Sex With My Twin Sis……

Sex With My Twin Sis……

I woke up that morning with some wet spot of cum all over my boxers, “Wow”, I said “what a dream”, and the only problem was I couldn’t remember most of it. I tried and tried but the only images I got were from me, fucking my twin sister Claire. This wasn’t the first time I’ve dreamt about fucking her but now those dreams more frequent, graphic and more explicit. Just as we like it.

I remember that first dream “Claire and I were driving towards the lake, I wasn’t driving my old beat-up Chevy truck, instead it was a new black ford f150. We arrived at the lake; I looked for a place to park and stopped the car. We could see the full moon over us that gave us some light. Claire wore a pink mini skirt, a white sleeveless shirt ¾ unbuttoned and a pink top underneath. She looked so hot.

The next thing I knew I was right beside Claire caressing her body trying to touch every inch of her, I ran my hands around her tits, feeling her nipples harden as I play with them. Then placing one of my hands on her inner thigh, slowly moving it up to her pussy. I saw Claire close her eyes and moan as I touch her wet panties. All of the sudden we appeared at the back of the truck, naked. Claire was laying on her back, with her legs widely spread, her hard nipples pointing at the moon. I was grabbing my hard cock with my hand and rammed into Claire’s pussy, her pussy was so wet, and every time I pumped, I could see some of her juices shinning around her thigh and all around my hard cock. As I pump, her moaning became louder n louder, which made me pump ever harder and faster, her tits jerked up n down, rhythmically moving as my pumping did. Her moaning, my moaning and my pumping became one. Pumping harder, faster, harder, faster, harder, faster………….. Just when I was about to cum I woke up and saw this massive hard on. Still half asleep I started jerking-off, thinking about Claire’s naked body. My cum was building up, I knew it wouldn’t take too much jerking off to get my load out. “Oh man, I’m cummin”, “AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh”, first load, “AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh”, second load, “AAAAAAhhhhhh”, third load…………. I had cum all over my sheets, my boxers and myself. Cleaning time. After I finished cleaning up the mess, I heard a car park outside. I went to my window and saw a black ford f150, my sister emerged from the passenger side and wouldn’t you know she was wearing the same outfit I saw her in my dreams, the pink mini-skirt a white sleeveless shirt which was buttoned all the way up, so I couldn’t make out if she had a pink top.

Many times during the day I often didn’t see Claire until dinner time, and more often didn’t see her at all. So I never saw what she wore any given day. But to my surprise after every time I’ve dreamt about fucking her, I could describe her outfit to the dot.

Before I started to have all this dreams about Claire, we were close as all twins are. Any free time we had, we tried to get together and talked about what the other one was doing, etc.. On Friday night thou, after work we always go rent a movie and watched it in my room, the two of us lying in bed together, eating pop corn and drinking pop. After some movies she would stay in bed with me and sleep till morning. And during some cold night Claire would come into my room and sneak up under my sheets, trying to warm herself up and also warming me too. When she was with me in my bed, I never had a complete hard on, just partial ones, she didn’t mind me having those partial hard-ons, and in fact she would take the time to place the middle part of her ass (her crack) directly in front of my semi- hard cock I also liked to feel her nice round ass press against my cock. Sometimes during the night as I hugged her from behind I would softly touch her tits, nice big tits. Claire’s had the body of a goddess; she was 5’ 6 ‘’, 110 lbs, hazel eyes, long blond hair, her tits were perfect a D cup, nice, round and big, she had long legs which came up under a perfectly shaped round ass, her hips were curvy and slender.

After I started having those dreams I tried to distance myself from her. No more Friday night together and I avoided her as much as I could. I came home late at night make any excuse no to be home.

One night after I came from work, I found a note taped to my door. The note read “we need to talk, Claire”, since I didn’t hear any noise I thought I was alone. Maybe Claire went out and forgot about the note she wrote.

Fat chance, I opened the door and there, there she was sitting down in my bed. Her arms crossed and legs(legs that came out of a nice skirt) her eyes glued to the door. Giving me a deep stare. “What is the matter with u” she said and continued asking “did I do something wrong to make u angry”, “no, no, nothing like that” I said. “Well”, she said, “I’m having some problems at work” I said, “I’m just mad at everything and everyone, sorry. I didn’t mean to push you away” I said.
“You liar, tell me the truth, I feel that you are not been honest with me” Claire said….. As she said those words, I was trying to think if telling her the truth and if it would make the situation easier or harder for me to be near her. “Whatever it is talk to me or you’ll be loosing me forever”, she said. I knew she meant it; she was a strong and decisive woman.
“Ok, I’ll tell you. But please don’t freak out on me. Promise me you won’t”. “You promise” I repeated…. “I promise” she said.

