One Night Stand_(1)

One Night Stand_(1)

Steve was tooling down the highway, his work done for the day. He had planned on driving from Lockhaven to Olean, he was pretty sure tonight was the night of the monthly meeting of Parents Without Partners, at the big chain motel there. This was his third night on the road and he was horny. One night was okay, two nights bearable, but three he had to find some strange tonight. Too bad his appointments in State College and Lockhaven had taken him beyond the time to drive north to New York. He would have to settle for Williamsport. Per the directions of his dealer he found the motel that was recommended on the outskirts of town, he checked in and made his way to the rented room on the second floor.
The motel was clean and neat, at one time it had been part of a chain, but now had been taken over by some locals. Locking the door he unpacked a bit, showered, touched up his face with an electric razor and then redressed in jeans and a sport shirt. Then the obligatory call home to let his wife know where he was, that he was safely in for the night. By this time it was already 9 PM. Bars in this part of Pennsylvania close at 1PM, which gave him four hours to find a willing young lady to play hide the wiener with. Hell it didn’t have to be a romance; even a blow-job in the parking lot would be good tonight. A quick stop for a hamburger and he was set for the evening.
If you are traveling over the road as a salesman, small towns are the best places to stay. You know there is only one or possible two hangouts for a quick bump and run, rather than a couple of dozen, finding the place where those that wish their ashes to be hauled is half the battle when you are traveling.
The place recommended to Steve was a large disco, if anyone still uses that word, no band but a good dj playing at nearly a painful level when he walked in. The bar was a sunken affair that you stepped down into and were then on eye level with the dance floor. Neat place he thought, Steve liked bars, this one smelled good, stale liquor, stale perfume with just a hint of pussy in the air. Taking a minute to let his eyes adjust to the gloom, he saw two empty seats at different ends of the bar most of the tables were occupied with couples. He inquired of the occupants of the near the first seat and found it was occupied, the second was free, so he took it for his own.
The bartender was rushed, between the waitresses and the bar patrons, so Steve had a moment to look around and orient himself to the darkened room. To his left were seated a male and female, obviously a couple. To his right was a young woman, perhaps thirty, shoulder length brown hair, nice figure in a sundress. That sort of set Steve back a bit, it being the second week of September, and the weather while still pleasant was noticeably cool. On closer inspection he could see that the woman’s breast were unencumbered by a bra. ‘Down boy’ he thought to himself, this maybe the seat of choice. Finally the bartender came and he ordered a martini on the rocks, his lucky drink.
To explain, Steve had over the years worked out a very careful program, he knew to be successful with women you must listen to them, no matter how stupid their conversations may seem. If you wanted them to spread their legs and direct you into their sweet spot, you have to keep quiet and let them talk, and act as if this was the most interesting conversation you have ever had in your entire life. You don’t disagree with them, just nod and go umhmm. The next part of his technique was based on an old cliché: ‘Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.’ You wanted the girl nice and high, not too much or you would have a vomiting nothing on your hands, but enough to make the complaint. Druggies of any sort were quickly abandoned. Laws on drunk driving are bad enough, but to get locked up for funny cigarettes in small town is unbelievably bad judgment.
(Note this takes place a few years into the past before the nicotine nazi’s had taken over)
The young lady started fumbling through her purse apparently looking for a lighter, always the gentleman Steve leaned over and lit the cigarette for her, before lighting his own.
A polite thank you in a soft well moderated voice was his reward. Then it began, names, places, and a quick biography. She was Lee, 32 years old, from a farm outside of Williamsport. He was Steve, 38, from New York, just traveling through, a monthly visitor to the town. She had come here to relieve boredom, he had come because he didn’t want to be alone in his room watching old TV shows. In point of fact they had both come for the same reason, she had an itch, and he had the scratcher.
Now they got down to the personal, he was married, but not a fanatic about it, she was recently divorced and getting used to being alone. Then the music caught Steve’s attention and he asked her to dance. She agreed and up to the dance floor they went.
It was a fast number, which wouldn’t have been Steve’s first choice, but he faked it fairly well. By the end of the dance they were both breathing hard and a bit sweaty. The next number was a slow one from the early 60’s and Steve convinced Lee to stay and try this one.
