Sex And Fishing Yum Yum..

Sex And Fishing Yum Yum..

It was a hot day out at the lake.Me,my mom and dad,my best friend rob(name change to prevent him getting mad),and his family was all out at the lake.We went to the back part of a chain of lakes it there was all kinds of bike trails back there but no one went fishing back could tell cause it was a clean place hardly no trash out there.Well it start off as me and Rob's sister was running the bike trails.Well Rob was wondering if he had gotten me pregnant or not and of course I am a ass to him so I said yes and let him to believe it.Well we was walkin the trails discussing it as always him with a hard-on wanting to fuck.We got to the back where it was a empty field no site of nothing but grass.He wanted to do it then and there well I love to make him work for it .It makes him really agressive and forcefull which I love ( but dont let him know).

We started to make out and he started to finger me but I got bored and wondered how far the tails went so I ran off.As usall he followed me like a dog with his tail between his legs.See iv3e known him since we was kids and I always was able to beat him up hes always been scared of me.( which was a plus) Well we got to this place you could tell its where cars did doughnuts and he still wanted to fuck and wanted it there.So he grabed ahold of me and pulled me to him.
He told me to get down on my hands and knees.I told him no.So he pulled down my pants and told me again " get down on your hands and knees" I again told him "no".He wasn't about to leave me without fucking me.

Fustrated at me for not listening he pushed me to the ground.I fell on my hands and knees.He pulled my ass end up in the air and rubed my pussy and smacked my ass .Little did he know I was loving it .He took his cock out of his pants and put it up against my pussy hole.As he had it against my hole he grabed onto my hips and pushed me into his cock.It felt better then anything that we have done before.

He let out a slight moan telling me to keep my ass just like that.I let out a slight moan not to loud to where he could hear of course.I wanted him to think I wasnt happy with this.He pushed his cock in and out slow at first but picking up speed.He wasnt that good at fucking that much cause once he bent down a lil more to lay down on top of me his cock came out.It was funny but it was pleasurable at the same time.He pushed it back in but this time he was closer to cumming.So faster he went he wasnt good at a steady beat at all but he made me feel it.I could feel the inside of my pussy going against his cock rubbing like it was sandpaper seeing how when he placed his cock in my pussy was dry.It felt so good at the same time im one of the kind of people who love pain while fucking.But not only that it felt as sandpaper I could feel me ripping that just threw me into over drive.I pushed into his cock trying to keep up with him. I was so hyped up that I cumed all over his cock.I could tell when I finished cumming he was there with me cumming .All of his sperm filling my wanted hole.

After we finished what was left of the fuck we got up and brushed off.We kissed a little then ran off to where the parents were.Seeing as if we stayed gone to long they would come looking for us.We meet up every week and each week we fuck . We fuck at different fishing holes we fuck in his room or anywhere we can find.We have even giving each other hand jobs in the back of the vans filled with everyone.But we havent been caught. came close to being caught by his dad but thats a different day.. when we was younger and careless.

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