She patted the bed and directed me to sit right next to her. I started telling her about the dreams looking straight at the floor and from time to time peeking at her eyes to see any kind reaction. I didn’t realized I was getting hard just by telling her my dreams, I tried covering it with my hands but she grabbed my hands and move them away from my growing bulge. “Don’t hide it, she said”, “and please don’t skip any details of your dream, she said”, just when I was about to finish telling her my dreams, her hand gently rested over hard my cock. She massaged my cock over my pants…. She whispered to my ear “I feel the same way you do; we were connected inside our mother’s womb and somehow we departed from each other, I think its time to reconnect and fusion ourselves to that inner and intimate feeling we once had.” After hearing her, still sitting down I grabbed her by the waist (a tiny waist), sitting her down right on top of my legs moving her skirt up her hips and spreading her legs apart as I move my hand down to her pussy. She was wet; I move aside her panties and slide a finger in her pussy. Her panties were in the way so I pull them down to her ankles and out they came, she was wearing a blouse and her skirt but no panties, but not for long I took her blouse off and left her just with her skirt. Still wearing my pants I lay her on the bed, spread those legs and bang her with my hard bulge, I bang her a few times until the bulge in my pants became wet from all of her juices; she unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles then grabbed my cock, I could see she surprised to see how thick it was, she couldn’t touch her fingers as she grab on to my cock. She raised her torso leaving her legs on the bed, I squatted in front of her as she jerked me, I was grabbing her tits, and with two of my fingers I pulled them one at a time. She kept jerked me until my cock got harder and harder. I rested her body back in bed and kneel, grabbing her by her ass and hips; she had shaved her pubic area and left a little bushy area right at the where the pussy lips started, I raised her pelvic area so that mouth could fit easily in her wet pussy. She had thick pussy lips, as I licked her, her clit became harder her clit was almost ½ inch hard and moist from her juices, I lower her and use my hands to spread her lips and see all of her pink, juicy and wet pussy. She was so wet, her juices all over her lips, her inner thigh, my mouth, my fingers, I could barely hold her lips with my fingers as they were slippery. I slipped one finger, then two fingers, three finger, as I finger fuck her, she moan, every time I finger fucking her deeper, deeper, deeper. I tried with four fingers and she moan louder, I kept going deeper, deeper, then after an extremely loud moan she yelled “fuck me Jay, fuck me now”. I kneel between her spread legs and started pumping hard, harder with each stroke, faster, harder, faster, she suck wet fingers, wet fingers from all of her juices and with each stroke her skirt would flipped up and down. She sucked on every finger, almost to the point of cleaning them of all of her juices. That made me pump hard, harder, hard and harder. The amount of juices she had was making this squirting sound every time I pumped. The bed made funny squeezing sounds. All those sounds coming together made me pump harder. I was starting to feel this hot sensation through my entire body I was getting close to cummin, she kept yelling “fuck me Jay, fuck me Jay, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…….as my knees weakened she yelled “let’s cumm together, together”, I felt as the waves of orgasms came to her and with complete synchronicity came to me too “ AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, as I did shot all of my hot load deep into her pussy “ AAAAAAAHHHH”, with every wave the lesser load I shot into her pussy “ AAAAHHH”, “ AAHH”, “HMMMM” , those were the noise coming form both of our mouth and incredibly at the same time. As we finished Claire told me to leave my semi-hard cock inside for a few more minutes, it didn’t take a while to my cock to become flimsy and slide out of her wet pussy. We couldn’t believe how much of her juices were mixed with my load. The smell of all of our cum mixed together was unreal and spread all over the room. We laid there half naked, hugging each other, face to face, Claire on top of me, not moving, she just moved her face and rested it on my chest. We laid there quietly until Claire said “I think we are starting to connect again. And let’s hope we can connect the way we did inside mother’s womb”, we stayed in that position for a while until we heard our mother’s car park in the driveway. We dressed up quickly and went down stairs to greed our mother. Our mother brought dinner and we all sat on the table and ate. After dinner our mother went to bed, we stayed behind in the kitchen cleaning up. Claire grabbed my soft cock over my pants and when she was about to pull it out my mother came down stairs, she almost caught us red handed (well cock handed), so Claire said “ after mom leaves for work we can continue with our quest”, I agreed and went to bed eagerly waiting for tomorrow morning…………. And what came next was even better ………. To be continued……………..

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