Sharing Amber

Sharing Amber

Amber and I both were learning our new roles as master and sex slave, I was quickly finding out that Amber appetite for sex was beyond my physical limits.
My employee Jimmy came to me and said.
“Unless you do something about Amber I am going to leave”.
“What is wrong Jimmy” I asked?
“She is a bitch; I will not take her attitude any more”.
Jimmy is a 6ft tall black man who has been working for me for about six years. And while Jimmy is important to me and my company, He was not worth more then Amber.
“Jimmy I will talk to her and ask her to adjust her attitude” I said.
I was going to have to discipline her hard this time.
“Please allow me to fix the problem Jimmy and I will get back to you ok” I said.
I called my secretary and told her that I would be having a long lunch today, an asked her about Amber.
“Has her attitude changed lately” I asked?
“Some days she is good, But this last week she has been short with a lot of people” my secretary said.
I though to myself that I had been not allowing Amber to service me most of this week because I was having a hard time keep up with the demands of our relationship.
I called Amber to my office and told her that we were going out to lunch and to get her things and be ready to go.
“Amber you have to stop bringing your feelings to work” I said.
“I thought that you wanted me” she replied.
“I do want you Amber, I can’t keep the pace for sex that you demand” I answered.
“Can I make my booty calls for the times I have to have sex” she asked.
“NO” I yelled. “I am your master and I will give you pleasure, and I will give you pain when I want to”.
“Jimmy wants me to fire your ass, And I am not so sure he is not right” I yelled.
“He is an idiot, all he wants is to fuck me and I keep turning him down” she shouted back.
“He is making a play for you” I asked.
“Yes, But I don’t like black men” she replied.
An idea popped in to my head. We got back from lunch and I called Jimmy up front.
“Jimmy I have talked to Amber and she has told me something’s” I said.
“I would like you to stay after work tonight and I will tell you what I decided to do about the problems with Amber”.
“Look if you are going to fire me, just do it” he said.
“I have no plans to fire anyone so just be here after work and I will make it worth your while” I said.
Just before 5:00 I went back and told Jimmy that he was to come to my office at 5:15 and that the door would be closed, but walk in any way.
I walked the shop and made sure everyone else would be punched out at five.
Shortly after five Amber came to my office.
“Strip” I commanded her. She did as I said.
“Kneel, head down” I commanded “knees open, shoulders back”.
Minutes ticked away, I could see Amber becoming inpatient with me.
“Hold your position slave” I commanded.
5:15 on the nose Jimmy walked in. Amber jumped, and tried to hide.
“Hold your position slave” I commanded again.
Jimmy just stood in the door with a smile from ear to ear.
Amber moved back to her position that she had been before Jimmy walked in.
“Jimmy I know that I don’t have to tell you this, But if anyone else hears of this I will fire you so fast you will be lucky to get your stuff off your desk” I said
“Amber, you have not treated Master Jimmy with respect. You belong to Master Jimmy until I take you back” I said.
“Jimmy please use Amber anyway you want. But please be careful she is not on the pill” I said.
Amber did not move or say anything. I had lied to Jimmy about Amber not being on the pill. I wanted to see what he would do.
“Please take her into the shop Jimmy, I still have work to do” I said.
“Come on bitch I have a big black cock for you to suck” he turned and walked from the room.
“Yes Master” Amber replied.
I could hear the fear in her voice.
After an hour passed I saw Jimmy pass my office.
“Night boss, see you tomorrow” He said.
I waited and still no Amber, so I walked back into the shop to look for her.
I found her bent over a Pallet of paper. Her ass and pussy up in the air.
I could see Jimmies cum dripping from her pussy.
“Amber why did you not come back up front” I asked?
“Master Jimmy told me not to move” she replied.
“You may move to the floor slave, Assume slave position” I commanded.
She quickly dropped to her knees. I walked around her looking at her amazing body.
“Lift your ass up two inches slave” I commanded
She did as I told her. I could see an incredible amount of sperm pouring out of her sweet bald pussy.
