Part 3 – The girl next door

Part 3 – The girl next door

The next day I went outside to enjoy my freedom from school and work once more. It was not quite as hot so I just put on my denim cut-offs and a t-shirt and took a book out to the deck to read and soak up some sun. I had been reading for about an hour and it was almost lunchtime and I was just thinking about going inside for something to eat when Jane appeared on the steps of the deck. She was dressed in her softball jersey, shorts, and cleats. Her hair was pulled back over her ears and her baseball cap was pushing down on her hair, holding it in place, the same way I like to wear it.

Jane played ball for the school during the year and was in a summer league that kept her pretty busy until school started up again. She just ended the ninth grade. She stood on the top step looking at me for a little while. She appeared a little nervous and maybe was waiting for me to look up from my book before saying hello. After a few moments I looked up and smiled. “Hi! You startled me by being so quiet.”, I said. “Sorry. I didn’t want to bother you but nobody is home and I need some help practicing. Do you feel like throwing the ball around?”, she asked hopefully. I put my book down and took a closer look at this fifteen year old. Jane was quite striking in her outfit, with nice muscular legs and a thin waist. Her small breasts pushed at her top and I could see that she was wearing a sports bra. Her shirt was tucked into her satin shorts pulling the front tight against a flat stomach.

I had watched Jane practicing in her yard before. She was either a pitcher or wanted to be one because she spent a lot of time practicing her fast-pitch into a barrel that she had sitting on a chair. The ball would come off her hand at all speeds and funny angles and I am sure that I could not hit a single one of her pitches. I suddenly felt like I was missing something not ever going to one of her games. Sometimes she would be in the yard with her father or another friend but today it appeared that she had nobody else to work with. I placed my book on the table and hopped up from the chair. “Sure!”, I said. “Let’s go.” We stepped down into the yard and I asked, “Do I need a glove?” “I don’t think so”, she answered. “I will toss it back to you easy. I just need someone to throw ground balls at me.”

We spent about a half-hour tossing the ball back and forth. I would throw them at the ground, like she asked, and Jane would run in front of the ball and stop it easily. I started to feel like she didn’t really need this workout or she needed someone who knew better what to do. We chatted about the weather and baseball and how nice it was that school was over for the summer. Jane asked me what I was going to do, now that I had graduated, and I told her that I was going to the local university. When I said that she smiled and it was then that I realized that she did not need me to help her catch easy ground balls.

I suggested that we stop for lunch and invited her to the kitchen for a sandwich, which we could take out to the deck and eat together. Jane immediately accepted and we went inside and made a couple of sandwiches and took some drinks out to the table. While we ate I could not help but watch Jane as she sat near me. She was as pretty as her sister, in a younger way. At fifteen, she was still developing but was already quite a woman. She was watching me also and after some time she finally started to talk a little more. “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”, she began. “Sure”, I said. “What’s on your mind?” “Well, I was wondering if I could ask you about what you were doing out here yesterday.”

I began to get wet as soon as she asked me this. I was sure that is why she came over in the first place but figured she was too embarrassed to ask right away.

“What do you want to know?”
“Well, how long have you and Bill been doing that kind of stuff?”
“I don’t know. Maybe a couple of years. Why? Is there a guy you are interested in?”
“No. I was just wondering. I liked watching you. I have never seen anything like that before. Jill just kisses her boyfriend but nothing like that!”

If she only knew what I had been watching yesterday from this very spot!

“Do you think, maybe, I could watch you some other time?” I couldn’t believe she just asked me this. “Sure!” I blurted out. “You can even join us, if you want!” Jane’s face went beat red when she heard this. “I don’t know about that! I have never done anything before!” I had clearly embarrassed her and was immediately sorry that I jumped so far forward. “That’s ok”, I said. “Don’t worry about it.” I reached over and placed my hand on her arm and looked right in her eyes. I was really quite excited at all this talk and did not want to let the moment pass. I had never really thought of myself as bi-sexual before but I did like to masturbate and had often thought about someone else touching me the same way. Bill’s touch was great but it was not the same as my own.

Now that I looked at Jane I started to think that it might be really great to actually get closer to her. Before another second went by I asked, “Have you ever touched yourself in front of one of your friends?” She looked at me a little shocked but did not pull her arm away. Instead she blushed a little and answered, “No. But I have thought about it. Especially since I saw you out here yesterday.” Now I gently ran my fingers up her arm and I reached behind her neck and pulled her close to my face. As she came closer, I could feel her tense up. I am not sure what I was thinking at that point but I placed my cheek against hers and brought her to me for a hug. Her arms quickly wrapped around my neck as she pulled me tightly against her shaking body.

