Rita tells it all

Rita tells it all

Rita is thirty eight years old. She's five foot two, weighs around a hundred and twenty five pounds….She has sandy brown hair, and though she was no raving beauty, she was very attractive. She was divorced , and raising a sixteen year old son. Here is some more of her story as told to me.

I guess six months or so had passed since my son Eddie, and I had, had our first sexual encounter. Before that happened, it had been eleven years since I had been with a man. Our relationship, had really turned my life around. It had also had a great effect on Eddie also . He was running with a bunch of older boys, never at home, and his grades in school were just above failing. He was now coming home at night, doing his home work, and his grades had jumped way above average… His teachers could not believe the turn around (Oh if they only knew) He had turned into a real nice looking kid. He was five foot nine, right at a hundred and seventy five pounds. And I had turned him into a real loving machine , If I do say so my self..I can't help but laugh sometimes, and we do a lot of that together about how he would get so excited, and cum the instant he would try and put his cock in me.

We started looking at a lot of different types of porn together, on the computer. Eddie was more than willing to do or try anything. One night, I had to go to the bathroom. "I want to watch you pee" he said. He followed me into the bathroom. While I was peeing, he put his hand on my pussy. My piss was running all over his hand. It really turned him on. His cock became extremely hard. It made me hot watching him rub my piss on his cock and stomach. "Oh baby" fuck me. !Fuck me right here, and now, I told him. I was so fucking hot at this point I stood up, and Eddie took my place on the stool. I straddled him there on the co mode, his cock slid into me. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulled his face to mine, and started kissing him in a hot wet passionate way licking his face with wet strokes of my tongue. I could feel his cock pulsating inside me as I drove my wanting ass down on it. I was moving up and down on his cock, fast and furious..Thinking how he had wanted my piss on him, had stepped my lust up another notch. He started talking to me dirty, something he knew I loved. " Fuck me Mom" OOOH GOD fuck me ..He was sucking my tits. His hands on my buttocks, pulling my ass hard to his cock. I could feel my orgasm building. "OH BABY, OH GOD BABY IT'S GETTING CLOSE." I told him. Hold back honey ! ! Mommas almost there !! I could feel my pussy pulsating around Eddie's cock, I couldn't stand it any longer and I blasted off . OOOOOOOOH HOLY FUCK BABY MOMMAS CUM'IN. I was screaming with pleasure. My whole body was shaking. Eddie was about to blow his load. I raised up off his cock, and fell to my knees between his legs .
His cock was slippery with my juices. I took him into my mouth, just as he unloaded. His cock was spitting his sperm in hot blast into my mouth . I loved the taste of his young spunk. He was also screaming with pleasure. My mouth was full of his cock, and his cum. I pulled my mouth off his cock, closing my mouth as I pulled off, holding all his cum in my mouth, savoring it's taste . "God Mom that was fucking great". He always sounded so excited. I looked up at him and opened my mouth. I showed him all his cum, and then swallowed it .".God Mom that's neat" he said . What does it taste like ? he asked . Great baby, just great… We showered and decided it was time to go to bed. We laid there and talked. Eddie said" Mom" what would you think if I wanted you to start pissing on me? Then he laughed. I think I have a piss fetish. Baby if you want momma to piss on you, I'll piss on you. I told him. Well tonight when you were pissing in my hand it made me feel hot. I wanted to feel it splattering all over my body…It just makes me feel good to thank about it.. he went on, I think it would make me feel like you were cumming on me…. OK with me honey. I told him . You were great tonight baby I told him. Give me a kiss, and lets get some sleep.

