Pool Party_(3)

Pool Party_(3)

Growing up in the Valley in the Mid Seventies was great. There is a reason this is the porn capital of the world nothing but horney young sluts looking for a party. This is the story of just one of these.

I was your typical longhaired 17-year-old stoner. Not a stud or anything like that but I usually had enough Drugs to get the Valley sluts going.

This pertucler day my buddy Eddie told us a girl he had met in Chino Juvy had just ran away and was on her way to Party with us. He told us this chick was a total slut and used to fuck him in a storage room at Chino. She showed up at Joes house about 10 am.

Kim was 16 with brown hair and a great ass. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt so I did not get a good look at her tits. As my mom would not be home that day my house and pool became the party spot and we jumped in Jims truck and headed out. On the way there it was the usual smoking and small talk with all of us looking to see if Ed was going to make a move on Kim or what. She didn’t seem that interested in him and he was more into to getting stoned than her. We were soon at the house and the party was on.

All Kim had were the close on her back so I got her some shorts and a t-shirt to swim in and we all hit the pool. I found myself in the Jacuzzi with some of my buddies and Kim and at last we all got a good look at her sweet tits. They weren’t real big but stuck out nicely with large cherry colored nipples. It did not seem to bother her that we could clearly see through her white t-shirt and I was not sure about my buds but my dick was getting hard. I started to ask her about her and Ed and she told me and the rest of the Guys she would sneak off and fuck Ed at Juvy whenever she could get out of the girls dorm usually she would blow one of the gards and they would let her out. Sometimes they would try to fuck her but the old guys grossed her out she stuck to blowjobs. At this point my cock was hard as a rock so I thought I would see how far this slut would go. I said than Ed was not bull shitting when he told us she was a nympho and I reached for her pussy under the water, what I found was Paul’s had in her pants. She gave me a big smile and said "what do you think?" And with that she pulled her shirt over her head so we could all see her hard nipples. Jim and Joe both stood up out of the water and dropped their suites revealing their hard dicks. Kim stood up and Paul pulled down her shorts exposing her tight young pussy. Paul then pulled his own pants down and sat on the edge of the pool beside Jim and Joe. Kim started sucking Paul’s’ cock while she jacked off Jim & Joe. I had got my trunks off by now and got behind Kim so I could lick that sweet pussy and ass, she was so wet that my face was soon covered with her sweet juices. She was moaning and tacking turns sucking my buddy’s dicks. Soon Ed was standing by the Jacuzzi with his dick in hand. Ed said" I told you guys she was hot" Kim look up from the cock she had in here mouth and moaned for some cock in her cunt now. I stood up and slid the head of my dick slowly in her wet hole. To my delight she slid hard straight back on my cock and ask me to fuck her hard. I started pounding her as hard as I could not too concerned about cumming too fast as there was enough dick around to take care of this slut. She started swallowing Joes cock and the sight and sound soon had me shooting a large load deep in her cunt, Kim’s hole body began to shake with her orgasm this set off Joe and he filled her mouth with a load of his own. Kim came up with Joes cum running down her chin.

Ed had grabbed an air mattress from the pool and sat it on the grass next to the deck. Paul and Jim led Kim to the mattress and she laid on her back Ed than got on his knees and started fucking her wet pussy while Paul and Jim took turns fucking her face and playing with her tits. Kim could feel herself start to build and soon Ed moaned he was ready to cum, he pulled his 9 inch dick out of her hot cunt and let out a load that shot all the way up to Kim’s’ tits and face, Jim also groan and cummed all over her face. Kim was know covered with cum and sweet and breathing hard she look up and saw that Paul’s dick was still hard she reached out and grabbed him through him down on the ground jumping on his dick like a bitch in heat.

By this time my cock was hard and ready so I moved behind Kim and Paul and began to play with her asshole she turned looked me straight in the eye and said "you better fuck my ass a hard as you fucked my cunt " I stuck my dick in her tight asshole and began to slide it in as far as I could, this was too much for Paul to take and he began to fill her pussy with load after load. Kim started screaming that she was cumming, she was bucking so hard that she rolled off of Paul with me half way up her ass, this knocked me on my back and my cock slid out of Kim’s’ ass for a second but Paul’s cum had run down her cunt and into her asshole so Kim sat down on my cock and was riding me as hard as she could. This left her cunt wide open and Joe now hard again slid his dick in her sloppy wet pussy. As I had cum once already I new my dick would stay hard and I could give her ass the fucking it needed. Kim was now shacking and screaming like she was in convulsions. I swear her head would have spun around and spit pee soup had Ed not stuck his dick in her mouth. Joe was fucking her like a jack hammer, I could feel Kim’s’ ass throb around my dick with every one of Joes’ strokes we double dicked this slut for a good ten minutes then I felt Joe come down hard on her and his cum began running down her slit and on to my dick as I pumped in and out of her ass. Jim had been jacking off next to us and when Joe pulled out Jim stuck his cock in Kim’s’ now dripping cunt as Ed began to cum on her face, Jim lost it and filled her cunt with more cum. Now that both Ed and Jim were done I knew it was my chance to really pound the little ass my cock was jammed in. I moved her up on her knees and started fucking her ass with all I had, so much cum had ran down her cut and up her ass that I could fuck her hard with no pain, you would not think this by the way she was screaming and moaning. Paul put an end to that by shoving his dick in her mouth. My buddies all gathered round to cheer us on. They had no more cum to give so they sprayed us with beer. Paul reached out and shook my hand in the classic Valley Dude handshake. Kim began to cum hard and would have fallen if not for the fact she was on our dicks like a bird on a rotisserie. Paul and I both shot at the same time. I cummed so hard my balls hurt. And my buddies let out a hoot so loud I was sure the people next door would call the cops.

Kim was done she lay on the ground covered in cum, beer and sweet. After a short rest she jumped in the pool and cleaned off. After that she hung out smoked dope and drank with us the rest of the night. She went home with Joe and Ed and I guess they fucked here some more but I missed that round.

The next day we were going to the park to party but on the way there her Mom and Dad had tracked her down and as we were walking they came up on us and grabbed her and put her in the car. I never saw her again as with a lot of the Valley Sluts but I always get hard when I think of that day.

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