I held on to Jane and repositioned myself so I was facing her more. As she came even closer I reached down to her firm leg and pulled it up and wrapped it around my waist. I then pulled her on top of my lap and she brought her other leg up and around me as well. We just held onto each other like that for a few minutes, breathing heavily, and running our hands over each other’s back and neck. After we relaxed a bit I pulled her back from me so I could look at her face. Then I placed my fingers on her chin and started to stroke her cheek from her ear to her puffy lips. She licked her lips as we looked into each other’s eyes and I ran my finger over her wet lips and brought them to my own mouth. While she watched me I stuck my slender fingers into my mouth and tasted her for the first time. Once I withdrew my fingers I was on her mouth with my own lips in a flash. I pulled Jane down on top of me and my tongue probed hers as I grabbed the back of her head and feasted on this sexy young thing.

Jane responded in kind and we kissed like this for what seemed like hours, not attempting anything more. Not yet. After we were completely out of breath I pulled back and looked at Jane. She held my face as we looked squarely at each other. “Let’s go inside”, I said. Jane jumped off me and grabbed my hand as she led the way into the house. Once inside I pulled her over to the couch in the family room. The light from the partially shaded windows cast warm shadows on the couch and it looked like a good place to relax without being in bright light. I turned around to face Jane and put my arms around her body, then I allowed myself to fall backward on the couch with her on top of me. Our lips met again and our tongues explored with what seemed a mind of their own. The feeling of kissing another woman was new to me but I already knew that I loved doing it. Her lips are the softest thing I have ever felt. As soft to touch as my own pussy lips but I have never touched anything this soft with my mouth.

Jane gently sucked in air while kissing my mouth and licking my lips. Her hands were stroking the sides of my face and tracing lines on my neck. I ran my fingers down the side of her t-shirt and pulled the fabric from under the waistband of her shorts. Once her shirt was free of her shorts I touched the skin on her back for the first time. Jane’s heat was evident on her back and the warm feel of another woman was sending me to a sexual peak. I ran my fingers up her back and felt her bra. Without hesitation I pushed my fingers under the elastic and pushed it up, also pushing her arms up at the same time. Jane did not resist and sat up on me to allow her shirt and bra to be lifted over her head. She pulled the shirt off and dropped it on the floor as I watched her uncover herself for me.

I placed my hands on her hips and moved my fingers up to touch her tender breasts. As I got closer Jane reached up and covered my hands with her own, stopping me briefly. While looking in my eyes, Jane then moved my hands up to her breasts and covered them with both our hands. Her head slowly leaned back and she arched her back at my touch. My fingers found her hard nipples and I lightly rubbed them both at the same time. Jane’s hands dropped down and she leaned back on my thighs to allow me complete access to her naked flesh. I continued to stroke her nipples and my fingers outlined her breasts and traced down her flat stomach and around her waist again.

I then leaned up and began to lick the stiff nipple of her right breast while I pulled her closer to my body. Jane responded by placing her hand on the back of my head and moaning deeply. After wetting her nipple completely I moved to the other breast, repeating my effort, tasting her soft body. I pulled Jane back down on top of me and moved my hands down her firm back to the top of her shorts. I allowed my hands to explore her firm cheeks and the tops of her thighs and I sneaked a finger under the leg opening of her smooth shorts and touched her backside gently. Jane shuddered when I touched her here and began to push her pelvis firmly into my hip. I ran my finger in small circles on her anus and gently moved down to her hot pussy. I could not wait to feel her there and slipped a finger over her wet hole right to her hard clit. Jane practically screamed in my ear when I touched her pussy and she held me even tighter as her hands were pushing down my sides.

She reached under her and pulled at the button on my denim shorts and once she had that open she quickly pushed the zipper down. Jane reached into my shorts and pushed her fingers down over my panties right to my sex. Her fingers found my clit and we rubbed together, with Jane reaching under the elastic of my underwear right onto my hot pussy. The feeling of another woman touching me was fantastic. I never realized how another touch could make me feel so sexy and wanton at the same time. With Bill the feeling of touching and pleasuring each other is great but we really are taking turns making each other feel good. It does not happen simultaneously, although we are doing it at the same time, if you know what I mean. He concentrates on me and then I pleasure him. I love touching him and feeling his touch on me but it is not like when Jane and I touched each other. My mind exploded when I felt her fingers enter my body and I began pushing into her with wild abandon.

Jane released my pussy and pushed my shorts down to my knees. She reached down and pulled my sneakers off and tossed them to the side, then grabbed my shorts and panties and yanked them off as well. While she got my shorts off I quickly reached up and pulled my t-shirt off, revealing my uncovered breasts to her. I then put my arms out and took her by the waist and pushed her down on the couch. I got on my knees and pulled her cleats off her feet, leaving her knee-high socks on her. I then slipped my fingers under the waistband of her shorts and pulled them completely off her legs, along with her soaked panties. It was then that I had my first look at another woman’s pussy up close. I had seen plenty of bodies throughout my school years in the locker rooms and various changing rooms but never like this, and never with such desire in my heart.