She came into his arms and pressed against him. It was then Steve realized that she was wearing no panties either. ‘Yeah’ he thought to himself ‘you came here for the dancing, horizontal type.’ Lee was pressed against him, and Steve could smell sweaty girl, which is a very exciting smell, her hips were against him and as he hardened from her nearness she pressed against his erection with her crotch.
Finally the song ended and they returned to their seats.
It was a critical moment for Steve, now would make or break the evening, he had to keep silent, nod occasionally agree with her and pretty soon she would take him for a ride in her little saddle.
What happened next though tested Steve’s mettle. Lee began on her marriage and recent divorce. She had been married for six years, to hear her tell it to the prize young man of Williamsport, rich, handsome and sought after. She didn’t deserve him, then she had a little boy that was just as pretty and handsome as his father, and she didn’t deserve such a beautiful baby either. Her mother in law was well connected in local politics and kept reminding Lee how lucky she was to be married to her son. Lee didn’t have to work, for the first time in her life and just basked in the light she saw emanating from her husband, son and his family.
Steve kept his mouth shut. Most divorcee’s talk about their ex in more pejorative terms than Lee was doing tonight. They danced again, two fast and one slow, once again she pressed tight against his crotch with her hips, and this time her hands went down to his hips and held him tight against her.
They returned to their seats, Steve bought a round of drinks, and Lee went off again on how great her ex was, how pretty her little boy was and how she just had not deserved them.
During this diatribe Steve learned that Lee’s mother in law had pushed through a divorce that left Lee without a penny and no visitation rights.
So for the next two and one half hours Steve was treated to a complete litany of Lee’s faults, and how wonderful her ex and little boy were. As badly as he wanted at it, Steve wasn’t sure he could stand too much more of this claptrap.
Glancing as his watch it was now 12:30AM, and last call would be in 15 minutes. ‘Better to go back to the motel and jerk-off.’ He thought.
“Well Lee, it’s like this, that wonderful husband of yours tossed you out on the street, your on your own, and you can’t even visit your little boy unless the dragon lady, that is your mother in law lets you. Was your ex really that great, or are you just repeating what everyone else has told you trying to convince yourself rather than getting mad at the s.o.b.”
“Well I…..”
“Well I never.” Steve leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth. She responded passionately, the kissed lasted for 30 seconds, Steve broke it off.
“ You can wallow in the pain and tell people how wonderful you ex was or you can get on with your life. You came here tonight because you were horny and wanted to get laid, apparently you are tired of playing with yourself. Lee I am in room 207 of the big motel down the road, hop in your car and come down it will do us both some good, but no more about your ex. ”
With that Steve got up, threw a twenty on the counter to cover his check and headed to the parking lot.
‘Well it was worth a shot.’ Steve thought as he drove the half-mile back to the motel. He parked and walked up to his room, opened the door and turned on a light in the bathroom, then came back out and sat about half way down the first flight of stairs and lit a cigarette.
The cigarette gone Steve was about to give it up when a small blue sedan pulled into the parking lot, the headlights swept over him and the driver pulled into the first available space.
Lee slowly got out of the drivers side: “Hi.” She said.
“Hi yourself, come on over here and we can watch the stars.”
“Okay.” Lee walked over and sat beside Steve on the metal stairs.
“That’s a very pretty dress, it makes you look very sexy.”
“Really, I don’t think of myself as being sexy.”
“Well you are.” Steve leaned over and kissed her neck at the shoulder. When he inhaled he could smell fresh soap. Lee had stopped to freshen up, a sure sign. His hand moved the straps of the summer dress off her shoulders and moved the front of the dress downward exposing her breasts. “They are really nice Lee.” Whispered Steve as he gazed at a very nice pair of tits now exposed in the moonlight. He leaned over and took a nipple in his mouth and kissed it. A hand came in behind his head and pressed him hard into the breast and another hand grabbed his thigh. Not letting loose of the breast now crammed into his mouth he moved the hand on his thigh into his crotch, then began to explore Lee’s crotch with his hands. Lee spread her legs to give him excess to her pussy.
Lee groaned a little as he played with her nether lips.
Moving from the tit up to her ear: “I’m glad you don’t shave, it is so much nicer when it is all natural.”
“I’m glad you like it.” Lee whispered back and continued to squeeze his cock.
“Let’s go inside and get better acquainted.”
“Aaah, good, if you had blown in my ear again I would have cum all over your hand.”
