Sarah Loses her virginity

Sarah Loses her virginity

I feel a great need to share my story. I cannot tell anyone in my family – I’ve no idea what they would say or do.

My name is Sarah, I have what I guess you would call a petite body – though it is still developing. I have short dark hair and green eyes. I have barely any pubic hair (and none when all this happened) my breasts are small but firm, and my nipples are unlike the rest of me, quite large. I’m just twelve but this all happened a year ago. The story of how I lost my virginity.

I managed to get into an adult only chat room and would try to join in – for some reason no one would talk to me as I guess they realised I was underage. There was someone who kept putting in the same line ‘Willing to buy your virginity from you…’ In the end I replied to him saying ‘I am a virgin, what do you mean buy from me’. He asked me if I would go to a private room which I did. He said
‘Hi, my names Roger’
‘Hi I’m Sarah’
‘And you are a virgin’
‘Yes very much so, I’ve never even kissed a man’
‘Mmm that’s good, I have an affliction of sorts you see, and I can only get real pleasure from taking someone’s virginity’
‘Oh’ I said ‘What difference does it make’
‘Well Sarah, as you know, I am sure, I have to break through your hymen, which hurts a little and also makes you bleed
‘Oh yes of course, I new that’ I said lying !
‘Sarah sweetheart, can I ask you how old you are ?’
I didn’t want to let on straight away as I knew he would close down…
‘Well I’m underage and very inexperienced’ then he really shocked me…
‘Oh Sarah you are giving me such an erection, I’m holding my cock in my hand, are you masturbating? Is you pussy bare’ with out thinking I replied
‘Yes its quite bare and my breasts have only just started growing’ now I was imagining him holding his cock and wondering what it looked like, ‘what is your cock like?’
‘It’s very large Sarah it’s about 11 inches long and about three inches across’
‘God that’s big. I sure it would hurt me’
‘My love I would pay you a lot of money if you would let me enter you and fill your pussy with my cum’…

My mind was racing with excitement and my pussy was very wet indeed. It turned out we lived in the same part of London. He said he was very concerned that I knew what I was doing, but he gave me his address and I agreed to go over there the following Saturday. I could hardly wait – the days crept by, although I had no idea what was going to happen, at last the Saturday arrived and I told my mum I was spending the day with a friend, and set off. I arrived at this big house, with all the curtains drawn. The front garden was surrounded with high walls so no one saw me enter.

I rang on the bell and very quickly a man answered. Quite dark and around 6 feet tall and very fit looking. He looked quite surprised at first when I said ‘Hi I’m Sarah, are you Roger’
‘Christ you really are young aren’t you’
‘Err well yes I’m eleven’
‘Come on in – err does anyone know you are here ?’
‘Not a soul. I promise’
‘Good err can I get you some juice’
‘No I’m good thank you’
He then opened a drawer in the lobby and took out a bundle of cash ‘There is £500 here which I would like to give you in exchange for your body for today. I don’t want to mislead you, but if I give you this, I will own you until 5.00 this afternoon. Do you agree to that?’
‘Yes – it’s obvious but you aren’t going to harm me are you’
He smiled warmly at me ‘I would never go out of my way to harm you, but you are so petite, it might hurt being your first time, but I will be as delicate as possible’
I smiled and nodded ‘Ok it’s a deal’ he smiled and handed me the money
‘Let’s go to my bedroom then’. He led me upstairs and into a spacious bedroom all dark with dark curtains. He put on a small light. I was walking over to look at a picture on the wall when I felt his hands on my shoulders. They slowly moved down and cupped my breasts. He stated fondling them and grinding his hips against my backside. I was jest wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I had no bra on. His right hand went down and uncovered my t-shirt and went up to find the breast it was holding before. He started to pinch my nipples and I could feed my pussy moisten, and then he started to unbutton my jeans. One hand worked its way round to cup one of my buttocks and roll it around.
‘Oh Sarah you are so beautiful,’ as he then swiftly lifted my t-shirt over my shoulders. He moved around to my front and leant down to suck on a nipple. I let out a moan and my head fell back as I closed my eyes. I could feel my pussy on fire. I seemed to sense this as he slid my trousers down leaving my panties on but started to rub my clit