I spread Jane’s legs and moved my face right up to her wet pussy, inhaling deeply. I began to lick her gently going in circles around her hole, gradually making them smaller until my tongue was right in her pussy. I then plunged right into her going as far as my tongue could reach. Her hands we on the back of my head now pulling me into her even deeper. I licked up to her clit and sucked the hard knob into my mouth, like I sucked her tongue while we kissed. Jane wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me closer, if that was at all possible.

After feasting on my first pussy I moved up to Jane’s mouth and kissed her firmly, sharing her juices. She sucked my into her mouth and moaned louder when she tasted her own pussy on my lips and face. As we kissed I moved my leg in between hers and we scissored each other on the couch, rubbing our clits on each other’s thighs. We kissed deeply while we fucked each other in this way. I was holding Jane’s face and her hands found my bottom as we drove into each other as hard as we could manage. Out clits were getting a workout and our hands were exploring each other when I went over the edge, screaming into Jane’s hair as I exploded juice onto her thigh, squeezing my legs together, trapping her leg in between. Jane let out a loud moan and wrapped her arms around me as she also let go with her own orgasm. She held onto each other tightly as our bodies shook for several minutes. This was the most intense experience I had ever had and I was quickly drained of all energy. I collapsed on Jane and her arms dropped from my back and fell to the floor. We were both trying to catch our breath for several minutes after.

Once we both recovered I looked up and Jane was staring right at my face with wide eyes, licking her lips. I kissed her suddenly and held her close as I felt her hand on the back of my head again and her tongue push into my open mouth. We were completely satisfied but we were not done loving each other. I could not believe how hot I still was and how horny I was for my young neighbor but I wanted more. When I pulled away from our kiss, I moved back down her chest, licked her nipples and then licked my way down her stomach to her drenched pussy. As I drank up her juices, Jane slid off the couch to the floor and pulled me up to her. Then she positioned me on my back and moved her head down to my waiting pussy while moving her legs over my head. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her pussy down to my waiting mouth as I felt her tongue touch my clit for the first time. She wasted no time pushing her firm tongue right into my hole as her hands wrapped around my legs, pulling them farther apart. Jane tongued me deeply as I sucked her dripping juice into my mouth. I reached my fingers around and rubbed her pussy in circles while I licked. Then I inserted my wet finger into her hole as I sucked on her clit. As I fingered Jane, she responded by pushing a finger deep into my pussy and licking all around to get my juice. I pulled my finger out of her pussy and rubbed the wet tip around her anus waiting to gauge her reaction. She responded again by doing the same to me. She pulled her finger out and rubbed it around my ass, obviously enjoying the sensation and wanting to share it with me. I then inserted my finger in her ass and twisted it around to gain access. When her opening loosened up I pushed in more and more until my entire middle finger was deep in her ass. Jane let out another moan and her legs stiffened as she came again, this time on my tongue.

She renewed her action on my ass by pushing her middle finger deep into me and sucking even harder on my swollen clit. She then inserted a finger into my pussy and I screamed as I exploded for the second time, soaking her fingers and feeling her tongue work on me. In a moment Jane rolled off me and we both just stared at the ceiling, trying to catch our breath again. I slowly sat up and Jane looked up at me while placing her hand in mine. We sat like that for awhile before Jane sat up and we held each other for several minutes, stroking each other’s hair and listening to our breathing. I looked over at the clock and was surprised that it was almost 3pm. We had been together like this for more than two hours and it did not feel to me like more than two minutes.

We had hardly spoken any words since our conversation on the deck and I looked at Jane and smiled, not knowing what to say. She did, though, and held my face as she whispered, “I love you”. I could not agree more, though I believed that this was, of course, infatuation with a new experience. At the same time this was a feeling that I had never had before and did not want to let pass. I kissed her and said, “I love you too. I want to see you again.” “Of course!”, was her response. “I live right next door!” We both began to laugh at this and after a couple of minutes we got up and started to dress one another slowly, not wanting to rush an end to our coupling. Once we were dressed I walked Jane out to the yard, holding her hand as we went. I felt so close to her that I did not want to let her go just yet. At the same time I was wondering how this would affect both of us. Jane was still pretty young and I was going to college at the end of the summer, and I was with Bill. It was all very confusing and Jane, despite being the younger one, noticed my confusion.

She stopped me and we turned to face each other. We held each other close and kissed before Jane walked back to her own yard. Before she was able to go into her house I called out and ran over to her.
“What time is your game?”, I asked.
Jane smiled and answered, “Five o’clock at the town park.”
“Ok. Want a ride?”
“Sure. Maybe we can pick Bill up on the way. Think he would be interested?”

I almost came again.

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