Sex with my twin sis 2

Sex with my twin sis 2

That same night i woke up around 3:00am thirsty and thinking about Claire. I got out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen.
Claire was in the kitchen drinking some water. She was wearing a white see-through nightgown and a tiny white thong. At the site of her dress like this made my cock hard. I stared at her and i slowly started to rub my cock. She walked up to me, hugged me and kissed me. THIRSTY she asked me, i said YES, she drank some water and holding the water in her mouth she kissed me, exchanging water and saliva as we kissed. Few drops of water fell down to her nightgown right ontop of her tit. I started sucking dry the drops of water from the sides of her mouth down to her tit. I sucked her tit thru her nightgown, lowering my hands to her ass,grabbing the string of the thong with one hand and spreading her cheeks apart and playing with her hole with my other hand. Rubbing it slightly preparing it to be penetrated with my finger, first just the tip of my finger, i felt some resistance. As i kept sucking on her tits, i asked her to relax, it's just my finger. She did.

Finallly i had about an inch of my finger up in her ass, she moaned. Moving my finger in and out, just enough for her ass muscle could relax. We moved right behind the kitchen counter, between the dinning room and kitchen. I told her to get on all four, i kneel infront of her, she grabs my boxers with her teeth and pulls them down to my knees. She sucks on my cock as i finger fuck her ass. Letting go of her ass i slid my hands on her back then down to her tits. Playing with her tits and Claire sucking me made me even harder. I couldn't believe we were fooling around again.

We changed into a 69 position, she was still in all four. I pulled her thong and her nightgown ,she pulled my boxers off. I was under her licking her wet pussy. She kept sucking my cock and sometimes she would suck on my balls changing the momentum but the feeling was great. I felt her tongue filled with saliva licking my cock, licking and sucking. HMMMMM i moanned.

She was becoming wetter and wetter. I started licking and sucking her pussy, specially her clit. Licking her from her ass to her clit, up and down, side to side, my tounge slid easily on her shaved pussy.That beautyfull shinny and pink site. I was hungry for that pussy and ass. I pressed my face deep into her pussy, eating her, tasting her, smelling her, her juices all over my face including my nose was wet from her. Pushing my tounge deep in her pussy, moving it all over her wet pussy. As i pushed my tounge deep in her she suck my cock harder, the deeper i went the harder she sucked, our pace kept growing, deeper-harder. deeper-harder, deeper-harder. And also our moaning kept the same pace.

I moved right behind her "doggy style". My cock was hard and wet from her saliva and from pre-cum. My thick cock went easily into her wet pussy. Pumping her in and out, not to a fast pace, just enough to get my cock wet. Pumping, pumping……. taking out my cock out of her pussy, i placed my finger in her pussy, now pumping my finger in and out. Pulling my finger out and pumping my cock into her pussy, i gently pushed my finger up her ass. In and out, nice and slowly.
Everytime deeper and deeper, in and out. As her ass relaxed i pulled my cock out of her pussy and placed the head of my cock to her little asshole. As i pushed it in i felt the tightness of her asshole it is the most amazing sensation that a cock could feel. Slowly pushing it, feeling her stretching,HMMMM she moaned, inch by inch going deep, (slowly almost like in slow motion) holding her by her waist pulling her towards his body, the deeper i went the louder her moaning became,,,,,, SHHHHHHHHH MOM, REMEBER…. i said….

I could feel her little asshole going into spasms then relaxing. I went deep into her asshole to the point were my pubes rested on her cheecks. Slowly sliding my cock in, deep, then back out, then in then out, in and out, pulling all the way out then pushing all the way in, by now Claire was comfortable enough to swing with him everytime he pumped. I was pumping faster and faster, her asshole stretching as i pumped faster, deeper,faster,deeper……

No longer i had my hands to her waist, she had relaxed. I pulled her hair everytime i pumped. I could feel my balls filling up and ready to cum. We didnt realized our Mother was coming downstairs.We kept fucking .Claire's ass started going into spasm,i felt them on my cock and i knew she was starting to cum too, i held my cum as much as i could so we could cum together. I couldnt hold it anylonger, I was so deep in her when i blasted all of my cum……..HHMMMMMMMM keeping my cock inside of her until she cumm…….. a few seconds later she did …HHMMMMMMMM

Just as she finished moaning, our mother came into the kitchen. We stayed there completely frozen, (Claire in all four and i had my cock in her little asshole) not making any sounds or movements.

Our mother went to the refrigerator openend it, took something out and placed it on the kitchen counter right on top of us, she couldnt see us because of the kitchen counter and poor lighting,we didnt move and i think we didnt even breathe. I think my mom prepared a sandwich or something else, she took forever to leave the kitchen. As we were staying still, i felt my cock limped. After a few minutes our mom left the kitchen not before saying out loud " OH THIS KIDS ", turning the lights off. And walking to upstairs to her room. Only when we heard the door shut, we collapsed to the floor….

Sweating and still in shock from almost been caught. In total darkness we stood up, got dressed, turned the lights back on and saw what our mother had meant from the phrase she said……
We left the half empty glass on the kitchen counter not on the sink………

From that day on we agreed to be more careful when we felt horny and never do anything with our mother in the house……

And we kept going at it……………… more to come

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