Parents Gone, Bra On

Parents Gone, Bra On

As people walked past me in the streets they didnt know that i wasn't just the little 14 year old boy they see. In fact i was a 14 year old boy with a story behind him, a dirty story which nobody could ever know, but one that was the greatest experience of my life. Not only that but one that would be on my mind every day for the rest of my life!

It started on a summer saturday evening, my parents went out to the theatre to get away from me and my brother for a night. As they left I was sitting watching TV, it was some program about food, fast food maybe.They were both all dressed up, and actually my brother had gelled his hair up, he was 16. Just as they closed the door, my brother shot up and ean upstairs, he came back down with a jumper on and his trainers. He was taking advantage of a night on his own, he was left to look after me when in fact he wasnt intending on doing so. He actually walked straight out the door and said se ya later, pizza in the oven. I was on my own.

I didnt care about the pizaa by this point, i went straight upstairs to look at porn on the internet, as i looked i noticed how sexy the girls were, but how much i loved the dick's in the porn, i didnt like lesbian porn, i loved the cock infact. But i stopped thinking about that, but started thinking about the girls. I was always curious about girls. So i creeped into my mum n dads room and opened my mums underwear draw. Suddenly my cock was getting harder, obviously at this time it wasnt huge and wasnt very hairy, but i sure did get excited as i saw all those panties and bra's, and even the stockings. I looked through them all, and eventually picked out this silky black thong and a matching bra. I sniffed the thing deep in my nose as it was buried in my face. It smelt fresh because they had been washed but that wasnt the point, theexcitment now was turning me rock hard. So i slipped them on, and then messed with bra, inexperienced getting it on. My cock, was about 4 1/2" long, but rock solid in that thong and bursting out the side, i then decided to put on the stockings in the corner of the drawer. I felt so horny, and even sorta sexy.

Suddenly I heard the back door open, it was my brother, he ran upstairs sayting something about forgetting his wallet, i thought crap what do i do, so i ran into my room hoping he wouldnt come in. I heard him close his door and i thought i was safe, but then, he walked into my room. It had been raining because he was all wet and the water was dripping from his nose and hair, it was so sexy it turned me on. He even looked at me with a smile. He just said, nice choice of outfit. I smiled alf heartedly thinking about my hard cock, but i noticed that his jeans were bulging!!, i thought to myself he must have a huge cock under there!

He looked at me, and smiled saying, so you wanna play. I didnt know waht he meant until he started to unzip his jeans and they dropped to the floor, he said come over here. i did, now i was so excited!! in the hope i could suck his cock, i wasnt gay, it just hit me at the moment how much i wanted his cock in my mouth. His only words were, so you want it? i nodded and pulled his boxers down, and his cock puinged out into my face!, it was huge, 8" long! i cudnt bleive it, it was roughly double mine!, but that made it all the more exciting, my first cock, and its huge.

I started quite slowly and reluctantly after all the excitment, with 3 short hesitant touches witht he tip of my tongue, but after that, iwas fine. I went in on him, by licking up and down the whole shaft, on one side and then onto the other, twisting tround it like a helter skelter. He was moaning and all i could think was, he is my brother, how cool is this! his cock was all wet now, and i rubbed it up and down with my hand, feeling his pulse through it. then i took the thing into my mouth, only the head at first, beacuse i was worried of chocking, i teased it with my toongue, but by accidnet, i could tell he was liking it so i continued. He said to me in a moan, go on bro, take it all in, go on bro. On that que i did as he said. It was so warm, and felt really good actually!, i was feeling so good that i started to jack myself off as i did it, he was loveing it. And I started to go up and down the shaft faster, his breaths were getting heavier and louder, and faster. I was close to cumming myslef, but then he said, I'M GONNA CUM, and just as he finished saying it so he did, he shot his hot goo in my mouth, and i cudnt hold it all in, it dribbled over my chin and i had to take his cock out of my mouth and he finished it off all over my face, just as i came in my mums panties. i swallowed the mouthful i had in my mouth, and didnt even think about the fact i just came in my mums panties. But my bro said, we'll have to clean up your face, and as he said it, he licked his own jizz up from my face and it felt so good. It was unbelieveable!!

He said well you better get changed, Mum n Dad'll be home soon, and we dont want them to see us like this now do we? So i retracted from him as he wiped his cock off with a tissue and i took off the bra n thong, and i just put them back in the drawer, in hope she wud never notice the cum stains(it was actually the first time i had ever cum), but i kept the stockings, i liked them. Maybe we'll see waht happens next time Mum and Dad go out for the evening, maybe we might go further.

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