Part 4 – My graduation party

Part 4 – My graduation party

Part 4 – My graduation party.

I went outside again to go to the game and found Jane waiting for me on her porch. She looked excited and pumped up for her game and I practically skipped over to her. It had been only a couple of hours since we made love in my house for the first time and I was ready to take her, and submit myself, again. Jane was leaning back on her elbows with her cleats on the step below, casually moving her knees back and forth and her hands were purposely stroking her sides up and down, just under her breasts. When she saw me come out of my house she smiled broadly and placed her hands on her firm breasts and squeezed her nipples.

I stopped right in front of her and asked breathlessly, “Ready to go?” “I’m ready!”, she responded with a smile. I knew what she meant immediately because I was “ready” also. Instead she stood up and we went over to my car. Inside the car I quickly started the ignition and pulled out of the driveway and down the street. Once out of view of our houses, I pulled over and stopped the car on a short stretch of road where there was no house. Jane looked at me and I dove on her, pushing my tongue down her throat and grabbing her body. She wrapped her arms around my back and head and responded with a very wet kiss, which we continued until we were both out of breath.

When she could inhale again she looked flush and blurted out, “Shit! I have to get to the damn game! Can we continue this later?” I laughed and started to drive again while Jane leaned on me in the center of the front seat and stroked my thigh and pussy while I drove. I kept my hand around her back and squeezed her firm ass along the way.

”Did you talk to Bill?”, she asked hopefully. “I called him at work but he is doing another shift at the store so he cannot make it.” “Did you tell him what happened today?” “No”, I said. “I want to tell him in person.” As soon as I said that, Jane pushed her fingers under my shorts and right into my wet slit, causing me to jump in the seat and press down on the accelerator. The car jolted forward before I barely stopped it from slamming into the car ahead of us. She was the one laughing now.

We arrived at the park just in time for Jane to get into the lineup for the game and I took a seat on the bleachers with the other fans. I watched intently as Jane warmed up with the other girls and they ran around throwing the balls at each other. I liked the way they were all outfitted in their uniforms of bright satin shorts, tucked in shirts, baseball caps, and knee socks. All the girls were very athletic and my pussy ached watching them. Jane has muscular legs and her thigh muscles were taut and just beautiful and sexy to look at. I remembered just a few hours ago when I was licking those thighs and calves, working my way from her ankles up to her delicious pussy. I hardly was watching the game itself because I was staring at Jane the whole time and my pussy was absolutely soaked.

When the game ended Jane ran over to me and we hugged. “Great game!” I lied. I had no idea what happened at the end as I was watching her ass move. She looked at me with a funny expression and said, “We got killed! What game were you watching?” “Sorry, I was just watching my favorite player.” Jane smiled and gave me a knowing wink. Just then her parents came over. “Hi Jane”, her mother interrupted. “We are heading out to dinner. Come jump in the car.” I did not realize they would be there also and was visibly disappointed. Jane noticed this and told me she would call when she got home.

I went home and straight to my room where I immediately closed the door and shoved my hand down my shorts to finger myself. I was so horny from watching Jane in the game that I could not wait until I went to bed later. I dropped down on my bed and unbuttoned my shorts so I could reach my pussy more easily. I continued to rub my clit and stuck first one then two fingers deep in my hole until I started to orgasm. I shook the bed hard until I stopped cumming. I lay there in my sweaty clothes and fell asleep for a few minutes, waking up with my fingers still stuck in my pussy. Only about ten minutes had passed since I closed my bedroom door.

I went downstairs and found some dinner for myself because I had been at the game while the rest of the family ate. This was not unusual because everyone was busy all the time. My mother was looking over some work papers when she asked me if I was going to give her the invitation list for my graduation party today, like I had promised. It was then that I remembered what I was going to do after reading on the deck earlier. I smiled and told my mother that I had gotten preoccupied earlier and forgot to make the list. I would do it right after eating. She huffed at me in that annoying way she has of showing disappointment. I did not care one bit because now I was thinking about Jane again.

I went to my room after putting my dishes away and immediately typed Jane’s name on the top of the list, followed by Bill’s and a few of my other close friends. At the bottom of the list I paused and read it back. There were fifteen names on the list. “Not too bad”, I thought. I was about to save and print the list when I added Jane’s sister, Jill to the bottom of the list and sorted it. I was already starting to imagine the possibilities.

