Secret – Part 1

Secret – Part 1

…Out at the ‘fort’ I had been getting up to all sorts. The older boys had invented a position for ‘look out’. One of us would go up a small step or another two or three steps in my case, as I was smaller. Once positioned you could get your head (and shoulders) if needed and keep a ‘look out’ to see if anyone was approaching the fort.

Once, when it was Greg’s turn on look out I sat with the other boys and chatted about this and that. After a while I started noticing Greg take out his dick and start rubbing it. I kept watching him, staring at his dick. The other boys noticed me staring at it. It was then explained to me that when someone was on look out and took their dick out then somebody had to suck it. They told me that they all took turns and that I could take my turn now if I wanted.

So I went over and knelt down in front of Greg opened my mouth and put my lips around his dick.

Around me I could see the other boys start to take their dicks out. They were encouraging me. Calling me a ‘cocksucker’ and that I had ‘pussy lips’. I continued to suck Greg’s dick as he kept ‘look out’.

One of the boys, Ian, was standing at the entrance to the fort – he hadn’t taken his dick out but was watching me suck Greg’s dick none the less. I was doing quite a good job apparently. All the boys were telling me to get ready because Greg was going ‘scoosh’ in my mouth anytime soon. I was relishing every minute of it…kneeling on the ground with a fat dick in my mouth, hands by my side, my head bobbing greedily up and down on it. I knew I was turning everyone on. I wanted to suck all their dicks. I liked it when they called me their ‘little cocksucking mascot’. I liked obeying them and I knew I would do whatever they wanted.

But this one boy, Ian, still hadn’t taken his dick out. Even after Greg had ‘scooshed’ in my mouth.

As time went by, I had developed my role as mascot in many ways. I regularly sucked the boys off and let them ‘grease up’ my ass and stick their dicks inside me. It excited me immensely. I particularly liked when it was my turn on ‘look out’ as it often resulted in the tactile pleasure of having my jeans or shorts taken down as my head and shoulders leant outside the fort and a dick slid up inside me. I could see people walking by in the distance and occasionally waving to me – not knowing that my cute ass was being used. On one occasion my own mother had photographed me peering out of the den – not knowing that a big boys dick was up inside my hole. It excited me that I had a secret. It excited me that I was a dirty boy and I might get caught.

On occasion I would have to handwash my underwear in the bathroom sink as it would be soiled with the big boys cum as it dribbled out of my open asshole as I walked or rode my bike home, mixing with the ‘grease’ that they had used.

I was sneaking around doing my best to keep my secret.

By this time, I had finally seen Ian’s dick. He was the first boy to give me the role of ‘dick cleaner’. The fort was at the front of some woodlands and we would all go out to the trees when we needed to pee. Ian had suggested on one occasion that I should come with him and hold his dick while he ‘took a piss’. I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t touched or sucked his dick yet…and I was curious.

We made our way out to the usual spot for pissing, ‘Take my dick out then boy’. I was shocked and excited at the tone, it sounded different from the way the other boys spoke. ‘Get down beside me and take it out’. I got down on my knees beside him took his dick out of his jeans and held it. I positioned myself so I could face the same direction that he was facing…

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