Part 2 – View from the deck.

Part 2 – View from the deck.

It was mid-afternoon and very sunny out. I decided to lay out on the deck and work on my tan. The parents were still at work and I could spend some quiet time with Bill. The deck on the back of the house is about six feet off the ground and quite large and there is plenty of space for a table and several lounge chairs so I spread out my towel on a nice cushioned chair and set my iced tea down on the table. I donned my sunglasses and settled in for a rest.

Bill came around the house and joined me with his own towel. I was dressed for the sun in my one-piece suit that was cut high and low in the right places and Bill stood over me and admired the views that I was offering. I just lay on the chair, looking at him through the sunglasses, and bent my knees so he could sit down next to me. Bill quickly slid onto the lounge and lay down on his side so he could get very close. We started to kiss. First rather lightly, just getting a feel for each other, then more deeply as we both started to heat up. I do not know if it was the sunshine or Bill’s touch of his lips that made me hotter. Pretty soon he moved right behind me and wrapped his legs around my waist. I leaned back on his strong chest and stroked his legs while he massaged my shoulders and neck. There we stayed for awhile just enjoying the feel of each other.

As we lay on the chair I was looking around the yard and found myself watching the neighbors’ backyard. The next-door neighbors have both a swimming pool and a hot tub. I hardly ever see anyone on the tub but today I noticed their 17 year-old daughter Jill in the tub with what I presumed was her boyfriend, although I had not seen the guy before. Her parents were probably still at work and she had not noticed Bill and me laying on the deck chair. The deck has side rails with vertical slats that I could see through and gave me some amount of privacy so she probably thought she was not in view of anyone. As I lay there feeling Bill touch my neck and shoulders I was enjoying the view of these two teenagers. The boyfriend was holding Jill and kissing her neck and running his hands on her arms. She was enjoying the feel as she lay back in his arms, like I was laying back on Bill.

Bill had not noticed the couple yet so I tapped him on the arm to get his attention and pointed to them. He whispered in my ear that they looked like they were having fun and now we both watched them closely. Jill was wearing a white two piece suit, only the top of which I could see because they were sitting in the water. The guy started to stroke Jill’s face and kiss her cheeks and now his hands were running up her sides and I could see his fingers tracing the outline of her breasts. I had watched Jill in her yard before and had appreciated her firm figure. She is very fit, with a beautiful bottom and a flat stomach. Her figure was enhanced by her breasts, which were at least a C cup and sat up very high on her chest. Jill sometimes hits a tennis ball against her garage door and I like to watch her bounce around and strike the ball with her racquet. She is very sexy and I really like watching her and her apparent innocence. I could tell now that she was not quite as innocent as I thought as I watched her boyfriend hold her breasts in his hands and run his fingers over her nipples.

Jill had reached back with her hands and was fondling her guy’s head, running her fingers through his hair and stroking his neck. I did the same to Bill as he kissed my neck and started to touch my breasts, just like the guy did to Jill. My breathing began to get heavier as Bill’s touch was getting me excited. I imagined that Jill was feeling the same thing, without the benefit of watching us. I was getting quite wet at the whole scene, with us spying on the neighbors and playing with each other. This was the first time I had actually felt sexual while watching the kid next door, although I had frequently spied on her as she went around her yard, or came and went in her car. I especially liked to watch her when she laid out by her pool, although she had always been alone.

They were definitely not alone now, although she thought they were, I am sure. Her boyfriend had untied her top and now exposed her breasts to us. He was taking water from the tub and dripping it on her nipples and rubbing them between his fingers. Jill had her head back and was obviously enjoying the touches. Bill unhooked my suit from the back of my neck and pulled the top down to my stomach, exposing my own breasts and my rock hard nipples to the warm air. He took my nipples in his fingers and while Jill’s guy stroked her breasts and rubbed her nipples, Bill did the same to me. I was now soaking wet in my pussy and I imagined that Jill was the same. She was gripping her boyfriend’s head harder and arching her back as he played with her nipples and kissed her neck. I could see him reach his hand down her stomach and disappear into the water below. I could not see what he was doing but could absolutely see the affect it was having on Jill. She was moaning out loud now and humping his hand as he fingered her. I could see the muscles in her arms tense up as she gripped his head harder and almost lifted herself out of the water at his touch.

Bill was now pulling my suit down below my hips and was moving his hand down to my pussy, walking down my stomach with his finger tips. As he reached my shaved crotch he paused right at my clit and started to finger it. He dipped his finger into my soaking wet pussy and rubbed the juice up my slit and over my hard nub. He rubbed in circles and dipped again for more juice. I had spread my legs wide apart and now reached down to push his hand down lower. I found his wet fingers and forced them into my hot hole. Bill got the idea and started fingering my pussy deeply with his fingers while he still rubbed my hard nipple on one breast. I was bucking wildly on his hand and pulled his head tightly against my neck as I came on his expert fingers, my juice literally spraying out onto the towel and covering his hand.