“What did Master Jimmy do to you Amber” I asked
“He made me say how much I needed his cock, how much I wanted to eat his cum” she said.
“What else did he make you do” I asked?
“He made me put my mouth on his cock and beg for him to fuck my mouth” she said.
“Did he fuck your mouth” I asked
“Yes master” she replied
“Did he feed you his sperm” I asked
“Yes master” she said
“I see from the sperm dripping on my floor that he fucked your pussy” I said.
Amber giggled “He wanted to give me a black baby” she said.
“Why did you tell him I was not on the pill” she asked.
“I thought he would like the idea of giving you a baby” I said.
“He fucked my pussy as hard as anyone has ever fucked me” she said.
“He made me beg him for a black baby”
“I need to pack up to go home. Please lick up the sperm you are dripping on my floor” I said.
“Yes master” she replied.
I watched her move an start licking Jimmie’s cum from the floor, she seemed to relish the flavor of his sperm.

I made my rounds to my clients that I had a long standing with, and invited them to my cabin for the weekend. I let them know that I planed some female entertainment for them.
My last customer was a real appointment. We had been working on a job for the last three weeks and I just wanted to touch base.
Katie was a very sexy brunette in her mid thirties. She and I had known each other for many years. Katie and I had never dated, but I felt the attraction was there.
“I hear that you have a weekend planed” she said.
I must have looked shock.
“A boys weekend I hear” she said with a smile.
“I a… well I a… Yes I called some of the guys and I lined up some entertainment for us” I said
“I want in” she said.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea, the guys won’t let their hair down and may not have fun” I said.
“I won’t get in the way of the strippers” she said.
“I don’t have strip…the entertainment will be ah sexual” I said.
“Oh so you have hookers servicing the guys” she said with some disappointment.
“I … No I don’t. I have a special girl she is not a hooker” I said.
“Amber is going to service ten guys” Katie said.
“Amber who said anything about Amber. No not Amber no” I said.
“OH so Amber is not your personal sex slave” Katie said.
I don’t think I fell out of my chair. But I was clearly not on my game.
“Us girls do talk, Master” Katie said.
“Amber told you about us” I said.
“Yes and I want in. please” she said.
“Katie the guys are going to be… fucking Amber. I don’t know if they will with you there” I said.
“I will service the guys too” she said.
“You will let any and all the guys who want to, Have sex with you” I asked.
“I will not be a slave. But yes I will turn no one down. And will allow the guys to have any part of me they want. I will even do groups” she said quietly.
“Ok I will let you in. But while you will not be a slave you will have to follow my directions” I said.
I could see the look on Katie’s face
“I will be giving commands to Amber. And you may not interfere with the master slave structure” I said.
“I expect Amber to do everything I command” I said.
“Yes Master” she said joking.
“You should not call me master. Unless you mean it” I said.
“Other wise I would be giving you commands now” I said.
“Oh what commands would you be giving me now” she teased.
I smiled and felt my cock growing hard.
“I would tell you to strip and then I would have you relieve me so I could walk out of the room.” I said fearlessly.
“Well I won’t strip. But I will suck your cock, to show good faith for the weekend” she said.
My cock was busting out of my pants. I watched Katie get up and walk to the door, and lock it.
“Please stand” Katie said.
I stood up and Katie can over and dropped to her knees. She then unzipped me and reach into my pants to free my throbbing hard on.
I watched Katie open the sweet mouth and suck my cock so softly, so tender I could barely feel her touch.
I felt the warmth of her mouth, the caress of her tongue on the under side of my shaft.
It felt more like a sacred experience than a sexual one.
She slowly built up the speed and pressure of her sucking. I was feeling the pressure of orgasm building in my balls.
I loved the look of her head bobbing up and down on my cock.
Katie was moaning softly as she sucked me. Again she increased intensity of her sucking.
The thought of standing in Katie’s office having her suck my cock was bring me to the edge of orgasm.
“Katie” I said “I am about to cum”
Katie went into a frenzied sucking of my cock like it was the last cock she would ever have. I blew my load into her mouth. And she hungry swallowed it down.
“That was amazing” I said.
