She really is a fan of mine.

She crawls under my computer desk and is now kissing my oussy and keepos telling me to keep writing. My god I want her to stop. I love men but this is feeling too nice. I say without knowing it "Oh right there, yes, thats it" then she stops to read what I have written so far. She takes my hand and brings me to the couch. She undresses herself and tells me to lift up my dress. I do it and then she asks me to kiss her pussy.

I tell her I never did that before but she tells me it is ok. She takes my hand and pulls me down toward her. I go willingly and start kissing her between her legs. Once I did that I just went for it. I licked her pussy all around and then found her clit. I placed it gently between my teeth and pulled softly then licked her some more. I was getting into it while she touched my hair .

She stopped me and told me to write some more. Then we got into a sixty nine position and started licking and eating each other. We had small orgasms but we knew we wanted more.

I went to my bedroom and got my toys and we worked on ourselves for a while. Watching her doing that turned me on. She then worked on my with the dildo as I cried out for her to go deeper. She leaned into my pussy and started making fast circles around it while she buzzed my insides. It was amazing.

She made me cum six or seven times when she said she had to get home to her husband. I was shocked to hear she was hetro. I told her I thought she was a lezbo but she said "No, just a huge fan. I said to her"I will have to put you in my next book" she was delighted and walked out the door.

I live with a guy named Billy Bob Haywood. we are just great friends and he is putting me up while I finish my new book. He walked in the door and I was all over him. He pushed me off and said "Her I thought we dont do this"? I just said "Im drunk so get it whike you can baby". And he did.

I never saw that woman again nor did I ever have sex with another woman again but it gives me something to think about when I am curled up in my warm bed. Billy Bob never got another time like he had either. We do have an agreement though. If I ever get that drun k again he is allowed to fuck my brains out.

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