Sarah 4

Sarah 4

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sarah was now a senior and she was begining to explore her options. she planned to go to the same college as me so we could be together.

but since i had been in college i had only seen her a few times a month. each visit i could sense that she was more and more deprived of sex.

she told that she was loyal and i was away hoping that she was telling me the truth. i was not 100% loyal but i tried my best.

late in her senior year she began to experiment and was having sex with a girl in her school. she was merely showing her the ropes. she was finally happy and i could see that.

one weekend i decided that i would make a suprise visit and would come back to town for a little bit. when i got back i heard people in sarah's backyard swimming so i go some shorts on and went over to her house. her parents weren't home so i slowly sneaked into her backyard to suprise her.

when i got a good view of her she was naked in the pool with another girl. they were kissing eachother and fingering eachothers pussy. i slowly snuck around and came to the pool. they were still in there heat so i slipped off my shorts and entered the pool trying to be as quiet as i could.

as i slowy snuck in the pool they seemed as if that they were not gonna notice me. i crept up behind sarah and gave her a big hug inserting my cock into her pussy as i did so. still not knowing that it was me she started to freak out and i finally turned her around facing me.

she realized that it was me and gave me a deep passionate kiss and started to grind her hips against my cock. she was so happy to see me and completely forgot the other girl that was there.

the other girl started to climb out of the pool but i grabbed her arm and pulled her into me. still kissing sarah i slipped her off of my cock and pulled the other girl over to me. i slipped my cock inside of her warm pussy. she was tight but not a virgin.

i continued to pound my cock deep inside of her pussy for 6 or 7 minutes until she had an orgasm that caused me to cum deep into her stomach.

we got out of the pool after a few minutes of recovery and we went into sarah's house. i had a hardon again and needed to satisfy myself so i laid sarah on the couch on her back and placed her legs on my shoulders.

i slide my cock into her waiting pussy while the other girl straddled sarah's face. sarah immediatly began to eat the girl out as i pounded her pussy hard.

sarah had the midas touch when it came to eating pussy i guess because she had the girl in orgasm just minutes into the intercourse. sarah had her orgasm a few minutes later which caused me to release my hot seed into her stomach.

the two of them kept my cock from going flacid and the other girl gave me an incredible blowjob as i passionately kissed sarah. the girl was deepthroating all now 9 inches of my manhood. she was massaging my balls as she blew me incredibly.

as i felt my balls tighten i broke from the kiss and pulled my cock out of the girls throat. i then blew spurt after spurt of hot cum on both of there faces and hair.

when we finished we all got dressed and went back outside. i ran to my car and pulled out a bag of weed. we smoked a few blunts and i was given head by both girls.

the girl left at one point but i dont really remember when because i was so high. i then took sarah in my arms and laid there with her as the day went by.

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