Katie smiled up at me, with cum still coating her lips.
“Am I as good as Amber” she asked?
“Yes” I said. “In some ways better, there is something to be said for experience”.
Katie smiled “I hoped you would like it”.
“How come we never got together before this” I asked?
“You never asked” she replied.
I left Katie feeling bewildered, here was a women I would love to have a relationship with a while I loved Amber it was not the same.
Katie was closer to my age and had more in common with me.
The big weekend came and I found myself looking forward to seeing Amber and Katie in Action.
The guys came to the cabin early, and I had asked Katie to bring Amber.
I had told the guys that they would know the two ladies who had agreed to fuck our brains out. And to respect them for their privacy out side the events of the weekend.
There would be no pictures or video this weekend.
When Amber and Katie arrived the guys seemed shocked to know that it was Amber and Katie who would be having sex with them.
I could see that Amber and Katie both were nervous. I did not give Amber much chance to settle in.
“Amber is my sex slave” I announced. “She will be available for sex as soon as I give her the commands”.
“Katie is not a slave, but has agreed to not refuse anyone sex this weekend”.
“But to make things a little more interesting, I am making some changes”.
“Amber will not be allowed to be fucked in her ass or pussy until tomorrow”.
I could see the look of surprise on every ones face. Katie went from nervous to scared at the though she may be fucking ten guys tonight.
“Amber will also be given to Katie for tonight” I said.
“Katie will decide if you guys are allowed to have Amber suck or jerk you off”.
Amber’s face was flush; I know this was not what she planed.
So Katie I formally give my slave to you for use” I said.
Some of the guys cheered others smiled and clapped.
Katie stepped up and said “Michael please come and remove Amber‘s top”.
Michael jumped at the chance.
“George please come and remove Amber’s shoes”
“Frank please come and remove Ambers bra”
Katie waited for a while allowing the guys to soak up the vision of Amber’s sweet young breasts.
“Bobby please remove Amber’s pants” Katie said.
Again she waited.
She stepped up to Amber her self, and slowly reached for the waist ban of Amber’s panties. The whole time she made eye contact with Amber.
I could see the guys staring at Amber and Katie waiting for what was to come.
Slowly Katie leaned into Amber and slowly softly kissed her on her lips.
Amber’s face flushed, but she responded to Katie’s kiss.
Katie slid her hand into Amber’s panties. Amber opened her legs.
I could only guess that Katie’s fingers where pushing into Ambers hungry pussy.
Amber let out a moan, and opened her legs further.
Suddenly Katie stopped and pulled her hand from Amber’s panties. Katie’s fingers were slick with Amber’s juices.
She turned to the guys and slowly started to lick her finger.
My cock was so hard it hurt.
“What to see more boys” Katie asked sensuously?
“Yes” ten guys replied at once!
“Than us girls need to see ten hard cocks cheering us on” Katie said.
The guys started tearing their clothes off, who needs buttons!
Katie turned back to Amber and slowly removed her panties.
Once she had them in hand, she turned them inside out and showed the guys how wet Amber’s pussy was.
“Now boys who wants a souvenir” as she held out Amber’s panties?
All the guys started shouting.
“Ok boys hold it down I will tell you how to get Ambers panties in just a bit” Katie said.
“Now come over here and properly introduce yourselves to this amazing young lady”.
As the guys gathered around Amber. Katie stepped off to the side and went into the kitchen. I was curious about the guys with Amber. But I wanted to watch Katie too.
The guys had moved in each kissing Amber and feeling her up. Hands were disappearing into here pussy. Amber looked dizzy from all the attention she was getting.
Katie walk back out of the Kitchen completely nude.
I don’t think I have ever seen a lady so beautiful. She carried her clothes in her arms as she walked in.
Katie is much smaller than I thought she was, I guess I had always seen her in heels.
Her breasts looked round and firm, and her pussy was trimmed neatly into dark brown line leading the way to her pussy.
The guys stopped and just watched her walk in. I think even Amber was caught up in Katie’s entrance.
