Second Time With Aunt Ellen — 20 Years Later

Second Time With Aunt Ellen — 20 Years Later

This is the true story of my second sexual encounter with my Aunt Ellen, almost 20 years after I Iost my virginity with her (see the story “First time with Aunt Ellen”). Back when we spent those three incredible nights together, she was 41 and I was 12. This past spring, with Aunt Ellen just turning 60 and me being 31, we once again shared a lustful night.

I hadn’t seen my Aunt very much over the past several years. I’m married now to a beautiful young Indonesian named Anna, and she keeps me very busy, indeed. When I had seen Aunt Ellen at occasional family events, she was always very loving and kind, but we never spoke of what had happened back when I was a young boy.

One of my cousins was getting married in the town where Aunt Ellen lives and I flew in for the wedding. My wife Anna had to get some work done that weekend and couldn’t join me. When Aunt Ellen heard that I was coming in for the wedding, she called and offered to let me stay at her house. After all these years, I thought nothing of it and graciously accepted. When I saw my Aunt at the wedding, she looked as good as ever. Her hair had turned gray and she was a little plumper, but she was still vivacious and attractive. I was a bit surprised when during the reception she was throwing down champagne with gusto and obviously getting very drunk. As she was getting yet another glassful, I asked if I could take her home (before she embarrassed herself).

When we got to her house, I had to put my arm around her to steady her as we walked to the door. As we walked, I could feel Aunt Ellen’s warm breast bobbling against the top of my hand. I hadn’t noticed at the reception, but clearly she was not wearing a bra under her formal gown. Surprisingly, my Aunt’s large boobs had not sagged that much over the years. After we got inside, my Aunt plopped down on the sofa with her head back and eyes closed. “I think I had a little too much champagne”, she said. When I turned around to answer her, I saw that in her drunken state she was slouching on the sofa with her legs parted fairly wide. The slit up the front of her gown had also parted, and I could see part of her pussy mound between her legs. To my surprise, it was cleanly shaven – not a hair in sight! As my cock started to awaken, I wondered if she kept it shaved all the time. Just then, Aunt Ellen opened her eyes slightly and caught me staring between her legs. She smiled and closed her eyes again, but made no effort to close her legs. At that I started to suspect that maybe she had shaved and waxed her pussy especially for my visit. As I was trying to decide whether or not my sly old Aunt was up to something after all these years, she said softly “will you help me get into bed, dear?” “Of course”, I said, and helped her off the sofa and into her bedroom. Once we were in there, she asked me to help her get her gown off. It had a rear zipper which went all the way to her waist. I carefully zipped it down for her then hastily tried to walk past her to the bedroom door. Before I could make my move, Aunt Ellen quickly peeled the top of her gown down to her waist and turned to face me. I stood there frozen, in awe of her massive, swaying tits. As I was stammering at a loss for words, she said “what’s wrong dear, you’ve seen your Auntie naked before, now haven’t you?” “I may have, but I don’t really remember” I said quickly. She moved closer, held my hands, and put them on her breasts. Smiling at me, she said “you don’t remember squeezing my boobs when you were a little boy?” Nervously, I cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently, admiring the weight and heft of them. As I fondled her big tits, my Aunt started undoing my pants, saying “I’ll bet you’ve grown up very nicely since those days.” Within a moment she had unleashed my 9” boner, which was now throbbing at full attention. I was very aroused, but at the same time ashamed that I had made no move to stop what was happening. I was married now, and my Aunt was 60 years old! I shouldn’t be doing this, I thought. Just as I decided to put a stop to this, my Aunt dropped to her knees and quickly vacuumed my large cock into her warm mouth. As she sucked and slurped at my thick shlong, leaving a red lipstick ring around the base, I was powerless to resist. I could tell it had been a long time since Aunt Ellen had a cock, as she absolutely worshipped mine. She would suck it and lick it, then gaze at it breathlessly as she stroked it and cupped my balls.