Bill removed his soaked fingers and immediately brought them up to his mouth so he could taste my sweet offering. He loves the taste of my pussy juice and proceeded to lick and suck his hand and each of his fingers. Bill then allowed me to calm down a bit before he moved around in front of me and pushed me back against the lounge chair as he removed my suit completely. He lightly stroked my thighs as he lowered his face to my wet crotch and inhaled my scent. Bill was on his knees now and started to lick my wet thighs and move up to my soaked pussy. I reached down and pushed his head into my crotch, as much for the pleasure of his mouth on my pussy lips as to move his head out of my view of Jill in the tub.

Jill’s boyfriend was now sitting on the side of the tub completely naked and Jill was kneeling in the tub with her hands around his dick. She was stroking his hard-on and licking the head. He had one hand on her shoulders and was holding onto the tub with the other. Jill started to wrap her lips around and go down on his long shaft. She was sucking up and down and he was pushing his hips up to meet her mouth. As Jill bounced on his dick I could see her breasts rising out of the water and dripping from her nipples. As she went back down on his shaft her nipples went back under the water for another soak. Bill continued his meal of my pussy, unable to see Jill perform on her guy. I ran my fingers through Bill’s hair and pulled him harder onto my clit as his tongue danced on me, sending me very close to another orgasm. Bill then inserted a thick finger into my dripping pussy and started to plunge into me while licking and sucking on my clit. At the same time Jill’s boyfriend started to buck up into her mouth and I could tell he was getting close. He pushed her head down onto his wet dick and thrust up into her mouth.

Just as Bill was pushing a second finger into my hole, Jill’s boyfriend moaned and stiffened in her mouth. I could see him let go of her head but Jill stayed down on his swollen shaft, sucking him harder. As he blew his sperm in Jill’s soft mouth I shuddered and came all over Bill’s face and hands. I shook the chair and pulled my legs around his neck and pulled him in even closer. Bill never pulled away and continued to lick my pussy and clit, sending me even further over the edge. Jill cleaned up her man’s dick and licked all the remaining cum from her hands. He slid into the water and kissed her deeply as he wrapped his arms around her. Bill moved up to me and kissed me as well and I could taste the pussy juice as I licked his mouth and face.

As I rested in Bill’s arms and Jill and her boyfriend held each other, I looked up at her house and noticed for the first time that her younger 15 year old sister Jane was staring right at Bill and me on the deck. I do not think she could see her sister in the tub from that angle and I do not know how long she was watching us. As I was wearing sunglasses Jane could not tell where I was looking. She reached up and waved at me through the window and I almost waved back until I realized that she was simply wiping the fog from the window. Jane continued to watch us, possibly hoping to see more and as I lay there with Bill, I was aware of how hard Bill’s dick was because be was pressing it against my thigh. I am sure he got very worked up while he licked me. I always get extra horny while I suck him or touch him in any way.

Now as I looked right at Jane in the window, although I do not believe she could tell, I started to push my hand against Bill’s raging hard-on. He was laying next to me and holding me in his arms and he turned slightly to give me easier access to his bulge. Bill never tried to rush me and let me take my time now because he knew that I liked touching him. I turned on my side facing him and unbuttoned his shorts and pulled his zipper down. Then I pulled his shorts open and spread them apart to expose his underwear and his hard dick. I traced the bulge in his boxers with my finger tips while Bill lay back on the lounge. I made sure that Jane had a good clear view of what I was doing. Once Bill was comfortable, I pulled his shorts and boxers down, revealing his dick to my audience.

I started to stroke Bill’s thick dick as I played with his balls. He was laying back moaning slightly as I laid my head on his chest. He reached up and started playing with my hair and I continued to jerk his stiff dick. I was watching Jane in the window and the more I stroked Bill the heavier she was breathing. I could not see more than her head and shoulders but I was sure that she had a hand down to her pussy by the way she was fogging up the window. She kept wiping it so she could watch what I was doing. It did not take long for Bill to start thrusting his hips up to meet my stroke and I moved my mouth down closer to his swelling head and started to lick the wet tip. Once my tongue touched his dick and Bill knew I was going down, he let out a low moan and grabbed my head with both hands. He pushed his throbbing member deep into my mouth and shot several ropes of hot sperm into my mouth and down my throat. I happily swallowed everything he pumped into me and continued to suck to get all his love juice.

When Bill finally calmed down I looked up and Jane was starting, open mouthed, at the two of us laying naked on the lounge after having done probably the sexiest thing she had ever thought possible. If she could only see the cum that I swallowed I bet she would have passed out. At this point she quickly backed away from the window and I am sure jumped right on her bed to rub herself off. It was getting late and the folks would start coming home so we got dressed. As I looked down at the tub I could see that Jill was helping her boyfriend pull his shorts back up and he was straightening her hair. I think about that afternoon often when I masturbate and wonder what would have happened if Jill had noticed us on the deck.

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