The party was for the following weekend so we had a few days to get the goods. Lots of food and drinks and some special lights for the yard so there were several spots for guests to hang out, in addition to the deck. Bill helped set up the yard a couple of days before the party and everything looked really nice. That night when it was getting dark I pulled Bill into the back yard and told him, “I have a surprise for you.” Bill thought he knew what to expect because that is what I usually tell him when I want to taste his cock in my mouth. The surprise this time was that I wanted to reveal a secret about my new friend, next door.

Bill sat down in one of the chairs we had just set up and leaned back while I started to stroke the bulge in his shorts. Just when he thought I was going to go down on him, I moved up to be next to his face. I pushed harder on his throbbing shaft and whispered in his ear, “I found a new lover…” Bill was confused at first until I continued, “…for both of us to share.” I almost laughed out loud at the look on his face, like he just found a winning lottery ticket on the ground. “Who is it?” I leaned up and kissed him hard as I wrapped my fingers around his bulge some more. When I pulled away I looked at him and motioned with my head to the neighbor’s yard and said, “Remember the neighbor girl?”

I think Bill may have shot off just then but he was just thrusting his hips forward at the thought of the girl next door. “You mean Jill, from the hot tub?” “Well, no. Actually it is Jane her sister.”, I said. He looked at me with a funny expression and asked, “Jane? How??”

Then I told him everything that had happened that day when Jane came over. All the while I was stroking his dick through his shorts, making him harder and hotter than ever. when I got to the part of us making love I unzipped his shorts and pulled his rock hard dick out so I could touch it directly. I was slowly stroking his shaft up and down, touching him only lightly to prolong his pleasure while I told the story of Jane and I on the floor of the family room. When we kissed in my story I bent down and licked the swollen head of his dick.

When my story was over I thought that Bill would pass out if I went on any longer so I told him the final little detail: “Jane wants to be with us both at the same time!” Then I dropped my head down to his cock and took almost his entire length into my mouth and down my throat. Upon hearing the news, Bill grabbed the back of my head, thrust his dick up into my mouth, and blew his cum straight down my throat. I swallowed hard and kept swallowing until he calmed down and I had eaten all his hot sperm. I sucked his softening dick until I was sure I had all of him. Then I pulled off and licked his head to get the last drops of cum from the slit in the end of his dick.

When I was done I sat up, licking my lips and looking at Bill for a reaction. What I got was a huge smile and a deep kiss on the mouth. “When?”, he asked, excitedly. “Whenever we want.”, I said. “She is coming to the party on Saturday, so you never know.” Then I added, “So is Jill.” I could feel his dick getting hard again.

On Saturday Jane came over to help me set up. She was dressed in a tank top, a short denim skirt that was nice and snug, socks, and sneakers. She looked really cute and I wanted to rip all her clothes off and eat her right away. I really could not believe how much I lusted for this girl but she was all I could think about and I fantasized about making love with her all the time.

Even when I was sucking Bill I was wet because of the feeling that I had while thinking about Jane licking my pussy. Just the night before, Bill and I were making out in the car and I was rubbing his bulge and pushing my tongue deep into his mouth. When I unzipped his shorts and started to stroke his hard-on he gasped into my mouth. I was thinking about Jane pushing her fingers into my pussy and I took Bill by the hand and pulled his thick fingers to the leg opening of my shorts. When he touched me I immediately let go of him and flopped back on the seat. I had fire in my eyes and I stared at him while I unbuttoned my shorts and took them off. Bill loves it when I undress for him and he took his dick in his hand and stroked it while watching me. I pulled my shorts and panties off and spread my legs for Bill and started to finger myself until I pulled my fingers out and stuck them in my mouth. Then I reached up for Bill and grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him down to my waiting pussy. I put my hands behind his head and pushed his mouth onto my soaking lips. As he licked me I thrust my hips up to meet his mouth and humped his head until I creamed all over his face. All the time I was thinking about Jane licking me to orgasm. Bill finally pulled off of me and came up to kiss me and share my juice. He said that he had not felt me cum like that in a long time.