The following week past quickly. My friend Sue who works with me at the packing plant. won some tickets, to the big race in Kansas City.. Her and her husband are big racing fans. She asked me if I minded looking after Brandy. Brandy is her dog. I've kept him a number of times when he was just a pup. I was up and drinking coffee when the phone rang. It was Sue. Are you up and at it? she yelled into the phone. " Well I guess so". I replied , sitting here in my robe drinking coffee. "Well we're on our way" , "see you in a minute".. I hung up the phone. I was shocked at how he had grown, when she brought him in. He's beautiful, and she keeps him always looking so nice. Eddie always loved him. He's a German Sheppard , and I swear he must weigh a hundred pounds . "He's house broke" Sue told me. He'll go to the door when it's time, to do his duty.. I told her he'll be fine. He laid down on the throw rug by the door. Sue left and I decided I would clean out some of my cabinets. I really should take a bath, I thought. Eddie had fucked me that morning, before leaving for his part time weekend job. I decided I would just clean out the cabinets first then take a bath.

I was down on all fours removing unwanted things from the cabinet when Brandy came over and pushed his nose under my robe and began licking at my pussy. I wanted to stop him but the feeling he was giving me was like nothing I had ever felt. His tongue licked deep up inside me. His tongue felt a little rougher than Eddies and he was reaching into places Eddie could never get to. I wanted so much to stop him, but I just had to have the feeling he was giving me. Hell ! I thought, who's gonna know. I t wasn't long before he rared up on my back holding on to me with his front legs. He was trying to mount me like a bitch dog. He started humping back and forth. I could feel his prick bumping all around my pussy. He was already cumming his cock was dripping with watery looking fluid that was dripping down my leg and on to the floor. He must have tried, I'd say five or six times before he found his mark. I felt his cock slide into me. God it was hot and his liquid that was running into me felt like a warm douche. He was driving it into me now real fast, and panting real hard . It felt like he was never gonna quit cumming, it was one steady shot of cum after the other. He drove it all the way into me and then just stopped . I could feel his knot starting to swell inside me. It grew large enough that I felt my pussy expand to where it hurt just a little. I don't believe we were locked in a tie. but the knot was swelled enough that it made the underside of my clit feel so good, I started cum'in. He was dispensing more and more of his cum inside me, and I was having , what seem to be one long continuous orgasm. I was down there on all fours, and he was seeing to it that I received all the cum he could blow into me. Then I felt the swelling of his knot began to shrink, and felt him come out of me with a plop. Yes that's what it sounded like." Plop" and then he went after me, with that huge tongue licking my pussy and all his cum that was running out of me. I started climaxing again, two or three more times. When it was over, I was nearly wore out. I felt exhausted, and I had to lay down and rest.. I can't really explain how it effected me, except I never had anything like it. I didn't know whether I should tell my son Eddie, or not . I put Brandy on his leash and put him in the back yard…..

The following day, Eddie had him in the living room trying to teach him how to shake hands. He wouldn't leave me alone. Kept running up to me and putting his nose in my crotch. "I think he wants to fuck you Mom" ! Eddie laughed. I told Eddie about my ordeal with Brandy, and how he had fucked me. Eddie got all hot, and wanted to see it done. I told him Sue was not kidding anyone, I knew she had been fucking this dog. She had trimmed his toenails real short, and he was just to experienced, for me to be his first human piece of ass. I tied up again with Brandy, so Eddie could see for himself. Eddie was so fucking hot, watching the dog have his way with me. He couldn't believe all the cum that was running out of his cock..Brandy was shoving his prick into me with short quick strokes. Eddie began stroking his own cock . I told him to come to me, so I could suck him off. Eddie got down on his back in front of me . I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him off. Brandy was buried deep inside me his knot now swelled up inside my pussy, and he was pouring his cum to me. cum was running everywhere. And Eddie was blowing a load in my mouth.

I was cumming, Eddie was cumming , and Brandy sure as hell was cumming . Where he got all his spunk I don't know . When it was over, I was one exhausted woman. Sue picked up Brandy the following morning. I ask her why the dog was so fucking horny. She laughed and said she was gonna have to have him fixed. I told Eddie, I bet that never happens.


It was good visiting with Rita. I want to thank her for sharing her story with me. I hope you, the readers enjoy it also…If you want to rate it, do so fairly, and leave the unnecessary bad comments to your self.. After all aren't we all perverts…… lol. If we were not, we wouldn't be reading this kind of material . Thanks!
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