‘Aah ooo ahhh’ I cried. He led me over to his bed and lay me down. I felt I wanted to be his slave and have him do all these things to me for ever more, and then he removed his shoes socks and his own t-shirt. His muscles were hard. He lay down over me so he could suck on the other breast; my nipples were swollen out so much, about an inch and at least half an inch across. He moved to the other and sucked hard biting a little. I could feel my pussy about to cum itself. He then moved down and his tongue ran down my abdomen and lower into my bare pussy. Just a little kiss at first then his tongue came out and started to run up and down slurping my juices. He then started to suck up my clit and I knew I couldn’t hold back…
‘Oh Roger I’m going to cum, oh yes oh yes I cumming I’m cumming’ my back arched and I could see my nipples pointing out hard and huge. The orgasm eventually subsided. Roger lifted back and away. He wiped his mouth on his t-shirt and looked at me with hard eyes…
‘Sarah that was so sweet – your pleasure was just so lovely – so now it is my turn. Sit up and undo my fly’ He stood in front of me and stretched his arms up so his hands ran through his hair. I was a little alarmed at his change of tone bit shuffled forwards, even though my pussy was still subsiding a little. I undid his fly and pulled his trousers apart. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so his cock kind of unfolded itself. I didn’t know what to do. I look up at his face but his eyes were closed ‘Does it scare you a bit Sarah’
‘Yes I said’ I was starting to wonder what I had got myself into. I could feel a tear welling up in my eyes ‘what should I do’ I said, my voice quaking a bit.
‘Mmm oo if you cry I’ll cum before you know it, ooo mmm hold it Sarah take my cock in your hands,’ I held it in one hand and a little sob came out ‘mmm ooo baby that’s sweet.’ I sensed that it flexed up a bit as I started crying then started to grow more and more, swelling as well so it was pointed out in front of him a good foot.
‘Open you mouth Sarah and suck me a little’
‘I err em’
‘You are mine remember, I don’t want to force myself onto you’ I opened my mouth and had to stretch it to fit the head of his cock in. His arms came down and he held my head and gently forced it towards him so the cock slowed edged its way towards my throat. He took my hands and started to show me to move up and down his huge shaft. I was masturbating him and sobbing as I heard him start to climax. He came out of my mouth and pushed me down on the bed. He then leant over me watching my tears stream down my cheeks as he started to wank himself off, then the first jet of his spunk shot up and hit me on my mouth, then more and more jetting out and shooting onto my chest and over my breasts ‘Swallow it baby, and rub it into your breasts’ more and more shot out and was running down my side. Eventually he let go of his cock and started to scoop up his cum and massage it into my breasts and then forced open my mouth so I would take some in, then he shuffled up so his cock was right at my mouth ‘open baby’ he said ‘drink some more’ I opened my mouth and leant forward so his cock entered my mouth again as more final jets of spunk landed on my tongue.

His cock was still completely hard as he stood up again. ‘Oh Sarah that was very good. Now for my main prise. Move into the middle of the bed’ He started to wank his cock again and moved around so he was looking between my legs. He moved them apart, gently but firmly. My pussy lips were still very wet. He knelt between my lets and laid the head of his cock so it was just parting the lips. He leant over me so he could look down. The cock started to part the lips which straight away made them hurt
‘Oww’ I shrieked ‘You are too big I think’
‘Yes I am and you will cry for me as your cherry pops’ He pushed in a little, and then pulled out. He scooped up some cum which was still glooping around my breasts. He rubbed it over his cock and entered me again. He pushed in slowly in and out just an inch or to then he seemed to stop. He turned my face towards him ‘you are my virgin and I own you Sarah’
‘Yes I am yours to take’
Then he pushed hard and I shrieked in pain as he broke through. I was burning in pain but he was fucking me in and out still just a few inches but then he looked down and could see his cock coved in my virginal blood. This did for him as he started to fuck fasted and harder. He started to ram into me – my small breasts jogged up and down as he fucked, then with one hand he cupped my breast as his cock fucked into my bloodied pussy. He looked down again and then started to cum.

His whole body seemed to spasm as his cock jerked inside my pussy shooting cum up inside me. I could feel it hot as jets shot out. Eventually he subsided and withdrew the cock all the way out. He then lay down on the bed.
‘Oh Sarah now lay down on me and we shall clean each other.’ I didn’t understand so he started to move me around ‘I want to drink my cum from your cunt and you can drink your blood from me. He then pulled my arse towards his mad so my pussy came down on his mouth. His started to lick the copious juices flowing out so I too started to lick the juices dripping from his cock, then for some reason I started to put his cock into my mouth again. I realised I was again becoming aroused. He was groping both my breasts as we sucked at each other. I knew I was cumming soon but despite the horrible pain I now wanted his cum again so I started to wank his cock as I sucked it drinking the blood and pussy juices. Before long I was rewards just as my own cum was growing in my pussy with jets of spunk into my mouth. I took his cock out of my mouth and wanked it harder and harder so more jutted over my breasts. I started to rub my own breasts as he slurped at my pussy. I put his cock back into my mouth as cum finally came and my pussy lips started to spasm.

After, Roger was most gentlemanly. He fetched me a towelling robe and ran me a bath in his on suite while he showered elsewhere. I found walking was difficult but I returned to put on my cloths. The time was still only 1.00pm. He returned from his shower with a warm smile…
‘I’ll give you the afternoon off if you promise these remains forever our secret.

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