Arm in arm they ascended the stairs. Steve was still dressed, Lee had the top of dress down and the bottom of her dress up. Once they were inside the room with the door locked, Steve doffed his clothes in double time, next he worked Lee’s dress off up and over her head. Naked now except for her shoes Lee moved into Steve’s arms and they kissed. Not forgetting what she had come for, she grabbed his dick and massaged it as they explored each other with their tongues.
Steve backed up slowly until he felt the edge of the bed against his legs, then he fell onto the bed dragging Lee with him. Once on the bed side by side they got into serious exploration of each other’s genitals. Steve had two fingers inside Lee with his thumb braced against her clit. Lee for her part had one hand on Steve’s balls and the other was jacking him off a mile a minute.
Finally coming up for air they nestled into each other’s neck as they caught their breath.
“Time to quit fooling around with this kids stuff.” Said Steve as he began to kiss and suck his way down Lee’s body. She fed him her tits shoving them in as far as they would go. Then he worked his way down to her belly kissing and biting.
“No, don’t Steve, I don’t know.”
“Shhush, its all part of the game.” Steve spread he legs wide and dove in. Licking and sucking her cunt from one end to the other.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Screamed Lee as she came almost immediately, then she clamped her legs hard against Steve’s head and began to work her pussy up and down on his mouth.
‘Gotcha.’ Thought Steve as relaxed on his side thoroughly enjoying the pussy in his mouth. He moved his hips up by Lee’s head, she took the invitation taking his cock in her mouth and began to suck, what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. ‘Glad I had that gin, she’d have me cuming in a minute like that.’
Lee was going off like a machine gun, she was cuming about every 20 seconds until finally she couldn’t get her breath. “Stop, oh please stop, I can’t breath, I’m hemorrhaging, there’s nothing left in me.”
Taking this as a signal Steve got up and reversed positions. He moved between Lee’s legs, she was breathing like a sprinter. He positioned his cock, which was well lubricated from her mouth, on her clit and massaged the clit with the head of his dick, sending her into another spasm.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh.” Moaned Lee.
Steve moved down a notch and drove home. No need to be gentle at this point. Lee went ridged as a board arched her back high into the air taking all 180 lbs of Steve with her as she climaxed again. Then it was off for the ride. Lee’s ass was in overdrive as she tried to get more and more of the cock into her. She was coming now in one long continuous orgasm.
They fucked like this, both covered in sweat until Steve finally caught a nut and drove home one final time as he ejaculated into Lee.
“Oh god I felt that, ohhhhhhh, here it comes again, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.” Screamed Lee as Steve kept pressed against her, she dug her finger nails deeply into his ass trying to pull him completely into her cunt. Then they both collapsed.
It took about two minutes for their breathing to return to normal. Steve lit two cigarettes and gave Lee one. They lay there in the dark smoking, the sheets now soaked with a potpourri of body fluids.
“Did I measure up?” Whispered Lee.
“Measure up, you are a little sex kitten, or better yet sex tiger.”
“I’ve never cum like that before, no one has ever kissed me down there like you did.”
“Come on you were married, your husband didn’t go down on you.”
“He tried a couple of times but it was just embarrassing for him. If I took him in my mouth he would shoot almost immediately.”
“It’s a matter of muscle control, and besides I like women. I like the way you squealed when you came.”
“Hmmmm, well right now I have to pee, then we will talk about that last.” Lee got up and her legs gave out. “Oops, they aren’t working too well just yet.” She giggled as she limped into the bathroom to relieve herself.
Like most men Steve wanted eight hours of uninterrupted sleep after a session like this, and now with a stranger in the room he had to figure out how to gracefully get rid of her without a scene.
Lee toddled back in from the bath and plopped down on the bed beside Steve. She pressed her breast against his arm, and moved a leg over his legs so her pussy was against him. “So you like women do you, you like it down there?”
“Yes, why is that a problem.”
“No, just I never had anyone kiss me like that before.”
“You know you don’t have to use polite euphuisms, you could be crude and say ‘suck me off’ to get you point across.”
“Okay, I have never had anyone suck me off before, how’s that?”
“Good very good.”
“So you like it?”
“Yes I like it, and you have a very nice pussy, just they way I like, lots of hair, good smelling and tasting. So what’s your point.”
“Weeeell, I just wanted you to know I enjoyed sucking you too, but I didn’t suck you off.”