Jane and I were setting up chairs and bringing out the drinks and bowls of snacks and each time I got near to her I “accidentally” brushed up against her or touched her body in some way. Either I would rub up against her ass or I would run my fingers down her arm or across her thigh. Every time this happened I felt myself getting wetter. I was wearing sandals and a short cotton skirt with a snug top that outlined my breasts nicely. I had on a maroon thong that you might catch a glimpse of over the top of the skirt and it was completely soaked because of all the touching that we were doing.

At one point Jill was standing behind me and placed her small hands on my hips and pulled me close to her. She moved her mouth to my neck and started sucking and nibbling on me while I tried to reach around my back and hold her close. I leaned my head back to give her better access and she moved her hands up to rub my breasts. When I opened my eyes I saw Bill leaning against the side of the house, watching us. His mouth was open and he was simply staring at us with his hands in his pockets, like he was not sure where to go or what to do next. I motioned to Jane to look in his direction and we both stared back at him, locking his gaze. While Bill continued to look at us, Jane reached down and put her fingers under my skirt and moved down to my pussy. Bill’s mouth seemed to open a little more and I think he may have fallen over if the back door to the house had not opened and mom had not come out. Jane quickly pulled her hand away and turned around, pretending t adjust a bowl of chips, although there was nothing in the bowls yet.

Mom brought out several bags of snacks and placed them on the tables and asked us to spread them around. She noticed Bill just standing there and asked him to help by bringing the drinks around from the garage. That pretty much snapped Bill out of his trance and he slowly moved around the house toward the garage, all the while keeping his eyes on us.

The guests started to arrive and by the time everyone showed up we had about thirty people in the yard. Friends and parents were all having a nice time and the food and drinks were going over really well. I had to talk to everyone so I did not get that much time to spend with either Bill or Jane but they did not seem to mind much. The two of them spent a lot of time together and came to me whenever they could. It seemed that Jane was sort of clinging to Bill and he did not mind one bit. After about an hour into the party I asked Jane if her sister was going to be able to make it and she told me that Jill was working but she thought she would stop by later.

About 8:00PM Jill finally came to the yard. She apologized for being late and looked a little disappointed because most of the guests had left already. I told her not to worry about it and how glad I was that she could make it at all. There was plenty of food left and lots of snacks. We were going to have our own party for as late as we wanted because we all lived right there and there was no reason to break it up now. After the rest of my friends left, there were only some friends of my parents left around and they all went into the house to talk and get a drink. That left the four of us out in the yard. Bill started a fire in a portable fire pit we have in the yard and we all sat around enjoying the flames. We really did not get much of a chance to visit earlier so this was a really nice way to get together. It was getting pretty dark and the only thing we could see was each other in the light of the flames.

The folks in the house were in the living room toward the front so we really had some privacy and I pulled my chair over next to Jane and Jill and motioned for Bill to do the same. As we got closer I noticed that Jill seemed a bit cold so I got up and moved right over to her. “Are you getting chilly?”, I asked. “Just a little.” With that I gently wrapped my arms around her and held her close. At first she did not know what to make of it but she seemed comfortable enough with the touch. After a few minutes Jane got up and took Bill by the hand and brought him over next to us and sat down on his lap. Now all four of us were sitting very close, enjoying the warmth of the fire and each other.

Jill asked very quietly what I had in mind for the rest of the night and I looked at her for a moment before moving my face close to hers and gently kissing her for the first time. At first Jill hesitated but only for a second before responding favorably to my lips. We shared a warm kiss for several seconds before she pulled away slightly and turned her head to look at her sister and Bill. I think she was a little embarrassed to be kissing me and wanted to see if we had been caught. What she saw was Bill’s hand under Jane’s shirt and the two of them staring right at us. I pulled Jill’s face back to me and finally answered her question. “This is what we had in mind…” Then I planted another kiss on her soft lips, this time pushing my tongue past her wet lips and stroking her tongue deep into her mouth. I pulled her body close to mine and wrapped my hand around the back of her head. Jill responded this time by pushing her fingers into my hair and pulling me into her for a passionate kiss.