After a while, she got up and peeled the rest of her gown off, showing me her bald pussy and saying it was a special treat for me. As I stood wondering how long she had been planning this, my Aunt got up on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed, arched her back, and thrust her ample ass up at me. “Look familiar … can you take care of your old Auntie out like you used to?” she asked in a pleading voice. I stood behind her and gently caressed her naked mound and butt cheeks, bringing back fond memories of the first time I touched them when I was 12. I was surprised at how supple her ass and pussy mound were. As I ran my finger down the pink slit in the middle of her meaty mound, Aunt Ellen shuddered in delight. She shuddered even more and sucked in her breath as I leaned in and kissed her clit, which was poking out of the bottom of her slit. Back when I was a boy, I didn’t know what a clit was. But now, I fully understood the sensations it was giving my Aunt as I licked and nibbled at her little pink bud. Now that I had made her pussy nice and wet, it was time to take good care of Aunt Ellen. I moved her forward a bit on the bed, got up on my knees behind her, and slid the bulging head of my cock up and down her slit. As the tip of my dick penetrated her pussy lips, I pushed forward, easily sliding my large cock in to the hilt. Wow, I thought, Aunt Ellen’s pussy is as big and warm as ever – even though my cock was now roughly twice the size it was when I was 12. Had her pussy grown and stretched with age, I wondered? It felt strangely different from my wife Anna’s neat, tight little cunt and firm ass. Aunt Ellen’s pussy was large and sloppy, and her mound and ass were soft and pillowy to push against. A nice change, being able to just throw my big cock in there and fuck away instead of having to work it in slowly and let the woman get accustomed to it, I thought as I fucked in and out of her.

Just as I was getting into a rhythm, Aunt Ellen pulled away and rolled over. She lay on her back in front of me, pulled her knees up and spread her legs wide, and said that she wanted to see me as I made love to her. The three times I had fucked her as a boy had been from behind. This was even more kinky, I thought, as I moved between my Aunt’s legs and shoved my big rod into her gaping cunthole. I put my hands on her hips and slammed her hard and fast. I found myself getting very turned on seeing the look of pleasure on my Aunt Ellen’s face, and watching her huge tits bounce up and down with my thrusts. I moved my hands up to hold her boobs as I fucked her, but had trouble controlling her big knockers as they bounced and bobbled with a life of their own. Before long, I was ready to cum, and just as I had done years earlier, I pushed in deep and pumped her full. I could feel the tip of my cock pulsing at my Aunt’s cervix as I injected my seed deep into her womb. When I was finished spurting, I collapsed on top of her ample body, my cock still deeply embedded in her. As I lay there quietly, I wondered what my mother would think if she knew that her son had just pumped her little sister’s cunt full of cum.

I slid my softening cock out of my Aunt’s pussy and watched some of my cum trickle out of her gaping hole and down into the crack of her ass. “How was that?” I asked, proud of the good fucking I had given her. “That was nice dear”, Aunt Ellen replied. But then she added “except that it takes a little more to take care of old Auntie these days.” As I sat on the bed dejected, trying to understand why I hadn’t satisfied my Aunt’s needs, she got up and went into her closet. In a minute, she returned dragging something behind her. When she pulled a power cord over and plugged it into the wall, I could see that it was some kind of machine. It had a large metal enclosure that apparently housed some kind of electric motor, and a metal shaft with a plastic end about 2 feet long protruding horizontally from the enclosure. My confusion turned to amazement when I saw Aunt Ellen pull a pillowcase full of assorted dildos from a drawer. She then intently picked a good sized one (larger than my cock) out and fitted it onto the end of the machine’s shaft. My look of shock turned to a smile as I watched my Aunt cover the dildo with lube and position herself doggy-style in front of it. Aunt Ellen looked up at me and said that this “little friend” had kept her happy for years. Then she asked if I would help, as it’s sometimes a little difficult for her to reach back and get it in position. Intrigued and getting aroused by the sight, I was eager to assist my Aunt. I grasped the large dong and guided it into the opening of my Aunt’s big cunt. She had put so much lube on the thing the head slipped in pretty easily. As she pushed back against it slightly, she turned the knob on the remote control and the shaft began to slowly piston in and out. Aunt Ellen gasped and moved back even more, allowing the machine to penetrate her more deeply with each thrust. My cock was now hard again and I began to stroke it as I watched my Aunt get fucked by the large, thick dong. At this point, the machine was plowing into my Aunt right up to the big rubbery balls at the base of the dong. I could take no more, as I knelt down in front of her and brought the head of my own shlong to her lips. She eagerly took me into her mouth and slurped away as the machine’s thrusts forced her into me and my cock worked its way down her throat. I was well on my way to an orgasm, when Aunt Ellen suddenly pulled my cock out of her mouth, turned the machine off, and slid herself off of the large dildo. As she was taking the slippery rubber dong off of the shaft, she said “with all that champagne, your Aunt needs “Mr. Big” tonight.” I understood what she meant when I saw her pull a gigantic dark brown dong out of the pillowcase and fit it on the machine’s shaft. The thing was at least 14” in length and as big as a soda can in girth – maybe bigger I thought. As I looked on in awe, wondering how she would ever fit it in, Aunt Ellen again asked me to help her get started. I was a bit worried as I smeared the monster cock with lube and pointed it at my Aunt’s pussyhole, which looked small compared to the gigantic head of this dong. I needed both hands to hold onto it, as I worked the head around her pussy lips in circles, trying to get her to open up enough to take it in. I was a bit relieved as the mushroom head popped inside my Aunt’s cunt opening and I heard her sigh in ecstasy. “Oh yeah, that’s what I need” she moaned softly as she slowly slid herself backwards, engulfing the big black tool. I held it steady for her and watched in amazement as nearly half of this slab of rubbery, dark meat filled her hungry cunt. I took my hands off of it and sat back as Aunt Ellen turned the dial on the remote and the machine slowly began to fuck her.