“Now boys form a circle and gather round, I want you to see how a woman can make love to another woman” Katie said with a delicate smile.
Katie gently laid Amber on the floor and she lay on top her kissing passionately.
Katie whispered something Amber and Amber’s hand moved to Katie’s pussy.
The guys all formed a circle around the girls, as we witnessed two wonderful women kissing and gently exploring each others bodies.
Katie moved off of Amber and looked up at the guys around here.
“Ok boys here is were you earn Ambers panties, Amber and I want to play. And while we play we want you to give us your sperm to play in. We want you to shower us with cum, so that we can share it and rub all over our bodies”.
“The first one to feed us your cum will win Amber wet panties” Katie said.
Katie began kissing Amber again rubbing her hands over her breast, pinching her nipples.
Amber responded to Katie running her hands over Katie’s body.
As if by magic Katie produced a cucumber from her clothes she had carried in.
Amber smiled and asked Katie “what are you going to do with that mistress“?
“I don’t answer to slave sluts” Katie responded.
Katie moved to Amber’s side and commanded her “pull your legs up and open them slightly”.
Katie put the cucumber at the entrance; she looked up at the guys furiously pounding their cocks.
Slowly she pushed the cucumber gently into Amber pussy.
A moan escaped Amber’s lips. Amber pulled her legs up more.
Katie pushed the cucumber deeper into Amber’s pussy and then pulled it out completely.
She showed the guys the cucumber.
Katie started to push in and out of Amber’s sweet pussy with the cucumber. Masturbating her faster and faster.
Suddenly Peter let out a loud moan and exploded his sperm over Amber’s tits
Amber responded by rubbing Peter’s cum all over her nipples.
Katie pushed the cucumber deeper into Amber and held it there.
One by one the guys shot there sperm onto Amber and Katie.
Covering them in a sticky film of cum.
Katie and Amber quickly started rubbing the sperm over each other, like it was some kind of skin lotion.
They began licking each others breasts and stomach eating there way to each other pussies.
Katie pulled the cucumber from Amber’s pussy and then began to eat Amber’s pussy for all it was worth.
The guys started jerking off again moving closer to the girls on the floor.
Amber positioned her self to be able to lick Katie’s pussy.
Moans of passion escaped the girls as they hungrily licked and sucked on each other.
The girls seemed lost in their love making as the guys circle moved ever closer.
One of the guys Michael, I guess could not wait. He reached out and grabbed Katie head and guided it to his cock.
Katie moved off of Amber and sucked Michael deep into her mouth.
Bobby helped Amber up and pushed his cock in her face. Amber rubbed the cock over her face but did not take it in her mouth.
Bobby kept pushing it at her, “Suck it Amber Suck my cock”.
Amber refused to take him, I smiled. She was fully trained now; Amber would not take his cock until commanded to.
Katie took her mouth off of Michael long enough to say “Suck any cock offered”.
With that Amber jumped on Bobbie’s cock sucking him fast and furious.
I knew Bobby would not last long, Katie was making Michaels knees weak “I cumming, I cumming” Michael cried.
Katie swallowed down Michaels offering.
Amber made a noise as Bobby flooded her with his sperm.
The both quickly moved on to the next cock and began sucking.
It seemed like a race both ladies moved from cock to cock; I was amazed at their speed.
Amber was just slightly faster than Katie; having experienced both I could see that Katie seemed to be savoring the moment more than Amber.
Soon Amber was finished and she was licking her lips to get any sperm she missed.
Amber did not move to me because I had not offered my cock to her.
Katie finished with George taking his sperm on her tits.
“Come slave clean me with your mouth” Katie commanded Amber
Amber moved quickly to lick the sperm from Katie’s body, the guys continued to watch the action. But I could see most had had their fill of the ladies for the night.
“Katie” I said. “Come with me to bed for the night”
Katie smiled at me and looked to Amber.
“Boys Amber will continue to service any who have needs, but she can’t be fucked”.
I lead Katie to my room and to my bed. That night Katie and I made love, not sex, not Fucking, Just plain love.

Part III the rest of the weekend. Coming soon.

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