We kissed for some time and when we finally came up for air we looked to see Bill and Jane locked in a similar pose but Bill now had his hand up Jane’s skirt and she had her legs spread wide to allow him access. Jill stared at her younger sister in amazement and said to me that she did not realize that Jane was dating Bill. “She is not really dating him.”, I said. “I am dating both of them and this is the first time they have gotten together!” Jill looked at me again and asked, “Dating both of them? What does that mean?” “Well, Jane and I are lovers and Bill and I are lovers.” We decided that we should all get together and we wanted you to join us.”

Jill thought about that for a minute while I stroked her face. She seemed to like the touch of another woman and it appeared that she decided right then that she liked the idea of having me as much as I liked having her. Jill made the next move and this time she turned to me and touched her lips to mine while saying, “This feels so good, I don’t want to stop!” I smiled and buried my face in hers again.

Jane and Bill were watching this exchange and both had huge grins on their faces when we separated and looked at them. Then I took Jill’s hand and stepped over to the other chair and took Jane in my other hand. I led the three of them away from the light of the fire into a dark corner of the yard and pulled them all down on the soft grass. At first we all just held hands, looking at each other, not really knowing what we were going to do or what was going to happen. Then after a moment, Jill leaned over to Bill and pushed him down to the grass and laid on top of him to plant a wet kiss on his surprised mouth.

Jane and I just watched the two of them make out for a bit and when they came up for air we both lay down next to them and put out arms over the couple. All four of us shared a hug and started kissing each other. Even Jill and Jane shared a passionate kiss while Bill and I held their heads and stroked their hair. We were all so worked up that it did not matter who we were with.

When I started to pull my top over my head, Jill reached over and helped expose my breasts to the group. Then she leaned down and placed her lips on my nipples and licked and sucked me. Jane had Bill’s shorts open and was pulling his hard dick from them while she moved her head down. While she licked my tits, Jill was lifting my skirt and pushing a hand down to my shaved pussy. Once she reached my wetness her finger slid right into me and I almost screamed out but Bill’s mouth was on mine and his tongue was working its way down my throat.

Very soon we were all in a state of semi-undress and we were licking and stroking each other until we were completely soaked. Bill announced that he wanted some pussy and all three of us girls decided that we were very willing to have him. We all got on our knees while Bill lay on the ground with his hard dick pointing up in the air and proceeded to lick and suck him together, our mouths touching each other and our tongues on his dick at the same time. Jill moved her tongue to his balls and licked and sucked him there while Jane and I took turns sucking his purple head. The I moved on top of Bill and placed my wet slit at the tip of his shaft and in one motion slid all the way down to his balls.

Jane moved up to his face and sat right on his mouth, facing me. We shared a wet kiss while I rode his dick and she rode his tongue. Jill licked his balls and my ass while I bounced up and down. Each time I went up, Jill’s tongue worked up and down on his shaft covered with my juice. After a few minutes of this I got up and Jane bent over to share his pussy covered dick with her sister. The two girls were licking and sucking Bill and kissing each other with wild abandon. Bill was thrusting his hips in the air to meet their tongues and I could tell that he was getting ready to shoot his sperm.

I got down on my knees with the other girls and we all put our tongues out just as Bill starting cumming all over our faces. He shot three or four squirts of hot, sticky, cum and it landed on our cheeks, in our mouths, and in our hair. When he finally stopped, Jill, Jane, and I licked the remaining cum off each other before turning to Bill and kissing in front of him.

We were fingering each other and licking the others’ lips and face that we hardly noticed the light on the deck come on. When we did notice, we jumped into the shadows some more and huddled together so nobody would see us and our naked bodies. It was getting late so we gathered our clothes together and got dressed, but not without touching each other some more. It seemed that we could not get enough of our new experience.

Once dressed, we all shared a long kiss. We said goodnight and started to separate before we looked around the yard and realized that there was still a large mess to clean up. I started to giggle a little bit and all of us began to really laugh. I never felt so relaxed around other people than I did at that moment. I felt that I was truly in love with everyone in that group. We cleaned up the yard and everyone went home.

The next day I went to Jane in her house and she told me that she and Jill had slept together that night. She looked really tired and she told me they did not get much sleep. Happy, but tired. Jill was at work and her parents were out so I suggested getting some rest, ourselves. She laughed at me because I had already started to take my shorts off.

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