Sarah 2

Sarah 2

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the next day sarah and i went swimming but her parents were there so we couldn't do anything. i told her, "my parents were at work so we could go over to my house." with that i gave her a wink and she told her parents that she was going over to my house to watch a movie. (we didn't watch a movie) we went up to my room and we started to kiss. i took off her bikini top and started to play with her nipples. she had decided that she wanted me to be her first sometime between last night and right now. she asked if i had a condom because she wanted to be safe and not have to worry about anything. i told her no but that i knew where i could get one. i told her to wait here.

i went across the street to my one friends house they were away on vacation and they asked me to put their mail and papers inside there house so i had a key. me and my friend both knew that his father was having an affair with the woman down the street so he had to have a bunch of condoms somewhere i found them in no time so i took about 20 of them and went back to my house.

sarah had made herself confortable in my bed and her bikini bottom was on my chair so i knew that this was gonna happen. i took off my shorts and joined her in bed. she took one of the condoms from me and took it out of the package. she put it on my small cock. it didn't exactly fit but we really didn't care.

she asked about foreplay but we were so young that i really didn't care just as long as i was gonna get some pussy. she then laid me down on her back and straddled my chest. she guided my cock into her pussy and told me to be careful because it was her first time. she then lowered herself onto my cock until i hit her hymen she then came up a little and forcefully dropped herself down hard on my cock. i could see the pain in her eyes as i had torn her hymen. she then began grinding on my cock as her pain subsided and was moving really fast on my cock. we changed positions a couple of minutes later i placed her legs over my shoulders and was ramming my cock into her my balls slapping against her ass.

i continued until she hit her first orgasm. her pussy clenched around my cock and it was to much for me to handle as i shot my load into the condom. we laid there next to each other and gazed into eachothers eyes. she was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen and she was mine. when we finally got enough energy to get up we go dressed and kissed passionatly.

i put on some boxers and shorts and she put back on her bikini top and bottoms, but i let her borrow a t-shirt and shorts. we went downstairs and i asked her if she was hungry. she said yes and i ordered some pizza. we figured that we were a couple of bucks short so she said that she had an idea. the pizza guy got to my house in about thirty minutes. she took the money to the door but she managed to forget the t-shirt and her bikini top. she came back with the pizza and the money. i was truly impressed.

we decided to tell our parents that we were dating so we could hang out more. so we dated for a while. in couple of months. our sexual experiences were often and were better everytime.

we went to high school as a great couple.

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