Picture Perfect Swinging Wife

Picture Perfect Swinging Wife

This is the true story of how a few photos happily changed our married life. About two years after our wedding, my husband Paul and I moved to Miinneapolis. We were both 26 years old. He was originally from suburban Milwaukee and I was from near Dayton, Ohio. We had been college sweethearts, then lived together for a couple years after graduation before tying the knot. We liked to think of ourselves as progressive, but we were really innocent midwesterners. I was the blonde ex-high school cheerleader with a college business degree, and he was the wide-eyed young marketing research guy in advertising. He got a real nice job offer from a big Minneapolis agency after our second anniversary, and I gladly searched and found a position with a computer company there.

Our sex life was newlywed and good! We played and fucked a lot, and shared fantasies. When we lived together and were soon to be engaged, he first brought him some video porn and we both loved it. Soon we began drinking wine and watching porn movies on many Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. we had fun trying out the new ideas from them too! He traveled some with his work, and gave me a vibrator as a gift before he had to be gone for two weeks once. I loved it, and gladly accepted other porn tapes when he brought those home for us.

Before we met, we'd had limited experience. Paul had been with a total of three other girlfriends and one barnight pick-up. Unlike many of my college female friends, I had only been with five boyfriends before meeting Paul.

In addition, though I'd never told him, I'd had one drunken night with two guys at once when I was 19 in college. It was after a long night of partying, and they shared me at their off-campus apartment. Though initially embarrassed, I'd secretly loved the sensation of it all. They were really nice guys, and we'd repeated the 3sum about ten times during the winter and spring of my sophomore year.

So after we moved to Minneapolis and settled into the great youth culture there, I was quietly very interested when my husband Paul said one Friday night, "I found out that quite a few of the young women at the agency and also some other ad agencies around town… a lot of these girls try posing for a few certain photographers in town. They do it to see if they can be models I guess."

"Well, that makes sense," I said.

We were having some drinks and starting to relax with some porn videos. Soon he was telling me more. "Most of them end up doing some wet t-shirt photos for their so-called portfolios, then many of them go nude from what I understand. It gets a little wild after that."

"What's your point, stud muffin?" I asked as I began stroking his cock.

"I don't know… they end up posing nude and fucking. And for my birthday, I guess I'd love some nude photos of you like that."

"Oh Paul, that's hot."

"Only if you want. It would be sexy to see you that way."

"Your birthday is about three months away," I noted.

"So you better get busy," he moaned with a smile as his cock got very hard. "Practice makes perfect."

"Mmmm, consider it done," I whispered before going down on him as I moved around so we could 69 before making love.

The next week, he gave me the name of the photographers who "auditioned" the young women in the advertising community for fun. I made phone contact with one, and set up an "information-gathering" session while Paul was away on a three-day business trip.

The photogapher was a very pleasant guy named Jim, about five years older than me. I wasn't prepared for how charming and handsome he was. We talked, and I explained how it would be for a birthday present for my husband.

"Ah," he smiled, "some birthday suits for the birthday boy. Nice. Want some wine?"

I said yes, and we drank a glass while discussing the photo styles. Then we drank some more while he showed me some of his work. His commercial work was fabulous, and then he showed me some personal model shots and portfolio prints. They were stunning works in craftmanship, and there were some beautiful photos of women in all kinds of nude poses.

"Oh my God," I blushed as we drank more wine. I was getting a heavy buzz on, and so was he.

He pulled out a joint then. "Want to get high?"

I got flustered at first. "I haven't been stoned since college."

He smiled sweetly. "That wasn't my question." He lit it and passed it to me.

"Sure," I said. We shared it back and forth and soon had a wonderful lift-off together.

"Now — want to see the good stuff?" he asked with a warm friendly smile.

"Why not?" I agreed.

Then I was treated to some of the best porno poses I had ever seen. Many of the same attractive women I had just seen in more standard artistic and nude poses were now seen fondling and sucking cocks, mounting them, enjoying both their own orgasms and cums on their lips and tits and tummies and pussies. He also showed me lovely photos of women playing with each other as well.

"This is amazing," I offered, "it's so gorgeous and erotic."

"Ready to go to work?" he asked.

We were both slurring our words a bit by now. As he placed one of his hands on my breasts, I reached under his belt and felt his beautiful hard-on.

"Do you know what you're getting into?" he said suggestively.

"Oh I think so," I agreed.

"And your husband doesn't mind?"

"He sent me here. I can do anything I want."

We did manage to get a few photos done that first night, but it's amazing how quickly Jim and I began playing and then fucking. I was on the pill, and I let him gush into me three or four times that first night.

"You're going to have to come back a lot to get these pictures taken just right," he said.

"Yes, gladly," I concurred as we began fucking even yet again.

"This feels so good," I murmured.

"Welcome to the Photo Fuck Club," he offered.

"Mmmm, what's that?" I asked.

"You're about to find out."


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