It was Friday. FINALLY. And i was looking forward to PE clas…we always play dodgeball on fridays, my favorite game.

When I got to the boys locker room I started to change.

"Hey Evan, Do you know what were doin today?" asked my friend.

"Dodgeball, duh, Boys vs Girls….we gonna kick their ass" i replied.

"id rather bang most of their asses" he said

"wouldnt we all…."

At the end of the 1st game the guys won and the girls were lookin for revenge. I was standing at the front of our territory looking for someone to hit when out of no where someone came up and threw a ball at tme. I was too slow and they were too close for me to stop it, so it it me….right in the balls.

"AHH! OUCH!!! HOLY SHIT" i yelled while I grabbed my balls to get them utta my stomach. I didnt care if the teacher heard me or not. I heard a laughing somewhere in front of me, i looked up and saw Jeanna standing over me laughing. I got up still holding my balls and whispered "This is not over…"

"What? are you saying that hurts? You dont have any balls anyway!" she said.

IN the locker room the guys gave me a hard time for getting out by the best lookin girl in school. I agonized through the rest of the day, my preciosus huge balls still sore.

When I got home, I figured id go give Jeanna a visit, so I walked over to her house and knocked on her door.

"Oh, what do you want?" she said as she opened it.

"I just wanted to say congradulations on the dodgeball game today" i said as i walked in and sat on the couch. The stupid bitch, she had no idea what i was about to do.

She turned her back to close the door and I jumped up and grabbed her by the arms and thruest her down onto the couch. Lucky I was on the football team.

"what the hell was that for?!?" she screamed

"Shut the fuck up bitch, 'What? are you saying that hurts? You dont have any balls anyway!' well you know what, look at these balls!" I said as I unzipped my shorts and brought out my dick and balls.

"Holy shit" she said

I took off her pants forcefully noticing she wasnt wearing a thong or anyhing I bent down and started to eat her out. I felt her go ridgid everytim ei put my tounge in.

"Stop, please!" she yelled.

I looked her in the eyes and moved my now hard 9 inch dick into her tight pussy, both of us moaning as i pushed it farther and harder into her pussy.

"Oooohhhhh god,,, Holy fuck…." I moaned.

"Ooohhh God! shit, shit shit" she scremed everytime i pushed my huige dick into her.

"YOU LIKE MY BALLS NOW BITCH?!? HUH?!? ANSWER ME!" i screamed at her.

i took out my dick and shoved it in her mouth, listening to her moan and suck, appaerntly she was enjoying it, not the impact i wanted, b ut o well.

"oohhh god, yes bitch suck my shaft, oooooo fuck yes"

Ding Dong. I looked around in horror, my dick still in her mouth, i took it out fast and ran for theback door as the front one opened. I noticed I still had my dick out and i was massaging it while I hid in the hedges.

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