Pleasure Or Pain

Pleasure Or Pain

you receive My email, explaining what to wear and what time to arrive at this specific address.
you wonder where in the world you are to get a pink frilly skirt, the white tank top is not a problem, you have alot of them. you reread the email again, yes that's what it says, and NOTHING ELSE! God give you strength.
you shower and shave checking your balls and cock making sure they are completely hairless, knowing how I hate to be disappointed you have been inspected by your Mistress before but this is the first night you will actually be "played" with. you are so nervous, your complete body is covered in sweat, but, the excitement has your cock at full attention.
you rush to the department store, looking for this damned pink skirt that you are supposed to wear, finally a sales clerk ask if they may help you. you explain what you are looking for making up some excuse about your daughter needing it.
God you cant wait to get out of there!
your body begins to tremble as you dress yourself for the evening, unsure of what to expect, knowing you'll never be the same.

you arrive with 5 minutes to spare, walking to the door, you reach for the bell when the door swings open. You are greeted by a very large man dressed only in sweatpants. When you enter the door slams shut and you are instantly grabbed from behind, being lead to an open door way and handcuffed spread eagle in it.
you feel someone lifting your pink frilly dress (nothing underneath) and then you hear My voice whispering "hello lil pet" I am so glad you decided to come. Now I will take whats mine!
you head begins to spin from all the excitement and the last words you hear are whatever happens My pet, Do NOT turn around!
My hands spread your asscheeks apart as I spread the cold lotion all around your asshole, then there is a increasing pressure, alow and steady, but never ending. I reach around and pull you forward by your cock, stretching you against your restraints, suddenly I let it go and you swing backwards into the strap-on that I am using. I continue to do this as inch by inch of My strap-on goes deeper and deeper.
Finally when you think you cannot take anymore, you realize that My body is resting completely against yours. (thank God its the whole way in)

You feel Me unstrap the strap-on leaving it inserted in your ass, I walk around and am standing in front of you. I look down and see that your cock is standing straight in the air, "well, I say apparently I am not the only one enjoying Myself" you feel yourself blush when you hear laughter from other people. I slowly bend down and lick the head of your cock sending shivers down your entire body. you are staring me straight in the eyes when you see Me look around your body and nod. Forgetting yourself, you turn your head around to see who I am looking at, Thats when you realize your mistake

You scream as the first strike hits your hardened cock, then another hits and you can feel the tears well up in your eyes, I grab your face and tell you to repeat your orders, you stammer as you repeat what you were told "DO NOT TURN AROUND!' i'm sorry Ma'am, you repeat several times

Everyone in the room is allowed 5 swats, cock or ass it will be their choice, I have everyone line up and you realize there is 10 people in the room, this is certainly going to be a long night, one by one, they each take their turn. Most of the men realizing how much pain it causes when the cock is struck decide for that. most of the women do your ass. anyway around it, you are in pain but there is a mixture of pleasure that goes with it. The warmth that is spreading over your body is very comforting to you. a smile crosses your face as the punishment continues.

Your cock is still at attention, precum hanging on the end, it needs relief but you see none insight. Your Mistress decides that she will not punish you in the way the others are, she wants you to jpleasure her, in front of everyone, you hope you perform well. you are placed on all fours, handcuffed by the wrist and a short chain leading to a collar that has been placed around your neck. When you try to move you cannot, I lay in front of you spreading My legs wide and tell you to EAT. you begin to devour Me like a man that hasnt eaten for months. you are so into what you were instructed to do that you barely feel someone entering your ass but you learned your lesson the first time and do not stop what you are doing or even try to turn around.

You feel your asshole sucking the object in and out as you feel yourself moving closer to the edge of orgasm. I scream out as My orgasm hits and My juices are spread acrossed your face, you hear the man fucking your ass moan loudly as he shoots his thick cum into your ass. Then you hear Me give you permission, Cum My lil pet, you deserve it, Cum for Your Mistress!
As your first spurt of cum is released you realize you are lost forever in Pleasure or Pain!!!!!!!!!

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