Hi, my name is Jen.I'm 9.I just started puberty,my nipples poking out like pencil erasers.My mound is pushing out,my slit open.When I pee,it itches and when I tured 10,my tits the size of a half ofa large orange. My pussy always itched after a pee.One nite I felt it,all warm.I begined to rub it,the pee on it wet.Rubbing,my finger sliped in my slit.It fel good,so pushed it in and out.I felt a nub a rhe top and rubed it.It got stiff as it stuck out.I kept rubbing and it felt like I ws going to pee.My pussy started to pee,but was milky,it ran out.I keptdoing it,playing with it,my finger in and out.When I was 11,my rits a little bigger,nipples stiff and hard.I had just cum hard nd moaed loud,when my door opened and my bro asked if I was ok.My pussy was open and wet,so I asked if he wanted a taste.He looked at me and his dik go hard.He came to me and I put my pussy to his mouth.He licked and kissed me,I pulled his mouth to me and started to pee,long and hard.He drank and sucked me,taking my clit and pulling it.It grew long and hard,then filled his mouth full of cum.He licked me clean and I wanted to see his dick.I pulled his zipper down,reached in and pulled it outItwas bigand hard.

I took his pants off,took his dick in my mouth and suked itI go all 7 ins down.I sucked till he fillrd my mouth full of sticky cum.I swollowed all of it,nice and tasty.We did his ofren till he wanted to put his cock in me.One day he was sucking me,when my little sis came in.She was 9,just starting pubertyalso.Her hand wen to her swellin pussy and a warm stream of pee flowed out.Hes sucking me,want him to do u?Her little pussywas open and he wanred it.He had lay next to her,rub the head of his cock between her lips.The tip went in whenhe pulled out.He sucked her.She moaned and a few drops of pee came out.He put hi cock to her hole and filled her litte pussy full of cum.He continued to suck both girls.He wanted to fuck them both,but she said wait till they were older.They both drank his cum and drank both there pee and cum.Her clit grew like a dick,now sticking out almost two inches.Her little sis was half inch.They both peed in a arch as they pratcticed.She once squirted cum out instead of it just gushing out.Her tits now like large oranges,nipples big and puffy.Her pussy mound puffy,her lips alwys open.She liked him sucking her,and wondered what it would feel like him in her,andwould it fit in her small pussy.One day she took hold of it and placed the head between her lips.She told him to lay on his back,she sat over him,holding his cock.She put it in her hole and sat on it.She felt it go in and pushed thru her cherry.OOHH…it hurt as it went in,she just sat on it.Soon it felt good in her and she started to move on it.

Her pussy griped it and she moved faster,up and down.She was ready to cum,long and hard.Her cum hiting him,she felt him swell in her as he filled her full of cum.It mixed with hers as she came again.When she got up,cum running out,he came out soft,covered in blood and her cum.She lay next to him holding it,felt it start to grow.When it was fully hard,called her sis over.Her pussy was wet,so she sucked it.Hers was a little sore from his cock.They fell asleep,her siss ad around his cock.When they woke,both had a pee for him.Since no one was home,they went to get something to eat nude.Back to bed,she got him hard and put it in her sis little pussy.It was a tight fit,but she got all in.She screamed as her cherry tore.Soon she was bouncing on him.She started to cum,her pussy griping him.He squirted in her,but when she tried to get off,her pussy wouldn't let go.She fell asleep with him stuck in her.In her sleep,her pussy relaxed and he fell out.He sucked her nipples,waking her.They all went to take a shower,then went to thier own room,just as their folks came home.

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