“No you didn’t, muscle control and a little gin helps, the wand has to stay hard to perform its magic. You know oral sex is fine, but you have to admit it has to end with some penetration.”
“Yes, penetration is good, I like that, penetration is good, have to remember that.”
Steve in spite of himself was aroused again, he had a willing complaint girl next to him that was oozing sex from every pour, she smelled of a combination of sweat, and pussy, in other words she smelled like a good fuck. He leaned over and kissed her, she opened her mouth and pulled him to her. His hand went to her cunt, now wet moist and wide open and he began to finger fuck her again. Her hand went to his cock and balls and began to play with him. They broke the kiss, Steve leaned over and took a nipple in his mouth biting and sucking it. Lee’s hips began to undulate inviting him back aboard, by now he was hard again. Lee was tall enough so he kept the nipple in his mouth and mount her. Lee guided his cock into her wet cunt and pulled him close.
The second time was slow, Steve pistoned in and out pulling completely out and then pounding back in. Lee started cuming again and continued to cum until Steve finally shot his second load.
Steve collapsed on top of her, exhausted. “You feel so good on top of me, I guess I was born to have a man mounted on me like this.” Lee whispered.
“Don’t start that again or we will be here till noon.” Said Steve as he withdrew and rolled over.
“What time is it?” Asked Lee.
“A quarter to five, according to the clock.”
“Omigood, I have to be to work at eight, I’ve got to go.”
“Want to take a shower first.”
“No time, besides I like the way I smell right now, don’t want to wash you off me yet. I hope you knocked me up, I want a another baby all my own.”
“It is always possible I suppose, is it that time of the month for you?”
“No not really.”
“Lee you are a nice lady, don’t let anyone tell you anything different, you’re a warm wonderful girl and you deserve better than you have had up to this point.”
“Oh that is so sweet.” Said Lee almost crying. By now she was almost dressed. “I’m leaking, you’re running down my leg, it feels so sexy.” Lee leaned over and kissed Steve’s cock. “Mmm, he tastes so good, next time it’s your turn I’ll suck you off.” With that she was out the door.
There was no exchange of last names, phone numbers or addresses. Both knew this was a one-night stand. Lee would go back to remembering her ex as something he wasn’t and Steve would go home to his wife in New York.
The drive home was uneventful, he stopped in Scranton and made a perfunctory call on a dealer there to justify being home early to his boss, then drove the ninety miles to New York. His buttocks and back were a mass of scratches. His cock was raw and bleeding, and he had a large sucker bite on his neck, which was turning a brilliant purple. Luckily he thought his shirt collar covered the mark, but something had to be done to hide it from his wife for the weekend.
When he got home he gave his wife a quick kiss and said he needed to use the bath and quickly. In the bath off the master bedroom he found some of his wife’s make up and it covered the hickey very well. ‘Not bad for a temporary, but have to think of something more permanent.’
So that night despite being played out and sore of cock, Steve made love to his wife as if he didn’t know her. He stayed after her until she was nothing more than a sweating, groaning wreck. The next morning he showed her all his scratches and the sucker bite attributing them to her passion the night before. She accepted this as the case since it had been a long time since Steve had been that aggressive with her.

Monday morning came and Steve was off to Buffalo and who knows what else.

NOTE #1: The elements of the story are true, the conversations are probably not word for word but do contain the gist of what was said that evening 25 years ago.

NOTE #2: Years before the events in this story Steve had a long philosophical conversation with a fellow salesman about the proper and best technique for eating pussy. The individual argued the best way was for the girl to be seated either in a chair or on the bed, her feet on the floor with the man positioned kneeling between her legs. This way he could breath easily and didn’t have to have the round brown staring back at him. Steve had countered this argument by saying he preferred to be side by side on the bed in a classic 69 position. You had better access to the pussy and its contents in this fashion, and it allowed the lady to suck or play with you. The mere proximity of the round brown was not something Steve considered all that bad. Plus, the added pleasure of the girl squeezing you as she cut loose was worth a great deal. So what, if you couldn’t breath, breathing wasn’t everything. The other gentleman countered that if you were kneeling between the girls legs, she could place her legs on you shoulders which gave you excellent access to her charms and she could squeeze the head that was present till it came to a point. Nothing was settled by this argument. The cogent point they did agree upon was that a woman takes longer to warm up than a man and that giving her a couple of orgasms orally make the fucking much better.

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