As I sat on the carpet stroking my hard cock, my Aunt turned the dial more which increased the speed and depth of the thrusts. I stood up and pulled her ass cheeks apart, enjoying the sight of the dark brown monster slamming into my Aunt’s pale white body. I now understood why my Aunt’s cunt was so stretched out – she had clearly impaled herself with this thing many times before. With her teeth clenched, Aunt Ellen hissed “you have to fuck me in the ass now …. please!” I definitely needed some satisfaction of my own, but I didn’t think there was any way I could fit my cock, large by human standards, up her ass while that rubber horse cock was embedded just below in her pussy. Anyway, thinking that Auntie knows best, I lubed up my shlong, straddled the shaft of the machine, and began to work my way into her brown hole. Aunt Ellen turned the machine down to slow gentle thrusts as the head of my cock tried to push past the tight ring of her asshole. She relaxed a bit and to my surprise the head popped in. I carefully pushed forward and watched inch after inch of my dick disappear up my Aunt’s ass. It was so tight in there, it felt as if I was creating a new space next to the big dildo which fit my cock perfectly without a millimeter to spare. As I slid in to the hilt, Aunt Ellen quietly turned the dial up again and I felt the horse cock thrust faster and deeper next to my cock. She was taking probably ten inches of it now, and the remaining part outside of her cunt caressed my balls as it slid in and out. “Oh this is incredible … oh fuck me, fuck my ass” Aunt Ellen moaned. Obligingly, I began to fuck her ass while she pushed back even more on both my cock and the dark monster in her cunt. My Aunt was completely filled up and loving every minute of it. Within moments, I felt her convulse and shudder, then she screamed loudly as a violent orgasm consumed her. Holding out as long as I could, I lurched forward and shot load after load deep into my Aunt’s bowels as her own orgasm was subsiding. As she turned the machine off and remained still, I carefully pulled my softening, gooey cock out of my Aunt’s butthole. As the semi-hard head popped out, the tightness inside of her bowels created by the huge dong still embedded in her pussy caused my cum to squirt out of her asshole, all over me and the machine.

After I collapsed on the floor next to the machine, I opened my eyes and saw that my Aunt was still on her hands and knees with at least a foot of the huge dildo embedded in her. She calmly explained that after she cums that hard, her pussy muscles continue to convulse for quite a long time. She said that she would need my help to carefully remove the gigantic object. Not knowing how to help her I put one hand on the dong and tried to push against her ass with the other hand. “No, no … that only makes it worse” she pleaded. I quickly stopped pushing as my Aunt said “you have to spread my pussy and pull me off of the thing.” I stood up and straddled Aunt Ellen, my cock and balls resting on her back as I placed my hands on her cunt lips on each side of the giant dong. Carefully, I stretched her pussy lips apart as much as possible and pulled her forward. An inch at a time, I slide my Aunt’s body off of the big rubber pole. She remained quiet and silent, no doubt trying to keep herself relaxed as I worked to remove the large object. As I felt the giant mushroom head of the dong against my fingers I knew we were almost there. One more pull and the head popped out. The big dark gooey beast bobbed menacingly as it popped free and I looked down in awe at my Aunt’s gaping cunt. Her sloppy red pussy hole was now the size of a peach and I could see deep inside of her cunt. With the huge dildo no longer filling her up, her ass was now gaping open as well, showing evidence of the working over my cock had given it. Briefly, I fantasized that with her this open and loose I could stick my cock up her ass and drop my balls inside her cunt! Or maybe stick my cock and balls inside her cunt! My fantasy was brief, however, as my Aunt fell forward on the carpet, fully spent. I lovingly cleaned her up with a warm washcloth and helped her into bed where she fell fast asleep. As I climbed in bed next to her, I thought about how I would call my wife the next day to explain that I was staying another night…..

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